Brother force sister fuck ass hole sex stories

Brother force sister fuck ass hole sex stories
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Dylan couldn't believe it. In the last hour and a half, his sister Jessica had managed to catch him masturbating, hid it from their mom, then blackmail him for sex where he didn't even get to finish.

All of this when She didn't know what sex was just an hour ago. "Jessica hurry back in here!" He shouted down the hall where she had gone to the bathroom after she came on his face (which he was still savoring the taste of).

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"Hey, don't talk to me like that, I can still tell mom on you!" She hollered back as she walked into the room with a towel wiping off the insides of her legs. "Wrong!" He said client shocks to see the sexy blonde masseuse a smirk on his face. She looked confused. "I know you can get in trouble for this!" She said, losing her confident edge. "Yes I can.but so can YOU!" He said back smiling.

"In fact you can get in more trouble!" He said formulating the next group of events in his head. "WHAT!? HOW!?" She said with disbelief. "Your the one who was doing it with your thing!" She said a little louder. "If anyone should get in trouble it's you!" She looked worried, which was good. This is exactly what Dylan wanted. He wanted her to be afraid that she would get in trouble. "Yea, I was playing with myself, but you MADE me play with you!

That's a federal offense!" He said still smirking. He knew that he wouldn't get away with this in real life, because there was no way a 13 year old girl could rape her older brother (at least no one would believe it), but he didn't have to tell the truth, he had to convince HER that he was. "H-h-how much t-trouble c-c-c-could I-I" she said beginning to cry.

"YES!" Dylan thought.

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He had cast a line, and she had taken the bait. "W-w-well?" She said, allowing the stream of tears to run down her face. "You could go to prison for a very long time, but I'm not going to tell." Dylan said.

She instantly looked up with a face of aw. Why wouldn't he tell, they weren't exactly close. They were brother and sister, and they loved each other, but they never got along for more than a few hours.

"Why?" Jessica asked trying to fit together the pieces to the puzzle. "Because your going to do what I want, then we'll be even!" He said with a sincere smile. "Oh okay." She said.

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"What do you want me to do?" "Well I want a little foreplay." He said lightly grabbing her arm and tugging her over to the bed. "What's foreplay?" She asked. He hated having to explain everything to her, but he couldn't just not tell her. "It's like touching, but not making you feel SUPER good like you did before." He said "For example, you remember in those movies where the guy and the girl kiss differently than mom and dad do?" "Yeah, mom said it was the grown up kiss." Jessica said nodding her head to show that she knew what she understood.

"Okay well we're going to start by kissing like that." Dylan said, a little nervous. He had never actually stuck his tongue in another girls mouth. Then again until just a little while ago, he had never stuck his tongue into a girls pussy either.

"EW!" Jessica said, appalled by the idea of touching tongues with her brother. "It's this or jail." Dylan said making sure to keep eye contact. he found this difficult when she was sitting nude on his bed, but he did his best. She looked down and finally looked up with a pouty face.

"Okay, but it better not taste bad." She said leaning forward. Dylan couldn't believe it. Her mouth was small! She was still so young that her mouth wasn't able to stretch out nearly as far as his and he ended up needing to close the collage girl rape xxx hord just for it to feel right.

"MMMmmm" Jessica purred, she was definitely liking this. Without stopping he grabbed her hand and moved it down to his shaft and then began moving it up and down.

When he let go, she began doing it on her own, realizing what he was intending. "You like this, don't you." He said pulling away. "Not as much as when you touched my.pussty?" She said trying to remember what he had said.

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"Pussy." He said correcting her as he lowered his head to her small little tits. He eyed them before he started to suckle on her right nipple. "OH!" she moaned as he started. "OKAY, I LIKE THAT!" She howled as he began caressing her other nipple. "Okay, now for MY fun!" he said as he pulled her hand away from his crotch and laid her on he back. "What are you going to do?" She asked secretly hoping that he was going to use his toungue on her pussy again.

"You'll see." He said reaching out for her foot with her long rainbow socks that mached her panties which were now discarded on his bedroom floor. Her rainbow socks that streached all the way up her shins almost to her knees. He began to rub his thumbs into the sole of her foot. "Heehee that tickles!" She giggled as he ran his thumbs over the sole of her foot.

cute babysitter cunt fucked by dad and mom are you tickeling me Dylan" she said still giggleing uncontrollably.

"Because I like feet." He said simply as he ran his arm up her leg and began taking the sock off before bringing her perfect little toes with red nail polish to his mouth where he tried with all his might to strip the nail polish off with nothing more than his spit. "Heehee man that tickles in a really weird way!" Jessica said as he began taking off the other sock and changin interest into her other foot.

"It's almoast as good as when you licked my pussy." She said. Then Dylan stopped, stood up and shouted "Stop!" "Stop what?" She said frightened. She could see the anger in Dylan's face "Stop hinting that you want me to eat you out!

IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN!" He screamed. "IF YOU WANT ME TO MESS WITH YOUR PUSSY, I'LL MESS WITH YOUR PUSSY!" He snarled grabbing his rock hard cock.