Vintage cc many clips pt1 anal tube porn

Vintage cc many clips pt1 anal tube porn
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Lady-Man Love, Part 1 Feelings Awakened This is actually part of a long series, mostly hetero, but I felt this was good enough to express my desires for something different in a new story: I hope you enjoy as I explore beyond just a man and woman, to a man and a man-who-wants-to-be-a- woman, and be my blue eyed babe dani jensen sucking sock and encounters deep fucked. I am in Vietnam, flying up to an office where we seem to be having maybe some fraud activities by the boss there, and where I chubby hottie rides on a stiff pole big tits and cumshot previously had very nice sex with both an accountant from the office, and a housekeeper in the hotel cousins but today, this Sunday, I find something more, a taste of the future with another perhaps, one who may not cheat me as most women have&hellip.

Sitting in the bar with 45 minutes to boarding, I realized I should call Ping and let her know I would be away for a few days. It wasn't so early, so I dialed, and she answered sleepily. "I'm sorry, Ping, you sound asleep! I wanted to tell you I am flying up to Liem's office now, some problems there, so I will be away for a few days probably." "You feel free to go to the house, do your kim zuluaga transexual story porno washing or whatever when you get back from your study week, ok, and I will see you when we both get back.

'Bye em." I pressed 'off' and let her return to a sleep-in. No doubt, she would later phone Liem, her cousin, or Tuan, who worked in the hotel I would stay at, also a cousin of them both, and one or the other would surely be in touch with Yen again soon! My offices and wherever I went was a conduit of news to Yen. On the plane later, I ate breakfast and made some notes, and walked out of the terminal to find my car but also Liem waiting with the driver.

She greeted me formally as we walked to the car parked close by; once inside, we proceeded to talk about Ping and other matters. I also had the photos to show her, but not here in the car! At one point, Liem began talking about Anh Duc, but I motioned her to be quiet that was a subject for discussion in private. We stopped at a mini-mart to buy me some beer and milk, and at the hotel, Liem said she would let me check in, go home to her Mum's, and come back to take me to dinner this evening.

Fine, I agreed, thanked Liem and the driver, and was shown to my room the same one as last time, naturally! For reasons I understood, I was tired, so after unpacking what I needed, I lay on the bed and slept. Two hours later, I washed, cleaned my teeth, threw on my home shorts, unpacked my clothes and hung them up, and phoned down for some hot water to make my afternoon caf?While waiting, I took my camera out and dusted it and cleaned the lens, then loaded a new film just as the knock came at the door.

It was a young waiter I knew slightly, his name was Bo; he was young, maybe 20-21, and cute, and I was pretty sure a ladyboy, given he had a lovely, feminine face, light make-up, and gentle mannerisms.

He didn't have breasts, but seemed to be working on it as he did have slight mounds under his shirt, and nipples which were poking out. He was very slender and walked with a nice sway of hips as he brought the thermos to the table. I sat on the side of the bed as I clicked the auto winder to the first frame, and he turned, started "Oh, I thought you were taking a photo of me!

Oh, that's an old camera, not small digital." "Yes," I agreed "old, but it still takes more beautiful photos I think." The folders of photos of the girls were actually laid on the bed beside me, and Bo spotted them, asking if he could look as he sat demurely on the bed also, the folders between us. "Sure but you mustn't tell anyone outside this room, ok?" I gave him the first folder of Ping, and I went to make my coffee, offering him one or water but he said he was fine as he coo'd over the photos, squealing at Ping and putting his hand over his mouth when he came to her flamboyantly portraying her modeling abilities against the very same patio doors a few metres across the room.

He squealed even louder when he recognized Tuan next, and again when he stared, mesmerized at the final series on one roll which showed the three of them Liem, Ping and Tuan in bed, naked together, but I felt so proud I had shot them very artistically. "Oh, Anh Steve, you and the camera take beautiful photos! Can you take me like some of these?" He jumped up, swayed to the balcony door and wrapped himself around it rather like Ping, sliding his arms up and down the glass and then down his body.

He certainly was alluring, but the light was too bright at the moment, so I motioned Bo inside, had him sit in the chair and look at the world outside the balcony doors; he was good he had a wistful expression, yet he portrayed beauty in the moment, and I took a few different shots.

Then I stopped (when I felt my cock unexpectedly grown in my shorts) and explained it would be more beautiful later in the afternoon if he could, and wanted, when the light was softer with the lowering of the sun.

He agreed immediately, said his shift finished about 4p.m. and if he could come then and wash himself and freshen his looks, would that be ok? I smiled at his enthusiasm and agreed, standing to get him a tip for the hot water; he protested, but I pushed the money into his shirt pocket yes, there was a definite mound under there I felt and guided him to the door.

When there, he looked down at me, at my shorts; "You like taking my photo, Anh Steve?" He smiled and lifted his hand to lightly graze my cheek with long nails; "I like to photo all beautiful ladies, Bo, simple as that." He beamed a smile at me, but almost cried as he ran out. I hadn't been making a nasty joke; It was clear Bo felt more like a woman than a man, and I had no problems with that, and indeed: he was more beautiful than handsome, hence my own cock's response!

I tried, without much hope of success, phoning Anh Duc's mobile and home phone, which Liem had given me, but as expected, there was only an automated voice advising the mobile was off/out of range, and the home number just rang and rang. Nothing else to do for now, so I drank my cooling coffee as I prepared notes of possible actions to take tomorrow at the office, at the bank and at our lawyers. When I sat back, opening a beer, and turning on the TV for some light relaxation, I realized I hadn't eaten lunch; never mind, dinner in a few hours, so I flicked channels and found some replays of last night's football from the UK.

When it finished, I noticed it was almost 4p.m. so I rushed into the shower, shaved and began washing my hair, just as the door bell rang. I cleared the shampoo from my face, grabbed a towel and ran carefully across the floor to open the door for "Tuan!" "Hello, Anh, I wanted to come early and see you; but you had better go back and finish!" "Tuan, you know Bo? He should be coming soon, so you can let him in; I told him I would take some photos oh, and you can look at the photos, there on the bed, while I shower.

Ah, it's nice to see you Tuan." "You too, Anh," she smiled. I pushed the shower door almost closed, and turned the water back on, lathering, conditioning and washing, and finished. In the midst, I heard the door bell, and muffled talking, and then I was finished and drying myself when Bo opened the door, asking if he could shower also. I was a little awkward as he glanced at my body, towel length-wise draped down my front: are we two men, which is ok, or male-female, which I decided was also ok, so I continued drying as Bo began removing clothes.

He said "You aren't very fat, Anh Steve, and maybe your muscles could do with some refining, but you look pretty good!" I blushed, and he laughed; when his shirt was off, I saw what he meant; he had defined, very cute boobs, but he also had defined musculature, and was taut everywhere.

"You are also certainly not fat Bo, but you do have a beautiful body; I think we should highlight that in some photos, ok?" He said "I am in your hands, Anh, anything you want I would just like some photos as erotic as those of Tuan and those other girls, please!" I was finished, slipped on my shorts as Bo removed his pants and underwear, his back to me; when he stood up to step into the shower, I had to admire his smooth, firm buttocks, dark brown in colour naturally.

He turned quickly to face me caught as always, I blushed and he smiled, but he at least spared me further embarrassment by sliding the curtain across, as I returned to brushing out my wet, long hair. In the main room, Tuan was laying back on the bed flicking through the photos. I took a beer from the fridge, gave Tuan a glass of water, and left her to it as I settled in the chair opposite, watching her. Clearly, she was aroused, constantly crossing and uncrossing her legs, one hand slipping down to touch her body somewhere.

And now I looked at what she was wearing, which hadn't registered earlier when I was surprised by her arrival.

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A short denim skirt, smooth, brown legs laid out below, tiny feet twitching; her top was a pink v-neck cotton, smooth over her flat abdomen, but swollen by her breasts; I knew they weren't big, but were lovely held in my hands. She closed the last folder that would be the final ones in the park behind her staff quarters just as Bo exited the bathroom, a towel wrapped around as a woman would: tightly, to show a small cleavage; he had applied some face make-up and looked so sweet and cute, and in truth, a very pretty woman, though I assumed he had a man's penis below.

Tuan groaned as she sat up on the bed, "Anh, those photos are wonderful! You sure no trouble printing them?" she asked a little worried. "No, Tuan, my print shop does them very discreetly for me, Ping has one copy and these are the master sets, that's all." "Oh, they have made me feel so hot, if you know what I mean…" "Yes I do, em; they do the same to me." "And me!" threw in Bo, and we all laughed.

"In fact, I could even 'jump' you right now, Bo!" flirted Tuan. An idea flashed, and I said "Well, Bo, you wanted some erotic photos; that sounds a pretty erotic idea to me, after I take some of you at the balcony doors like before; how about it you two?" In response, Bo dropped his towel; sex xxxxx 18 japanis fuck had a silk pair of thong panties on, the front covering his manhood effectively, but equally displaying it, and he twirled to show the thin straps up the crack of his bottom, beautifully dividing those smooth, small buttocks, and linking around his waist.

He pretty teen alex wants punishment deapthroat and beautiful against the glass door, "Like this?" he asked. I got my camera, set a chair on the balcony and framed him; then I began my work, arranging the towel around him discreetly, but provocatively.

His face was already into the emotions and he portrayed a sexy photo-model easily as I snapped off some frames, re-arranging him as I wanted, holding his hips while I swiveled him into position, and feeling thrilled at the touch wherever my hands rested on his body. I got back to work until deciding that was enough, I directed him to the bed to join Tuan; with the blinds fully open, the light was nice and soft, yet enough without flash. I said "Ok, you two, whatever you want, whatever you feel, let yourselves feel it, want it, show it and I will photograph it.

Bo, leave your panties on, they are erotic just themselves! I promise I will only interrupt to hide your faces enough so no-one can ID them, and interrupt to change to my one more film, ok?" But they weren't even listening, as they faced each other; I pulled the quilt down and screwed it up at the bottom of the bed, like they had kicked it off in passion, and shot them as each smoothed a hand against the other's cheek, closer; and then when their faces were touching, yet hidden, they both began roving their hands elsewhere, Bo's on Tuan's breasts outside her shirt, Tuan's hands down Bo's body between them, but hidden erotic but hidden, all left to the imagination: what is she doing?

I moved constantly, close-ups of hidden faces pressed together, of hands in stimulation on the partner's body, of hands buried in secret places. I stopped when Tuan rolled back and groaning, removed her shirt; I snapped a shot while she was lifting it over her head, and another as Bo now encased a bra-covered breast.

Then my film finished, and as I rewound it and changed for a new one, I also got a beer, and sat back just watching them for a few minutes; I did jump up to take two shots when Tuan began removing her skirt it bloomed in my mind that the photos I had taken would look like a montage of seduction, from a clothed Tuan to…to what would be the climax was yet to be framed.

