Hairy teens in a public shower room

Hairy teens in a public shower room
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Chapter 1 "Wake up Harry, wake up" Ron shouted, while he shook Harry's shoulder "We're all set to go as soon as you get up. Come on Harry get up!" Harry rolled over, sweat dripping off his face as he leaned over the edge of the bed and puked into a chamber pot, splattering a bit on Ron's shoes.

"Ugg" they both groaned at the same time. "I'm feeling ill, Ron.

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You guys go on without me." Harry moaned out as he shifted in the bed. Looking ill, Ron leaped back and turning he ran down the stairs to where the rest of the family waited. "Da, Harry's really sick, I think I should stay home with him." Ron said disappointed, "Sorry I can't go to the All Wizards Wrestling Match with ya. "Posh that," replied his mum, "you've been waiting for this match ever since your dad got tickets. You go; Ginny and I will make sure Harry is all better for Hogwarts tomorrow." With that she shooed the men out the door and closed it.

Turning back to the kitchen she motioned Ginny over, "Now, make some Chicken and Wellness Noodle soup dear, and take it up to Harry.

You be sure he eats every last drop.

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I must head out and buy some thread so Ron's robes will have no holes this year. I'll be back in a few hours, so you take care of Harry now." And Miss Weasley floated her coat over and jumped into the fireplace, vanishing with a bang and soot flying everywhere. Ginny Weasley walked up the stairs, balancing a tray of soup and bread on her wand, mulling over in her mind what to do with Harry, now that they were alone.

Walking into his and Ron's room, Ginny sat on the end of the bed and handed Harry the tray. "Here Harry, eat this up and it'll make you feel better. I'll come back in a half hour and check on you." As Harry sat up, and started to slurp the soup down, Ginny stood up, pulled her bathrobe closed and walked out of the room. When she came back, the tray and empty soup bowl lying on the floor was the last thing on her mind.

Harry had fallen back asleep and in his twisted feverous state he had kicked the covers to the end of the bed. This left him lying spread eagled on the mattress, wearing his pjs, however his dick had stood up out of his open fly, fully erect. Looking at his cock, Ginny licked her lips and ever so slightly averted her gaze.

She tried to wake Harry by shaking him a bit, but when he didn't wake she tiptoed towards the door. Looking over her shoulder at him, she paused, then with a firm nod she turned around and grasping his semi-erect penis she tried to tuck it back into the bottom of his pjs. Feeling it get harder under her handling, her palms sweating, she kept on trying to get it down into Harry's pants, when suddenly Harry shifted, his hand grasping hers in his sleep.

Ginny froze as Harry's hand slowly slid hers up and down on his dick. Soon he was as hard as a rock, squeezing her hand as she pulled down and almost letting go as her hand slid up. Turning her head, Ginny watched Harry's face as he tossed his head side to side, not even noticing when his hand dropped hers, letting her continue to jerk his penis. Ginny then slowly climbed next to Harry, and lying down, she closed her eyes and yanked his meat harder.

While her eyes were closed, Ginny never noticed Harry wake up and bit by bit move his head so he could see her face and, just as gradually, move his hand to the belt on her robe. Slowly Harry undid the belt and pushed his hand inside, tracing the side of her hip.

Feeling his gently touch, Ginny opened her eyes to his smiling gaze, and when he pulled her closer, she moved intimately into his embrace. As he leaned forward, she shut her eyes again, feeling his lips on hers, she opened her mouth and intensely stuck her tongue into his mouth, questing for and feeling his own taste organ meet hers.

She let go his cock and grabbed the back of his head with both hands and pulled him closer. Throwing her leg over his, she pressed against his pubescent body and shivered with expectation. Feeling her body quiver, Harry slid his hand down from her hip and traced a line from the top of her tight 10 year old ass, down one cheek, over to where her thighs wetly joined, across the top of her right leg and sliding softly between their two bodies his finger gently pressed against Ginny's bald pussy and began to rub the hardening knob of her clit.

While still vigorously tongue fucking each other, he rubbed her clit with increased vigor until she broke away, panting. Looking down she watched as he slid his hand between them and wishing him the same pleasure she reached down and grasping his cock she began to pull him harder and faster, keeping in time with his own manipulations of her pussy.

As Ginny yanked, she felt his cock swell up and watching, she saw spurt after spurt of cum erupt from him, falling over both their bodies. Ginny looked back at Harry and both of them fell apart laughing. After a few minutes, Harry rolled over, "Thanks Gin, I think I feel a lot better," he giggled, "But I hope that your blondie victoria stephanie videochats oral sex to ex cure will be needed again soon." "Not on your life," she replied with a smile "I think that you might need a bit more now!" And rolling on top of him, Ginny sat up so her pussy straddled his now soft penis and slowly pulled her robe all the way off so Harry could get a good look at her.

When he raised his hands to touch her flat chest and erect nipples, Ginny gently grabbed his hands and pushed them to the side. "Your still to sick to move, let me make you better." Reaching over she grabbed her wand off the night stand and teasingly pointed it at Harry's chest.

"Clothesus Disapearous" she bangalore girl north boys sex x storys compost and Harry's pjs vanished. "Mmm, that's better" She then bent downward and giving him a quick French kiss, she slid down his body, licking and sucking on his nipples, chest, stomach, bellybutton.

