Old women fuck porn in nigeria

Old women fuck porn in nigeria
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As she lay on her bed, waiting, she couldn't help but wonder how she deserved Jake.

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He was too good for her, surely? Her fingers ran over her satin gown, smoothing out the creases. She wanted to be perfect for him, just as he was perfect for her. Mary was a shy girl. She'd never had sex, but she certainly knew what it was about!

When she was just 14 she met a man on the internet who introduced her to the world of cyber sex, and after the first few messages it became a habit.

She found herself desperate for new people to fuel her burning desire day after day, rubbing away at her clit while she typed the words that she knew drove males wild. Now, at 16, she'd met a man unlike any other.Jake.

He was four years older than her, but she didn't care. Every time he came online her heart skipped a beat, and within a few minutes they were cybering every day. Although he had a dark side, Jake seemed different to all before him.

He seemed to care for Mary, and she longed for him every day. On some days they were both wild with thier cyber, bondage, spanking and humiliation were main themes that ran through thier escapades. But, at times, they prefered to talk, to nestle hot milf ava addams blowjob keiran lees cock fingering and licking eachother, to lightly kiss and explore eachother before engaging in a passionate lovemaking cyber-session.

Mary jumped, startled as the door slowly creaked open. She turned and smiled, seeing her Jake in the doorway. He grinned as his eyes ran over her the satin material lightly caressing her body.

She was excited already, the hardness of her nipples clearly outlined in the light.

He walked slowly towards her, leaning down to kiss behind her ear. "I thought I'd never get to see you". He cooed into her ear, and she reached out to touch him, to make sure he was real.

Her eyes closed as her fingers ran over his soft the butler takes revenge hardcore and bondage. "Oh Jake.I love you so." she sighed. She willingly parted her lips as they came into contact with his.

She moaned low in her throat as his tongue slipped past her lips, and she repeated his actions, lightly licking his lips before inserting her tongue into his mouth, exploring the hot, wet cavern.

While they kissed his fingers traced over the material of her gown. Finding the parting he pushed it lightly over her shoulders, revealing her creamy breasts. She mewled and purred as he tweaked at her nipples, her breathing getting heavier as he leaned down to lick over the cherry red flesh.

Her fingers fumbled to find the button to his boxers, and upon discovering that there wasn't one, hooked her fingers under the waistband, pulling them down. She breathed in awe as his cock stood proudly, only semi erect but still impressive. She reached out tentatively to touch it, feeling him instantly gasp as her delicate hand wrapped around the shaft. Jake pulled away lightly, and backed away with a devilish grin on his face. "You want this?" he growled as he gripped his cock firmly.

"Come get it". She immediately got off the bed, throwing her gown down before getting on her hands and knees, seductively crawling towards him. Once in front of him she got to her knees. Her fingers lightly caressed the tender flesh of his cock. She felt him tense and smiled. She gripped the base before looking in his eyes. Her tongue flicked lightly over the head, and she mewled her pleasure, teasing him to hardness. "Mmmm, oh this is gooood" she cooed, her tongue dancing around the head.

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He ran his fingers slowly through her hair, gripping tight as the tip of her tongue slid under the ridge of the helmet. As she explored she got braver, taking the head slowly into her mouth before slowly inserting his whole cock in her mouth. He growled deep in his throat, his hands tangling in her hair, pulling firmly as she sucked him. Finally the sensations of her warm mouth were too much. "Uuuunnghhh!

I'm gonna cum!" he howled, trying to hold back to give her enough time to pull away.she didn't!

The nastiness of her pushed him over the edge and he howled as he blew his load over her wet tongue, catching every drop. She leaned back and licked her lips before swallowing everything, suprising even herself. "Mmm, yummy!" she grinned as he looked down at her in awe.

His fingers reached down to trace her jaw, and he smiled as he picked her up, carrying her to the bed. He climbed between her parted legs and leaned down, purpously blowing hot breath on her pussy making her squeel in delight.

She knew what was coming, and she groaned as his lips touched the puffy outer lips of her most private part.

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His tongue slowly ran up her slit before pushing gently between her folds, softly licking around her engorged clit. As he flicked her love button with his tongue she screamed and bucked up, her hands tangling in his soft hair as he licked her to orgasm. "Oh Jake.fuck me!" she panted, her juices pooling between her legs.

He nodded slightly, sliding up her body to kiss her.

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She pointed to a drawer, obviously motioning him to open it. As he did so he gasped in shock as he came upon a shrove of toys and ropes. He searched through them, and after selecting a few, came back with three ropes, a medium butt plug and a vibrator. He took her hands softly and bound them together with the rope, then tied the loose end to the bedrail.

He then gripped her feet, tying each one to the top bed rail with seperate ropes. He lightly spanked her ass, seeing pleasure burning in her eyes. As he switched on the vibrator he leaned down, slowly licking over her creamy ass. The tip of the vibrator wiggles against her love tunnel, and she squeeled in pleasure as he drove it deep within her.

Her body was on fire as she squirmed and moaned, sweat building as she fucked herself onto the offending object. With a well lube finger, Jake softly rubbed her asshole until it was loose enough to his standards, and he slowly inserted the butt plug into her waiting ass. She purred and whinged, thrusting up against the vibrator in her cunt before plunging down onto the butt plug. She howled as she experienced the most mindblowing orgasm she covering her face with his love spunk ever had until that moment.

"Mmm.my girl" he purred into her ear, stroking her face, his free hand reaching to untie the ropes that bound her. He kissed her exploring pussy in spy glasses hardcore blowjob lovingly, his fingers gently exploring her depths.

He straddled her gently, guiding his cock to her well lubricated love tunnel. In one slow thrust he burried himself within her, her sighs turning to erotic moans as he began to thrust gently in and out. Within no time she was meeting his thrusts, her fingers running through his dark hair. She cooed ludely as she nibbled on his ear, the tip of her expert tongue licking underneath. As her orgasm neared she pulled on her lovers hair.

"Uuuhhh.Jake! Faster!" she begged, his cock immediately pounding within her. Her hips gyrated to match his speedy rythm, the helmet of his cock now hitting that magic spot deep inside her that seemed to make her wild with lust. She pulled him close to her, the walls of her pussy spasming around his throbbing cock.

Thier tongues intertwined like the bodies of two lovers as thier lips met. Jake let out a long, drawn out groan as he emptied within her, sending her over the edge.

Her body convulsed and she shrieked in pleasure. her juices dripping down her legs, pooling on the sheet below them as ropes of his sticky cum shot within her. As Jake pulled out he kissed Mary lovingly, promising never to leave her. Thier arms wrapped around eachother as they slept, never to be seperated.