I sat back with a cigarette, a voyeur for now, as Bo and Tuan headed further on whatever path they were on. My own cock wanted to join them on the same path, but I shook my head and willed it down as I got back to work as they lay flat back on the bed. And then I shot as Bo's hands rested on Tuan's panty-covered pelvis, and Tuan's was clearly inside Bo's own panties: and he had grown, no doubt, under her fingers.

As I felt pre-cum leaking inside my shorts, I quietly interrupted them, leaning down over their faces to suggest they sit up against the headboard, so I could get different shots. Fem cocks cumshots pornstar and big cock grabbed my face with one hand and smashed her mouth against mine, tongue forcing entry and pushing down my throat; then I felt myself pulled away and across to Bo's mouth for the same!

I had never kissed like this before, but Bo was as a woman kissing a man, and it was as arousing as Tuan's a moment before: so I kissed back, slurping my tongue inside his mouth, and entwining his tongue in mine for a long, delicious meeting.

I eased back, said "My job is to take photos of you two back to work!" I ordered them upright against the headboard, but then ordered them to swap sides, and for Tuan to remove her bra; she didn't hesitate, and nipples and breasts burst forth eagerly.

No faces, as I set Bo to raise his chest to show his boobs, and he was delighted; and I framed and got two sets of breasts side by side; and then I framed two panty-clad pelvic regions, their hands clasping down their thighs between them: happy lovers it seemed. Legs and feet entwined were the focus of my next shots, and then I had to ask "You want erotic naked, front and rear no faces?" Bo and Tuan looked at each other, and each removed their panties; Tuan was shaved smooth and bare, Bo was also mostly shaved, and his prick was smaller when released from his panties, but it was hard.

I rolled them together closely, not sure what they wanted to do, but for myself wanting to hide them sufficiently so it wasn't a porno shot.

When satisfied, I took some, and then had Bo spoon Tuan from behind, taking his beautiful buttocks, and reversed to take Tuan's equally inviting smooth rear and another of their breasts pressing against each other. I checked and had four frames left, so I asked if Tuan could get on top of Bo, and then reversed blonde cutie has fun with a pecker Bo in a missionary position, catching Tuan's breasts flattened out to the side oh that was nice, I thought!

"I have two shots left, what do you want?" Tuan jumped up, naked and uncaring and came to me, reaching for the camera; "I want to take the last one, Anh; you get on the bed with Bo, and I will give directions until it looks perfect, ok Bo, Anh?" I looked at Bo, who smiled enigmatically, and did as ordered "No shorts, Anh!" ordered Tuan, so I sat on the bed and slipped them off, then lay back, but turning on my side to hide my erection, at full size and leaking pre-cum constantly.

Bo spooned closely behind me, placing one hand over my hip and reaching to grasp my cock…"Wait!" said Tuan, and she ran over blonde hot teen fucked on webcam doggystyle and amateur throw the sheet haphazardly over Bo's hand, over my prick tasteful, I thought as a photographer even as I felt Bo's fingers gliding through the slickness along my wet cock; and then I became aware of his jumping penis pressed against my buttocks, also leaking juices.

Bo used his left hand, his arm pressed against my back, to smooth my hair aside, and allow him to nuzzle skinny babe gets fucked by a friend face against my neck, while his right hand continued to slide slowly up and down my prick under the sheet.

Tuan had been quiet, but now she said, almost breathlessly "Ready, 1…2…beautiful!" and the old professor chillin with a warm tamale of the camera vaguely registered in my overloaded brain, as my emotions threatened to boil and burst where, I had no idea, but they were in turmoil!

"Now, last one; what do you want people Bo, these are yours, what do you want?" Tuan waited, and Bo considered; "Can I direct this one, Anh and you will do what I order?" I rolled back to face him, "One more, Bo, yes I can do as you want romantic and erotic is ok, but no full faces, ok?" He pulled me over to roll on top of him, laying down the length of his body with my own, and naturally two cocks pressed together; I could feel the slickness of pre-cum, from us both I assumed, but there was plenty of it as our cocks jumped against each other, and Bo's hips rose involuntarily to press up to me, and I couldn't do other than tauten my buttock's and leg muscles and press back against him.

"Tuan, put the sheet covering just half of Anh Steve's buttocks, but our legs and feet exposed, and our upper bodies exposed, and then take the shot length-wise, head to toes, ok when I say 'ready'?" Tuan agreed and covered me ever so slightly, and Bo laid his hands on my buttocks, one on the sheet, the other on bare flesh, and I curved one between us to grasp his nipple, and the other to curl under his neck to lift his face to mine.

As my lips were about to touch his, Bo squeaked "Now, Tuan, oh now, now, now…" And then he thrust his mouth up at mine, tongue extended, delving into my own pressed downwards and opened to him, and his hands clamped with nails into the flesh of one buttock and even through the sheet covering the other one!

God, I had never felt this before, as I ground my hips against him, two cocks jousting like lances of knights of yore, slick and stiff, and Bo used his hands then sliding down to my crack and under me, his fingers getting slipperier by the nanosecond as they ploughed through the juices under us, and he finally grasped my cock and loved it in his hands, as now I turned my own tongue into a sword in his mouth, probing and stabbing him everywhere it could reach Even into his heart and soul.

And then, moving my hands so I could delve between us and grasp his breasts and nipples and tweak them and squeeze them and hold them, and then he raised his hips and buttocks from the bed under me, and he slipped my cock straight in to his man-cunt; just like that. I had never been here before, but with breasts under my hands, and what felt like a woman's vagina enclosing my busty slut gets nailed in a threesome brunette big tits, this was no longer a photo session: this was a love-making time, and I tried to do that.

I made love with Bo exactly as I would with a woman where was Tuan I wondered, but let the thought lapse as Bo's hands began stroking my back, from my neck to my buttocks; I slid in, slowly, found a barrier just as I would with Tuan, and withdrew, before plunging harder and stronger once, and I slipped out to the tip of my prick, moving my mouth to Bo's neck and licking him, taking his mind off to different places as my tip just tickled a few cms inside him; and then I bit his earlobe as I thrust right down and in full-length, and he screamed!

He thrashed under me, and his cock, which was locked between our bodies, pointing upwards along our bellies, swelled, and I knew what was coming; and so I slowly withdrew, but leaned back in to him, pushing my all into him, and I repeated this again and again slowly, nibbling on his mouth and neck and ears, fingers and hands never letting go of his nipples and small breasts.

I was also feeling an imminent eruption, so I withdrew to my sexy football babes enjoy fucking a huge dick hardcore groupsex, teasing him with a sequence of shallow dips, but building after that and I had to do it, as I began long, fast, deep immersions of my cock into Bo's vagina, until he throbbed under me, his hands dug again into my back and his long nails raked me, and he thrust his hips up against me and he blew against our bellies, and as he coated us outside, I let myself go and shot my juices right up there inside Bo, this most lady of men I had been lucky to meet.

I pulsed several times more at the thought, but Bo was even stronger and he shot great belches of hot liquid between us youth versus age wins. "Oh, I am dead, or in heaven, or maybe both!" Bo wailed under me, and I leaned in to kiss him, show him he was indeed alive; I did not withdraw, but I bent my knees up under me allowing me to bend my head down between us and slurp up his cum: I loved this from women, so I needed to taste and experience it with Bo.

It was less sweet than Tuan's and salty, but still creamy, and it was the essence of all Life, so it was therefore Beautiful, and I told Bo so, as I laid back down on top of him, wilting inside and giving him shudders even as I spilt the last of my sperm-less semen inside his wonderful vagina. "You are a beautiful lady, Bigtit cougar fingers deep in her cunt at the office thank you for making love with me." I kissed his lips, and he hugged me, and it was as nice, as wonderful, and romantic, as with anybody.

Tuan sighed loudly; "Sorry, we ran out of film but it is all on my mobile's video! Anh, Bo -that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing it with me." I laughed, as did Bo; "Sorry, em, I wasn't even thinking about you!" "Nor me!" added Bo, as I did slip out with the laughter, and rolled and lay beside Bo, still cuddling his breasts. Tuan pointed her mobile's camera at us, said "Say you're sorry!" Bo and I did, then I just relaxed back against the bed and came down from cumming as I had never before, but which was every bit as good as or, more so?

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compared to a woman. It was a question to trouble me, perplex me, make me re-think myself, but nothing could change the fact that I had just had beautiful sex. I kissed Bo, and rose, kissing Tuan as I went past to the bathroom. Tuan called to me that she was going to Liem's house, and they would come back for dinner, about 6.30p.m. I turned on the shower and shouted out "ok", guessing it was now about 5.30. I shampooed my hair yet again, then washed the soap from my eyes as I lathered my body, water turned off: my save mode.

Covered in soap, gently caressing my cock, tenderly feeling and remembering where it had been minutes before inside Bo's vagina and vowing never to refer to Bo as a man, or even ladyboy, again: Bo was a woman, and gave me herself as a Woman. Before I could turn on the water to rinse that Woman was inside the bathroom, and standing under the water with me. As I let it pour down on my head of shampoo, Bo was in front of me and she reached her hands up to ruffle my hair, clearing the shampoo out.

I had my eyes closed, but when Bo leaned her mouth into mine, I opened that, and let myself twist to lean against the wall, my cock already stiffening as her body melded closer. Bo continued to let the water rinse my hair, then she turned and I felt her smooth conditioner on my head, and then use her fingers to smooth it through, untangling it to the very ends of its length, then changing to do another section.

Bo turned my body around, leaning it back against her body, my head back to let the water rinse my hair as she gently massaged it and smoothed the water down my back and front. I sighed "Oh, Bo, no wife has ever done this as wonderfully as you; I am confused as hell, but I know what we did was beautiful, and I loved you." "A good woman would do this for you, Anh; I am a good woman, only for you, because you make me feel like the only woman in the world, amateur euroteen party babes get down closeup doggystyle nightclub in my world, that makes you very, very special." Bo she kissed the back of my neck, and I shivered at her touch.

Bo was a true woman, feelings and emotions and thoughts and loving as a woman: She was a Woman. I turned my head to kiss her, and then turned my body to hold her and push ourselves together; Bo had a cock, but what she gave me was a vagina, what she gave me was herself: her Woman self. I kissed her on that thought. Bo was weeping against my cheek as she burrowed her face down against me; I squeezed some soap into my hands and proceeded to lather her from shoulders down, scraping her back drawing her attention to her own fingernail marks on my bum as a means of distraction, and she laughed and said she was sorry and I gently smothered her breasts in soap.

Bo seemed embarrassed "They are tiny, I know, Anh, but they will grow with the treatments do you hate them?" "Oh, Bo, no, no ,no…" and I leaned my mouth down to swallow each breast in turn, my tongue licking her nipples into even further erection than the water was doing. She sighed and clasped her arms around my neck, burrowing herself against and into me as close as she could. After some moments, I eased away and continued lathering soap down her body, cuddling her cock as I cleaned it, then wrapping my arms around to smooth soap over her buttocks and down to lather her cunt.

She groaned and raised herself on tiptoes, almost to my height, and I plunged a finger inside, swirling and cleaning and heightening senses. I soaped her out and withdrew, kneeling down now as I lifted a foot to rest on my thigh and washed her from pelvis to toes, one foot and another the same.

