Facials my girlfriend sucks other cocks for living

Facials my girlfriend sucks other cocks for living
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A warm spring day and you are standing at the road side looking like you missed someone. I pull up and ask if you need help or a ride somewhere. You say you missed the ride you were supposed to get to go to the park and you are not sure what to do. You are dressed in a nice yellow sundress that is open in the back very low and the hem hits you mid thigh. You have a back pack on the ground with whatever you need at the park and beach.

"Well I can give you a lift as I am headed that way" You are not sure about taking a ride from a stranger but as I do not look dangerous and I am older so you get in. I notice your shapely legs as you sit and the dress rides up. You see me looking and pull the hem down. "So what did you have planned for the day?" "Well some of my girl friends had a picnic planned and if the water was not to cold we were going swimming, they also wanted me to go as they had an extra fellow" "So you are going on a blind date?" "I guess but I a hate that, I just wanted to get out today and have some fun in the sun" "Will I hope you find your friends and have a good time, it is really a beautiful day?" I keep glancing over at you admiring your nice completion and smooth skin, the cute nose and the nice hair.

You have a nice shape and are well endowed but your legs are really beautiful. This I notice as you see I am what they call and leg, hip and butt man. You see me stealing looks and decide to tease me and pull your hem a little up over mid thigh and fold one foot under your other leg. The car swerves a little as I look at your bare leg and thigh, which distracts me from my driving.

I look to the road and then at you, "sorry about that but I am a better driver." You knowingly smile and say "oh that's okay no harm done". You smile more to yourself and think, this could be fun and he does not seem to be dangerous. Then you look at me more deeply and reconsider things. You do not find me unattractive and in some way even a little desirable. The teasing has stirred things in you that you had not considered and you are finding it to be a turn on. You even think it might be exciting if I actually thought I saw your panties.

With that you shift in the seat turning toward me and very subtly pull the dress up a little more. Your legs are ever so slightly parted and the hem is very high. Your yellow panties are just visible. I swallow hard as I glimpse your way and see just a little color between your legs. Dam that girl; this is getting a little crazy.

She has to be doing it on purpose; she wants me to see her panties. Driving is getting difficult as I now have a fully engorged cock; thank goodness it is going down my left pant leg as I could not brake if it wasn't. "What were you going to do today?" You ask with a smile on your face that says you do not care what I was going to do you only want to tease me.

Your hands now rest on your bare thighs and one rubs up and down your leg. "I had some work to do on my computer and not much else." I would love to go to the beach with her; they were some fools to stand you up. "Oh, you should not waste the day working you should get out and enjoy the sun." The smile on your face says you think I should be enjoying more than sun. "Really, well maybe I should take your advice and just go to the park, hell I can work there as well and get some sun." Maybe I will get lucky and some lonely woman will take pity on me and keep me company.

"You should and if you really have to work you can do it there and that has to be better than sitting in some old office." "Well my laptop means my office is where ever I am so today my office is the park. But, hey I have to get some things first. I can't go to the park like this. Would you mind if I stopped at my place to change and grab some things?" "No that's fine".

I look at her and she smiles with what I swear is a very devilish little smile. I am sure it is only wishful thinking on my part. I notice, as she shifts in the seat again, that I can see her yellow panties pulled tight over her pussy. She smiles more as she knows I see them and her hand moves down to her knee and back up ever so slowly. My cock jumps and if she keeps that up I will cream my jeans for sure. God I wish that was my hand moving oh so sexy cock sucking scenes with hot anna anjo up that beautiful leg.

Of course my hand would not stop until it was caressing that sweet little pussy in those yellow panties. We chat and then I stop at my little house. I live on the edge of town in a small house I have remodeled. "Okay you wait here and I will only be a couple of minutes." "Why can't I come in and wait? You got someone else in there?" You wiggle on the seat and give me a very full view of your crotch.

I stop and looking at your hips and crotch I step brother forced step sister a little. "Well ah mm it would not be appropriate for you to come into my place. I mean." "Oh come on, I don't see you as a big danger, besides I need a bathroom." With that you get out of the car and head toward the house. I open the front door and hold open for you. I take special note of your body moving into the house and the nice darryl hanah and shyla jameson ffm some sex in the bedroom young old and pornstars of your breasts, the flat tummy, the nice flare of the hips and the nice round firm ass.

I want to reach out and grab a hold of each cute cheek and squeeze it. You enter and sashay across the room, hips swinging provocatively, dropping your pack on the sofa. "So where blowing bubbles blowjob a mother playfellows daughter arrangement the toilet?" "Over there" I point and you head for it.

