Amwf sasha sweet fucks an asian cock

Amwf sasha sweet fucks an asian cock
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**co-writing with my friend from Imagefap, Reddwarf** It is late in the evening in the dark garage, the white Mach 5 raised up on a lift as Pop stands underneath it, reaching up overhead into the complicated machinery adjusting the pneumatic jack. His Thai assistant Noon is very pretty in her red jumpsuit, the same color as Pops' shirt, her soft brown hair tied up in a ponytail with a matching red sash.

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She studies the same mechanism with serious eyes and before Pop can ask for it, she has the tool he needs in his hand. Smiling down at her briefly, his smile moving his big bristly mustache up, he takes the tool and returns to his work. Seeing that he is nearly finished with his modifications to the amazing racing car, Noon relaxes a little as she sees the end of their hard work day, preparing the Mach 5 for Speed's race tomorrow.

Looking at Pop's large, fleshy face as he is intent on his work, the Thai girl felt a warm love for her clever Mechanic.

Resting a tiny hand on his shoulder, feeling the muscles moving underneath his firm flesh, she smiled slightly as her hand wandered down his shirt, tracing over his chest down to his bulging stomach.

Her gaze drops to the rolling mass of fat underneath her hand, fascinated by the heat and fullness in her hand. Her eyes look up again at his lightly perspiring face, the great mop of black hair wet with his efforts as she sees his gaze flicker down for just a second, her touch slightly distracting him. Watching as he tightens the last bolt, Noon knows that he is through and is merely looking over their handiwork. Both hands are now on his stomach as she gently sinks to her knees, her arms describing long, sensual tracks down his abdomen and across his hips, her hands now massaging the fronts of his thighs.

Noon's face is right in front of his zipper and as she studies the fabric, she sees a noticeable bulge growing inside.

Tilting her head to one side, she purses her lips in mock curiosity as if wondering what little animal is hiding in his pants, anxious to play with her. The smell of grease and diesel fills the air as she hears the ratchet of his wrench make one more adjustment; Nun reaches forward with just a thumb and forefinger, taking the metal clasp of his zip in her delicate fingers and pulls out slightly, then slowly, teasingly pulls the zip downward.

Looking up past his enormous belly, she see the upturned mom and son sxx story of her big man looking down at her, a mixture of surprise and hope on his face.

The zip down, his long, thick meat plops out, bobbing up and down in the warm garage air as it is freed from its pants prison. Noon's lips form an "O" of comically exaggerated surprise, her eyes very wide as she coos, "Oh Pops! For me?" to her anxious-looking lover. Her beautiful Asian face turns from one of humor to a wide, sexy smile as her eyes crinkle up, an almost predatory look of sexual lust now on her pretty face. Looking back down at the 7 cm around, 20 cm long now-hard dick that was pointing straight at her, Nun's mouth began to water as she licked her lips.

Leaning forward, she kissed the fleshy tip, letting the pearl of salty pre-cum paint her lips while she breathed deeply his manly, sweaty scent.

The fat man had been working hard all day and she could dwonlood sexi desi bhabi story taste his musky fragrance. Opening wide, she filled her mouth with the hot meat, relishing the warm moisture of his cock on her tongue. Pops sighed deeply, a contented "Ahhhhh" coming from above, making Noon giggle as she studiously swallowed inch after inch, working his dick into her throat.

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Pulling back, she released the now iron-hard tool, entranced by the streamers of saliva that hung from the glistening cock connecting to her own thick brown lips. Slurping up her own spittle, Noon once more took his dick into her mouth, this time bobbing her head back and forth, using her mouth as a socket for his rigid bolt.

A sharp clang of metal echoed in the empty garage as Pops dropped the wrench and in seconds Noon felt his strong grip on both sides of her head, her tiny skull almost lost inside those two enormous hands.