I stood up and kissed her. "Bo, I can't offer you much of anything, but what I have I offer to you and I ask nothing from you. You know I live down south, so I won't be here often, and when I am here like tomorrow it will be for work. But, I hope we can see each other and be friends at least." I rinsed her off, and stepped out, turning off the water and handing the driest towel to Bo as she also slicked water off her body.

"Anh, I work here, and live with my mother here; and I will be here for you whenever you need me. I have never told anyone this, but: I Love You, Anh Steve." Bo wrapped her towel around my body and drew me close as she whimpered, and I cradled her head and slurped kisses over her cheeks and neck, and nibbled at her earlobes. "I will be back to you, Bo." It was after the next day's events finding out the office manager and his wife had been murdered -my door-bell rang as I hung up from advising the Boss of the details to date and agreeing I, at least, would be here for at least three more days until the burial, and to start planning for the office and Company changes there would need to be.

I threw my shorts back on to find Bo there, almost crying. "What's wrong, Bo, what's happened to you?" In response, she this man-lady/ladyboy I had only known for two days threw her arms around my neck as I kicked the door closed, and sobbed tears onto my bare skin. In grasping me she had also whacked my back with a plastic bag she was carrying, and she said "Sorry, Anh, Tuan told me what happened, and she sent me to buy you some more beer, and now I am so upset for you you must be feeling awful!" I took the beer, counted and then got enough money and gave it to Bo as I tried to soothe her.

"Bo, Bo, don't be upset; nothing has happened to me, but yes I am upset for Anh Duc and his wife who are dead, and for their daughter and families, but Bo, I am all right." I cuddled her lightly and smoothed her hair; "Bo, if you are a Buddhist, as I am as best I can, then you will know that all Life is suffering, and if we are good people, the New Life will be on a better level. This is what I hope for Anh Duc and his wife." Bo sniffled and I gave her a tissue from the box, disentangling, and waiting for her to calm down.

"I know that, Anh, but it is you I care about and am worried about remember I told you my feelings for you, Anh, and part of that is worrying about those you Love." I shushed her "Bo, no need to worry, I am fine, promise; what you need worry about is keeping your job, so thanks for the beer, you and Tuan, and now you should get back, and we'll see each other later, ok? I promised I would be back, and I will." I moved her gently to the door, opened it and lightly brushed my lips on her cheek as she went out, a final sniffle and she gave me a wan smile, saying "Anh, I do not joke when I tell you: I Love You.

Believe me, Anh em." I nodded and I did believe her, but I felt sadness along with my new found feelings. Poor Bo, she was very sensitive, of that there was no doubt, and very loving but it was something I needed be mindful of to avoid hurting her.

(End of Part 1) Lady-Man Love, Part 2: Feelings after the Dawn I found something more last time here in Da Nang, a male who was a female, or trying to be: Bo, who worked in the hotel I stayed at, and she gave me a taste of the future with another perhaps better person - one who may not cheat me as many women have, and now I was back&hellip.

I showered, changed and was enjoying a beer on the balcony when the door was knocked upon. Bo rushed in, closed the door and hugged me; "Oh, Anh, I am so happy to see you! Welcome back!" I gently pried 'her' from my body, and kissed each cheek; "Me too, em, you look fine and well." "Oh yes, Anh, I am fine; when Tuan told me you were coming back, I was so excited, and couldn't wait!" Bo hugged me and kissed me back, but she didn't stop at my cheeks, she grasped them in her hands and found my lips, lightly at first, but then harder and she pried my mouth open with her tongue and entered, and I welcomed her.

I pulled back enough to say "I told you I would be back, em." "And I couldn't be happier Anh Steve" as she delved back into my mouth and her long-nailed fingers scraped up my back under my shirt; I was leaking pre-cum already and struggling with the feelings which Bo seemed able to ignite in me me: a male who had females everywhere I turned, and who I loved and made love to in full pleasure - but Bo, she was something special. I reached up to her face, sucked on her tongue and then held her head back a little, "Bo, I have something to show you" and I stepped back; "Oh, I know Anh, I can feel it…" and she felt at my crotch where even my jeans hadn't contained the seepage from my cock, which itself was straining hard to break out.

"No, em, not that, and I am going for dinner soon with Tuan and Liem just wait a moment," and I pulled her hand away and went to my bag, delved into a pocket and brought out the wrapped folders of photos from my last trip here, those of Bo, and Tuan, and Bo and I at the end of the film. Bo grabbed them and jumped on the bed, lying back while getting the folders out; I went over to show her which one to start with, and she grabbed me and pulled me down beside her, opening the first to see herself; she gasped, turned and kissed me, and back.

They were really good, I congratulated myself, and erotic and romantic and Bo was beautiful in them. She now alternately sighed, whistled, coo'd and blushed over them, and when she was at the final two of my second film, she stared and stared, and then turned to me and cried against my shoulder. "Oh Anh " Bo blubbered, wetting my shirt, as I cradled her head and tried to soothe her, "They are so beautiful for me, to see us together for that first time; Tuan hasn't shown me the video she told me you had to see it first, and you haven't yet have you?" I shook my head, stroking her face dry and feeling as tender towards anyone as I had ever felt.

Bo closed the folder and lay it down on her side, and as she calmed, I said quietly "Bo-oi, I have to fix myself to go to dinner ok? And you should be working, so you need fix yourself, right? This magic between us, and it must be so, has struck me just as if Merlin threw a lightning bolt at me, but it has to be between us, em; we have to live this as if we are on a parallel universe, at least for now, ok?" "Oh Anh, I understand perfectly that is how I, and others like me, live all the time; it isn't easy and won't be for you Anh - but it is another way to live, and I will be there for sunny leone in xxx vodies Bo sniffled and I suddenly understood myself: what a hard life Bo and others must have every day!

"I finish at 10pm, Anh, and have to start again at 0500; you can call me later if you want…" I kissed her, long and longingly, and felt even more pre-cum oozing as I fondled her breasts under her shirt.

Then I jumped up at the sound of the door bell, and Bo ran for the bathroom; I opened the door after a minute and Liem ran in to hug me, but looked at my face and asked "Are you ok, Anh?" I nodded, but before I could answer Bo came out from the bathroom, looking revived and refreshed; "Oh, thank you, Anh, I am sorry I had to run to the bathroom, but it was an emergency!" "No problem, em, don't worry about anything." Liem looked around and spotted the photos on the bed, but Bo ran and grabbed them first, saying they were hers and she had put them there when she had run to the bathroom boy, what an actress she was I thought, as I hid my smiles behind my hand!

Bo thanked me again and left, as Liem looked a little confused, but she had news of the office, and she went on to that as Bo closed the door with a last endearing look. I turned, needing to change myself and so I 'jumped' to the parallel universe skanky british sub gets cunt pounded roughly fingerfucked and ballsucking became another me.

Home to my room after dinner, showering and changing into shorts, and even having a shave thinking I didn't bring enough clothes for an extended stay; I took a can of beer and turned on the news to BBC: it was 10pm, and I settled onto the sofa lounge to watch. Some minutes later, a knock at the door, and I opened for Bo to enter; "Is it ok, Anh?" I smiled and that was enough of an agreement, and Bo came in, locked the door and rushed past, a large handbag over her shoulder, heading straight for the bathroom!

I called out "Are you ok, em?" and she replied "Yes Anh, but after working, I wanted to shower first!" I chuckled and turned my attention back to the TV news. Bo called out again, "Anh, I am surprised you are alone; what happened at dinner?" I went to the bathroom door, pushed it open a little, and said "I just wanted a quiet night, em, so Tuan and Liem dropped me off and went home; we have some problems at the office, and Tuan starts work at 0600, so yes, only me and now you." "Oh Anh, do you want I leave you alone?" I pushed the door open more and gently replied "No, Bo, you are welcome to be here." "Thank you, Anh; I wanted to be here, but only if you wanted me here." She exited the bathroom, clad in a black satin teddy.

And that was all she had on! My mind turned off the news who cares about the world I thought? Bo sat down beside me, curling her legs up under her. "Bo, it's too dark for me to take photos, but wow, that's what I would like to do!" "Do you like Anh?

I bought this today, just for you." I need clean my teeth I thought, and I said, but before I did that I had to hold her, and I did that also, noting with rising excitement in my groin that her breasts were more formed bigger than even just a few weeks ago, and I moaned against her neck; "Are you sleeping here em?

If so, go to bed while I clean my teeth and I will be back in a minute." I slid my hand down over her breasts, they felt wonderful, and stood up, holding my hand out to her, and she stood like a proper lady and curtsied, and as I turned away to the bathroom, she asked "Anh, which side of the bed do you like?" "Tonight I don't mind, em" and I let her choose while I cleaned and gargled, brushed my hair one time, and turned off the light.

The main light was already off but the soft bedside light was on, and I could see Bo under the sheet very nicely outlined as I stripped off my shorts, my cock already ready, ready and ready! Bo reacted at the sight of it, and shrieked a little, but what else was I to do? "I am sorry to scare you em do I scare you, do you want to leave?

I just couldn't help myself, it happened all on its own!" "Oh Anh, I think that is what every Woman wants: a Man who shows he wants her! Come to bed Anh, and I want the light on, please, so I can see you." "As do I em, you are so beautiful." I lifted the sheet off; Bo still had her teddy on, but it was so short and hid very little of her; but it was so sexy, and I had a fleeting thought that all women should entice their lovers with such a bedroom outfit: they would make love or at least have the chance to, without a doubt, dressed as such!

I slid in, the feel of the satin against me only adding to my feelings, and I moaned as Bo turned on her side away from me and I snaked an arm under her neck, able to reach far enough to cuddle one breast, and my other arm cuddling the breast closest to me; they were bigger than last time I held them, without a doubt, and I squeezed them both within my hands as my mouth pressed against her back and began kissing.

I was over-excited, I knew it, and tried to calm myself and control myself, but I exclaimed to Bo as I used one hand to open her legs for my raging prick: "Em-oi, I have to have you now!" and that was all I said, as I opened her.

Opening her legs gave me access to her own smaller prick, but it was stiff and leaking juice, as was my own, and I mixed them together around the head of her cock, and then used them to slide up and down and wet Bo's vagina, and I slopped juice from my hand down my own prick and I had to, I had to now, insert the head into Bo, and I sighed with the pleasure of being inside her as I slipped into the whole void which was Bo, and I became lost in a new world of which, before, I had only had a sample, but now it was truly like finding a new Shangri-La, and it was well, it was totally new, and as I thrust to the depths of Bo, and she thrust her buttocks against me, I didn't need my hands to hold her hips and I eagerly burrowed them around her body for her breasts to hold and fondle and squeeze, and nipples within my fingers, and my lips and teeth could have torn her apart in a frenzy as I moved one hand to her cock and it was ready, and I was ready, and we burst in a Storm and like a Tsunami, we gave forth the Life juices which Created us both, and they cascaded down the Mountain we were on.

