Pals fuck two beauteous cuties homemade hardcore

Pals fuck two beauteous cuties homemade hardcore
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Chapter 6 Jennifer polished her brother's purple knob to a glossy luster, licked up and down his cock-shaft and lapped at his drained scumbags, gathering up the stray cum drops that had escaped her lips. When she drew her mouth away, she left the lad gasping like a landed fish.

Her cunt-ring pulsed and rippled, milking out a few last blobs of Shepherd spunk into her swampy pussy. Adolph's prick was still hard as a rock and Jennifer wondered if they might be tied together, like mating dogs -- if Joe would have to fetch a bucket of cold water to throw over her ass before they could uncouple. She giggled at the thought. The possibility failed to alarm the girl. Jennifer adored having her cunt full of doggy cock and, fucking or stationary, active or just lying there all heavy and twitching, that cock was a treat.

She wondered how long it would be before the German Shepherd's scumbags had filled up again -- and if she could milk another cum load from the dumb brute without uncoupling.

The idea of having an empty cunt made her feel all hollow. But then Adolph woofed and stirred, beginning to draw his prick out of her soaking cunt-gash.

His cock came out as it had gone in, inch by precious inch of hairy prick emerging and dragging her cunt-lips outward as her cunt clung to that retreating prick. His slick red cock-head pulled into her fuck-slot, stuck there for a moment, then came popping out. The brute hiked back and hidden cam rough sex helpless teenager lily dixon is lost and found a few chairs out in down from Jennifer's ass.

He turned, standing sideways to her as she looked back over her shoulder at him and saw, to her delight, that his big cock was still stiff and still impressive, although the bags that shot the cum through it were in a deflated condition.

The girl adored a mouthful of her brother's cock and cum and, naturally, she wondered what a dog's prick would taste like if she sucked it. Would doggy cum be as fucking scrumptious as sibling spunk? She gazed speculatively at the brute's hairy cock, licking her lips. The succulence of Joe's jism still lingered on her tongue, keeping her naughty appetite simmering merrily away.

Jeez, she thought, grinning like an imp I sure have a lot to tell Tracy. Glancing to see if Joe was watching her -- and finding that he was -- Jennifer moved her hand into her cunt and gathered up some doggy scum on her fingers, giving her clit a nice little rub in the process.

Then she brought her hand up to her lips and licked at the gooey residue. "Ooooh!" she squealed. Doggy cum was hot and thick and gamey tasting -- and obviously nourishing. If the stuff was so tasty delivered secondhand, what would it be like if a girl -- a naughty girl, to be sure -- were to suck a load of it right out of a big doggy prick? She scooped up some more from her cunt and lapped it from her palm and fingers.

She could taste her own cum blended with the canine spunk and that, too, was yummy. It reminded her of Tracy's suggestion that the two of them might eat each other out -- a prospect that was becoming more and more intriguing to adventurous Jennifer. She gazed at Adolph's cock again, her saucy mouth starting to water. The red meat of his naked cock-head was all slathered with cum and cunt-juice, making it look even more delicious than if his knob had been dry.

Her lips trembled at the very idea of mouthing a dog prick that had just come out of a creamy cunthole. Just imagine sucking a dog's cock after the beast had been fucking sexy Tracy! Or sucking Tracy's pussy after it had been hosed full of dog spunk! Jennifer knew that she was just going to have to call on her raven-haired girlfriend. But not quite yet.

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She looked at Joe again, wanting to be sure that he was paying attention -- enjoying naughty things all the more when she was bp is karina kapur xxx for an audience. Joe was gazing down at his prick.

He had one hand wrapped around it and was tugging it up and down a bit, making sure that it was still nice and big and stiff. When he saw his sister looking at him, he grinned and drew his hand away, shoving his belly out and offering his prick to her. She licked her lips and showed him her spunk-drenched tongue suggestively and seductively. "Can I --" Joe croaked. "Can I fuck you, Sis?" "Fuck my mouth again -- or my cunt?" she whispered. "I wanna fuck your cunt," he rasped.

"Jeez, Sis, I know it's naughty but, hell, you let the goddamned dog fuck you and I'm really hot for pussy!" Her blue eyes gleamed like smoldering cobalt and her pretty face was radiant with desire.

"Wanna change places with Adolph?" she asked. "Huh?" he muttered, not getting the idea. "Like you already did, but the other way around." The saucy little slut giggled. Joe's jaw dropped.

"Jeez -- you mean --?" he gasped. "Ummmm. You wanna throw a fuck up my cunt-hole, while I suck the doggy's lovely prick?" "Oh, wow! Sis, you're awful," he cried, but his prick was bucking like a bronco. Sucking a dog off seemed even more wicked than fucking with the brute -- and all the more exciting because of it!

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He tried to grin but his facial muscles were all stiff and twisted by lust. He nodded. Jennifer was delighted by his expression and, more so, by the way that his big potent prick was hammering away. How wonderful it would be to have her brother's cock slamming in and out of her cunt and spurting his cum into her cunt -- and enjoying a mouthful of doggy cum as well! "I hope the fucker can cum again," she said, huskily. "I really wanna drink doggy jism now!" Joe gasped, reacting to her depraved confession as she had known that he would.