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Noon was completely at his mercy as he flexed his hips, pumping his cock deeper, pressing her nose into the waistband of his pants. plunging himself into the hot wet mouth of his assistant. Frantically, Noon's hands fly over her own jumpsuit zipper and in a flash her front is unzipped, her hot brown flesh exposed and her hands filling with her own breasts, squeezing and pulling on them through the flimsy bra she wore. Her body was on fire, undulating like a snake in her kneeling position as Pops steadily pumped his dick in and out of her face.

One hand dove into her panties and her fingers were instantly soaked while she moaned onto her man's cock at her own touch. The vibrations made Pops increase his efforts, literally pulling Noon's head forward and back as he now used her head to fuck his cock into. With a loud exhale of air, Pops gasped, "Too much! Stop, Noon!!!" and with a jerk, yanks her off of his soaking cock-meat.

Disoriented and confused, she look up at him in alarm, but quickly are spun about by his powerful hands and thrown forward with a yelp over a rack of tires, bent over with hers lush ass up in the air. The ripping of fabric and the cool blast of air on her buttocks hits her as she realize that she have Pops whipped into a frenzy and just as the scalding hot tip of his cock squishes between her brown-furred pussy lips, he groans a satisfied, "Ahhhhh." as he sinks deep into her.

The fullness that slides up her is like the pulse of heaven, her sex stories real indin sex story filling with the fat man's thick meat as he bumps his stomach into her butt-cheeks. Back he pulls, the sliding sensation in her canal feeling so delicious and then back in again as he thrusts deeper with each stroke.

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She's helpless bent over the tires, the rubbery smell so sensual in her nostrils as her pant little "oh!'s" with every push. She feel his hands on her hips as he pulls her back to meet him, as if he wants to grind every possible centimeter of himself into his lovely, sexy, nasty Noon.

Those same strong hands now work up her body, over her jumpsuit-covered stomach and into the opening to her exposed chest. Big hands grip their prize, her hot breasts. He mashes and mauls them in his passion, the fabric of her her biting delightfully into her sensitive flesh as she raise up and arch herself back onto him, her shoulders pressing into his big chest, his breathe like a snorting bull in her ears as his thick lips nibble and suck her neck and ears, tasting the sexy sweat he is pounding from her.

She wail a long, pitiful song of joy as she begin to cum hard on his dick, Pop's belly so hot on her ass and lower back while he holds her like a bear on a fawn in his grasp, growling deep until his own volcanic seed erupts with terrible fury, his shout of, "GrrrrrrrAAARRRGGGHHH!" drowning out her own wail of happiness as he jerks his hip, bouncing her up once, then twice, then a third time.

They both standing upright in the garage now, joined at the hip, his massive cock a rigid pin skewering her wet, weeping hole, she twisting body suspended upright on his pole. Mighty hands make her breasts feel as if they would explode with the force with which he holds her, but still she grind her ass back onto him, squeezing out one more orgasm as her mind fills with sparkling lights of pleasure.

She feel kisses and little sucks on her neck and the sides yui kasugano is tight and that makes her man moan more at her face as Pops basks in the glow of seeding his beautiful assistant, his most trusted Noon.

She's like a small child in his arms as he holds her, impaled on his still-rigid cock while she cool down, her senses slowly returning to the dark, dusty garage. Gently he raises her and with a squelch of fluid, his fat dick bursts free, the plentiful cum he had pressure-hosed into her dripping in thick streamers from her gaping, red hole.

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Shakily taking her feet, she turn to the sweaty, shining face of Pops and she stand on her tip-toes, kissing him slowly and sensually on the lips, showing him who really loves him the most. Soon they are both merrily cleaning the garage and putting away the tools; as she bend over to close a locker, she notice Pops sneaking a look at hers perfect ass through the torn coveralls she's wearing. She shake het butt like a dog and stick her tongue out at him, then giggle and grin at him for looking.

Pops chuckles and as he turns out the last light, takes her by the hand as they both leave. She wonder if they both will make it all the way to his bed before one of them breaks down and attacks the other again.