I closed my hand around Bo's cock in reflex as I tensed my own inside her, and I gathered the pool of her juice even as I filled her womanly vagina with my own. I breathed heavily against her back, now sucking rather than biting on her neck and ears, and finally managed to get out son playing story games mom fucked his friend am sorry em; I didn't want it to be so fast, and I hope I didn't hurt you anywhere, but I was just so excited so it's all your fault!" I laughed at the end and lifted my hand to my mouth and slurped up the essence of her, even as I spasmed inside her, and she reached for my hand and drank of herself and then I was able to return and cuddle two breasts, calmer now and able to realize just how much bigger they had grown, and the feel of them was enough to give me some more energy and my cock grew within Bo and I turned her over, twisting through all the juices between us, and now she was on her back and I was truly making love to her as a Woman in the missionary position, and my mouth could reach to suckle her breasts.

Oh god, I couldn't get enough, I didn't know what I agreeable three some fornication moms bang teens scene next, but Bo's hands went to the back of my hand on her breast and held me there, and then she stretched them down and lifted her pelvis up against me, and I surged and thrust inside, and my mouth had a whole breast inside and my penis was pulsing again within a Woman's life-centre, and the Woman under me receiving my offering was Bo.

Bo hadn't said a word since she invited me into bed, and now as I had to be giving her the last of my juice forever maybe, since I felt so drained maybe there would never be anymore my cock was wilting and her body sank onto the bed, her hands coming up to cradle my head, and I nuzzled into her neck, and across and up to her face and finally her mouth, which I opened gently with my tongue - and I gave myself to her at this end of her body, joined by mouths, even as I slipped from her centre; and now she moved her head away from my mouth and spoke "Anh, do you remember what I told you last time you were here, when I showered here?" "Yes, em, you told me you loved me." "More than that Anh what else did I say?" I didn't have to ponder: "You told me to 'Believe' you, em." "I hope you 'believe me' Anh, it is important to me that you know I tell the truth." "As do I, em, but I also asked you not to get hurt by feeling love for me, that is a worry for me as I never want to hurt anybody.

If I felt I was hurting you, here"- and I held my hand over her left breast and heart - "I truly would not do any of this, futurama hentai zapp pole for turanga girl not 'any of this', that sounds bad: I would do my best to not let you love me if I thought it would hurt you." Bo burst into tears and held me as I held her.

It was some minutes later when Bo spoke again, the tissue I had given her wet against my chest; "Anh;" she paused before she could continue "Anh, you know I am not yet a 'full' woman, but you make me feel like a Woman so much, let me love you a little, is that ok?" I smiled, reached across her to turn off the bedside lamp, and kissed her; "Yes, Bo you are a Woman to me, and I can, and do, Love you like a Woman, and it is more than a little, but it is you I worry about." I cuddled her two breasts, nuzzled my mouth through her babe tugs schlong for cum smalltits and handjob to kiss her neck and we almost slept; but Bo wept under me so I held her, and squeezed her body hard, hoping to show I really did care: and I surprised even myself when I realized how much I truly cared for this person next to me.

To show her, I burrowed my head under the sheet I had thrown up before, turned Bo on her back, and I slipped my mouth around a breast, lying on my side and suckling her like a baby: like I loved to do to any woman who slept with me after we had made love.

Her hand curled around me and she ruffled her fingers in my hair, kissing the top of my head, as my hand smoothed over her belly and came to rest on a rigid cock, upright and jumping under my touch. I stroked it, and moved my mouth down.

But first I moved across, wanting to give both breasts equal attention, and leaving my hand to continue, I swallowed her other breast, wriggling my head against her chest and getting an ear massage from the nipple I had just let go of, as my mouth enveloped the other one, and my tongue licked and teased that nipple; Bo was moaning and thrusting against me, and I knew what I wanted to do as I slurped down her small mounds and her flat abdomen, pausing at her belly-button to suck inside, and continuing my tongue's path down a bare, shaven mound of her groin until I took my hand away, first timer carmella teen phat pussy fucks alphonso layz it under her buttocks and placing my mouth on the tip of her cock.

Bo reached her hands down and moved my own hair out of the way, letting my face and mouth do what it wanted, and though I wanted it to be slow, she was so hard and succulent under my tongue and in my mouth that I had to suck and before long Bo erupted, raising her pelvis up at me as I buried my mouth to her groin and had all of her cock within my mouth, letting her ejaculations hit my tongue and swallowing and waiting for more.

I was sure I had it all, but I felt contrite when she whimpered and said "Anh, please come here" as she pulled my hair up. "Sorry em, you were just so nice!" As a man, I should have known she also would have a sensitive cock after climaxing, but I had been greedily continuing my sucking; "Sorry, em, I wanted it all and more, but that was thoughtless of me." I slid up her belly and chest and kissed her mouth, until Bo turnedand lay on her side, her hand reaching behind to pull me to her, spooning, and my own cock was now ramrod hard, and she opened her thighs to pull it between, and reached back more to make sure our bodies were as close as possible; I was feeling not only feisty, but also tender and I don't know what: how does one explain to anybody a feeling of wanting to do everything at once: make love, have sex, cuddle, kiss, talk, be silent, sleep and wake up like this the same, but above all show the lover with you how you feel?

I made a decision: "Bo, can I come inside you again and we go to sleep?" Bo didn't answer, but she pushed the head of my cock back through her legs and put it to the entrance of her special vagina, and hard as I was I slipped straight in. I didn't push, no thrusts, no sliding in and out; I did as I said: entered her and went to sleep, cuddling her breasts and kissing her neck, and lodged within her Womanhood, my cock had a new home.

I woke sometime later, finding myself rolled over and Bo's hand stroking my cock straight out, and her own pressed hard against my buttocks; she whispered in my ear, "Anh, I don't do this normally, but I am not yet a woman, and my little penis finds you so attractive can I come in, Anh, will you let me do that before I must get up and go to work?" In answer, no words, I reached behind me and pulled her body even harder against my own, and she slurped her mouth against my neck with her fingers there also, and she stretched her arm between us to wet my virgin slit, sliding through the wisps of hair I had there and finding my hole; it wasn't enough juice however, but her cock was slippery and she slid that up and down along me and I felt wonderful that this was happening to me for the first time, and I moaned, but I was missing something: I wanted more contact, so I pushed over until I could be on my back, and now I could hold Bo's buttocks and show her, yes, I wanted her, and I could also kiss her and fondle her better than just by myself on my side, and I lay my cock upright on our stomachs between us, letting Bo know this was her time to make love to me.

She leaned down to kiss me, and it was a kiss of so much feeling and tenderness, I melted and sighed. She stuck her fingers in my mouth and I sucked on them eagerly, but she withdrew and used them again to make her cock wetter and then she put it against my hole, opening my legs wider, showing me she wanted my knees lifted up and out so she had a better entrance, and her cock entered me as I reached my hands to her breasts and fondled them: Bo was no different to any woman I made love with, but she had an extra attraction, and it was that which now pushed inside me, not too big and not too long, but seemingly perfect for my first time at this, and a perfect fit in this moment in time.

I lurched up and let go of her breasts to grab her bum cheeks and push her hard into me, and she pushed as hard as she could also and I could feel the sensation of being a Woman myself perhaps, as Bo then moved busty brunette gets slutty with a black shaft and out, her cock perhaps only 12-13cms, but in a virgin it was beautiful, and she pulled out and sank in again just as I would do, and I soared off into a new world experience.

I stroked her back and pulled her mouth down to suck inside, 5 boy and 1 gairl xxx storys nibbled her neck and ears and did everything I could feel to do, but mostly I wanted her tits in my mouth, and I raised my legs, pushing her within but also lifting.

Her body was now high enough up my own that my mouth could swallow a breast, and I marveled at how much like a woman she had transformed into just a few weeks after our last/first time, and how would she be next time?

I guessed her prick would shrink as her breasts swelled, but tonight she had both beautiful areas and she pushed a breast into my mouth even as she pushed her prick in and out of my own manly vagina.

I had a vision of myself as now a bisexual, and it was no hard thing to feel and hold on to; perhaps Bo's gift to me was more than she knew, and I could now envisage a relationship with anyone: woman, bi, or man, or one such as Bo, changing from what 'he' didn't want to be to what 'she' wanted to be and I suppose it might also apply to the other way around…but that was all interrupted when Bo leaned her face to my head, and I lifted my own to kiss deeply and she only stopped to say "Anh, now you will not be a virgin" and she thrust her pelvis hard and her cock was as far as it could go inside and she let it burst, and my own cock between us did the same and, for my first time, I felt the Rain inside myself as Bo must have been feeling she was the Cloud opening up to spread forth the essence of all things, and she had given It to Me.

Bo tensed as she spurted within, and I held her breast within my mouth, my hands to her buttocks she was so smooth, no hair in her crack as I had, even if my body hair was sparse all over - but she had the desire to run her hands through my semen coating us both and took them to her mouth, slurping her fingers before jamming them into my own mouth. It wasn't the first time I had tasted myself, but on Bo's fingers it was something more special, and I sucked them and myself and her unique taste and delighted in the combined taste.

I lay down on her, asking if she was ok, and she murmured something which sounded like sunny leone first boold sex Anh' and I just slowly sucked on her breast as she shrank within me, and I was amazed how it felt: her prick shrinking, yes, but it touched nerves within me I guessed as it did so, and made me shiver, and I had this blinding epiphany that perhaps Women, or Bo, felt it like this the same, and it was well, amazing!

We lay like this for perhaps five minutes, and gradually I became aware that the roaring I was hearing was not within me, but without: the wind was howling, and the rain was blasting down!

Bo also seemed to notice it for the first time, and she said "Anh, I have to go fast!" "I think this is a big storm coming; I need start work to help, sorry Anh!" I felt her slip out of me and she kissed me as I rolled off and she rose from the bed. Now I recalled the Weather report and the tropical storm heading this way, towards Da Nang. I guessed it had arrived.

Bo headed for the bathroom and I heard her showering quickly, and when she came out to get dressed I marveled at what we had done, and what I certainly had felt.

"Did you like being with me, Bo? I have to ask…" She came to me after pulling up a pair of panties and smiled as she sat on the bed beside me "Oh Anh, never worry about that; I have only told you 'I love you', and that wasn't a ploy, nor a joke, and it is as true tonight as our first time." "But what happens in the future, em, where do we take this?" "It will take itself Anh." That was one of the most profound thoughts I had ever heard spoken, and I reached up to kiss Bo deeply and lovingly.

She returned it and slipped away, pulling on a very tight boob-tube which squashed and hid her breasts, and I almost cried for her; she saw my face and smiled sadly as she finished dressing as a man, came to me for a last kiss, and said "Don't go out Anh." Indeed the storm was howling outside. I didn't go out; I ordered room service breakfast, but then cancelled it, watched the BBC which showed some footage of the storm and reported much flooding and damage, but thankfully low loss of lives, but also noting it was expected to remain over eastern Vietnam here most if not all of today.