"I am going to change clothes and get some things." The door closes and I head to the bedroom to change. I grab some shorts and a shirt and then strip. I figure I might as well just put on some swimming trunks now so I hunt for them. I am naked looking for my trunks, finding them I pull them on.

I was a little difficult as my cock had not fully softened up and I had to work a little to get the trunks on and then put on the shorts. I was pulling on the shirt when I notice the door to the bedroom was ajar. I wonder if she was peaking. Then I walk into the living room and there you are walking around looking at things. "You have a really nice little place" "It is small but it is mine and paid for. I did most of the work myself.

Glad you like it." I head for the kitchen and start to put things in a cooler. You get up, and like you belonged here, walk into the bedroom where you take a quick look and head out to the kitchen. "Nice bedroom and such a big bed for only one person." Then you pick up some apples and add them to the cooler like you were in your own home.

I see the devilish smile on your face and see you eying me up and down. I can only think, did you see me in the bedroom before.

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No matter you seem at ease and things are going nicely. I grab the cooler and you pick up your pack and we head out. I fumble with the lock juggling the cooler and you just take the keys and lock up, again like it were your place. Once back in the car and headed to the park again you start to behave like before and soon your legs are on the seat and I catch glimpses of your panties and a very full view of your beautiful legs.

You watch me and smile knowing you are driving me insane. All the way to the park we talk about everything but I cannot remember what as I was only interested in looking at your legs and the occasional glimpse of panty.

After parking the car you head out to find your friends and I locate a good spot to lie back in the sun and work a little on some writing.

See I like to write stories for this sex site and I wanted to finish a couple of them. The sun was over head and it was warm enough to get wet so I went swimming and then lay down to dry off. I was almost asleep when I felt a hand on my bare shoulder.

The touch startled me and I rolled over and sat up very quickly. "Hey what the", and then I saw you standing there in a yellow bikini. A modest top with boy cut bottom and I realized that I had not seen your panties on the trip up but just your bikini bottoms. No matter you were very sexy regardless and I was happy to see you.

You smiled, "sorry I didn't mean to startle you." "That's okay, I was just about asleep that's all and hey lady you can startle me any time." Then I wince inside as that sounded so trite. There she stood with her pack in hand and dress over her arm. "Well my friends are not really friends and the fellow they wanted me to hook up with is a real &hellip. Well let's say I am not interested in him or his immature behavior." "Okay, here sit down, did you have lunch?" "No not really just some chips and beer, that seems all they are interested in, well almost all." "Well I don't have any beer but some soda and, let's see" and I look into the cooler.

"Here is a sandwich and soda." She sits down with her back to my legs and I feel her butt cheek touch my lower thigh. The closeness of her makes my cock twitch. Oh man don't get a hard on now not with her so close, but it seems my body has a mind of its own. In the back of my mind I want this young woman in the worst way but then she looks at me like a father figure or such.

Oh well behave yourself old man and treat her nice. She takes the sandwich and seems to attack it. She was hungry after all. "No beer how come, everyone here seems to have a cooler full of beer or wine?" "Well I don't drink so I did not bring any and I did not figure on company so I did not bring anything else.

If I have known you would be joining me I would have included some wine or beer. Besides are you old enough to be drinking?" You avoid the question.

"That's okay sex xxx story full uae soda is fine and the sandwich is really good, thanks, guess I was a little hungry after all." She relaxed and settled back more against my legs. I now lay down on my side, legs at angle behind her as she sat eating. When she finished the sandwich she stretched took a drink of soda and reached out and put an arm behind back and was leaning on two skinny bitches share a throbbing member group sex and cumshots looking at me with a smile that could melt iron.

The bare skin of her side was touching my side and belly causing my cock to twitch several times and then get hard. I big boobs blonde amateur fucks in the car feel her hip against my thigh and my cock was getting hard and growing down my trunk tiny teen huge and french old man fuck when friends brother rey blackmailed me and my. "Did you go swimming yet?" I had to figure out a way to get her away from me or I was xxx american rap in bus to be in trouble.

"No but I was not really interested in swimming." She smiled at me and I was sure she sensed the reason behind my desire to go swimming and was going to make me squirm. "Well I am warm and I think a little dip in the lake would be fun, come on just a quick dip." I move to get up and of course I had to rub against her body causing me and my cock more trouble. She moved and then took my offered hand to get up. The smile on her face told me she knew everything and it seemed she was having a lot of fun at my expense.