Jennifer slid across to where the German Shepherd was standing. She rolled over onto her side and hiked her belly up a little, parting her legs and lifting one knee so that her crotch was fully accessible. Then she reached out and cupped the dog's balls. They were beginning to blow up again, she found, as she fondled them and felt another lovely load of yummy spunk pump into the bags.

Joe was crawling toward her, his prick standing out like a pike aimed at her cunt-gash and his balls hanging down and, like the dog's, starting to swell once more. Jennifer moaned at the prospect of another double dose, simply adoring jism in either end and positively worshipping the wonderful stuff when she got hosed full at head and tail together. She was glowing radiantly, feeling deliciously depraved and loving that sordid sensation. Her hand slid up from the dog's balls and closed around his cock.

Adolph turned his head and gazed at her, doggy wisdom sparkling in his eyes. He yelped with enthusiasm. Jennifer skinned back on his hairy cock-stalk, making the naked red slab loom out from the sheath. She inhaled all the mixed succulence of cum, cunt-juice and cock-meat wafting heavily from that gamey, slippery knob.

"Watch, Joe," she whispered. Joe was not about to look away. Jennifer slid her blonde head under the German Shepherd's belly and turned her face toward his jutting prick. The dog held himself rigid, his flanks quivering in anticipation of a strange new thrill. Jennifer stared at his cock-knob, hesitating -- but not with any reluctance or doubt, simply gazing at that huge slab of red cock-meat like a gourmet at a banquet. Her pink tongue slid out, fluttering an inch or two from the tip of the dog's wet cock-head.

She looked at her brother, then at the doggy cock, then at her brother again, almost as excited at having Joe witness her depravity as she was at the prospect of sucking off that lovely dog cock. Her hand pushed back on his prick, rolling the hairy sheath back from his naked cock.

The brute's pisshole was gaping open and the angry red horny redhead on webcam more videos on sexycamsorg of his fat prick was all streaked and lathered with milky cum and pearly pussy-juice looking like some delicacy carefully prepared by a French chef.

Jennifer flicked her tongue against the very tip of the German Shepherd's cock-head, lightly, merely skinning up the slippery slab. She drew back for a moment, letting that first-ever taste of dog prick stimulate her tastebuds.

She made a little purring sound of contentment as she discovered that dog cock was absolutely scrumptious. Adolph was vibrating all through his big, brawny body, but still held himself in check, waiting for the girl to work her mysterious magic on him, to demonstrate how a human mouth could mysteriously become a fuck-hole. Joe groaned, his handsome face all twisted with lust.

His cock was hammering savagely, desperate to sink into his sister's available cunt-hole, but like the doggy, he held himself back, waiting for naughty Jennifer to complete this strange threesome. La directrice est une nympho lapped at the dog's cock again, her flattened pink tongue gliding over the flushed red cock and slurping up the jism and pussy-juice that was all slathered on the slick head of his prick.

"Ummmm, doggy cock is lovely," she whispered, knowing that her words would further excite her brother -- if he could possibly be any more excited than he already was. "I'm gonna blow a whole lot of dogs from now on, Joey! I'm gonna suck off boobs pressing and licking by man big doggy I can get!" "Suck him, Sis! Suck the fucker!" Joe urged.

The sight was making him so fiery hot that he thought that his eyeballs might melt. The blonde teenager began to lave the dog's cock-head with moist slurps, bathing all over his prick, her slobber glistening on the meat to replace the mingled cum-juice that she was tonguing up.

Adolph whined. A great glob of gooey pre-spunk appeared in his open pisshole. The stuff was too thick to drip down, it gleamed there in his cleft like a melted pearl. Jennifer whimpered hungrily at the sight.

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She shot sydney going solo this time pornstars handjob glance at Joe, then slid her tongue out and very daintily licked the cum drop out of the German Shepherd's open pisshole. It rolled onto her lapper, as heavy as a lump of lead. The girl let the doggy spunk run over her tingling tastebuds, tantalizing her, whetting her appetite for the main course.

Joe was panting. Jennifer pushed her tongue out so that he could see the pearly goo on her pink tongue meat. He groaned at the inspirational sight. The dog jism was flowing like a glob of quicksilver, fluid yet thick. Jennifer swallowed the delicacy, moaning. Her brother's cum was lovely to drink, but the dog's slime was hotter and thicker and gamier and she longed for more, yearned for a bellyful of the sweet stuff. She opened her mouth wide and pushed her lips down over the animal's prick-head.

She sucked rapturously, whimpering, her cheeks hollowing in and her lips puckering out as they collared his cock-stalk. The dog bellowed like a bull. Now that his cock-head was in the girl's mouth, there was no mystery about it.

He began to hump frantically, fucking into her face and tipping her blonde head back as his cock filled her greedy maw and plunged back to her throat. Jennifer sucked as the brute withdrew. That wonderful mouthful was making her so hungry and so horny that her nipples stood out as if they were going to fly right off her plump tits, and her clit protruded out from her soaking cunt, aimed at her brother.

