Bobbi starr and dana dearmond insatiable voyage

Bobbi starr and dana dearmond insatiable voyage
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BABY—SITTER No 1 I live on my own in a quite street in the suburbs there is a house near mine but there is no other houses in the Cul-De-sac which suits me right down to the ground as I like to get out in the backyard and sunbake in the Nude.

The other house in the street in owned by a young mother of about 30 years and she has two little girls one is 12 and a half years-old and the other is around 13 years-old I have seen them on a few occasions but the mother keeps to herself, She works for local doctor, and she has no husbandof a morning she takes her two little girls to the local school, then continues to work, when school comes out she finishes work and picks up her little girls from school.

When they come home her mother lets them play in the vacant lot next to my place, it is the local lasublimexxx valentina canali slutty italian pinup enjoys threesome with swings, slippery dip, merry-go-round and a place to play basket ball which I like very much to watch, as when the little girls jump up their dressers fly up and I can see their little panties. When the little girls came home from school I thought I would go down to the shops which were only around 5mins from where I live.

When I came out of my house the two little girls were playing in the park and I smiled at them when I walked past and they smiled back at me and they continued to play Basket Ball with their dressers blowing up as they shoot for goal. When I arrived back they were slidding down the slippery_dip so I walked over to where they were and as they slide down I could see right up their dresser`s and the elder girl did not have any panties on and as she went past she would open her legs so I could see her pretty cunther name was Sally and I told her my name was Sam, then she said her sisters name was Mary, so I stopped there for about a half hour perving on those little cunt.

When I got home I pulled up a chair in the lounge room and put on a video of little girls,and stripped off nude and layed back playing with my cock. I was really hot after watching those two little girls over in the park and I was trying to get teen asian nymphos nailed in their slits in gangbang idea how I would get these little girls alone as they were the sweetest little pussies I had seen for a long time.

I was having a great time playing with myself when the front Door Chimes rung as I immediately got dressed and opened the front doorand who should be standing there was Sally and Mary`s Mother, who`s name was June. I thought maybe she was here to complain about me talking to her young girls but No, she said how are you I know I have not spoken to you since I moved in as I have always keep to myself, but I had to come and thank you for talking to my little girls in the Park today, they said you were a very nice man.

I thought this is the answer I have two lesbian females make fun in bed looking for, I will be able to play with them more in the park and when it rains I can bring them straight home to my place and dry them off when they get wet. I said Oh don't worry about it June I enjoyed being with them they are lovely little girls so polite. June Said I wonder if you will do me a favour Sam I have to work late tomorrow and a friend of mine will drop them home I wonder if you could keep a eye on them, I will tell them to let you in the house so you can look after them, will that be alright Sam "Oh yes you can rely on me I shall enjoy doing it for you June.

June bid me good night and left and I went back to what I was doing thinking what I would do to-morrow. I just played with my hard cock but didn`t cum as I wanted to save it until tomorrow. The next day was a bit of a drag as I couldn't help but think about what I was going to do with the little girls when I went to their place, Then afternoon arrived and I was standing by the window waiting for the little girls to arrive home, as soon as they arrived and the women that drove them home as soon as she left, I walked over to the little girls house, I didn't get to ring the bell as the door opened and Sally was standing there in a very short dress, where is Mary I asked "she is getting changed and the next thing Mary came walking down the stairs, she also was wearing a short Dress but she had forgotton to put on her Panties, I seen this but not her sister Sally.

I was so pleased Sally hadn`t seen her sister because she might of made her sister go up and put her panties on which I didn`t want. I asked Mary what did she want to do and she said " I shall lay down in front of the T.V. and watch the Cartoons. Sally said she wanted to do a little homework that she had so Sally went up to her room, I was so pleased there I was sitting in the lounge chair behind Mary and when she layed down all I could see was Marys cunt, I picked up a newspaper to cover my Lap mother forced daughter and son I had opened the front of my pants and slipped my Cock out and with the newspaper over my cock I could play with myself while I watched little Marys cunt.

I said to Mary why don't you get a pillow and put it under your head and another one under your belly then you can spread your legs and be more comfortable so Mary went and did what I said and when Mary layed down I said "Mary spread your legs apart you will like it better ", so she did nad I had a perfect view of her cunt and I continued to play with my Cock while I perved on her Cunt.

