Xxx sexy ebony burma story

Xxx sexy ebony burma story
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The most incredible on-line relationship I blonde tiffany tatum drilled hard by kristof cale outside had. So this happened several years ago. My husband and I had just gotten married.

For fun sometimes we used to talk with other couples or sometimes guys on dating sites to make things interesting. It was his idea. I'm not sure why he was into it other than it seemed kinda like a harmless obsession for him. He said he liked watching me chat with the guys. See what they would say about me and how I'd respond. It never really went beyond that but I always got this crazy mix of feelings when we did it. On one hand I was curious why he was ok talking with guys who would say things like they wanna fuck me or more dirty but he said that he liked showing everyone how hot his girl was and how they didn't have her.

That part really got me turned on. I found out that I love it when my man has that kind of confidence. So much that it goes beyond jealous to where he feels like he can put me on display and be proud to be with me.

It would get us both turned on and we would have great sex afterwards. One time, though, it turned out very different. I was talking to a guy late at night. My hubby is not really a night owl so after watching us flirt around a little bit, he decided to go to bed. I kept talking. Something about this one made me want to keep talking. He was very different. Not like sweet or romantic or anything but cagy, confident, and mysterious, almost like a spy or something.

He kept talking not about what he wanted to do to me (like most of them did) but rather what I would do for him. Places he wanted me to go, things he wanted me to do, and situations he wanted me to get into.

And the kicker - he was very detailed!

************************* As we were talking he kinda stopped telling me what he wanted me to do in the future and told me what to do right then. And it wasn't the basic boring just sit there and masturbate while he describes it. I remember it pretty clearly actually: I had told him that we live in a studio apartment outside a major city and the street we live on is pretty busy. The first thing he asked me was to find a pair of panties that I didn't like so much and put them on. I was pretty confused at first but when I replied, all he said was, "I'll wait".

For whatever reason I complied. I went into my drawer and got a pair of hideous lime green and pink panties that my mom gave me and I put them on. Then I put my sweat pants back on and went back to the computer. I expected him to want me to take things off after that and hear about how big his bulge was or something but that didn't happen.

Instead of describing himself, he told me to think of an attractive man in the building. He asked me to find his apartment number. I actually knew it already. Then he told me to go downstairs to the apartment mailboxes, take off my panties and put them in the handsome man's mailbox and come back and tell him when it was done.

That was the weird thing though, he didn't really ask, he just told me to do it. I asked him how I was supposed to get my panties off since I had my pants on? He said, "You'll figure it out, I have faith in you." I loved that line.

Then I asked him how he would know I did it? And he said, "You'll do it, I trust you." That line not only convinced me to do it but it turned me on too! The whole way down to the mailboxes I was second guessing myself but I didn't turn around.

By the time I got the the ground floor, my mind was racing so much I barely even realized I had russian teens fuck old man myself there.

For a brief moment I though about the fact that I was married and almost went right back upstairs, but I didn't. I decided that since I never wore these panties anyhow, my hubby wouldn't miss them and he might even think it was sexy that I was out following orders. On the ground floor I slipped into a little alcove in front of a janitorial closet and looked around.

It was the middle of the night - no one was there. Although it was bright in the lights so I felt exposed I kept reminding myself that no one was there. I slipped off my pants and my panties then got my pants back on quickly. Looking around the whole time I decided I was alone for those quick risky moments.

I was shaking I was so nervous/excited. I put my panties in the handsome man's mailbox and then raced back upstairs - practically giggling the whole way. ************************** When I sat back at the computer I was surprised to see he was still there! I figured he would have left. I told him I was back and the first thing he did was ask me, "how do you feel?" I felt sexy, naughty, violated, beautiful, dirty, playful, nervous, excited, shy, giddy, voyeuristic, and a whole host of other feelings but all I said was, "good".

He said, "good" then went right into his next idea. I was stunned. I didn't know what to think or say. I thought he'd want to talk about it more or something but I couldn't wait to hear what he had to say next.

"Are you thirsty?" He asked. As though he was commanding me, at that moment I felt very thirsty. solointerviews natural big tits whitney striptease dildo masturba I want you to get yourself a drink." He proceeded to tell me that he wanted me to go to the 7-11 on the street corner to buy whatever drink I'd like but I had to go with only enough money to buy the drink and then he told me what to wear.

Again he was very detailed. "You'll dress casual. I know you like that." He was right I do. "You'll wear a zip up shirt, no bra, and a pair of pj bottoms, no panties. On your feet you'll wear sandals. The t-shirt should have printing on the back only, not on the front, and the pjs should have minimal pattern.

Go put them on now, I'll wait for you." I didn't even think twice, I got up, went to the bedroom and changed into a zip up t-shirt that I have and a pair of heather gray pajama bottoms. My sandals were by the door and on the way back to the computer I got $2 from my hubby's wallet.

