My sweet little heartbreaker scene critical x

My sweet little heartbreaker scene critical x
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This is my first story so go easy and give me only constructive feedback please. This is all fantasy and the names have been changed for obvious reason. Enjoy! First let me tell you about myself at the time, When this happened I was 15 and my cousin was 14. I have brown hair and a fairly muscular and fit body and all I ever wanted to do in my horny adolesent state was fuck my cousin but never could.

It was just like anyother christmas with my family. We had all gathered at my Grandma's large bungalow and like usual on christmas eve it was very cramped and tempers within the family where already flaring. To keep my self from trouble that night i mostly kept myself in my room and did what most boys my age did alot of, i masturbated alot that night with only thoughts of my cousin. Let me tell you about her, At the age of 14 she was already quite well developed, she had small tits which looked so firm that even though they where small they would still fill your hand.

She had killer legs and unfortunalty an ok ass. However her main feature was her pretty face and plump lips which I knew would feel great around my cock. Me and my cousin Charlotte had always had a great relationship, never sexual just we were really close. As we got older and grew into teens I could not help myself but tease her. On christmas day morning I awoke early and like always opened my presents with the family at around 7am. We finished at 9 and most of us went about our own buisness.

I went back to my room for a while and just as I Was about to masturbate, again, i was interupted by a knock. I said for watching her man getting fucked by another lady uncensored and oriental to come in and my cousin entered in a short dress that showed off her legs and tits perfectly. I almost came in my pants. As she sat down against the corner my bed backed into and lifted her legs to get cumfy I got a quick glance of her panties.

This was amazing as I was always trying to steal a glance at her whenever I could. As I adjusted my jeans and carryed on doing what I was doing she began to talk about school and such but all I could think about was what lie behind those tight panties and how it would feel rapped around my cock. She began talking about her freinds and how close they where, I took the oppertunity as always to tease her and call her a lesbo (she isn't i just found her reaction funny) as usual she picked up a pillow, yelled at me to stop and threw the soft pillow into my face.

I laughed and called her it again. This time she said "I am not, we both know I'm not, I can even prove it if you want!", I was shocked at this and retaliated with "I'm not sure you can but hell give it ago" As she moved to sit by me she looked at me and said "How? I'll do anything within reason?" I looked at her eyes and said "Anything??" She Just said "Anything but not sex" I was shocked but excited. By now I had sexy whore jureka del mar gets boned and jizzed on huge erection that was obvious in my pants and as I looked down so did she.

I said "look your going to have to prove you like men some how so seen as im here show me" She looked shocked and angry as she said "NO, thats just wrong, Im not doing anything like that" But as I looked at her, as calm as I could be I just told her "well it looks like your a lesbo then." She looked at my crotch again and said "Fine, how about I toss you off and then will that prove it?" I was shocked but just replied "yes".

As is said this she moved her hand to my zipper and unzipped my jeans and put her hand in and pulled my erect member out, for a 15 year old it was average size but with the hightened arousal it had grown and had becom swollen.

She looked at me and snapped "I've never done anything like this before so dont exspect it to be perfect, and dont exspect this ever again" She then began to stroke my cock slowly with not much skill, but just the feel of her hands was enough to send waves of pleasure through my penis. As she began to speed up i reached out and grabbed her boob hopping that she would let me fondle it but as i suspected she just smacked my hand away and carryed on unenthusiactically stroking my cock.

My brain began thinking how I could get my cock into those lips and as I new she would do nothing more I knew I had to force her to. I reached out again and grabbed her boob and began grabbing and pulling the material down. It came off quickly and as it did I finally got a look at those perfect firm titties with tiny pink nipples which, to my suprise where hard. By this time she stopped stroking my cock and said angrly "For fuck sakes stop it now, all im doing is this end off.

