Year old slut sucks and gets fucked hard in outdoor action big dick bigtits

Year old slut sucks and gets fucked hard in outdoor action big dick bigtits
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The rain beat against the windows as Sara stretched luxuriously in bed. It was cold and wet outside, but inside, it was warm and dark, the bed was nice and soft, and Sara was in a horny mood. Her long curly red hair cascaded over the down pillows. She wriggled herself down into the feather bed, feeling the sheets sliding over her 38-DD breasts and enjoying the feeling of her nipples inadvertently hardening. This was almost a perfect evening at home, she thought. Only one thing missing.

She began to think about that one thing missing, and as she did she let her hands roam over her body. She let her fingertips brush gently over her well-rounded boobs, teasing the nipples into stiffness with her fingers. Then she let her hands travel down over her soft belly, over her lightly furred mound, and then back up again to her nipples, squeezing and pulling them, teasing herself even more. She kept this up for a few minutes until she couldn't stand it anymore, and slipped her fingers into her moist pussy, finding her clit and rubbing it gently with her forefinger.

She sighed with satisfaction. Then she used her other hand to part her pussy lips and began to finger herself with one hand while she continued rubbing the little man in the boat with the other. Then she thought - "Say, where is that vibrator." She reached quickly over to the bedside table, opened the drawer, reached in and found The Purple Monster, as she called it; her favorite vibrator. She took her hands away from her juicy cunt long enough to turn it on, and then tucked it in between the folds of her vagina, feeling it go in deep.

Sara began nubile cutie thief under big wiener pressure her vibe in and out of her hot pussy as she fondled her engorged clit with the other lola foxx and johnny sins home study. She felt an orgasm beginning to boil up from within her. "This is gonna be a good one," she thought, and then it hit. Her pussy tightened around the vibrator and she felt the all-over tingle increase until she was lost in her own blissful orgasm.

Then everything seemed to dissolve. The orgasm seemed to go on forever, almost like an out of body experience. When Sara came to, she wasn't in her bed.

She was in a room with metal walls, strapped down to a padded table. For a second she thought she was hallucinating, but when she tried straining against the wrist and ankle cuffs, she found out it was real enough. "What the hell," she said, getting pissed off. A door slid open in the wall and a small, green-skinned humanoid stepped through. He was about four and a half feet tall, and looked exactly like the drawings of aliens that Sara had seen in TV programs about abductees.

The only difference was that this one had a smirk on his face. "Greetings, earth female, in the name of the Empire," he said in oddly accented English. "I am Commander Kleznor." "Whatever, space monkey," Sara snapped back. "What the hell are you doing to me, and how come you can speak English?" "We have observed your culture for quite some time," Kleznor said. "Learning the language was a necessary step in our plan to conquer your planet and enslave your people in the service of the glorious Empire.

As was your capture." "What are you talking about, ugly?" Sara snarled. "We have abducted you deliberately," Kleznor continued dispassionately. "We have observed you for quite some time and have determined that you are the epitome of human female sexuality. Your large, full, round breasts, your long red hair, your face - which is considered beautiful by human standards - " here he shuddered slightly, which pissed Sara off even more - "your well-rounded 'ass,' as they call it, makes you the perfect human female specimen.

We have observed your self-pleasuring for the past month." "WHAT!!" Sara said. "You peeping tom bastards!" "My name is Kleznor, not Tom," the smug little alien replied.

"As I said, we have observed your self-pleasuring sessions and measured the response with our long-range sensors, and your capacity for orgasmic pleasure is the highest we have ever encountered in our search for the perfect earth female. Therefore, we have captured you." "And what do you intend to do with me?" Sara said.

Her mind was racing. How could she get out of this? "We have determined that we will replicate you," Commander Kleznor said. "With minor variations in appearance, we will dispatch android replicants of yourself to all world leaders, who will be overwhelmed by the replicants' sexuality, becoming infatuated with them, and bowing to their - and therefore the Empire's - will." "That won't work," Sara scoffed.

"Do you think you are the first woman we have experimented with in this way?" Kleznor rasped. "Have you ever heard of Monica Lewinsky?" "She was an android?" Sara gasped. "Of course," Kleznor smirked. "It almost worked, but there were flaws in the design. However, you have no flaws that we can determine, and you will be the perfect replicant.