I phoned Liem and told her to advise staff the office would not open today, and also advise our potential clients we should postpone the meeting until Monday, when presumably this would be over. Liem asked what I would do, and I answered 'stay here in my hotel' but I didn't add 'waiting for Bo', but indeed that's what my feelings told me I was doing. This would naturally prolong my stay here, and the truth was: I didn't know if it was for the benefit of the office project, or if it was personal to spend more time with Bo.

For a weekend at anal creampie and facial from black dick it wouldn't really matter so much; the motives could wait and sort themselves out maybe. I showered, unusually felt I should -and did- shave again, even though I had last night, and threw on shorts and a t-shirt and went for breakfast downstairs, standing in the foyer to look out at the storm.

Heavy towels were stacked against the front doors where rain was blasting against them, but the dining area was inviting, few people, and I ordered eggs and toast and coffee. I also asked the staff if everyone was ok, and they were able to nod and say 'yes, some guests had left early yesterday when the storm had been forecast, and others expected today had delayed' not unnaturally I thought.

No newspaper delivery this morning, so I read/re-read yesterday's while I waited. But that was soon finished, even a second coffee and a quiet cigarette off in a corner away from other diners, so I asked at Reception what news Vietnamese TV had given of the forecast, and they repeated what I knew from the BBC: maybe all day…I asked for my room to be cleaned soon if possible, and they advised it had already been done while I had breakfasted.

I smiled with thanks and headed upstairs, not having seen Bo anywhere. My room was indeed cleaned, and I looked out to find the housekeeper and gave her a tip when I found her down the corridor; she smiled and bobbed her thanks, and I just said I liked my room cleaned early please, and so thanks, and also asked her to take my laundry. Perhaps an hour later I was dozing on the bed, music on the TV down low, and there was a knock on the door; Bo jumped in when I answered.

"Oh, I am so tired Anh! I had to check every room and make sure to put towels where water might seep in. Now I need sleep until I go back on duty tonight can I sleep for a while here Anh?" "Oh yes, em, as you can see, I am ready for sleep myself, not sure why I am so tired…" Bo giggled and hugged me, then ran for a quick shower, borrowed a hotel toothbrush, and came out naked, swinging hips and boobs at me on her way past and her cock small but prominently displayed for my view.

I reacted, my shorts feeling the pressure of a jumping cock, and I too went to clean my teeth, and quickly into and out of a refreshing shower, wanting to be so as I joined Bo in bed, after locking the door.

"You, em, are you ok after last sex stories forced gag throat fuck face rape sex stories "A little sore Anh, and tender, because you are so much bigger than the couple of men I have had but you didn't hurt me Anh, truly! It was wonderful, but you must know you are bigger than can I say normal-sized Vietnamese men?

Did I hurt you Anh?" "Oh no em, you were perfect for my first time, and it was wonderful also for me; but I am sorry if you have pain now, sweet Bo." I was cuddling her from behind, my hand clasped over her breast, and I had to ask "Bo, your breasts are bigger, quite a lot and oh, I love cuddling them so much - but from just a few weeks ago, so I guess you are on female hormones; are you sure they are safe em for the rest of your body also?" She sighed before replying "Thank you Anh, I like them growing also, and they feel like breasts now, not just 'bumps' or fat; there's a doctor here, actually he is from Thailand, and he brings in medicine from there a lot of the girls, well girls like me go to him and use the same, and seem ok; it's not cheap, but it works and he is very kind and it seems we can trust him.

Last week he told me my penis will stay about this size unless I choose to become 100% female and well, cut it off, and get a vagina but for that I would have to go to Thailand to do.

And today, only today, after being with you overnight, I digital playground porn xxx movie s maybe I would just like bigger breasts for your hands, but also keep my penis for you sometimes if you desired it." It was a long speech of open and frank thoughts and feelings, and I hugged her, not sure what to say, except "Bo, you are my first at this what do we call it this love-type, and if I only ever know you as this, it will be sufficient to love you." Bo squeezed my arm around her and asked "Anh, can you come inside me the same as we slept last night, close and joined together like people in love?" I kissed her neck, slurped saliva from my mouth on two fingers and transferred them to Bo's for her to add some more, and then I slicked up her rear-facing vagina before sliding my leaking cock up and down and within, truly joined now as I hugged her and cuddled a breast in my hand and my cock cuddled her insides and we rocked together to sleep, my mouth in a smile and I thought Bo's might be also.

My feelings were intense, as new as they were, and they were filling me with emotions and turmoil and Love for this new lady now part of me. The storm raged on outside, and so did my heart, and my maleness wanted to do the same, but I was mindful that Bo had been working hard, and I just squeezed her breast tighter and blowing bubbles blowjob a mother playfellows daughter arrangement my face against her neck through her hair so my mouth could feel bare skin as I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

But it was impossible and my cock began moving within Bo, and she back against me, and it was a big slide from my engorged cock from her opening to the end, but I repeated it endlessly and Bo began moaning and I was so excited I kept going until my hand found her cock and we erupted yet again together, but Bo's was outside and mine was inside her, and I pressed against her and let myself spasm and groan and push and… and then I remembered, no, not that: I told myself: she was tender, and I willed myself to ease back and slow to a very gentle movement, and I hugged her, mouthed "I am sorry, em" and hugged her closely, "but it's your fault for being so exciting - and I can't control myself with you!" Bo turned, thus easing me from within her, to face me and I kept hold of her cock, her juice in my hand, and when we were face to face, she gripped my cock and filled her hand with juices, just as mine was, and she put her hand to her mouth, and I did the same and we slurped up each other's outpourings, and then swapped, and I greedily sucked on her fingers as she did to mine.

My cock was empty but not dead, and we were laid face-to-face and I felt so wound up and I now wrapped my hands under her neck and across her and pulled her tightly to me, our cocks lying together and my mouth plastered on Bo's I couldn't get enough of her, and I slid under the covers and kissed her from her neck to her toes, and back again, and she was moaning when I stopped at her dainty prick, and my mouth rested there.

My hands held her breasts, but I was mindful of her sensitivity and just gently licked without sucking on her remaining manhood, but, oh god, I felt so much towards Bo, not only my body with hers, but my heart leapt out at hers, and I was feeling so much I didn't know what I was feeling, but I knew, at this moment, I wanted to stay here: right blacked wife aaliyah love and her black lover tube porn Bo relaxed above me, and felt so limp I was sure she had gone to sleep, so I slid up carefully and held her hands as we lay face-to-face and body-to-body and went back to a land of slumber, our cocks mating sleepily below.

It was hours later when we woke, Bo first needing the toilet, and I watched her rear view as she walked, swayed, across the room; honestly, without sight of her man-cock, she looked just like a woman, smooth and curvy, hairless and slim. When she returned, front view this time, my head was propped up on the pillow, and I told myself this was the best of two different worlds, but all in one package, and I felt my eyes misting at my feelings for her.

Bo came to the side of the bed and said gently "Anh, what's wrong?" She lay beside me and stroked my arms, and I could only say "Just my feelings em; this is the type of person I am I even cry at silly romantic comedy movies!" Bo smiled sweetly and reached up to kiss me; "I knew you would Anh and that is why it is so easy for me to love you. But now, I need shower and, if I can, run across the back to my room and change for duty soon." With a sweet, light, gentle kiss Bo stood up and smiled her way back to the bathroom, and I could hear her cleaning her teeth and showering, as I rose and straightened the bedclothes, and looked out the doors into the gloom and the windy rain.

Bo finished, dressed and prepared to leave; she turned to me, "If the storm finishes or is not so bad Anh, maybe we can go out to eat when I have my dinner break about 9pm; I know a good place to go to, has some friends of mine own it and work there, ok?" "You think they will open in this weather, em?" She nodded so I agreed if the wind died down rain didn't worry me so much, but the wind did.

Bo blew me a kiss and looked out the door before exiting. Alone, I realized I should do some of my own work; I phoned Ban, our manager in Hanoi, where I had expected to fly to this evening. Liem had already advised the office, but now I told him we had had to put off meetings until Monday I hoped so could not yet confirm when or if I would be up. He assured me all was well, both the office and the project, and we talked about the storm for a minute and said 'bye. I phoned Quy's mobile and gave her an update, asked her to let my housekeeper, Mrs.

Phung know I would be away some more days, and also gave her Ping's mobile to tell her. Jobs done, I showered, shaved I seemed to want a clean-shaven face daily for Bo, whereas normally on a free weekend I wouldn't even bother, and could get away with one every two days as I truly detested shaving at all. A beer and I decided to watch TV, and Saturday afternoon/evening there was plenty of sport to choose from. During a break for an ad much later in the evening, a moment's quietness seemed out of place and then I realized the absence of the wind hammering against the balcony doors and window, and I opened to find the stormy weather much reduced.

My house phone rang, so I left the door open and answered; it was Bo to ask if I would be ready in 15 minutes, and could I meet her at the rear entrance stairs bit difficult to head off together through the foyer she said! I said I'd be there, and quickly changed into my jeans and a polo shirt, brushed my hair and my teeth, gathered necessities, locked up and went down the fire exit stairs.

Bo walked around the corner and ushered me off to her bike parked outside the staff quarters across the courtyard, the rain much lighter and wind far less; we hopped on and she threw the plastic rain coat over us, allowing me to cuddle her out of sight of everybody, and I fondled her breasts; "Anh, do you want me to crash?" I mumbled 'sorry em' and put my hands on her thighs instead. It was only five minutes and she parked and we lay the rain cover over the bike and trotted across to the entrance lasbeen sex young girl 2 girl fingring a nice looking restaurant on the lake, not one I had been to before.

We were greeted by a lady who hugged and squealed at Bo, and then more demurely shook my hand and patted it, as Bo said "Anh is with me, Chi" and that must have been a signal of some sort and now she hugged me also! She was beautiful but it only took a few more seconds before I guess she was either a Lady-man or lesbian friend of Bo's, and as I passed staff innocent nympho blows dick in pov and gets tight honey pot banged other diners it was evident there was a special clientele who came here and worked here, and many of the ladies I saw in passing, the staff, were extremely attractive, and their smiles enticing.

Bo whacked my arm and some girls giggled as we sat at a small table, and 2 girls rushed with menus. I ordered a beer, and Bo only water.

Bo looked severely at me, "Maybe I should have taken you to a fast-food place and taken you home Anh." Then she smiled, "See anything you like Anh on the menu, not off the menu." "Bo, I eat a little bit of anything you want from the menu." I smiled at her and she laughed, "These are my friends Anh, so if you like them, that is fine with me; just remember, they don't know many foreign men so they may come on a little bit strong." I chuckled with her, "Bo, as long as they don't see me as a 'must-be-rich' foreigner, it's fine; I am rather used to it because I mostly go where 'no foreigners may have trodden before'…like 'Star Trek', understand?" Bo laughed, nodding, and she lifted her glass of water to clink my beer and we toasted.

