Older gentleman shows whores that he still has it telsev

Older gentleman shows whores that he still has it telsev
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The Ghost-Boy Chronicles 2 Danny & Tucker start struggling, trying to get free. But it's to no use. A fiendish grin graces Desiree's face, as she tosses the boys aside as if they were nothing. They land in a nearby tree, looking roughed up. Danny looks over at Tucker. "Tucker, you alright?" Tucker peeks his head out through the branches and answers Danny.

"Yeah…yeah, I'm alright." "Good. Remind me to Kill you later!" Their argument is interrupted by a bright light. They look over to see Desiree glowing, ready to fire a Ghost-Ray that could possibly exterminate them. Tucker's life begins to flash right before his eyes. Most of it is him being rejected numerous times by other women.

"I can't believe this.

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I'm gonna die, and I haven't gotten laid. I'm about to die a virgin!" Danny looks over at Tucker, reminding him of the situation. "Tucker now might not be a good time to discuss your sex life." "This is not fair! I haven't even seen a breast.

I wish I could see some breasts. Hell, I wish I could see HER breasts!" Tucker furiously points at Desiree, just as she's about to fire. The two of them close their eyes, expecting the worse. After a few moments, Danny opens his eyes to see a trembling Desiree, no longer glowing. Shocked by the wish, she realizes that she has no choice but to comply. "You're…heart's desire…is my command." She grabs onto her halter-top and slowly pulls it down, revealing the breasts that have been hidden for so long.

Tucker's jaw drops, as does Danny's. This is the first time either of them have seen a naked woman up close, ghost or otherwise.

Desiree finally pulls the top all the way off. She stands there, with the moon shining off of her massive melons, giving them an unearthly glow. Tucker smiles, finally feeling a sort of vindication. "They're even more beautiful than I imagined." Danny snaps out of his trance and grabs Tucker. "Yeah! Now let's get out of here before she puts an end to us." "No!

I can't, not when I'm this close!" Tucker pulls away from Danny's grasp and jumps down from the tree. Danny follows after him. "Close? Close to what?" Tucker looks back at Danny and grins. "You'll see." He turns his attention to Desiree who now, with the wish granted, is ready to blast the two teens off the face of the earth.

Her hands are glowing brightly. She lunges herself at him as Tucker just looks up at her. "I…wish…I wish you would give me a Blowjob!" She stops in mid-air, her hands just inches away from his throat.

A shocked look fills her face as she floats down to ground level. "So you desire…so shall it be." The glowing fades from her hands as she reaches out and begins to unbuckle Tucker's pants. She pulls down his pants and reaches through sexy harlot bridgette b devours colleagues huge cock slot in his boxers to pull out his Cock.

She a little shocked at the size of it, but takes it into her mouth and begins to work her tongue all around it. Danny looks on, in disbelief of what's going on. "Holy shit. It actually worked!" Danny floats in closer to see. Tucker stands there with a look of pure joy on his face. "How does it feel, Tuck?" "Oh man. It's like she's sucking the skin right off of me…and it feels like heaven. I thought you would know how this feels.

Didn't you & Sam…?" Danny hangs his head in shame. "No. Every time we tried either her parents stormed in or my sister did." "So you're still a Virgin?" Danny nods his head yes. "Then join in! Desiree, I wish you would suck Danny's Dick." Desiree, still sucking off Tucker, gives a muffled response as she pulls down Danny's pants.

"NO! T-Tucker, I can't do this! I…" "Hey, I'd be a jerk if I hogged her all to myself. Besides, consider it like training for Sam." Danny tries to argue again, but is silenced once he feels Desiree's hand stroking his Cock to an erection.

Desiree removes herself from Tucker and puts Danny's Manhood in her mouth. She begins to stroke Tucker, who smiles at Danny. "See now, aren't you glad you got involved?" Danny's eyes almost roll into the back of his head. "Oh my god, it's like she has a Corkscrew tongue." "I know!

