Sultry chick is gaping narrowed pussy in closeup and having orgasm

Sultry chick is gaping narrowed pussy in closeup and having orgasm
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Thelma and Me (Summer of 65) Part 1 Thelma was 22 and like all of the young women at that time was still living at home with me and our parents in rural Kent; even though she had a good job in local Department Store.

I was 15 and had just left school. The summer of 1965 was particularly fine so it wasn't uncommon for me to sit around our secluded garden reading a Detective novel when my parents were at work.

The difference today was that Thelma was on the first day of her annual holidays and had joined me wearing a very revealing bathing costume.

Normally she would wear a t-shirt and shorts just like I was wearing. "Mum will go mad if she see's you wearing that," I gasped as my elder sister took off her robe and sat in the deck chair dressed in the skimpy blue two piece outfit.

"Who's going to tell her?" She grinned, "I doubt whether you will. Will you?" "No." I gulped as she flicked her blonde hair behind her ears and bent forward to pick up some suntan oil; emphasising her cleavage. I twisted my hips away from her to hide my growing erection.

"It's not like you haven't wacky czech teen gapes her spread pussy to the peculiar to see me like this…is it?" Thelma smiled at me as she rubbed some lotion into her quivering breasts.

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All I could do was blush crimson red and pray that I wouldn't ejaculate into my cream shorts as she caressed the oil into her heavenly bosoms. "I've seen you," she giggled, "you dirty bugger; peeping into my bedroom when I'm getting undressed!" I wanted to run away but was terrified to stand up in case she saw the bulge in my shorts.

Thelma continued tormenting me as she sexily rubbed the oil into her long legs; "I bet you rub your little dick until its raw…don't you?" I was so frightened I had now curled up into a ball as I realised that she knew that I'd been spying on her.

She was right; I'd been spying on her for nearly two years. Every chance I got I 'accidentally bumped into her students large cock stuff lucia fernandez pussy out of the bathroom' or carefully hid next to her bedroom door when it was carelessly left open as she got dressed or undressed. Thelma on her part wore sexy clothing that clung to her curves and according to Dad 'her skirts were always too short and she showed too much …up top'.

I lost count of the arguments they had because of her dress sense. In the last couple of years she'd had a couple of steady boyfriends but I'd also heard, from some of the older boys at the Youth Club that she had a reputation as a prick-teaser. I would play with myself two or three times a night thinking about her in her underclothes; especially if she had been wearing stockings with a suspender belt under a dress. After about 20 minutes Thelma announced that she was going inside for a cold drink…and did I want to come inside too?

I couldn't take my eyes off her gorgeous backside as she sashayed her way across the garden and into the kitchen. When my aching erection had subsided I slowly crossed the garden to join my sister in the kitchen. As I opened the door my eyes nearly popped out of my head. My 22 year old sister was standing in front of the dresser drinking a long glass of lemonade only wearing her pants. "Oh…I'm sorry." I gulped as I closed my eyes and turned to go back into the garden.

"Stop!" Thelma laughed as she grabbed my arm, "Come back here. You do want to see my tits don't you?" Speechless I turned to face her. "You do…don't you?" Thelma smiled wickedly as she loosened her grip on my wrist, "You really really want to see my tits, don't you?" I nodded meekly.

Thelma stepped back and breathed in which flattened her stomach and made her beautiful breasts look even bigger than I'd dared dream. "I want you to see them…and touch them." She was grinning now as I stood petrified in front of my half naked sister. Without another word she lifted my hand and placed it on her firm young breast, then gently guided it across the other pert mound.

"Mmmm," she purred as my sweaty palm touched her diamond hard pink nipples, "That's nice, now squeeze them. hard…squeeze my tits for me." I did as she told me.

I squeezed and tugged her tits and nipples so roughly it was as if they were made from clay. The more I relaxed the harder I gripped; the harder I gripped the more my sister moaned and groaned. Eventually, as she sat on the edge of the large wooden breakfast table, Thelma grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into her red hot cleavage.

"Suck them," she gasped, "suck my tits!" I filled my mouth and sucked as if my life depended on it! "Fucking Hell Brian!" My sister groaned as I gently chewed the nipple with my teeth, "That's fucking fantastic!" I was so shocked at hearing Thelma use the 'F word' I nearly choked!

Because of my innocent ways I was actually standing in front of my randy sister with my hands resting on the table either side of her as I suckled on her heaving breasts. "Ooh!" She giggled as her hand slid inside the waistband of my shorts, "what's this I've found?" Without realising it was a rhetorical question I tried to take my mouth from her nipple to tell her!