Becoming serious for a moment, I asked Bo what the local news was saying about the storm; "Floods, yes, and trees blown down and houses, but it seems people were ready and not as bad as the really big one last year; thank you for caring Anh." "Oh Bo: I live here again now, of course I care!" "Yes, sorry Anh, of course you do, that's again why you are different and special." A very cute girl came to the table with dishes Bo had ordered, but she deliberately it seemed placed them on the table from behind me.

This placed her awkwardly as far as putting dishes across the table in front of Bo, stretching forward, but also placed her perfectly to lay breasts on my back and neck, and easy for her to 'slip' on her way back and need use her hands 'accidentally', of course, to hold my chest over my nipples to steady herself, while rubbing her breasts even harder against me.

I held my hands up to show Bo I wasn't doing anything, and Bo, twinkling eyes glowing spoke to the waitress so fast I couldn't follow it. The waitress, named Phung, smoothed my shirt down over my tiny but erect nipples and leaned her mouth close to my ear, so close her lips were in my ear, and she said in a so-sexy whisper "Sorry Anh, I hope I didn't upset you" and, as if she was determined to upset Bo further, she 'slipped' forward and broke her fall by burying her hands in my groin under the table and she couldn't fail to have my engorged cock beneath her fingers while she struggled to recover.

Bo stood, and Miss Phung scurried away like a frightened well, like a frightened rival; I chuckled and invited Bo to sit down and eat. "If she Phung wasn't one of the owners here, I'd complain about her!" Bo wasn't upset, she was totally miffed, but I said calmly "Bo, you brought me here, and it's only playful I am sure, and I think Phung is just trying to make you jealous or something; it's not important em, don't worry about it." Bo took a deep breath and nodded "Yes Anh, you're right, she's just playing games, no problems; cheers!" She raised her glass as did I and we relaxed as I nibbled at my food when Bo placed it in my bowl, and she wolfed hers down.

I noticed the rain easing even more as I soon sat back a little from the table allowing Bo to continue eating, asking a waitress not deliberately looking for Phung for another bottle, and I lit a cigarette as she filled my glass and smiled at me. I smiled back of course, and she asked my name; I told her, and she said I was 'very handsome' and I told her "No, I'm not, but thank you for lying to me em!" She laughed as she filled Bo's glass with water and moved away, my eyes following and noting an incredibly proportioned slimness about married hot babe fucks the horny pawn manager in his office well, certainly from the rear view.

Bo was looking at me, and I said "No, Bo, nothing it's just that, in Thailand also, I find…Lady-Boys/Lady-Men sorry em, what I mean is ladies the same as you how can I say:" "I find those ladies can be so beautiful, bodies so curved and well perfect sometimes, I just marvel, and feel sad, at why those 'ladies' were created as 'men' when that's surely not what was intended, and even sadder: what those ladies don't want." "It is like a mistake of god, Anh. She had a bad day and mixed us up." I nodded in acceptance, but it was a terrible experience (which I could only imagine vaguely) to have to live with for those affected by it.

"But you have to agree Bo: that waitress is truly beautiful right?" I laughed and ducked as Bo picked up a lettuce leaf from the plate and threw it at me, but it did draw a smile from her and a lightened atmosphere. As I picked a little food and Bo ate most everything, Phung reappeared and stood carefully to the side, but with a smile, as she asked if everything was in order; Bo was about to retort, but her mobile rang and she swallowed the last of her rice and answered it; within a few seconds, Phung had scuttled away very quickly, taking my attention, and as I then heard Bo ask 'why me Anh?' Phung came back with a new, opened large bottle of beer and as she poured she said "Compliments of the house Anh" just as Bo finished her call and said "Anh, I have to go back to work." "It seems there is a lot of water in some rooms and they need me early." Phung said "Oh, Bo, we just gave Anh a complimentary bottle; don't you worry, we'll get him back, just as soon as he is finished, ok Anh?" I looked at Bo and she seemed resigned, and also knowing she had no real choice I could have taken the bottle with me, had this been Thailand, but it wasn't the 'done' thing here in Vietnam, and it would also have been rude of me to refuse to drink it.

"See you at the Hotel Anh… a little later" in a veiled threat to Phung it seemed. Wow, these girls were 'catty' I said to myself. Bo swallowed her glass of water, looking unhappy, and asked me if I was sure I'd be ok but Phung took her arm and began steering her out, even before I could answer, and she said to Bo "Of course, he will be ok, em, don't you worry about anything." I had to smile at her when she, Phung, looked back at me and winked: it was so cute and so false, but funny also, and I knew I could protect myself…well, I thought I could.

Bo looked back at me and I smiled at her and waved my hand, with my glass of beer in it. Phung returned in a moment, "She is a good friend of mine, and she told me you are a good friend of hers Anh Steve is it?" I nodded before replying, not sure how much Bo might have said, and therefore how much I should say, "Well, we have become friendly in the Hotel, yes, em." I left it at that, and she studied my face "Well answered Anh Steve; a man should care about his 'friends'" and she topped up my beer and left me for the moment, but before she did, I asked where the toilets are, and Phung pointed her arm across to the far corner and said to go right there.

Another cigarette and several glassfuls later, I needed the toilet, and rose from my chair; another person bumped into me or I to them and I apologized; looking up it was a fellow diner, boy or girl I couldn't then tell as the outfit was a unisex pants suit, but a nice smile at me for my apology as they offered an apology in return.

As the older, I went first, turning right at the corner and looking around for any signs for further help; the person behind gently steered my arm onwards and then left and I saw a sign with and I smiled to myself a half man and half woman picture symbol: truly unisex here. We both entered, and I turned to thank a truly beautiful face behind me now we had more light, gosh it was, and I could only stammer nothings, but trying to say 'thank you em'.

I turned away in embarrassment, but the flush returned to my face as there were no urinals, only stalls and I was so nonplussed, thinking this was really the Ladies' Toilet, but the gentle arm still holding my elbow directed me to the centre of three stalls, and that seemed a safe place to hide my red face. I didn't need to, naturally, but I sat on the toilet and eventually was calm enough to urinate; then I noticed a wagging through a hole to my right, where the other man/lady?

had gone; they were fingers in a hole in the wall, and I thought 'is this a glory hole, same as I have crazy hot asian babe knows how to suck that dong redhead blowjob in stories on my websites?' The fingers were beckoning me, and while I finished and shook my now-hard dick, I decided what I wanted: I lightly held the fingers in my own, but pushed them back and, in turn, motioned with my own through the hole.

Sure enough, I was rewarded with the appearance of a not so big cock stuck through, hard but not large, and I gently caressed it with my fingers as I pulled my pants up with the other. The hole was at mouth height obviously I suppose and when I had settled back on the seat of the closed toilet, it seemed natural I would replace my fingers with my mouth: so I did, and it was a silky smooth cock which I lowered my lips to and kissed.

I heard a moan from beyond the wall as my mouth opened and I swallowed the whole.

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It didn't reach down my throat so it was totally comfortable, and it also told me it was a 'she' beyond, or a person the same as Bo as I was sure I had seen she had breasts under her shirt earlier, and therefore her size was not too big for me, but it was hard and strong and young and I liked slipping up and down it with my mouth.

Not so experienced at this, I had to see what made her feel excited, and so I held the tip of her cock in my teeth lightly and tickled the slit with my tongue, and it was only moments before even I knew the telltale signs of a climax coming, and I swallowed her cock whole and almost pulled her through the wall in order to have it all, and when I felt one missed-shaven hair, I knew I was burying her in my mouth from groin to tip, and I sucked the juice which began bursting forth.

Wow, she was young and had a glassful to give me and I had to swallow fast lest I choke, but I did and there were no drops even to clean up as I sucked it all through her subsiding spasms, and the squeaks and shrill moans from beyond the wall gradually also subsided. I licked the tip and kissed it, and removed my mouth. My own cock was rock hard at the excitement, and I had to use one of my tissues to stuff down in my pants over my own tip, where pre-cum was leaking copiously, and straightening my clothes I left the stall, washed my hands and rinsed my mouth, and walked unsteadily for a few moments, back to my table.

I sat and marveled at another fantasy fulfilled: a glory hole! I needed a cold beer, but my ice had run out in my absence and the bucket was empty; I looked and found the eyes of the waitress who had told me I was 'handsome' and I motioned for more ice; at that moment, the pants-suited woman it was easy to see now, I decided, she was a Lady-Man was walking towards her own table; she was gorgeous and, even within a suit, it was more than evident she had a body to which I had alluded to - sunny leone first time blood leaking sex xstorys Bo before, and as she passed me she dropped a business card on my table, smiling and brushing my shoulder with her hand.

I scooped up the card without looking for now, and put it in my pocket, and my eyes followed her rear body view as she sat facing towards me two tables away; she smiled again when she saw I was looking. I was jerked back, literally, by an ice cube dropped in my lap, and amidst apologies from the waitress, I knew it was no accident. She reached down into my groin again! And her hand felt around for the cube, but instead she found me and I was still hard, and she squeaked at the feel but closed her hand on sweet bitch sits on a fat and hard penis cube, melting it and I could feel myself getting wet from the ice, not from myself!

I pushed gently against her, and pushed her away, as I reached for tissues, declining her offer to do it for me as I sponged myself, but a large wet patch was what my groin looked and felt like. My waitress apologized profusely, and I told her 'no problem' and she suggested I use the hand dryer in the bathroom to dry myself; good idea I thought, and I also ordered another beer for when I returned.

Trying to be inconspicuous, I walked quickly from the table and down the twists and turns to the toilet. I stood under the dryer on my tiptoes, directing the hot air against my pants until they looked passable, and then I felt the need to go to the toilet; the only one available was the centre one, and I stepped in, lifting the cover and seat and waiting for my prick to relax enough to release the buildup from my bladder.

While waiting, I looked down at the hole, and was surprised to see a blinking eye it seemed! Yes, it was a large hole with a type of cover over it, but now someone appeared to be watching me through it.

Feeling quite erotic about this whole place, I looked for the first time to the other side, and behold: there was a finger wagging at me from there! I put the seat down and sat, and gently pushed my left hand against the fingers, fondled them, but showed I wanted them removed and something else offered to me; similarly, I pushed two fingers through the hole to my right and beckoned there.

I was rewarded within moments with a cock either side poking through the walls, and my hands stroked them until they appeared as hard as they could be; now I had to share my mouth, so I alternated from side to side, with my hand smoothly sliding up and down when my mouth was occupied on the other cock.

Neither of them was too big for my mouth to enjoy and truly, I was enjoying this fantasy-to-reality setting and I felt I could suck cocks such as this, this size, all night without tiring. The one to my left was slightly longer, but thinner, and while it reached into my throat a little, if all these 'persons' were men-changing-to-ladies, their cocks were perfect.

Beautiful and nice and just the right size for me to swallow down to their groins, and even lick there while my lips held to their rod, but it was all without them making me gag even once. As I said: Perfect. It was the left one who began pulsing in my mouth first, and I gave that cock all my attention, tongue and lips and mouth and throat working to bring it to pleasurable fulfillment.

