Brazzers 20sex stories 20full 20length 20free 20dp 20storys first time

Brazzers 20sex stories 20full 20length 20free 20dp 20storys first time
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When I was 14, my mother sent my two younger brothers and me to visit an uncle and aunt, her older brother and his wife, for a month during the summer, about 650 blonde cougar cory chase gets her pussy serviced away in another state.

I had been fucking Carla regularly for quite some time by then, and had a couple other friends I was having sex with at the time, so I wasn't really happy about being sent off. Still, I made the best of it, and even though my aunt and uncle lived quite a way out of town, I managed to find a couple of local girls that were willing to fuck while I was there. When we got back, I could hardly wait to see Carla and my other partners again, and get back to having as much sex as I could.

I caught up with Carla and we lit out for our hideaway, and actually managed to make it there before I practically ripped her clothes off and fucked her. Our hideaway was an old railroad pumphouse, about half a mile from the local station and down the side of an embankment, in the woods.

It had once housed a couple of pumps to pump water from the creek below to the water tower at the station to refill steam engines, but had hlong been unused and the pumps removed.

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Amateur real girlfriend fucked hard and deep was a heavy wooden door on the pumphouse, with a hasp on it for a lock, and we usually kept a large padlock on it to keep anyone else from snooping about. While we were there, though, we didn't bother to even close the door, to allow for some ventilation inside while we were fucking.

I had already fucked Carla, probably the fastest and most furious fuck we had ever had, and had been busy eating her pussy for several minutes, making sure she came too, when a big German shepherd mix wandered through the open door. I was surprised and grabbed a limb I used as a walking stick to chase the dog out, but Carla stopped me and told me it was her dog, and he had followed us from her house.

I had never even known she had a dog, and as she sat up on the edge of the cable spool we had been fucking on, he walked over and stuck his nose between her thighs, sniffing her pussy. I was shocked as she spread her legs a bit, giving him better access, and the dog began to lick her furry slit. She had found him wandering as a stray right after I left, she told me, and taken him home and cleaned him up. She said she had missed being fucked while I was gone for some reason, even though I had shared Carla with plenty of other people, she would not fuck any of them on her own when I was not there and often sneaked out to the pumphouse to masturbate.

The dog, which she had named Bowser, began following her out there, and one day she noticed he was interested in sniffing her pussy, and when she let him, he began licking it. One thing had led to another, and eventually Carla had figured out that if she lay back with her legs spread and her pussy on the edge of the cable spool, it was at just the right height for Bowser to put his front paws up on the spool on either side of her to fuck her.

He kept missing her pussy when he began thrusting initially, though, and she had to guide his cock into her. Then she said she had had the wildest fuck of her life. Boyz stare at lesbo enjoyment pornstar and hardcore she was telling me this, Bowser was lapping his tongue at her pussy, and I could see his cock slipping out sexxy story full sex grill 17 its sheath.

I never even thought twice about what Carla had just told me; I just heard my voice telling her to show me. Carla had learned from the first time, when she got quite a few accidental scratches along her sides from his front paws, and had brought a pair of socks with her the next time they came out to the pumphouse. She got those and placed them over his front paws, then lay back on the cable spool, legs spread wide, and invited Bowser up for a good fucking.

He was very ready for it by then, and moved into position between her thighs and hopped up so his front feet were on either side of her. My cock, which had been recovering from fucking her myself a few minutes earlier, was immediately hard as a rock as I watched her guide his cock into her pussy.

Bowser quickly sank his cock to the hilt and began humping her, and Carla leaned back and enjoyed it, keeping her hands on his front legs. The knot at the base of Bowser's cock swelled rapidly as he humped Carla, trying to force his cock as deep into her as he could.

As the knot swelled, I could see it going in and out of Carla's pussy lips, until it was finally large enough that it wouldn't come back out Carla and Bowser were now tied, his knot and cock wedged into her pussy so tightly it would not come out as his cum filled her pussy.

He continued to hump and squirm, pushing his cock up against her pussy and trying to turn so that he faced away from her, as male dogs naturally do once they've tied with the bitch, so they can try to pull away.

Carla kept his front legs firmly pinned against her sides, though, so he couldn't turn and injure himself, or her, trying to pull loose. I was mesmerized, watching Carla let this dog fuck her, and incredibly aroused, probably more than I had ever been before no, definitely more than I had ever been before.

As I watched her cum almost continuously while Bowser humped and wriggled, struggling to get loose, I began to cum myself, and realized I had been masturbating as I watched.

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Carla was humping against the dog's cock, moaning and groaning as she came, as he filled her pussy with his cum. I watched as they remained tied for about 20 minutes, then finally the dog's knot reduced in size enough to slip out of her pussy. Carla released his front legs and Bowser dropped off the cable spool as she clamped her thighs together to keep his hot cum inside her pussy. She had found that he normally liked to lick her pussy after he had fucked her, like he normally would with a female dog; this would stimulate the female dog's vaginal opening and cause it to close and seal itself with a mucous plug, keeping his cum, and sperm, safely inside and give him the best chance of getting her pregnant, while preventing other males from mating with her.

At the time, though, all Carla knew was that he liked to lick her pussy afterwards, but she had seen how excited I had gotten watching them, and wanted to see if I would be interested in eating her pussy or fucking her right away. Since Carla had clamped her thighs together, Bowser simply moved to a corner and began to lick himself. I was more than ready to fuck Carla myself and I didn't hesitate, stepping between her legs as she opened them for me and plunging my cock into her pussy.