I checked in with him before I left. "Describe yourself for me." I was wearing a faux fleece white zip up with blue piping, the pj bottoms and a pair of sandals. "It's warm out, unzip the shirt 6 inches and then go get your drink." He was right, it was warm out strokies redhead alexa nova handjob and cumshot the excitement of this whole thing made me feel that much warmer.

I measured out 6 inches with the zipper - it went about 1/2 way down my chest - and set off in the night to the corner 7-11. It was only at the end of the street which is well lighted and for some reason I didn't even consider my safety. But there were very few people out. Only a couple of cars drove past as I made the 300 or so ft walk to the store.

When I stepped inside, there was a man who looked Indian behind the counter and and younger man talking to him who looked like a customer. When the door buzzer rang, they both looked at me and wife has quickie with stranger suddenly hit me what I was doing!

Their eyes lingered, and I know I turned beet red. I hurried to the fridges where I found a tea for $1.80 and brought it to the register. The other customer hadn't left yet and I could tell he was still looking at me even though he was trying to make it look like he wasn't.

The clerk was doing his best impression of being non-plussed as well but I could tell that he was having trouble controlling his eyes. I mean I wasn't naked or anything, and my clothes weren't see through and the zipper wasn't really low enough to show much except a little cleavage, but I'm sure it was obvious that I wasn't wearing a bra and the pants are tight enough to see a panty line when I have one so if they put 2 and 2 together they may have figured that one out too. I remember I practically squealed in excitement after I left the store and ran/fast walked (running isn't the best idea without a bra) back to my apartment building and my room.

I took big gulps of the tea as I tried to calm my nerves enough to type again… And he was still there.

"Is the drink satisfying?" He pals fuck two beauteous cuties homemade hardcore. It certainly was good for my dry mouth but considering how turned on I was becoming by my sheer naughtiness, it hardly satisfied all the feelings I was having.

"Who are you?" I asked. I realized I didn't even know his name. He didn't answer, he just followed with my next instruction… *************************** "Now I want you to go for a drive." He said. Without even thinking about it, I replied, "OK". "Drive to the Target parking lot in XXXXXXX. Park far away from the store entrance, but right under one of the parking lot lights.

Go exactly as you are. And bring the tea." "OK"… I got up to get the keys to my Accord but realized I didn't know what I was supposed to do at Target. It was closed after all. When I returned to my keyboard to ask him what next, he had already given me his final instruction and signed off. I really didn't know what to make of that. I guess he didn't expect me to come back after going to Target.

His last message was, "Once parked, lock all the car doors except the left rear passenger door. Move to the front passenger seat and lean it back 1/2 way. Hold your keys in one hand and a can of pepper spray in the other. Close your eyes and count to 200, slowly. You will be completely safe but if you feel at all uncomfortable I want you to use the pepper spray, then get back in the drivers seat and drive away.

You'll be completely safe." I was beside myself. I had no idea what to do now.

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I decided to just stop deciding and go out the door like I was about to before I read the last message. I took my keys, my mace (I still have no idea how he guessed that I had that), and my tea, and went down to my car.

It only took about 10 minutes three men and one horny asian slut japanese and hardcore get to Target at that time in the morning since no one was on the roads really and most of the light were green.

There were about 5 or 7 cars in the Target parking lot. There always are, but it didn't look like there was anyone around. The night felt really dark, but the lights in the parking lot were bright and so were the lights from the closed store.

I pulled into the back of the lot and found a parking spot in the middle that was under a light and maybe 4 rows from the nearest car. I locked all the doors then unlocked the rear left side and crawled into the front passenger door. I looked around for a minute. My heart was racing like crazy but I didn't see anyone so I figured I would calm down.

I leaned the seat back and closed my eyes and began to count slowly to 200 - 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … A little after 100, I heard a car door open and I opened my eyes startled. I heard a voice. It was my car door!

"You are completely safe. If you tell me to go I will go now." My heart was beating out of my chest and I was gripping the mace. I turned to look at the back door. It was opened but I couldn't see anyone.

I heard him again though. "You are completely safe. Lie back in your seat and close your eyes." I could see his feet but nothing else because he was hiding behind the door in a shadow that was very dark in contrast to the parking lot lights. His voice was firm and deep but caring and honest. I'm not sure why, but I believed him. "OK" I said as I lay back down in the seat and closed my eyes.

I had my finger on the trigger of the mace. I heard him get in the back door and close it. I was breathing so hard my mouth was open and I felt like every muscle in my body was tense. His voice was near my ear when he said,"You are safe, and you are incredibly beautiful." I was nervous, excited and scared out of my mind but his voice was amazingly soothing and honest. Before I could get out the words, "thank you", I could feel warm air on my neck.

It was his breath. The sensation made me jump. But after a moment it almost felt like a massage and my left shoulder relaxed while the rest stayed tense.

He exhaled hot breath all the way down my arm. I loosened my grip on the mace a little but didn't let go. "If you want me to leave, simply say stop and I will be gone. Do you want me to leave?" Still lying with my eyes closed and my mouth open and breathing hard, he asked again, "Do you want me to leave?" I shook my head no.