"So can you swim?" I dove into the water and was relieved to feel my cock return to normal when I surfaced. "Of course I can" and she dove into the water toward me. I was chest deep and I felt her hands grasp my trunk top and pull herself up. Her head and shoulder were the only part above water and her hands were now on my shoulders.

"It's too cold for swimming I want to go back, please." She looked in my eyes with such sweetness I would have done anything she asked.

"Okay"and I started to move toward the beach and then as I passed her she jumped up on my back for a ride in. Her legs were wrapped around my waist and one arm around my head. The feel of her body so close made me giddy and I was glad the water was cold. I could feel her breasts hitting the back of my neck and shoulder and I was sure she rubbed them against me deliberately.

"Hey you can give me a school madam and student xxxx story to the beach." Her legs wrapped around me and then as I move toward the beach I felt them tighten and relax several time. Her heels were digging into my belly and lower. At one point I had to take her feet and hold them up and tight as they had actually dug into my crotch and I was getting another hardon regardless of the cold water.

The hand around my head was now over shoulder and across chest while the other hand was in my hair with her head on top of mine in a most tender way. She hung on my back as I walked out and I did nothing to make her get off. The feel of a young girl on my back was intoxicating to an old man. As I walked up the slope to the blanket with her on my back I was thinking how a fellow goldie is lifted and fucked balls deep in her pussy naturaltits blowjob age, 42, managed to attract such a sexy girl of what 21.

Well at least I hope she is 21. She messes my hair and teases my chest hair as I walk back. Several times she has dug her heels into my groin and I have a hardon again. "So you do not like to get wet or the water was to cold?" I stop and she gets off my back and I am looking at her.

My cock jumps as I notice the hard nipples sticking out from the center of her bikini top. There are two very obvious extensions to the swim suit.

She looks down and notices them too and replies; "oh I like to swim but the water was very cold as you can see." There is that wicked smile again. She is becoming a major tease. I bend down to pick up my towel to dry off and she grabs it and then starts to dry my back. As I straighten up she then dries off my chest and reaches up to dry my hair.

In doing so she is very close to me, very close, so close I feel her nipple brush my chest. I cannot take any more without getting into trouble.

"Thank you" and Cute brunette babe have sex with a taxi driver as payment take towel and wrap around my waist. "Here let me dry you off." I look for her towel but there is none so I grab the spare I had packed and dry her back and then her hair finally her legs. I am careful not to dry too much of her leg least I lose control.

Then I hand the towel to her. "What you're not going to dry the rest of me? I dried your front and back". "You are becoming a real tease you know. There is no way I am going to dry your chest front so knock it off." "I'm sorry I was just having fun and you seemed to enjoy it as much as I did." You get a little put on pout look on your face and then smile.

"Ya well I did enjoy you, it, the teasing,it was fun but well oh never mind and forget I said anything." I then lay down on the blanket on my back and close eyes. If I don't look at her it will be okay. Big mistake because she simply lays down alongside of me and combs her finger through my hair.

The touch of her hand sends a very warm feeling through me . "So you don't want me to tease you any more, well okay I will just be straight." She lay alongside with head in hand on elbow looking down at me with the other hand combing my hair. I was sure I had died and gone to heaven when I opened my eyes and saw her looking down at me with an expression you only see on a loved one's face. Then she smiled and leaned in and kissed me on the lips very lightly and returned. "Thank you for being so nice to me and giving me such a nice time.

You're a real gentleman." Oh great now I am a gentleman and here I had thoughts of seducing this young girl. Now I have to be a GENTELMAN, crap and I wanted to be a dirty old man. I try to say something but am a little flustered. "Well you don't know me very well to be saying that." "Oh but I think you are and I have the feeling you are being a gentleman regardless of your other desires." Oh shit what the hell is she talking about, other desires, hell she has see your hardon idiot.

"Ya well ah let's just keep the OTHER DESIRES in check okay".

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I smile at you with that smile of loving understanding and I see you return it. You stop and lay down next to me with your head on my chest and I slowly put an arm up around your shoulder. I feel you wiggle and snuggle in closer and then your hand is on my chest with your elbow on my belly. I close my eyes and try to nap, ya right like I can sleep. You have closed your eyes and actually drift off as you feel safe and contented. I cannot sleep but close my eyes none the less and try.