Put it back on and just hurry up and have an orgasm" I looked at her and told her sternly "Look if mom blackmailed by black guy want me to tell everyone your a lesbian and suck then you better carry on stroking me and suck my cock.NOW!" she looked at me angrly and finally began to carry on stroking, I put one hand back on her boob and the other on the back of her head as i began to force her head down to my cock, at first she began to resist hard but my arms where strong and forced her head down, I pushed her lips to my cock and as I felt them connect i carryed on pushing, My cock tip entered her warm tight mouth and I let out a moan, I carryed on pushing her head up ebony girl plays with her body and dick down my length and she struggled to get it out of her mouth but I just brutally carryed on ramming my cock down her throught.

As I began to feel the fimilar feeling I reached down to the hem of her dress and pulled it up to see her panties, She squelled with my cock still in her mouth and I just stared at her pink girly cotton panties. I looked down at her with my cock in her mouth and saw her eyes filled with buring hate and fear. Even though she had a cock in her mouth she did not move her tongue around it or anything so I just continued moving her head forcefully up and down, as I began to cum I moved her panties aside and saw a her golden price.

Although she did not shave due to her blonde pubic hairs her slit was perfectly clear to see. I came even harder into her mouth as she began to choke and splutter with my cock in her mouth.

When I stopped cumming I pulled my cock from her mouth but found my cock still hard and I decided then that I wanted my cousins tight young pussy. At this point I had little care for her pleasure so as she began to run to the door I grabbed the back of her dress and threw her back onto the bed.

She began to scream a little but i grabbed her chin and kept her still cum splattered mouth shut. I pulled her dress ever her head and quickly removed her panties.

As i searched around whilst still holding her down i found some cord and rope which I then preceded to use to tie my cousins ancles and wrists and then a genuis plan cam to me, I balled her panties up and shoved them into her mouth to stop her screaming. As she began to squirm and struggle I slapped her face hard and at the blow she began to sob silenty.

This truned me on greatly and as I moved my hand and face down to her tight virgin pussy I saw to my disappointment that some how she was not wet, this did not stop me as I didnt really care at this point whether she liked it and new I must enjoy this to the full on the count that if I was cought and found out I was going to jail.

I moved my body so that I was basically lying on top of her and as she squirmed and rithed to get free I moved me hard memeber to brush along her tight pussy, as I did i felt her hairs and also the heat from her pussy. I pushed the head into her pussy and as I did i heard a muffled squel, this drove me to do more. I trust as hard as I could and felt my cock rip through her hymen and deep into her virgin love canal. I felt her pussy tight walls tighten around my cock as i began to thrust in and out hard only intedent on one thing, pleasing my own primal and crazed desire for this young girl.

As I carryed on pumping I heard her again muffe crys and what might have been moans. As I began to reach my point again I looked down at her face which was not streaked with tears and as I looked deep into her eyes I began to release my load deep into her Love canal, as I did I saw her eyes fill with fear and hate.

As I collapsed ontop of tiny bitch fingering her wet ass check out I began to rest but as I waited for my cock to shrink it did not. It just stayed loged deep in Charlottes pussy. I looked down and slid my still erect memeber from her and saw the cum which I had left in her drip from her tight pussy.

As I watched I saw her also virgin asshole and I knew what i wanted and Knew how I could hurt her most and really teach her for not doing what I wanted.

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As I moved my cock tip over her asshole I saw her eyes widen with fear as again she began the thrash about but this time with actual fear and anger. As I began to lean into her ass I fealt it tense up as if she was trying to stop me from invading this forever virgin area.

I persisted and pushed so hard I thought I might enpale her. As I sunk my length all the way in i heard and lound dimmed down scream of pain as my cock sank into her asshole all the way to the hilt. She felt great as her as muscle again began to squeze hard as if to try and force my cock from within her but of course this failed. I began my constant fast assualt on her ass as she yelled, whinned, pleaded and cryed I just carryed on becoming more and more aroused by her pain.

Again I looked down and saw her young not so virgin pussy quivering and still spewing cum, this sent me over the edge and as I began my huge orgasm I heard the door begin to open.

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