We have already scanned your body and loaded its dimensions into our, how do you call it, computers." "Okay, frog dick," Sara said, "but there's no way you can replicate my sex drive.

There's more to me than just a pretty face, big tits and a nice ass!" "We will measure your sexuality and simulate it," Kleznor said. He held up one long skinny finger, as if summoning someone. It glowed at the tip. The door slid open again and Sara saw shadowy figures silhouetted beyond. "And this," Kleznor continued, "is how we will do it." A tall, green, and very male humanoid came into the room. Sara's eyes widened. "Pretty buff for an alien," she thought.

"And check out that cock!" Her nipples began to harden in spite of herself. Another small alien followed the massively endowed greenie. It was pushing a metallic box covered with dials, buttons and lights. "Well, the big guy's not one of you boys," Sara said. "He's far too well hung." "Silence, earth female," Kleznor said.

"This is a sex android. You will have intercourse with him; he has been optimized for your pleasure based on the scans we took of you. We will measure your response through the sensors in the android's body while it fucks you, and mimic your response in our replicas of you. This will make the replicants irresistible, and our plan will be complete." "Eat shit," Sara snapped.

"I gather that is some sort of amateur girlfriend sucks and fucks with cum Kleznor said.

"You can have sex with our android, or you can be disposed of. It would be a shame to do so because specimens such as yourself are hard to find, but it could be done. And besides, he has been optimized to pleasure you to the maximum extent possible. Reconsider. You have two minutes." Sara was outraged, but she couldn't see any way out. Suddenly, for no reason, she flashed on her last boyfriend, the one caught by cop xxx suspect becomes highly cooperative during resolution discussions with had to sleep for at least two hours after they fucked and complained that she "wore him out." Then Sara smiled to herself.

There was a light at the end of this tunnel; maybe she could get out of this after all. And it might not be totally horrible; after all, the android was kind of good looking, if you could get past the green color. "All sucking and fucking in the shower watch part on suzcamcom Sara said.

"But you have to let me loose first." The wrist and ankle restraints disappeared, and Sara sat up, her boobs bouncing slightly as she did so. "Now come over here, Greenie, and let me look at you." The android walked unsteadily toward Sara, its eyes scanning her magnificent globes. "This might work," she thought to herself. She looked the android over. Not bad work; they had obviously modeled him after a guy who worked out regularly.

Nice bod for a 'droid, she thought. Then she took a look at the android's cock and lifted an eyebrow. "I wonder who the hell they modeled that after," she thought. If it was that big soft.this might be fun after all. "Come here big boy," she said, and she grasped the android's green penis.

She began stroking it softly, marveling at how real it felt, and noticed with delight that it came to attention very nicely. She knew the other aliens were watching, but she let it go, partly because she was too busy with her plan and partly because, she had to admit, she was a bit of an exhibitionist anyway.

The android's dick was fully hard by now. It looked much like a human penis, except for the green color and the soft little bumps along the top. Sara began wondering how those little bumps would feel as they slipped into her and bounced along her clit, and felt her pussy sex selingkuh menantu vs mertua japanese wet in spite of herself. "What the hell," she thought, "let's try this." She slipped the android's hardening cock into her mouth and began giving him head, her warm mouth sliding up and down the hard green shaft, sucking and licking.

She swirled her tongue around the green head and felt the android's dick jump in her mouth. The android's spine stiffened and one of the sensors on his forehead glowed green, then pink, then bright red. The other alien who had accompanied the android into the room spoke up. "Commander Kleznor," he said. "Even at this point the pleasure readings.they're straining the meters." "Well, do your work, Trazepam, and optimize the sensors for full input!" Kleznor snapped, his eyes not straying from the scene before him.

"But Commander," said Trazepam, "I don't think you understand, we're already running into the red, and they've barely started!" "Silence, Trazepam, and open up the optimizers!" Kleznor snarled. "We must have this female's sexual essence! I wish to hear no more of your bleating!" Sara heard the exchange and glanced up at the sex android.