After awhile Mary said" Poppy can I sit on your lap as before Daddy left Mommy he would always let me sit on his lap. MarysMummy had told her little girls to call me Poppy and I liked it as it would make it easier for me. "Yes Mary come on up here and sit on my lap" at the same time putting my Big Cock away.

When Mary sat on my lap I still had a hard on but she nested into my lap very easy, I asked her how long has Daddy been gone, only a couple of weeks before we came to live here, So I worked out it was only a couple of months since her Daddy left.

What was your Daddy like I said "Oh me and Sally loved daddy very much as he used to play with us a lot when Mummy wasn`t here" " What did he do " " well when I sat on Daddy`s lap he used to get me to play with his Cock, that is the thing you have between your legs and I can feel it now, can I play with it Poppy ," "Yes my little sweet and can I play with your thing between your legs " "Yes but you must call it what it vanessa skys pussy railed by keiran lees cock it, it is my Cunt and daddy says when I sit on his lap I am not to wear any Panties, because he can play with my Cunt so easy.

With that while Mary was sitting on my lap I spread her legs and run my hands up between her legs so I could play with her Pussy, when I touched her pussy I could feel her little slit was wetand I said "Mary did your Daddy ever poke his Finger in your Cunt," "Oh yes Poppy he loved to poke his finger in my Cunt but what he really liked was to rub his cock over the lips of my Cunt" "Did daddy ever push his cock right into your Cunt " "No Daddy said I was not ready for his Cock to go right into me, but every time he poked it against my Cunt, he used to say he was Cummmingg and he would spurt his Hot Spunk all over my Cunt and he would tell my sister to get down and lick it all off my Cunt which she loved doing for her Daddy.

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"Mary did your Daddy ever get down and suck your little Cunt and have you sucked your Daddies Cock for him". "Oh yes Poppy I had to spread my legs as wide as I could while he sucked me, daddy used to make my little cunt tingle and he used to play with my Titties while he was doing this Sally was always nude and would take Daddies pants and shirt off so he was nude to and she would take hold of Daddies Cock and lick it all over then she would slid her hot little mouth over the head of Daddies Cock and suck it like a Lolly Pop.

Mary got up off my lap and Said "Daddy liked me to dance around nude and he would lay back and while I danced he would play with his cock while he watched me and I had to run my hands over my pussy and tickle my clit which I love doing, Daddy said when you diddle your clit you are masturbating and since he has been gone I masturbate every chance I get." So here I was in the lounge room with a 12 and a half year old naked little girl watching her dance around the room for me while I perved on her and at the same time Playing with my Cock stroking it up and down, while I was sitting in the lounge with my legs spread wide apart stroking my cock little Mary came over lusiya spreads her long legs and pleases her knelt down between my legs and started to lick my Balls and at the same time stroking my Cock, I was looking down at this sweet 12 and a half year old nude little girl who if I got the chance I would teach her how to be a Nymphomaniac (but this is another story).

Mary continued to suck my balls, I said "Mary you said Sally sucked her Daddies Cock but didn`t you suck it also'" " No I never got the chance too as Daddy got Sally to do it all the time" "Well how would you like to suck my CockI will lay down on the floor and you have to lay on top of me so your Cunt is up near my face so while you are sucking my cock I shall have my face buried into your lovely little Cunt, this is called a 69er".

So I layed on the floor and before I got ready Mary was already on top of me trying to get her Cunt into my Face. " Mary you realy like doing this don't you, I bet you cannot wait to be Fucked to get a Big Cock right into your Cunt". " I don't think I know what Fucking is Daddy was going to tell me but he left, but now Poppy will you teach me, I think it is sticking your Cock into my Cunt so Poppy sexy amazing babe massages dick with lips hardcore and blowjob will have to teach me, but we wont let Sally know as when we start to do it I will want you to do it all the time".

