G xxx live story 2019

G xxx live story 2019
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Noone new Trini's dirty little secret. Kimmy was balancing on the balance beam, doing flips as Trini was staring at her, not in any normal way, in a sexual way.

That's right, Getting away and drinking mom brazzers is a lesbian and she had feelings for Kimmy ever since they had became power rangers. "Hey Trini," said Kim as she got off the balance beam and walked towards her.

"Hi," responded Trini "ohh pretty nails!" "Thanks, ever since we became power rangers, I have always been addicted to the color yellow, I have even started to eat lemons and cheese for crying out loud," said Trini as she giggled. "I see," said Kim with a smirk on her face. "uh oh, i even get horny when I even talk to Kimmy,"thought Trini as she drifted off into space.

"Trini are you okay?" worried Kimmy.

"yea, I'm fine, you know I noticed something, does the juice bar even have a bathroom?" questioned Trini. "Yea, down the hall to your left," said Kimmy. "Thanks," said Trini as she got up.

As Trini sat on the toilet seat she started to take off her pants, then her panties, as she spread her legs open and started rubbing her clit while she thought about Kimmy. "Oh fuck!" screamed Trini hoping noone would hear it, "faster Kimmy, faster, I want to cum all over your pretty little slut face," added Trini as she pretending Kimmy was rubbing her clit.

Somoene has entered the bathroom, it was Kimmy. "Oh fuck," Trini whispered to herself. "Trini, are you okay?" questioned Kim "Yea, just taking a long shit," responded Trini. "Oh okay, must of been something you ate," said Kim "Yea," agreed Trini.

"Anyway, I just came in to tell you i'm going to help Ernie unpack some boxes," said Kimmy "Okay, please go," demanded Trini. "Trini.Are you okay?" worried Kimmy. "YES, go, I'm taking a shit!" screamed Trini. "Okay jeeze," said Kim "Phew that was close, better get dressed before someone else comes in,"Trini thought.

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Kimmy and Trini are now sitting on a bench in a park at 12:54 pm. "Kimmy, may I tell you something personal and embarrasing?" questioned Trini. "Of course, we're friends, you can tell me anything, I won't get mad at you," said Kimmy "Are you sure?" questioned Trini. "Yea, c'mon just tell me," said Kimmy. "Okay, here goes nothing.You remember last night when we were at the juice bar and I had to use the washroom?" questioned Trini.

"Yea?" said Kimmy. "Well, I wasn't taking a shit, I was kind of touching myself and thinking about you!" said Trini with a embarresed smile.

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"Wait, are you a lesbian?" questioned Kimmy "So what if I was?" questioned Trini. "I am too and I have had feeling for you as well. I just didn't know how to tell you," said Kim with excitement.

"Really? Have you ever thought about me the way I do about you?" questioned Trini. "Yes, everyday!

I love you Trini, dont you understand? I want to be with you until the day I die," said Kimmy, holding her hand. "Want to come to my house? I have a little suprise," said Trini. "Sure Trini, just think of me as your slave I would do anything you say," said Kim.

As they walked home, lara onyx this russian whore smashes big black cocks without a problem bigblackcock doubleanal heard a noise in the bushes next to them. "Trini?" said Kimmy. "Yea?" questioned Trini. "Was that you moving that bush?" worried Kimmy. "Noooo?" answered Trini, as 5 puddys appeared.

"PUDDYS!" screamed Trini and Kimmy. "Its morphin ti-" as Trini gets cut off as the Puddy destroys her morpher. "Woah, I've never seen them do that before," said Kimmy. "Yea," agreed Trini "ITS MORPHIN TIME.Pterodactyl" screamed Kim as she morphs into the pink ranger. "KIMMY HELP!" screamd Trini as the Puddys kidnapped her and teleported to where the battle of the Green ranger happened. "TRINI! NO!" screamed Kimmy, as she teleports to the Command center.

In the room Trini was teleported to, there were cells on each side she looked, there was fog on the floor so she could barely see anything. "Where am I? What am I doing here?" questioned Trini worringly. "You're here because Rita Repulsa wanted you here, now shut up!" said Goldaar, as he punched her in the face without her seeing him.

"Where are you, what do you want from me?" questioned Trini. "You know very well what I want from you," answered Goldaar "No I dont, what do you want?" questioned Trini as she started to sweat. "You're a girl arent you? A young pretty 16 year old girl," said Goldaar. "Oh, you want my body?" said Trini as she full sex stories all sezxy xxx on her spit.

"Yes! If you give us pleasure, then Rita will set you free," answered Goldaar with a smirk on his face. "I will never have sex with the likes of you.Well, I have always secretly wondered how hard your dick is everyday because you're pure gold," said Trini "Trust me, I will give you pain and probably make you bleed!" said Goldaar. Uh oh, I am starting to get horny, please god no dont make my hormones have sex with GoldaarTrini thought.

"Hmm, may I please see it?" questioned Trini. "Might as well see it, since you're going to suck it later," said Goldaar with a smirk on his face. "Woah a 10 inch dick! But I'm a virgin, I don't think it will fit," worried Trini, as she liked the idea of being kidnapped and raped by a giant gold ape. "Don't worry babe, once it's in, your pussy will be adjusted to my size, NOONE ELSES!" demanded Goldaar as Trini licked her lips.

Kimmy got worried; it's been 30 minutes since Trini got teleported, she than contacted Alpha & Zordon. "Alpha, Zordon.Trini got teleported away by puddys and broke her morpher about an hour ago," said Kimmy, worriedly. "Aye aye aye aye aye, look at what Goldaar is doing to Trini!" worried Alpha. "Kimmy, I am afraid to say this but I think Goldaar is raping Trini!" said Zordon. "OMG!" worried Kim.

".and there is no way to get her out until either Goldaar or Rita set her free, and since the puddys broke her morpher, I am afraid the Yellow ranger power is history," said Zordon. "What, NO! If Trini is not a fucking power ranger, then I am going to surrender my morpher and leave the team!" said Kimmy. "You really like Trini don't you?" asked Alpha. "Yea.we are both lesbians and we were about to head off to my house and have sex and then the puddys attacked us at the park!" said Kimmy.

"Oh!" said Alpha & Zordon.