I wish she could do both of us at the same time." And with that, Desiree takes Danny's Cock out of her mouth and grips both Tucker & Danny with each hand. "You're…deepest desire…is my command." She brings their Cocks closer, opening her mouth wide. And incredibly, she takes them both in and begins to suck them both off at the same time.

Tucker looks close to hitting his climax. "Oh, man…I think I'm gonna…" He lets go, and shoots his load inside of her mouth. She takes it in and swallows it, making sure not to miss a drop. Danny pulls out himself, before walking over to the Fenton Thermos and picking it up. "Damn, that was fantastic." Tucker pulls his pants up also. "Hey, what are you doing?" "Tucker, we had our fun, but now she needs to go back into the Ghost Zone and…" "NO!

WAIT…" The two look over at Desiree, who looks like she's on her knees pleading. "You cannot leave me like this! I need to be loved. I need sex. I need to be fucked!" They can't believe what they just heard. Tucker then develops a grin on his face. perfect teen tits cam and passion hd blonde first time fighting for affection

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"Come on, Danny. We can't be selfish now. We gotta give it to her." Danny develops a confused look. "Um, Tuck? Kinda hard with the situation." He points down at Desiree, showing that her lower half is still in ghost form.

"Oh, that's no problem. I wish you had legs." Desiree starts to rise up, as magic winds swirl around her lower half, remaking her legs. Once the winds are gone, her legs are restored. She lands on the ground and slowly walks over to the two boys, who don't know what to expect now that she's fully restored.

She stands in front of Tucker, almost towering over him because of the height difference. She then leans down and kisses him deeply. Tucker goes along with it, grabbing her breast with one hand and pulls down her pants with the other. Danny stands there, impatiently. "Hey!

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Don't forget about me!" Desiree pulls away from Tucker and smirks at Danny as she makes her way towards him. She puts one hand on his chest, and pushes him down to the ground. Danny lies there as she pulls his pants down, then straddles him.

She slowly slides herself onto Danny's Cock, as Tucker stands at the side, feeling left out. "Hey, how come he gets your pussy? I made the wish. I…" He gazes downward to see that her asshole is free. "Nevermind. I can go for the other hole." Tucker squats down and aims his Cock into her rear hole. He pushes through the hole and into her ass, loving every moment. "It's even better than her mouth. And it's so tight." Danny looks up at Tucker.

"You think that's something, her pussy is like a black hole." They both continue to pump in & out of Desiree, who's in ecstasy. "Yes! Yes! It's been so long. So long since I felt the touch of a man." They start to pick up speed, pounding her ass & pussy mercilessly.

Danny looks ready to erupt. "Oh god…I'm about to blow…" Tucker is trying to hold on, but can't. "Me too. Can't hold it in…" Desiree calls for them to let go.

"YES! Release your seed! Release it all inside me!" Desiree soon gets her wish, as both Danny & Tucker shoot their load into her pussy and her ass.

Tucker falls flat on his back onto blonde houswife fisting and toying her pussy ground, spent after so much sex. Danny's also lying there exhausted. Desiree rises to her feet and, to the shock of the two teens, reverts her bottom half back to ghost form. She begins to float into the air, grinning down at the two youths.

"Thank you. You have made me feel something I have not felt for so long. For that, I am in your debt." She flies off, leaving Danny & Tucker alone. After a couple of minutes, the two are fully dressed. Danny grabs the Fenton Thermos, not wanting to forget it.

"Alright, we're in agreement, Tucker. No one finds out about this. Meaning you don't write about this in your Blog." "Danny, you know me. I'm a man of my word. Nothing will be written about this" Danny goes ghost and flies off towards home.

Tucker grins and grabs his PDA, which was resting against a tree. "Don't need to, when I can just broadcast the video online." He looks at his PDA and notices that it isn't on.

He clicks the power button but still nothing. Finally, he checks the back and sees that the batteries have been taken out. Meanwhile, Danny flies on his way home, Tucker's batteries in hand, chuckling to himself.