So we started to suck each other, her Little Cunt tasted so sweet I licked it all over and I continued to poke my tounge into her little Slit it realy excited her as she forced her little Cunt down onto my face, " Ohh yes Poppy that makes me tingle suck it suck it poppy you are better than my Daddy, OOOHHHH OOOHHHH yes that is it ! what you are doing is making me want to do this all the time" " Mary what I am sucking is your Clit and you have a very big one for a little 12 and a half.

girl and would you like me to shoot my hot spunk all over your hot little Cunt, then I shall rub it all around your Cunt and you will smell like a hot little slutthen you will be mind to do with what I want you will do what I tell you and when the time is right only me will fuck you I shall take your Virgin, I will ease my Cock into your little cunt it will hurt a bit but you will do what I tell you and you will let me bust your cunt and pop you virgin". So Mary layed downOh she looked so beautiful this 12 and a halfyear old nude virgin laying on her back with her legs spread wide apart and her new naked poppy in between her legs rubbing his cock over the lips of her Cunt, you could see her raise herself up pushing her cunt towards that cock as it rubbed over her cunt lips.

"PleasePoppy shoot your Hot Spunk over my cunt so I can rub it into my cunt then I shall be your little Slut and I promise you will be the only one I shall let to fuck me, but if you tell me to fuck other men or boys I will do as you say because I will be your Slut".

With that I started to shot my hot spunk all over this 12 and a half year olds little Cunt and she at the same time was rubbing it into her cunt, then Mary took hold of my Cock and sucked me dry.

" Oh that was lovely Poppy I cannot wait until you do me again maybe next time you will take my virgin, but now we better get ready as mommy will be home soon.

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Mary dashed upstairs to change and I got dressed, but I thought I better check on Sally who was still up in her room.

I went upstairs and I could hear mary in the bathroom and there was a sign on each room one was Mommy the other Mary and the last one was Sally, her door was a bit ajar and I peeked pregnent xxx storys done lod and Sally was laying on the bed her dress was pulled up and she had no panties on and in her hand was a vibrater and she was running it over her cunt Sally was having a great time at what she was doing until the front door bell rang so as I turned to go back down stairs to answer the door I banged her door and Sally said "who`s there" but I kept on going.

When I answered the Frontdoor June was standing there with a smile on her face and said " How are you Poppy, you don't mind if I call you Poppy do you as you can be my Poppy also as you look a bit like my Daddy and I hope you are like him as he looked after me when I was a Little Girl, and how were the little girls" They came into the lounge room as we did " They were very good ,Sally went to her room to study and Mary was with me watching T.V.

and we had a long talk didn`t we Mary". "oh yes Mommy me and Poppy talked and showed me things and I behaved myself". Sally said by the way Mary did you knock on my door " as mommy was going out of the room. "No Sally I was in my room," with that Sally looked straight at me and smiled and walked over towards me and said so only I could hear " Did you enjoy what you saw" and I just nodded.

" I shall catch you later and walked back up to her room, saying " Good Night All" June came back into the room and thanked me for looking after her little girls. " That's alright I enjoyed it Mary is such a sweet little girl" and with that Mary came over and kissed me on the cheek, but her mommy Said " Mary as Poppy is going to be like your daddy you should kiss Poppy properly" so Mary who had her back to her mommy kissed me open mouthed on the lips and pushed her thighs into mine and I patted her cunt.

Mary said " mommy if you are not here sometimes can Poppy look after us again as he is so good" "YesIf Poppy wants to, will that be alright Poppy" " Yesjust call me anytime Day or Night" "I shall Say Good-night and can I go up and say Good=Night to Sally before I go" June said" yes that will be alright but you make sure Sally kissers you Good-Night" I didn`t bother to knock on Sallys bedroom door I peeked around the door and Sally was laying on the bed with her vibrator and when she saw me she just smiled and said " do you like what you see you must have been perving on me when mommy came home" "yes I was and you look very lovely I wish I could stay but I only came to kiss you good-night so I am going to kiss your pussy good-night and you will have to wait until I see you next time" with that I sucked her cunt and told Sally " your mommy says that if something comes up and she cannot get home to look after you she will call me to come over and look after you and your little sister, so hopefully I shall see you later so that I can go down on your Cunt and if you are a good little girl I might let you look at me in the nude and see my lovely cock" "Oh that will be lovely Poppy, I hope to see you soon" "Good night Sally and enjoy that Vibrator but don't Fuck yourself too much " As I left the house to go across to my home I looked up towards Sallys window of her room and she was standing in the window with the curtains drawn so I could see her standing there in the Tia ling fucks boy her best scene asian street hookers kung pao pussy. The End ??????????????

Maybe I have done parts 2 and 3 but I wont put them here if I don't get a response. E-Mail if you like