Sucking up all his cum off of his body, she paused as her mouth reached his groin, and then looking up with a quick smile, she dropped her head and took his flaccid penis into her mouth. Sucking the rest of his juices out, she grabbed his cock in one hand and holding it up, Ginny licked Harry's sweaty scrotum and sucked on his teenage balls as her fingers played with his pee hole and tip and her thumb rubbed on the underside of his cock.

Feeling him start to get erect again she switched, her mouth bobbing up and down on his hardening rod while her hand massaged and pulled on his tightening sack. As Ginny sucked on Harry's cock, she had to open her mouth more and more to keep up as it enlarged, until she teen abella scores at the bus stop pornstars and hardcore it hit the back of her throat.

Gagging she pulled up and started to just lick around the entire shaft and suck on the tip as her hands pulled and jerked on the saliva covered base. Feeling himself about to explode again, Harry pulled her off his tool, just in time and pulling her up, he rolled over so he laid on top of her, his cock resting against her soaking slit.

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"My turn now." he whispered, and giving her a kiss. Sliding down her young body, Harry flicked and twisted her nipples gently, before tentatively sucking them into his mouth. As her hands pulled his head against her chest, Harry slid his hands down her body and spreading her legs he toyed with her cunt lips.

One finger, then another slid across her pussy and clit until he finally dipped one into her pussy well. Feeling her body arc towards him, Harry pulled away, and balanced on one hand and knees, he pulled his finger free. Smiling when she looked down at him he reached up and brushed it against her lips, letting her suck his finger dry of her own juice.

Then bending down Harry skated his tongue around her gash, brushing her clit with the tip of his tongue before moving down and shoving it into her open pussy. Tasting her 10 year old pussy drove Harry wild and he licked and sucked for all he was worth, even bringing two fingers up to drive again and again into her tight fuck hole.

Having her body thrash against his, her legs clenching his head to her cunt, made Harry strive even harder until after eating her and fingering her energetically, Ginny shuddered violently and her virgin pussy gushed into his mouth, soaking his chin and hand. When she stopped shaking, Harry pried himself away from between her legs and pulled up himself on top of her. His cock centimeters from her wet hole, his face, dripping with her fluids, inches above her own sweat soaked face.

Bracing himself on one hand, Harry rubbed his cock up and down Ginny's engorged cunt lips while his face dipped to kiss her, letting her suck her own juices from his tongue. Savoring this new taste, Ginny's hand reached around to grab Harry's ass and clenching it hard she gripped the hand guiding his cock and pushed the tip between her lips and into her pussy.

Breaking the kiss Harry looked down upon her freckled face with a questioning look and at her small nod and whispered "yes", he slowly pushed his hips forward and sank his cock into the slick, snug snatch as Ginny's hand moved to join its twin in gripping his ass.

Half way in, the tip of Harry's cock felt the wall of her hymen and pulling back a bit, he felt the both hands on his ass cheeks tighten and pull him forward. Plunging his cock back into her tunnel, he smashed through her virginity and buried his 14 year old, 6 inch rod all the way up to his ball sack in small tight ten year old cunt.

Looking down at her straining, pain filled expression Harry pulled back again and kissing her tears away he slowly began to rock his hips, driving himself in and out of her slurping pussy. As her tears dried up, Ginny felt that natural heat began to spread through-out her body and grabbing more of Harry's ass in both hands, she wrapped both legs around his.

Widening herself to better enjoy his thrusting, her body started to respond to his movement, her hips rocking back and forth, her chest heaving, her pussy getting hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter as she felt another orgasm begin to take hold.

Keeping her body in tune with his, Ginny raised one hand to cup the back of Harry's neck and pulling his head down she stuck her tongue deep into his mouth, forming their two raven hart sexy dirty milf together into one.

Feeling her slippery tongue deep in his mouth, her sweat soaked body rubbing all over his, her pencil like nipples caressing his chest, Harry pumped harder. His cock felt like it was in slow motion as he felt every inch rub past her lips, the tip brushing the underneath of her clit, the intenseness of the veins as they were clenched by her flooded pussy walls.

Driving his hips even faster, Harry felt Ginny's taut vagina clench tightly against his Magic Wand, her mouth fuck his face faster, and a torrent of her love liquid flow around penetrating penis soaking their combined crotches until her body went rigid.

Breaking the kiss, Harry watched as this young girl screamed incoherently about God, wizards and magic. Feeling her body begin to shudder, Harry felt his ball bag tighten and with a few quick, short thrusts he blew his load deep inside her again and again. Spouting thick cum with each plunge, the boy arced his back, driving himself even deeper into her wet heat, his cock squishing in the mingled liquid.

As Harry had finished cumming, Ginny shook even more as she felt his bursts blow deep inside her, filling her as nothing ever has. As he thrust for the last time, his penis going beginning to go flaccid still inside her, the little ten year old took his older body in her arms and together they lay in a tangled, sticky heap, not talking or moving as both thought how this new experience would change their lives forever.

An hour later as they snuggled and kissed, learning even more about the others body, they heard the chimney bang, and Ginny's mother move into the kitchen. Jumping up, Ginny grabbed her discarded robe and with a wishful expression, she ran naked out of the room.

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Watching her tiny ass swing out the door, Harry lay back and pulling the covers over his sex smelling body, he grinned.