You must have dozed off because several time you moved and actually moved a leg over my leg and half laid on me with one breast crushed into my chest your head on my shoulder and your nose just under my chin. I can feel your warm breath on the base of my neck. I could stay like this for ever I think and then realize the sun is burning us good. I move and wake you. Hey wake up we are going to burn for sure." "Oh my I feel asleep, how school madam and student xxxx story was I out?" "Oh about half hour or so but long enough to get real sunburn I think." You sit up and look at your skin and poke at spots on your leg and arm.

"It looks like the start of a burn, but I have some good lotion. "Would you put some on my back?" You did not teasingly ask to put it on your front and I am glad for that.

After you have applied to your front you lie on your front so I can apply to your back. I look you over head to feet and marvel at your beauty. Applying lotion to your back is such a thrill. I have gotten a hardon again but I don't care now as you can't see and I am massaging your legs. First your calves then the back of your thighs and you actually spread your legs so I could to the inside of thighs. I am so temped and want to touch your pussy. It is so close to my fingers but I don't, I remember I am a GENTLEMAN.

As I massage your back and shoulder you give a low moan and say, "you could do that for a living you have such a nice touch and your hands feel so good. My back and shoulders have never felt so good." I keep massaging raunchy babe has her tight asshole drilled then rub her head then move down and do each arm completely from the fingers up.

She has closed her eyes again and I think she has gone to sleep so I simply lay down next to her. This time I can doze off and we both take 40 winks. I wake with a start as her hand is pushing on my chest. sunny leone in blue lingrea both fell asleep and good thing I woke up as you look a little red there." Her fingers were poking at my chest then belly and upper thigh.

"Oh yes good thing we put some lotion on." "But I feel asleep and did not put any on you." "No matter I fell asleep on my back and I put lotion on my front." "Ah but I wanted to put the lotion on you. You did so nice a job putting the lotion on me I wanted to return the favor. Here let me put some on you now, roll over." You push me down and over on belly then you straddle me sitting on my butt. The closeness of your butt to my crotch gives me the beginning of an erection.

Then I feel both of your hands massaging up and down my back and shoulder. You manage to touch every inch of my back, neck and arms. My body thinks it is in heaven but my cock wants to take it to hell. Still I have to be a GENTLEMAN, if only she had not said that.

It is late and so we pack up the car head back to the city. I look at you and all of a sudden I realize I do not know your name.

"You know we have been together all afternoon and I do not know your name." "Well names did not seem important and then we just were enjoying things too much to think about them, but you can call me Cindy." "You're right it did not seem important, and I am John.

So Cindy what would you like to eat or do you have to be somewhere?" "I don't have anywhere to be and I don't care what we eat. Anything is fine, well almost; there are some things I don't like to eat but not many. But we are not dressed for a restaurant so I take it fast food it is or why not your place. Do you have anything to make a meal out of?" "Fast food is fine if that is what you want and yes I have a full pantry if you rather have pot luck." "Well dressed as I am I am thinking I would rather eat at your place if you don't mine." I looked at her and smiled as I would rather be at my place and so that is where we headed.

Now Cindy had stopped the teasing or at least I think so but still she sat with her legs exposed for me to see. "Mind, are you kidding I am sure I can find something to eat." After hauling everything in I said I wanted to clean up before fixing something to eat.

"I am going to take a quick shower and here do you want some wine or a beer." I had opened the frig and there were still a couple of beers in it. The wine was in the pantry and I started for them when you looked in the frig and then asked about the wine. I held up a couple of bottles and you picked one. I opened it and poured you a glass. "Okay make yourself to home and I am going to shower." I washed quickly and was drying myself off when you came to the bathroom door.

"Hey, here are some dry clothes for you to put on". You walked into the bathroom in a very nonchalant manner, again like you owned the place and we were a couple. You did not even look at me standing there trying to cover my naked body.

You had picked out underwear, jeans and a nice button up shirt. This meant you had opened my dresser and closet. I was a little unnerved by this and then again I sort of liked the fact that you acted like this was your home. Still things were moving rather fast, maybe too fast.

You turned and walked out saying, "would it be okay if I took a beautiful chick widens lengthy legs girlfriend homemade That looked so inviting I teacher seduces teen student alone with a drone could use one." "Oh sure, I'll just get dressed and fix something to eat and you take your shower." Then the dirty old man took over and I was wishing I could give her a shower and wash her naked body.

' Knock it off you old bastard remember you're supposed to be a GENTLEMAN'. I dressed and hurried into the kitchen passing you with your gym bag headed into the bathroom. I busied myself fixing a stir-fry meal and so did not pay any attention to you taking a shower or dressing. You walked into the kitchen and my jaw hit my pregnant menage a trois tittie milk squirting and my eyes bugged out.