It did and there were loud moans from beyond the wall as the cock let loose streams of skinny teen gina gerson gets dp for christmas juice into my mouth, and I gently sucked the end Bo had shown me I needed to be gentle as indeed I did myself if this happened to me, so I was learning only lightly until the flow ended and I then licked along the shaft as much as I could, cleaning it, kissed the tip with a final 'thank you' and turned to my right, where a gentle knocking had been coming from the wall.

"Your turn" I said quietly and I put my mouth back where it had been already, but my hand had kept this cock rigid and I licked down its length now, comparing: slightly thicker, but shorter than the one of whoever had just finished, and I was more able to swallow to the roots against the hole in the wall, but yet able to lick the entire length at the same time: therefore, it was only as long as my tongue.

I was enjoying this, but it finished too fast and there was a sudden eruption in my mouth, but powerful and it jetted straight into my throat; I swallowed fast to stop gagging and now I sucked the remainder, and soon it was over.

I cleaned it as I had the other, kissed it equally lightly and patted it 'good night'. I still had not urinated, so now I relaxed brunette teen bangs stranger on sex tape I heard doors opening and was able to empty myself at least of urine, but I knew my balls were full of other juices, as I shook myself dry and wiped off the pre-cum stringing down even after I had pissed, and re-dressed and out to wash my hands.

I passed my waitress who was coming in as I exited; she looked at my groin area perhaps to see if the wet patch had gone, perhaps just to look - but instead of continuing inside, she took my hand and led me back to my table, explaining 'it's difficult to know which way to turn sometimes Anh'. She waited while I sat down, filled my glass with ice and beer, and then leaned closer to say "I was on the left, and your mouth was perfectly wonderful Anh; here's my number" and she put a card on the table near my hand also.

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I looked up at her, decided to be bold and asked "Who was on the other side em?" I thought I had upset her at first, but then she smiled "Not for me to tell Anh, but I didn't see anyone; you have to wonder and decide and then wonder if you are right!" I picked up my beer, looking out the side to the rain still falling, actually it seemed heavier again I noticed, and the wind had risen and was swirling perhaps earlier it had only been a lull and the storm hadn't moved away yet after all.

Phung came back to the table and she sat opposite me, no fear of Bo interrupting, and she brought another bottle of beer with her; she said "You can't sunny leone porn storys 30mins home yet Anh, the storm is back, and you haven't finished your beer yet either!" She chuckled at her own joke, pouring some from the new bottle to fill mine and also some into another glass for herself.

I said "Ok, em, but this goes on my beautiful cutie gets jizz on her face ok?" She nodded and held her glass to mine for a toast, saying it was very nice to meet me and slipping into conversation mode and mood; she wanted to know more how I knew Bo and how 'well' I know her.

Explaining again Bo worked at the hotel I always savoring legal age teenagers wet cum hole hardcore and blowjob at, and I said I had taken some photos of her one time, and we had been to dinner with others before, and well, 'we are good friends'.

"Good friends Anh or good friends?" The emphasis was clear and I blushed, and she clapped her hands, deciding she now knew everything important there was to know. Now she changed the topics to my past life (many lives is how I thought of my past) and my job and where do I live and how did I learn Vietnamese, and am I married etc.

I had no problem answering most of these queries and saw no harm in it, but soon the new bottle was empty and she motioned and called to my waitress, and I picked up her name was…Ha; another one enters my life I thought, rolling my eyes. Phung had turned back to me and she asked "What was that with your eyes Anh, are you ok?" I smiled and said "Sorry em, just something I seem to do when Fate or something strange happens to me." "So what happened just now?" she persisted, so I sighed just as Ha, the waitress returned, and just said Ha had been my Vietnamese wife's name and even though I knew it was a common name, it seemed I was Fated to meet nearly all of them!

Ha overheard this, "I felt it too Anh, it must be Fate we met I told myself! Can I sit down and join you, Boss?" I laughed and Phung did also but pushed Ha's hip and she left reluctantly, giving me a backward glance and wink. "Now tell me about yourself em; Bo tells me you own this?" "Well, not just me, but with three other partners: one is the main chef, another is there at the bar, and the third doesn't work here.

It's a good arrangement, and we do ok enough to survive comfortably and enjoy it also." She looked teen rides old black dong young old and blowjob at me for a few moments, and apparently decided to continue revealing herself; "I am sure you know about Bo, perhaps you have guessed about me and many others who either work here or eat here?" Phung waited for my response, and I nodded.

"But you are here also Anh, and seem to be having a good time, and don't appear 'homophobic' is that the English word?" I nodded again, but she wanted more, so I added "I am just a man em, and I love women, but I have been cheated a lot by women also, and now, since I, ah, met Bo, I have begun to feel there might be another way of Love, with others than just women-women can you understand me?" She smiled, reflectively I thought, and filled our glasses before replying "I understand you Anh, you said it very well; you should know though: it is people overwatch black cat porn fucking big dick cartoon play free any kind who can cheat you, so really you shouldn't trust anybody in this world." I smiled wryly, "I have been told that by others em, but I refuse that idea; I believe in people until they cheat me, and then I don't trust them but not before, not for example, from the first moment I meet someone could I even consider not trusting them!" "Oh Anh, maybe you were a monk in a past Life, or will be in your next one, but you are too nice to survive in this world today." I shook my head "No em, I am not that good a person, but I do try to be nice to everyone." I looked within myself for a few moments, and knew I wasn't anything like a monk well, not a good monk and in confirmation, my cock in my pants reminded me as tangible proof of that.

The proof was that it was growing under the foot of Phung which was now stretched across under the table and probing my groin. I looked at her "Does that seem to be how a 'good' person would respond?" "It is how a good Man would though" and she wriggled her toes hard against me, and slid them along the length she could feel, and couldn't stop herself from arching her head back and groaning. I slid back from the table, ostensibly to light a cigarette, but this blatant show of pleasure from Phung had turned my face red - and my cock raging after all the earlier stimulation.

Yet I had had no final satisfaction, and needed be careful not to erupt within my own pants if excitement continued. I smoked and toasted her yet again, by now the bottles were stacking up and Phung seemed to be feeling the effects; she excused herself every time diners asked for their bill and waited while they departed but, even so, she had drunk quite quickly and quite a lot.

Now she said, getting up, I need go to the toilet Anh, excuse me" and she left, but the mention of toilet seemed to expand my own bladder to bursting size and I had to quickly jump up and follow her from a short distance behind. When I entered the bathroom, amazingly the only stall available was the centre one! Didn't matter, I had to empty my bladder, so I entered, closed the door and, with relief, muscled my prick out of my pants; hard and long as it was, I had to wait for some time before it relaxed enough to let the stream flow into the bowl.

Glancing around I spied a movement through the hole to my left, must be an eye, so I turned sideways to give whoever a better view of my now-streaming cock, and a gasp came from that watcher as I straightened to the front again. There couldn't be, I said to myself, but there was indeed another watcher to my right when I looked.

So I turned to my left and waggled my cock of its final drips, excited again, but no harm in putting on a show and having yet another fantasy fulfilled I reasoned: that of being watched like this, a receiver of voyeurism I suppose. I flushed, but instead of putting myself away in my pants and leaving, I closed the lid and sat on the seat, gently tugging on my cock as it grew; fingers came from both sides at once, a copy of last time, but now I felt I was embarrassing myself and I stood, stuffed my rod inside with great difficulty and zipped up; I pushed my cock down more comfortably, gently caressed both sets of fingers, but left the cubicle and washed my hands.

No-one came out and I returned to my table, wiping my hands dry with a tissue and trying to stuff one down my pants over my leaking cock, without someone noticing.

"Do you need some help with that Anh there are many here who would like to offer?" I turned to the voice perched over my shoulder and almost kissed the face it was so close to me. It was one of the waiters this time, but he was more man than lady-man, and I had only noticed him from a distance before. Just then Phung and Ha came to the table, but before Phung could sit, another group of diners asked for their bill. Ha said "Wow Anh, you have the biggest man-thing I have ever seen!" Before I could, the waiter over my shoulder asked my question of Ha "How do you know, em?" I looked at Ha for an answer; "I saw it by accident in the toilet Anh" but then she smiled and added "Well, I think it was by accident…" My new friend the waiter came around from behind me; he was as slim as could be, a body many women would crave to have, but his chest was virtually flat, so I wasn't sure what he wanted to be for himself.

But sweet and very, very pretty to stare at, that was for sure, and he motioned me to the far seat and sat beside me sighing; "Oh, good to sit down, now it's getting quieter. Chao Anh, I am Ping" and he held out his hand to shake. I smiled "Steve", thinking he was as pretty a man as Ping the woman was back in HCMC. I looked out at the storm; if anything the rain was even harder and wind stronger and, considering I was having a most enjoyable time and was feeling ok, I asked Ha for more beer, but also a plate of fruit if she could.

"Anything for you Anh…" and she kinked her bottom at me suggestively as she headed off, leaving Ping and I at the table. Ping asked some general questions, saw me come in with Bo earlier so guessed 'guessed what' I wondered. But he continued and asked where I was staying 'with Bo?' No, no I smiled and shook my head in reply and repeated Bo worked at the hotel where I stayed.

"Oh are you alone then Anh Steve?" "Not very often" I answered without elaboration, and Ping looked questioningly at me; "I live alone in HCMC yes, Thai wife in Thailand, but what I meant was: I seem to find friends everywhere, so I wasn't alone much it seemed" and I could tell from his smile he understood my meaning.

I asked Ping about himself as Ha returned with a fruit platter and beer, and we all began eating the fruit, and as I slipped a piece of melon into my mouth, Ping said "Oh Anh that was so sexy, watching you do that!" I blushed, but even so I was bold enough to say "I like sucking things in my mouth em" and he put his hand on my thigh and squeezed, as Ha slumped back in her chair and moaned!

"No need to be shy Anh; we are all friends here, aren't we Ha?" Ping didn't remove his hand but rather stroked it lightly up and down, and my cock, which had not subsided all this long evening, wasn't going to now as Ha's foot began playing with mine under the table.

"So, Ping, you were going to tell me of yourself…" but he didn't desist with his hand, stared into my eyes and said "Well, I am gay Anh." I smiled, and he continued since I didn't seem shocked or put off by that, "But I haven't yet decided to change as some people have" and he looked at Ha, who just smiled "but I am certainly more comfortable working here and having similar people as myself for friends.

I guess the decision will come to me one day, but for now I am happy with myself." "Oh, and you should be em: you are truly beautiful, and so slim! I bet even Ha and other people, man/woman/me/anybody, would be happy to have such a body as yours!

And if you are happy with your Life, your work, your friends: that should mean a great deal in this hard world we all live in." Unconcerned at anybody watching, Ping leaned to grasp my face and kissed me noisily on both cheeks! I blushed, and could feel my face bright red I was sure, as he said "Oh Anh, I could cry; that was so nice to say." Slutty fat fucks first time doing hardcore porn full movie fuckfatties and threesome then someone called to Ping and he went off to serve them, and I moved my chair back; Ha was gazing at me, and I looked around there were only a few tables occupied now and nobody appeared to be watching as I slipped down under the table.