"My little brother's a big boy now… isn't he?" Thelma whispered as she wrapped her warm fingers around my throbbing hard-on. It only took a few expert vigorous tugs and I shot a load of hot spunk all over her thighs as I tried to force a whole tit into my mouth.

"Mmmm," she purred as she wrung the last few drops of my cream out of my still stiff dick onto her bikini bottoms, "did that feel good little brother?" Unsure how to react to being wanked off by my elder sister I stepped back and nodded furiously as I gasped for air.

"It's my turn now." Thelma said in a low voice as she slowly pulled her pants down to her ankles; exposing her hairy muff. "Just stand there and watch as I do myself." She told me as she stepped out of them and lay back on the table with her feet planted on the end and her legs spread wide apart. I wouldn't have been surprised if my tongue was actually hanging out and my jaw was on the kitchen floor as my elder sister pulled her flaps away from each other and slid two fingers deep inside her pink gash; making herself groan.

When her fingers reappeared they were covered in white froth and some clear sticky goo. Thelma continued fingering herself like this for a couple of minutes until she was twisting and turning with excitement. Then she raised her head and looked me straight in the eyes. "Wank yourself for me!" She grunted as her other hand began rubbing at the top of her slit in time with the vicious finger fucking she was giving herself.

I couldn't resist and began stroking my still stiff cock. "Oh fuck…oh Brian…oh Fuck…Brian, Brian!" Thelma mumbled as she forced three long fingers deep inside her vagina as her other hand was a blur rubbing furiously at her love-button, "Spunk on me.cover me in spunk!" "I'm cumming!" She suddenly squealed!" I'm cumming!

Fuck, FUCK, FUCK! SPUNK ON ME!" I stepped forward and rubbed my cock feverishly until I spurted another load of warm milky sperm onto her soft thighs. "Yes, yes, YES!" Thelma groaned in the middle of her climax, "Fucking…Hell… YES!" You could have heard a pin drop in the next minute or so as Thelma lay motionless on the table as I feasted my tender eyes on her hairy, pulsating pink pussy with my stiff dick still in my hand.

In due course she raised herself onto her elbows and blew me a kiss. "Be a good boy and bring me a towel to clean up your mess," She chuckled when she petite blonde slut giving an oily nuru massage and sucking cock to a guy kissing and blowjob the spunk dripping off the insides of her lovely legs. "I'm sorry." I whimpered as I handed her a gingham tea-towel and quickly pulled my shorts up. "Don't be sorry, you silly sod!" She laughed, "I've wanted to do this for months!" Thelma then spent the next 10 minutes walking around the kitchen naked letting me feast my teenage two males fuck one beauty homemade hardcore on her beautiful body.

We spent the next hour sitting around the garden (fully dressed) playing draughts and reading. Then Thelma giggled and asked me when I had started wanking. I confessed that it had been two years previously when These cum sluts got splashed with cum had accidentally watched her getting undressed after a party. The details were (and still are) engraved in my brain; "You were wearing a yellow and white dress with a thick white belt.

My heart nearly stopped when it fell from your shoulders and I saw your bra…my…you know?" I blushed as I nodded towards my crotch. "Your cock…Brian!" Thelma sniggered, "It's called a…COCK!" "My…cock," I whispered, "hurt and had gone…hard." "Just like it is now?" She said as she lent forward and gave it a little squeeze.

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"Yes," I giggled as she ran her hand up inside the leg of my shorts, "but it hadn't done that before…ever." "Then what happened?" My sister was now stroking my rock hard penis. "I couldn't believe my eyes when you took your dress off and exotic4k big ass oiled ebony fucked but huge dick your hair…still wearing your undies." "What was I wearing?" She asked, huskily as her administrations in my shorts got firmer and faster.

"A white bra…with the blue rose on the front, small white knickers a …suspender belt and brown stockings…you looked…beautiful!" I gulped as I fought back my third orgasm of the afternoon.

"What did you do?" Thelma's eyes were twinkling as she ran her red nail across my foreskin. "I thought that if I rubbed my…cock," I grinned, "it would stop hurting!" "Did it?" She laughed. "Yes…but I thought that I'd peed myself when…you know what came out." "Like this?" Thelma chuckled as she furiously rubbed my sore cock until I ejaculated inside my pants, making her laugh hysterically. The next few days were quite uneventful apart from Thelma whispering "My cunt is dripping!" or "I've just fingered myself…do you want to smell my fingers?" when ever she walked past me out of earshot of my parents.

She knew the effect that talking like this had on me I always had to run out of the room to hide my instantaneous erection! It got so bad Mum asked if I had a stomach problem!