"wow nice outfit." "Well I did not have much to change into so I sort of bowered some of yours.

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I hope that's okay?" "Ah sure, that looks just fine." Fine was hardly the right word for what she was wearing. She had on a white dress shirt and a pair of my black boxers. Because the shirt was a 17" x 34 Tall man it was very large on her and the shirt actually came to her knees. She had rolled up the sleeves and used one of my black belts around her waist. The shirt was open down 3 buttons and it was obvious she was without bra. She walked over to me reached up and with a hand to back of my head pulled me to her and kissed me.

As I was standing there is a state of semi shock with my hands full of cooking utensils, there was little I could do so I just allowed her to have her way.

Oh have your way woman. This time the kiss was a little more than just a friendly peck. I felt some passion in it and then I felt the tip of her tongue and it grazed across my lips. I did not hesitate and let her push into my mouth. Our tongues touched and caressed each other and then she broke the kiss. "So what has the chief prepared for diner?" "Well I just threw together a little stir fry, I hope that is okay?" She nodded and then went about setting the table.

I had trouble keeping my eyes on the cooking as I kept looking at her walking around in my shirt. The meal lovely girl with nice a hole gives massage rather quiet as mostly I spent it just looking at her.

After eating we sat on the sofa and listened to some music and then she went over and started to go through my DVDs. She bent over and I got a good view of my boxers covering a very cute little ass.

She then put on some slow soft music and came back. She bent down and took my hands. In doing so she gave me a fantastic down blouse shot of her very nice breasts. Her nipples had gotten hard and I was wondering about that. My cock responded in usual fashion and pulsed. "Come on let's dance." Well we sort of just stood very close together and swayed and rubbed our bodies together.

I could feel her hard nipples and I am sure on occasion she felt my now very hard cock. Several time as we danced she straddled my leg with her legs and I know she was feeling my erection.

After several minutes of dancing like that she looked up at me with a very sweet passionate look. I bent to her and our lips meet. The kiss was soft and gentle at first then grew more and more passionate. Soon our tongues were dancing and my hands were starting to wander all over her back. Her hands were around my head tangled in my hair and then playing with my ears. My hands made their way down her back until the reached her small round teen riding the treat trade pt group sex butt cheeks.

My hands cupped her ass and the squeezed. She moaned and thrust her hips against my leg rubbing her crotch against my erection.

She had worked her legs to straddle my leg with the erection and the squeezed her legs together. The pressure on my erections was too much and I moaned. I squeezed her ass cheeks and then lifted up.

As I lifted her feet cleared the floor and now she was hanging on my neck as I held her up. I then set her down and without breaking he kiss picked her up in my arms and carried her to the bedroom.

I laid her on the bed and slowly unbuttoned the shirt kissing the bare skin I exposed. When the shirt was open I kissed the hard nipples and the kissed her.

I then kissed her nipples and moved down to her belly. I heard her moan several times and call my name and other things. She moaned very loud as I kissed her belly and then started to pull down the boxers. As the skin was exposed I kissed every inch. As the pubic mound was exposed I kissed sucked and then applied pressure with my hand. I saw a little strip of hair as she shaved the rest of her pussy clean.

I kissed very lightly the very tight pussy lips as they were exposed. I kissed down her legs as I pulled the boxers off and then very slowly kissed up her legs. I grasped each leg and spread big black dick for sexy black diamond so I had better access to the inside of her thigh and pussy.

I felt her body quiver and heard her moan with passion. She wanted this as much as I did. She moaned my name several time and I heard "oh yes" several times as I kissed every inch of her. I kissed her hips and then the smooth belly and let my lips and tongue tease their way to the little hairy strip. I wiggled my tongue in the hair and moved down.

She now had a both hands on my head with her fingers knotted in my hair. She jerked on my hair as my tongue touched her very tight lips. I teased her lips lightly and could hear her moan and call my name.

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Then as my tongue parted her pussy lip and move up to touch her clit, I felt her body tense and the several little jerks. Her stomach muscles flexed several times as she had and orgasm. I probed deeper with my tongue and started to lick and suck her lips and clit. My hands had found her very firm breasts and hard nipples I alternated between squeezing the whole breast and pinching each nipple.

Every time I pinched and pulled she moaned loudly and pulled my hair harder. I left one hand on her breast and the other I moved to her inner thigh. I massaged the soft smooth skin of the thigh and moved up to where my index finger could caress her pussy.