She started to say "Anh, what are you…" but stopped as I gently moved my hands up her legs to her thighs, under her skirt, and didn't stop until I reached her panties, which I pulled to the side and found the prick I was sure would be there.

It wasn't free enough, so I pulled her tight, silk panties down and off, and stuffed them in my pocket for now. My mouth followed my hands and sure in the knowledge she had wanted this before in the bathroom stall I slipped my mouth over the length of her and began what I did truly love doing now: sucking and kissing a cock.

Ha wasn't at all big, after all she appeared well on the path to change I thought, but she was oozing and juicy, and smooth as the panties I had taken off. I swallowed her entirety and my mouth was at her groin, and my tongue slurped along it, pushed out from between my lips and could even slurp at the crack towards her buttocks. She jumped under the table and banged her knees on it even, and I returned to only her prick, pulling it gently but also relentlessly into my mouth, back and down again, and she was moaning, and she couldn't hold it anymore, and I received another load of cum no wonder I wasn't hungry for food, this was vitamin-packed and the taste had taken hold of me.

I wanted more, but Ha was empty so I slurped tenderly on her tip, gathering the last drops to swallow, and kissing her thighs and down her legs. But before I could get up mother id like to fuck gladly jumps on hard penis sit in my chair, I heard Ping draw his chair back and sit down again, and as he asked "What's up with you Ha, and where is Anh Steve?" I felt, and he felt, his legs touch my body under the table and I couldn't resist; this taste I had acquired was like a drug it seemed, and in some ways was better than full-on sex: I loved sucking cocks, and this introduction tonight, even if I had sucked Bo and one other she-male in Thailand before, was so good, my mouth was neither sore nor my stomach as full as it could be with cum: more was welcome!

I moved from between Ha's knees with some final little kisses, and turned myself around under the table, moving Ping's feet aside and positioning myself in between, finding a little resistance when I lay my hands on his knees and spread his legs wide. He acquiesced maybe Ha had given him a nod above the table and I smoothly slid my hands up his thighs to his groin: he was excited, I could feel, and I raised my hands to find kissa sins removing hair from all body zipper, but he beat me there and his hands fumbled with it.

My own fingers stroked the skin of his hands, and then it came down, and I took over, moving his hands away as I pulled his pants apart and pulled them down a little a skirt and panties was much easier I decided but I managed to get my hands to a bare groin: no panties or underpants at all! That made it easier to seek my object, but Ping was certainly bigger than any others I had had this evening, and it was a struggle to release his prick to the outside; well, it was, until Ping swiveled further down his seat and thus loosened his pants more and then it popped out for me.

Oh my, it was a glorious sight and I kissed it, and said quietly in English "So Beautiful em" before using my mouth for a higher purpose and enclosing the head of Ping's cock within my lips.

His legs stiffened beside me, but I burrowed in and my mouth was like a suction cup on a milking cow's teat I pulsed and drew it inside, having to spread my jaws wider as Ping was bigger than others, but not long, as Asians typically aren't, so he did not gag me but I could swallow him all, and I did; his groin was unshaven and his pubic hair tickled my nose as I sank all the way, so I put one hand up and twirled fingers in his hair, taking it from my nose but playing with it instead.

In much faster time than I wanted, he tensed and his cock began throbbing, and I relaxed my sucking but slurped with a wide mouth up and down, and Ping gave me his salty man-juice; he was young and virile and he had loads of it to deposit in my mouth, and this told me I loved younger men or lady-men even more: they could fill my mouth and pump and pump, and Ping did, and I even failed to swallow it all fast enough to prevent some slipping down my chin and dribbling to my neck, and I kept lapping and kissing and sucking but gently as he spurted the remnants and gave me the final drops of the essence of himself.

I was worn out, and cramped here, under the table, and I lay my head on Ping's thigh, just licking his cock dangling in front of my face. I realized I had to get up, so I released him, and poked my head up, scraping my face and chin through his groin until the tablecloth was lifted and I said "Can I get out now safely em?" He laughed tiredly and looked around and nodded, so I moved from between his legs to my side, a final soft pat on his legs and I slipped up into my chair.

Ha seemed to have recovered and she stood to get the bottle of beer and ice and stood behind me refilling my glass. When she had, she stretched a finger down my cheek and neck and I looked back and up to her as she placed a streak of Ping's cum into her mouth and sucked her finger; "Can't waste anything Anh" and I nodded, looking at Ping who seemed busy adjusting his clothes and looking equally exhausted.

He turned his eyes to me and smiled and said "Anh that was …" and I put my fingers to my lips to show 'silence' and finished for him "wonderful em, thank you." "More than that Anh, it was beautiful" he felt compelled to add.

Ha said "Me too Anh, you are the most exciting man I have ever met, and very adventurous!" I chuckled lightly, "And now a very tired old man who needs to go to the toilet, and soon" I looked out at the night, at the storm raging "somehow, I need to go home to sleep." Ping and Ha both began to speak, then Ha deferred to the slightly older Ping and he said "Anh, you are not old if you ask me for one; second, you can't go home now look outside, it's even stronger; we have rooms here, maybe better you stay and go home when it's over, we'll take care of london and capri are sticky sweet lesbians Anh." Ping put his hand on my leg and let it slide up to my groin, and I was seeping and hard and he smiled at me, repeating "We will take care of you Anh" with added emphasis.

He squeezed my prick through my pants, and I stood quickly but his milf slave stupid whorish tourists will believe anything stayed there, and Ha gasped before Ping let go, and I pulled away "I do have to go to the toilet now and no more beer thank you" and I rushed off. I was tired, but also hyped beyond bearing almost, my cock had soaked my underpants well before now, and it needed release, but first my bladder did, and sure enough: the only stall available was the centre.

I sat down this time, and let myself empty, lisa rose gets her holes double stuffed used the water hose to wash both my arse, which didn't need anything more than a rinse, and my cock the same, but I knew when I raised my eyes what they would find whoever it was. But this time was a little different as I glanced at beckoning fingers to my left, followed by a squashed arse-hole pushing back through the hole; I had to, I needed to, but first I looked to the right and there was a thin, hard cock already poking through the hole!

I roughly pulled my trousers down and first put my lips to the right cock, but I only presented it thereafter with my arse, while I bent to poke my tongue at the hole to the left waiting for me, and I slurped it up and down, wetting it, inviting it to remain there, and then I slid my cock against it gently.

The recipient shrieked, perhaps at my size, but returned after a moment with fingers wet with saliva by the feel, and also enclosed my cock in a condom? I had broken one the only time my ex-wife and I had tried to put one on, so this was new, and a good, safe idea, so my stiff cock was enclosed in one for the first time, even if it must have been a small size and not enough for me, and then I felt more fingers on my cock, before it was slippery and was grasped and slipped into a small hole; there were moans and gasps from through the wall, but the 'receivee' was determined and kept pushing back against me and I aided him/her by holding myself rigid as my cock slid in it's head a little, and then a little more…little more, with more groaning, until I hit not bottom for my prick, but certainly bottom for the hole I was in, and there was now a sigh as I slid back and forth and managed to hit deeper each time to the tune of ever more excited moans.

I hit very deep and the new-found receivee jumped away, unable to bear it but I had to jump like that when I felt fingers pry open my own buttocks and a tongue inserted! Because of my position I had been pushing against the other wall, and now I had a 'giver'!

I pushed my bum back and my cock forwards, and now I felt a cock I guess that is also a condom I can feel, I wondered, never having felt one before at all and as I re-inserted myself on one side, I was entered on the other, and I moaned this time, joined by two others and we all moaned and then all giggled stupidly before moaning again.

I thrust in, and the cock behind followed me as I bent my back to be spread-eagled between the two walls, and we became rhythmic and in unison we moaned and in unison we were giving and receiving. It had to happen, and who could have predicted it, but my cock had been ready for this for hours and it began to pulse, and maybe that gave a signal behind me but that cock in me, not long but nice, also began to throb and after a few more strokes somebody said "Now!" Two cocks erupted together, mine with such a build-up from the evening's excitement even I was surprised at the amount as I shoved hard through the wall and my receiver pushed against me and squealed and squealed, and perhaps then covered her/his mouth, and behind me there was a shot into my insides, another and another and a string of pulses from my giver as I pushed back that side and she/he pushed hard forward.

I was tired now.

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Three people joined in holy sex through two walls: who could have believed it? I dribbled the last drops into my condom and slid slowly backwards, assuming I now should take it off and do what with it I wondered? As I moved backwards, I could also feel the ending from my other end, and that cock was slid backwards also, leaving me empty and longing to be sure, but we all seemed to need rest and recuperation.

I pushed up the lid of the small rubbish bin and, sure enough, there I could see other condoms, so I knew what to do with mine as I peeled it off, trying not to spill the contents I could drink it of course…but just using one for the first time I felt was enough for now, and I dropped it in, using the water hose to wash and hearing that sweetheart bounds on it faster girlfriend homemade others doing the same.

Who would exit first and ID the others I wondered as I opened my door…I would never know because after I had washed my hands, the other stalls remained closed, and I left them to their anonymity. Whether they knew me that was a question I couldn't answer, as I walked to my table, depleted and more tired than when I had left it!

Bo was sitting there oh, oh! I put a bright smile on my busty teen in socks loves to masturbate homemade and amateur and exclaimed "Oh Bo- what are you doing here?" Looking less than kindly at me, Bo swatted water from her hair and shoulders and replied "Well Anh, since I didn't see you come home, I thought maybe no-one here had offered to bring you, so I came myself.

Are you ready to go Anh, I have to get back to work?" "I was just calling for the bill when I had to go to the toilet em; yes, thank you for coming to get me, saves a lot of trouble." She couldn't know how much trouble it had saved me probably but maybe she did as she looked at me and said sternly "I am sure of that Anh." I looked for Phung, and she came groggily to the table was she in the toilet, I didn't know and I asked for the bill.

She said "you paid before Anh, it is all finished with" and I knew this was patently untrue, but I couldn't argue in front of Bo: who wants a scene? I said to Phung "Oh, of course em, sorry; I enjoyed it very much so I am sure I will be back to see you again" and I turned and included Ha and Ping who were standing close by.

"Ready to go, Bo?" and she snorted and led me out by a strong hand, while I waved my other hand behind my back and dropped a bundle of money notes behind me as tips I hope would be shared.

I squeezed Bo's hand, and whispered "Thank you em, I was tired and need go home to sleep, but Phung and the others said the storm was too bad." "You'll be safe with me Anh, it's only a short way" and we huddled under the plastic rain cover, ran to the bike and she drove steadily the few minutes home, riding around the back, but motioning me to run around the front and use the elevator. I was soon in my room, showered and collapsed into bed, my mouth involuntarily open, perhaps still seeking another cock to suck; what a new passion that had become tonight!

I smiled I am sure, as I fell asleep, new feelings not now denied. (End of Part 2)