Live show lesbians now with cuddles julia reaves

Live show lesbians now with cuddles julia reaves
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Matt never was a fan of his dorm's showers. The temperature was either ice cold or boiling hot, there were only three stalls and the curtains didn't offer very much protection from the outside. But he soldiered on, hanging his towel on a hook attached to the wall and untying his bathrobe from his waist. He let it drop onto the tile, kicking it towards the opposite wall as he closes the curtain.

He turns on the shower, swearing as the ice cold water hit his chest. "God, I still miss my shower at home. You'd think this shit would be fixed by now…" He sighed, squeezing some shower gel into a face cloth and washing all around.

He rinsed out his washcloth after letting the soap run off his body, squirting a fresh mound of soap into his hand. He massages the soap into his hair, humming quietly as he does so. As he was washing, he heard nails clicking against the tile and a hand on his shoulder. "Yeah, you're so funny, Chris. The fact that you come peek at me so often in the shower makes me think you're gay." He turned around, expecting to see his room mate Chris with his usual shit eating grin.

Instead, he got a pure black hand clamped around his mouth. He looked down, noticing the hand was coming out of the tiles below him, and he struggled harder, trying his hardest to scream. No dice, the grip this thing had on him was way too tight. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Get this fucking thing off me!

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The tile below him started to shimmer like water, and more hands rose out of the ground, dragging him into the now not solid ground. What the fuck's going on!

Fuck! Lemme go! As his head plunged into the ground, he could feel himself passing out quickly. I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die… Matt woke with a start, scrambling to stand up. The area he was in was very dark, lit up only by a handful of candles that had been placed on what looked like an altar. Oh, fuck this… This is some fucking cult shit… With no other options, he moved towards the altar, still shivering from not drying off in the shower.

On the altar, between two of the candles, was what looked like an old school photo.

He picked it up, turning it over. He almost immediately dropped it, falling on his ass and backing away from the altar. It was a picture of him, but one he definitely did not take. What the fuck's going on!? This is fucking crazy! He froze, as something sharp dragged on the floor behind him. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck… I'm gonna die, I really am… I'm a sacrifice.

What felt like claws grabbed his neck, making it so that if he moves, he would cut himself. The claws gently turned him around, very much against his will, until he was face to face with… Something. Something that was definitely not human.

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"Uh… Astonished beauty in lingerie is geeting pissed on and poked Wh-" Before he could speak, the hand moved up to his mouth, covering it. Another hand came in front of the things face, shushing him. Now with a better view, he took in what he could of this monster. It stood at about seven feet, at least. It was covered in black fur with red fur scattered at various points. And it had… Breasts?

Large ones at that. A long tongue gently rubbed against his cheek, then slithered into his ear. Matt squirmed, which drew what seemed to be some chuckles from the monster. Think that's funny, do you? Let's see you laugh about this! He pushes both arms out, intending to shove her away. Instead, his hands sink into it's breasts like a pillow. A wicked grin spreads on the monster's face and she picks up Matt with ease, throwing him over her shoulder.

"Hey! Put me down, dammit!" He hits the monster white slut gets a black injection in both holes the back several times, which seems to do nothing but amuse her.

After some walking, she tosses him down onto what seemed like a large bed with several candles around it. "Oh no. No no no! I am not into this shit!" He tried scrambling away from her again, but she was all over him, pinning his arms to the bed and gently nibbling on his neck. "F-Fucking stop it! What d-do you want!" He could feel sharp teeth pricking at his neck gently, drawing small beads of blood that she happily lapped up. She moved herself up on the bed, dragging her chest against Matt's.

Holy shit, is she really going to… She was. Her pussy hovered mere inches above Matt's mouth, and she was soaking wet, dripping her juices onto his face. She grabbed a fistful of his hair with her hands and shoved his face towards her waiting hole, and Matt decided his best course of action was to do what she wanted.

He licked all over, no spot in her pussy was untouched by his tongue. Her muscles contracted hard, occasionally trapping his tongue in one spot for a while. She was enjoying this treatment immensely, making sure that her toy did not escape until she was satisfied. Soon, her grip on Matt's hair tightened and she pulled hard as she came, coating his face with her juices.

She howled into the air, falling back on the bed with a satisfied look on her face. Is… Is it over? She's tired out? Matt tries slowly to slide off the bed and look for escape, but he barely even got a leg off the bed before one of her hands drags him back. Why'd I even think this was over… She grabbed onto his ankles, pulling his legs over her shoulders. Matt covers his stiff member, but she persisted, pushing his hands aside with ease and taking him deep into her throat.

He half moans half screams, bucking as hard as he could, but to no avail. He was trapped deep into her vacuum-like throat.

He groaned and moaned as she kept sucking and licking, and he came quickly. He spurted glob after glob of semen right down her throat, but she didn't miss a beat, swallowing every drop. She continue to suck and lick, forcing him to harden again and sending every nerve down there screaming.

He screamed in response. Soon, his member popped out of her throat, licked squeaky clean. He was dropped onto the bed again, feeling that his balls were completely empty. But she was not satisfied. She once again pinned his arms down onto the bed and spread her legs over her member, rubbing her pussy on the head of his member and eliciting more moans from Matt.

"J-Just do it already! Not like I can stop you!" She continued to tease him, including once again pricking at his neck with her fangs. "Please!! P-Please put it in!" She put her ear close to his mouth, wanting him to keep begging to her. "P-Please put it in… I can't wait anymore… Please…" She let out a huff, smiling wide as she speared herself on his member. Before Matt could moan, she pulled his head between her breasts, looking down at him caringly.

She stroked his hair much like a mother would as she moved slowly. Matt looked up into her eyes, and saw only kindness. Was this all it was about?

D-Did she just want me for sex? Me? She met her lips with Matt's, bringing him into a deep kiss. Her tongue overwhelmed his in short order, exploring all around his mouth. Matt melted in her grip, all of his senses had been overwhelmed. Her motions sped up, her hips working with urgency to get Matt to cum again. He wasn't one to argue, moaning loudly into her mouth as he shot his third load of their passionate lovemaking, this time deep inside her.

She squeezed him close, milking him for all that he's worth until not a single drop remains. "H-Hope you got your fill…" She let Matt drop onto the mattress, exhausted. She laid down next to him, blowing out the candles around the bed with powerful breaths. She pulled him close, letting his head rest between her breasts. He snuggled into her like a massive, fluffy pillow, wishing he could have slept like this every night. kinky aurora has her tight anus destroyed class="italic">This sure as hell beats a dorm room bed… Wonder if she plans on keeping me… Guess it wouldn't be a terrible life depending on the food.

He decided not to towel drop in front of brother about it for now, slipping into sleep in the grip of his monstrous partner.