She opened her legs wider. Joe knelt between her slim, shapely thighs and dipped down, bringing his huge cock level with her groin. He grasped his sister by the hips and, without manual guidance, inched his prick into her fuck-slot. His cock-knob slid easily into her cunt and her cunt-lips clamped around him, sucking and dragging, wanting him deeper up her cunt.

Joe held steady for a moment, with only his cock-knob in his sister's cunt, savoring the anticipation. Then, with a long, slow, underslung stroke, the horny youth slid his prick all the way into her cunt. "Ahhhh!" Jennifer sighed, feeling her pussy fill to the core as the mom crys after raped by son continued to pound his prick into her mouth with frantic vigor.

Joe's hands slid under Jennifer's trim little ass, lifting her loins higher.

Ass corkscrewing, he began to ram his prick in and out of her cunt-hole. Jennifer fucked with him, her ass grinding and her hips jerking. Her belly dipped, and her thighs hooked around his heaving flanks, clamping him in a velvet vise.

Her pliable cunt-hole molded itself around the contours of his cock, clinging to every inch and sucking like a mouth. The inner rings pulled on her brother's prick, driving the lad to a frenzy. He shoveled his cock to her fast and hard, his cock vanishing to the root in her hairy cunt.

"Unghhh, unghhh!" Jennifer full sex stories all sezxy xxx as her brother jolted into her cunt, and flawless looker shows enormous fanny and gets anal reamed doggy stuffed her head full of rock-hard prick.

The brute was humping so fast now that his haunches were a dark blur. His long, bushy tail was swirling about like a propeller behind his haunches. Jennifer writhed in exquisite joy, fucking and sucking with wild abandonment, her mouth as hot as her cunt. Her pussy began to cream. Her mouth was slobbering as if it, too, were in the sweet spasms of an orgasm. Joe pounded in furiously, his balls whacking against her upthrust ass with a solid thud.

The dog's scumbags were rolling in under her chin. Both sets of balls were full of cum, and Jennifer longed for both loads. Her belly was already full of cum, and she wanted to gulp down great gobs of doggy jism to enhance that nourishment. She wanted her brother to pour his next load into a cunt that was already drenched with thick animal juice.

"Slime me, Joe!" she wailed as Adolph's prick pulled back through her lips. "Feed me your hot -- umpfff!" She gagged as dog cock jammed into her gullet. The German Shepherd was tossing her head about on his prick, like a bull goring a matador with his horn, and Joe was heaving her slim pelvis up and down as he fed his cock to her pussy with savage thrusts.

Jennifer was cumming and cumming. Cunt-juice poured from her pussy each time her brother stuffed her full, lathering her groin and running down into the crack of her jerking ass. Adolph growled, his lips turning back from his gleaming fangs in a doggy grimace.

His jism rocketed into her mouth. "Oooooh!" Jennifer wailed, gulping the sweet scum down greedily. The thick, gluey stuff was all coming out of the dog's cock-head in a slimy rope, bonding his balls to her belly by a creamy tether.

"He's spunking in my mouth, Joe! The fucking dog is shooting in my mouth!" she cried. But Joe already knew that. She was swallowing ravenously, but the brute's bestial load was too much for her.

Foaming cum spilled from her lips and poured in cascades down her cheeks and chin. "Gonna blow, Sis! Gonna hose your cunt!" her brother walled, as his balls exploded. "Yeah, unghhhh, fill my cunt, Joey!" Jennifer moaned, pumping her crotch wildly down to meet his prick as his jism jetted out.

Joe shot into her cunt so hard that she could hear his cum splash as it doused her, sloshing into a pool of cum and doggy spunk. Her tight pussy sucked, milking on his spurting prick, soaking up his jism like a sponge. Her clit exploded on his sliding cock-stalk, sparking again and again as her brother filled her fuck-hole, and her doggy continued to pump his gamey goo into her hungry mouth and belly. At last the animal faltered, his flanks grinding down to a quivering halt.

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Jennifer nursed a few last globs out of his prick, then pulled her mouth off the brute's drained prick and concentrated on fucking off her own climax as her brother spilled out the last squirts of his cum into her pussy. Then Joe, too, was finished. He clung to her for a moment, his cock jammed up her pussy. Then, gasping, dizzy with his dynamic cumming, the boy pulled his emptied cock out of his nubile sister's flooded cunt-gash. His fat prick stood out straight for a moment, then collapsed like a felled tree.

His cock-head whacked against his trembling thigh. Jennifer gazed wistfully at that brotherly prick and sighed, realizing that Joe was finished for the moment. Then she looked at Adolph hopefully, but that xstory stepson blackmaiel rape stepmom in kitchen brute, too, had shot his bestial bolt.

His thick cock was retracting slowly back into his loins, the knob already enveloped by the hairy sheath, and his balls shriveled and voided.

Full of cum and well creamed, herself, insatiable little Jennifer still felt all hollow and empty now, with no stiff cock available to plug her full. Then, on this day of adventure, she thought about Tracy -- and smiled.