It felt so nice and warm, almost hot, as I began to fuck her, since dog cum is a bit warmer than human body temperature. I quickly set up a fast tempo, pounding my cock in and out of her swollen pussy as hard and fast as I could. I was incredibly turned on, and loved that I was fucking her after the dog, fucking her ofw pinay sex story on kuwait still full of dog cum, loved that she had been willing to share the experience with me.

Carla had still been cumming from fucking the dog when I started fucking her, and continued to cum as I fucked her.

A few minutes later I was cumming again as well, ramming my cock as deep into her pussy as I could, then fucking her a bit more afterwards, until my cock slipped out of her pussy. Before she could move, I was on my knees between her legs, licking and sucking her pussy, tasting the mix of dog cum, my cum and her own juices, and absolutely in heaven doing it. I licked and sucked the cum from her pussy, and from where it had run down to her sweet ass hole and onto her thighs.

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I licked and sucked Carla's pussy and ass long enough for my cock to stiffen again, and once more took position between her thighs and began to fuck her. This time I took my time, fucking her slowly and lovingly, leaning over to kiss her and tell her how much I had loved watching her fuck her dog, and how incredibly hot it had made me, watching her take his cock and tie with him. She was always my bitch first, she told me, and if I liked it, I could watch her fuck her dog any time, and we agreed this was definitely something we would do again.

A couple of days later, we were back in the pumphouse with Bowser, who had walked through the woods with us this time. He seemed to sense where we were going, as I could see the tip of his cock peeping out from the sheath as we walked. Once we got to the pumphouse, Carla quickly stripped off her shorts and panties, and as I undressed I saw Bowser sniffing around her crotch, his cock now almost halfway out of its sheath.

I asked Carla if she had ever masturbated him or tried sucking him, and she asked how I thought they had started to begin with. She knelt down and reached up under Bowser, gently taking the sheath of his cock into her hand near the opening where his cock was hanging out, and began to slide the furry sheath back and forth a bit.

Bowser's cock slid out even further, finally exposing the full length of his pink, meaty cock. A bit of cum began to drip from the tip of it, and Carla bent over and licked it off gently with her tongue. She got Bowser to lay over on his side as she explained to me that his bare cock was very sensitive, and had to be handled very gently.

Carla bent over and gently kissed the tip of Bowser's cock, then slowly drew it into her mouth. I watched as she sucked his cock ever red xxx wap sesatr and bahradar lightly, reaching up with one hand to grasp the base of his knot after it had swelled to almost full size. This, I later found out, simulated the knot being tied inside a bitch's pussy; during sex, this kept the male dog's cock sealed inside her pussy as his cum seeped out, keeping it inside her pussy until he had deposited all his cum, and sperm, and had the best chance of impregnating the female.

During sex, male dogs cum almost continuously, their cum seeping out until the knot is finally reduced enough to allow them to slip free from the female. Carla was gently licking and sucking Bowser's cock, getting a good taste of his cum, then finally stopped and motioned for me to get down beside her. I did, and she held his cock out to me, inviting me to have a taste of him myself, and cautioning me to be gentle.

I kissed the tip of his cock, immediately tasting the cum there, the slowly slipped my lips over his cock and drew it into my mouth. None of the human cocks I had ever sucked, including my grandfather's, had ever made me feel as excited as sucking this dog cock.

I moved my lips back and forth along his cock, sucking gently, using my tongue to lick off the cum at the tip of his cock before wrapping my lips around it and doing it all again. Carla and I took turns sucking and licking Bowser's cock and tasting his cum, until his knot slowly reduced and we had gotten all the cum we could from him.

We let him go to lie in a corner and lick himself as we had a couple of good fucks and I ate Carla's pussy and she sucked my cock in between. She had noticed it usually took Bowser a couple of hours to be ready for sex a second time, but Carla and I were able to keep each other entertained until he showed interest again, coming over to her and sniffing at her pussy. I moved out of the way, content to watch as Bowser licked Carla's pussy, lapping up my cum and hers, for several minutes.

Carla was moaning and squirming as he did so, his longer tongue able to get deeper into hot asian babe having sex in the pawnshop for money pussy than mine and stimulate her quite a bit more.

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Finally he was ready to mount her, and she lay back on the cable spool and helped him up, guiding his cock inside her as she did so. Soon he was happily humping away as his knot grew, finally becoming tied with her again, his cum filling her pussy. Carla began to cum again, almost constantly as he fucked her, and they remained tied again for about 20 minutes before his knot had reduced enough for him to withdraw.

She clamped her thighs together again to keep him from starting to lick her pussy again, and once he retreated to his corner again, I positioned myself between her legs and thrust my cock into her hot, soaked pussy. I noticed this time, though I hadn't the first time, that her pussy was stretched a bit from the session with Bowser, but it was still tight enough for a good fuck. I pounded my cock in and out of her, excited to be fucking her after the dog, to be pumping my cock in and out of the cum he had left behind.

Carla was again cumming almost the entire time I fucked her, and it wasn't long before I was cumming myself, adding my cum to hers and the dog's. As my cock shrank and slipped out of her, I was quickly down with my face in her pussy, licking the cum from her thighs and slit and asshole, kinky dude gets to fuck a skinny girl up as much as I could.

There were still times when Carla and I had sex without Bowser, though we included him as often as we could. In later years, whenever I got a chance to visit Carla after we were grown and had moved apart, she always had a dog in her home, and whenever we had sex, whichever dog she owned at the time was always included.