I could feel skin on my left hand and after a moment I figured out it was his fingers touching my wrist. He slid them up my arm and I got goosebumps. His fingers found their way up my neck and into my hair. I felt him put his other hand on my head as well and he started massaging my scalp.

Slowly but surely my body relaxed. My heart was still racing and I became that sweetheart bounds on it faster girlfriend homemade of how warm I felt. Not quite sweating but almost. My legs itched a little. His fingers slid back down my neck and the slowly over my shoulders and across my collar bones.

He began to give me an upper back massage. His hands felt very large and strong. Thick fingers that reached from the top of my shoulders to the side of my neck all at once. As his fingers worked in circles over my shoulders, I could feel his fingers creeping down my front little by little with each pass. A little past my collar bones, then a little more, then a little more. I became aware of the fact that I had my arms bent at the elbows and my hands in the air - one gripping my keys and the other my mace.

I let them both rest by my side. His fingers slipped down farther.

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I could feel them starting to press into the tops of my breasts. I gasped a little and I became very aware of the fact that my breasts would roll back and forth slightly as his hands massaged my shoulders in and out. I became acutely aware of the feeling of the fabric on my nipples and I realized that they were extremely hard. He pulled his hands back up before going as low as I expected him to try and then I felt them rest on the sides of my face.

It felt like he was worshipping me. It was amazing but I still couldn't move. One hand moved up to my forehead and massaged my scalp. The other slid down the side of my face, down the front of my neck and down the top of my chest to my zippered shirt. I could feel the zipper being slowly pulled down and down farther until it became undone at the bottom. I noticed my heart beating faster again and my breath picking up as my mouth dropped open again. His finger tips circled around my belly button a few times then I could feel the left side of my shirt being slowly peeled away.

It was pulled all the way out, slowly, and rested lisa rose gets her holes double stuffed my arm until I was lying there with one breast fully exposed.

The hand in my hair didn't stop massaging as the other traced slowly up my side. A couple fingers brushed the side of my naked breast and went right on up to my shoulder. Then back down again tickling my breast and my hips jerked suddenly. With one finger he traced around my areola then across it bukkake faced ebony slut pornstars group sex my hard nipple. He teased it and toyed with it then tugged at it gently.

I could feel myself starting to writhe a little bit in the seat. He engulfed my entire breast in his hand and I barely noticed his other hand moving from my head to fully open the other side of my shirt. With my boobs fully exposed, his hands found their way to my wrists and took my arms up over the head rest and behind the seat.

His fingers traced down the backs of my up stretched arms and down my chest until his hands found my breasts again and he squeezed hard. My breath started to get erratic and I could feel little fireworks all over inside my body.

His hands massaged my boobs and worked their way down to mommyblowsbest the boss hot wife bigboobs and cumshot stomach and back up to my chest. Squeezing, tugging, twisting and pressing I was so turned on I could barely stand it. Suddenly I could feel something touching my hands. Hard with soft skin, it was his penis and even though I was in an awkward position I tried to wrap my hands around it and play with his balls some.

I could tell he was leaning over me from the seat behind and I could feel one hand on my stomach while the other continued to play with my aching breasts.

The hand on my stomach slid down to the top of my pants where I could feel the tie string being pulled undone. I was trying to rub him faster and harder even though I was having trouble keeping pace with my arms over my head like that but I didn't care.

His hand kept sliding down my belly back and forth like a pendulum, under my pants slowly, just an inch a time with each pass like he had with my shirt. I opened my legs as much as I could with my feet still in the floor board. Finally I felt his thick fingers brush across the top of my severely wet lips and press into my clit. I nearly exploded! *************************** My whole body jerked and I pulled my arms back over so as not to have them ripped off and I sat up opening my eyes.

I was completely disoriented and there was light everywhere as I heard my back door shut quickly. I looked out my side window and got blinded by a flashlight as I heard a tap tap on the window. The man in my car seemed to have vanished and I could see a police badge behind the light through my window.

Quickly I covered up my front and then fumbled for my keys as I tried to open the door even though it was locked. Finally I got the key in the ignition and turned it. It took two hands to keep my pants on properly and my shirt together so I couldn't do both properly.

I brought down the window. "Are you ok Ma'am?" Asked the officer.

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I was soooo embarrassed! "yes" "I don't think this is the best place for you to be at night. Is this your car?" "yes" "Why don't get put yourself together and head home?" "ok" Hurriedly I zipped up my shirt and tied my pants back around my waist and got in the drivers seat and drove home.

I got home at almost 4am absolutely soaking wet, nervous, embarrassed, hot, bothered, excited, and all kinds of other amazing feelings all at once. I never heard from that man again that I met on line.

And I never told my hubby about that night. But it was a long time ago, and I've never felt so completely, overwhelmingly submissive to someone since. I guess in a way I miss it. Looking back on the whole thing, it was a terribly crazy, dangerous, and stupid idea to go through with it, but it went so well, it's one of my favorite memories (except for the cop part ;). Hope you like my story sexy japanese belue sexy xx18