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Coach fucks cheerleader ally kay amateur and teen
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RING!!! The alarm clock went as it brought Adam and I out of our restful slumber. As we both got up to shut out the droning of the alarm clock, I went into the standing porn face tface creampie to start the water since we were dirty from last night's 'romp'. I grabbed two towels from the closet and proceeded to wash myself under the hot water.

Soon enough I was joined by Adam, who oddly enough was bright and happy so very early in the morning. I freshie teen vanessa adores her lovers big cock as she rides on top to answer my inquisitive thought, "Why are you so happy this early?" He replied to my decidedly curious question with "Normally I'm dirt tired, and only the thought of seeing you would get me clean and changed every morning but today, no today I get to crush those whores' dreams!" He said young slut ivana receives an anal plowing pornstars and cumshot a possessive tone and the second those words left his mouth he grabbed hold of me from behind and bit into my neck, making me moan, and causing my knees to almost give way, my hand shot out to the wall for balance, and now he had marked me.

Though he was adamant on the subject I had to defend the girls that were supposedly 'stalking' me, "I don't notice any girls hanging around me, or following me around like you say they do." He had an immediate rebuttal, "You just don't notice them, I guarantee you that within the first ten minutes of walking into the band hall girls will start sticking to you.", I was determined to prove him wrong. "Fine, how about a bet then?

If more than three girls start following around me or crowding me within the first ten minutes of me walking into the band hall then you admit we were wrong, but if I'm right then tonight we have crazy sex, and I get to do whatever I want." I turned around to face him, looking into his eyes I knew I had fallen into a trap.

"Fine, but if I win, then I get to do whatever I want to do to you." He said with a sexual glint in his eyes. After dressing, we gathered our things and his mother dropped us off at the band hall entrance to the school, now I was nervous, if he was right, as much as I would enjoy it, would mean that I would have lost and he was then in command.

We made our way into the band hall, I opened the door alone, as Adam wanted a drink of water before going inside, immediately five pairs of eyes landed on me, stalking its prey, me.

Wow&hellip. It hadn't even taken a minute, I thought as the five girls came over to me and engaged me in conversation, I looked over to Adam who had just walked in, and he laughed out loud, he interrupted all the girls. "Sorry, girls, he's taken." He said in a jovial tone. A reaction occurred instantly as they shrieked, they wanted to find the girl I had chosen and rip her to shreds immediately, though they were not expecting the next move, as Adam walked over to me, spun around and latched his arms over my chest.

"He's mine." He stated in a possessive tone.

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"Prove it!" Said the leader of the troop, denying the fact that I was gay and taken, Adam said nothing he just pulled at my shirt exposing the obvious hickey on my neck, the girls let their jaws hanging in shock, they had lost their prize to none other than the thing they least expected, a male. "Sorry." Adam said after a few seconds as he turned my head around to kiss me, sadly at least to the girls, I didn't resist. The girls had no clue to what had hit them, I couldn't xxxx hard sex mom ha cared less though because, at that moment I was preoccupied with someone's hand, that happened to be creeping too far down in public.

I pushed his hand away, "Later, after school." I promised him. The rest of the school day went without a problem, as Adam clung to me everywhere I went embarrassing me, and showing up all the girls. As we made it to his house on our way back from school, Adam stopped. "Since I won, I want you to strip, and lay down on the bed ok? I'll be upstairs momentarily I need to get some stuff for our 'fun'." I went upstairs grinning wildly ready for some fun for the next couple of hours.

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I stripped down to my birthday suit and stretched out on the bed face down and inhaling the scent of my beloved, it smelt so good, of sweat and cum, it couldn't have smelled better. Adam walked in with a box, "Flip over." He said as he pulled out some rope. He tied me to the bed; I had a large grin the entire time.

Once I had been secured to the bed, spread eagle, he himself began to shed his clothes. At this point we were both naked. He climbed on top of me, locked his lips with mine, and battled with me for dominance.

Since at this moment in time I was tied to a bed, I gave in, allowing him to over take me, he kissed down my neck, biting down he marked me again for the second time in the last twelve hours. He kissed southwards, not one to waste time he went quickly to my penis, the second his tongue touched my cock my breath hitched.

The heat was fantastic as he engulfed my cock, licking up and down, he started to lick all over my head while jacking me off. "Ugh!

Adam, I'm going to cum soon!" he stopped… "DUDE! Adam! Why!?" I was a bit angry that my boyfriend had denied me release. "Not yet my love." He said as he walked out of the room, five minutes later I was soft and struggling to get out of my restraints so I could actually do something productive. He came back in. "Adam! Why'd you just leave me here for five minutes?" "So now we can continue our fun!" he stated ecstatically, he came down on me and immediately began sucking on my soft dick.

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Soon enough I was once again rock hard. "You going to let me cum this time?" I said sarcastically "Is that sarcasm I'm detecting?" He said with a devilish grin "Actually yes it is." I said, as soon as those words left my mouth Adam leapt up on top of me and impaled himself on my dick.

I gasped out, the sudden heat and pressure was almost too much to bear. He started at a fast pace and only got faster, soon he was just moving his hips up and down as he arms were braced on my chest. He moved one of his hands and began to jack himself off as he rode himself on my cock. "Uh!

Matthew! I think I'm going to…!

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Cum!" As he came his entire body became rigid on top of me, including his ass which squeezed my dick, the pressure became too much and I released my seed into Adam's bowels. Five minutes later I was cut from the restraints and Adam and I lie on the bed, spooning into a wonderful dream.