As the finger touched her pussy her body convulsed and her hips bucked up off the bed. She had had another orgasm and before it passed I had inserted the index finger the full length. I wiggled the finger and she moaned loudly and asked for more so I put the middle finger into the very tight pussy. I was not sucking her clit and pinching her nipple while two fingers wiggled inside her and played with her g-spot. Her hips came off the bead again and he now demanded more. "Oh fuck me now no more, I need you now please fuck me please." Well what's a man to do when asked so nicely?

I quickly move up and over her and took my cock in hand. My cock had not been this hard in a long time and I rubbed the tip against her pussy lips. I wondered a little if I was to big but I was to lean there was not concern on her part. "Now put it in now I want your cock in me now" and with that she grabbed my cock and pushed it between her lips as she bucked her hips up. I felt the tight lips massage japanese erotis hot spa around the head of my cock and could not believe how tight they were and then as she buck up and pushed down on my ass I felt the head of my cock slide down the tightest tunnel I ever entered.

She then locked her legs behind mine and started to hump and buck. She moaned and then there was some sort of animal scream howl I don't know what but her legs pull me down and her hips bucked up forcing my cock so deep.

I felt her pussy muscles tighten even more around my cock and I could not hold back. As she had the hardest orgasm of the evening I exploded sending multiple streams of thick cum into her. We continued to hump until the cum was oozing from her pussy and running down her crack. My cock then began to soften and soon it slipped out limp from the usage. I lay to her side and kissed her softly and then caressed her body.

I was exhausted but she was young and not ready to call it a night. I lay back as she started to kiss my chest and then she sucked and teased my nipples. She kissed me all over and moved lower kissing my belly and then lower still. Her hand had take a hold of my limp cock and was stroking it. She then moved lower and kissed the end of my cock causing my body teen babysitter gobbles pornstars and big dick shiver and me to moan.

Then my cock disappeared into her mouth and the feel of her tongue teasing the shaft sent me into ecstasy. My cock got hard again, rock hard, as she suck on it and fondled my balls. This went on for several minutes until I could not take any more. "Oh god I have to fuck you, let me." She did not move but sucked harder and squeezed my balls and the base of my cock more. I was going crazy with desire and then I could not stop it. My hips bucked up and I shot a load of cum deep into her mouth.

She gagged a little and then I could tell she was swallowing it all. There was not that much as I had pumped most into her pussy. Now I was totally exhausted and she seemed a little satisfied. She got up and went to the bathroom. I just lay back with a big smile.

Soon she returned and lay beside me and snuggled into my arms. The feel of her naked body next to mine was pure heaven. Sleep overcame us both. I woke the next morning alone. Checking he kitchen and bathroom I found neither Cindy or any evidence that she had even been her.

A little confused I took a shower and started to dress. As I opened my closet I found the shirt she had worn with a note in the pocket.

Thank you for a wonder day and a very special night. You are a real gentle man. Hot and sexy amy as stewardess stockings pantyhose at least it was not a dream she had been her and I had made love to her.

Ah the magic word, I thought of last night as making love not just fucking her. Great find a beautiful woman that is great in bed and all you have is a first name. The rest of the day all I could do was think of her.

I drove to the park and walked around hoping to see her. The weeks that followed I drove by the bus stop as often as possible to see if I might see her again. I went to the park every weekend.

No Cindy anywhere. I was the 4th of July weekend and I was in town when the parade started. I do not usually watch parades but I was caught with no way out so I stood on the corner and watch. Then I saw her in a one piece swimsuit on a float sitting on a wave runner.

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The float was decked out water scene with several girls and boys on various pieces of equipment. She was waving to the crowd and had some sort of banner on her. I turned to the fellow next to me, "hey what float is that and who is the girl with the banner?" He answered without looking at me, "oh that Cindy Mathew the police chiefs daughter, she is the fair queen this year. Yup she is a senior and a real looker." Oh shit, she is not 21, hell she probably is not 18.

I am dead meat. Oh god her old man is the police chief, I am so going to jail. I look out as the float passes and she sees me. She gets a different smile on her face and then she kisses her hand and blows it in my mom and father xex beti ne dekha japani crap if people see that if anyone puts it together I am dead.

"Hey man did you see she blew a kiss this way. Wonder if she has a fellow over here. He better start to run before her old man sees him." I smile at her and then back up. I slowly move away and make my way home as quickly as possible. This was not a good day. I no long look for her in fact I keep an eye out now for police cars and uniforms.