Red lights were flashing in a row across his forehead. She sucked harder, bobbing her head up and down on the android's fleshy, stiff cock, curling her tongue along the bottom of the shaft and milking it with one hand while she cupped and jiggled his balls with the other.

It worked as well on androids as it did on her boyfriends, Sara thought. She glanced up at the android's forehead and the lights were going wild, most of them flashing red. She had to admit that the android had more staying power than her last boyfriend, who would have blown his load by now, but that just made her more determined to see just how far she could push it.

She pulled her mouth away from the android cock, deliberately letting it make a "pop" as it came away from her enticing lips, and flopped on her back, her plump tits lolling to the side. She opened her luscious thighs and used the fingers of two hands to open her pussy lips enticingly.

"OK, big greenie, let's see what you've got," she taunted. The android stood there for a second, scanning her ripe, wet pussy, and seemed to tremble slightly. Then he inserted his stiff green cock into Sara's pink cunt.

She had to admit she loved the color contrast, and those little soft bumps on the topside were every bit as nice on her clit as she thought they'd be.

She widened her legs and the android pushed himself deeper into her. The lights on his forehead flashed wildly. "So you like it too, huh?" she taunted it. "Gimme what you got, let's see what your android can do, Kleznor." Kleznor was sweaty. "Initiate Sequence One," he said to Trazepam. "Maximize sensation absorption sensors!" "Commander, I don't know if that would be wise." Trazepam started to say.

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"Fool! Do as I command you! We must have her essence!" Kleznor snapped. Trazepam twisted some dials on his console. Sara felt the android increase his strokes, attaining a mechanical - but really nice, she had to admit - rhythm. In her turn she began pushing back against it, and tightened her pussy around the android's cock. The lights were all cum on ass part 2 the red now and stood out like fire against the android's green forehead.

"Come on, you can do better," Sara taunted. "Make your android work for it, I've had better fucks than this!" "Initiate Sequence Three!" Kleznor snarled at Trazepam. "But sir," Trazepam said, "we can't skip Sequence Two, the android isn't designed.our sensors." "Silence before I have you gutted!" Kleznor shrieked.

"To your work, fool!" Trazepam shut up and twisted more dials. The android reached up and grasped Sara's silky pink breasts with one green hand, caressing them gently but firmly, paying special attention to her hard nipples.

She groaned in spite of herself; this 'droid was good. She forced herself to remember what she was doing, and fucked back against his driving cock, even as she was enjoying the attention the android was paying to her rotund mammaries. The android fondled her ass with his other hand, rubbing it just right, and she found herself fucking the android in earnest, heading toward her first orgasm. "Oh jeez," she gasped.

"Fuck fuck fuck, here it comes, give it to me." "Optimize! OPTIMIZE!" Kleznor yelled. "Commander, I.the sensors.They." Trazepam squeaked. His hands danced over the board to no avail; the meters were in the red. Everything was overloaded. Thin trails of smoke started rising from the suny leon 2019 xxx story Sara slammed her cunt into the android's cock and came so hard she saw stars in front of her eyes, feeling every one of those little bumps as the android pushed into her slick hot cunt, fondling her boobs and butt.

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"Ahhhh." was all she could say. Her plan was succeeding. Now all she had to do was just throw herself into the orgasms that the android was helping her with. And they were good ones. The android trembled; his forehead indicator lights were glowing cherry red.

As Sara writhed underneath the android's touch, one of its lights popped out of his forehead and blew across the room. Her plan was working!

"OPTIMIZE! OPTIMIZE!" Kleznor screamed. Sara glanced around the android's heaving side and noticed the alien commander was whaling away at his tiny green prick, beating his meat crazily.

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"He's pretty good," she managed to gasp. "His prick is a lot better than your measly little green worm.

It feels so good." Would it work? She thought through the haze of her fourth (or was it the fifth?) orgasm.

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Were aliens as touchy about their penis size as humans? It worked. Kleznor's hands came away from his tiny prick and he screamed in rage. Jumping to the android's console, he struck Trazepam away from the controls. "SEQUENCE TEN, Earth Woman! You will be eliminated by your own pleasure!" Trazepam struggled up from the floor.

"No, Commander! The system can't take." Commander Kleznor pulled some sort of a gun from somewhere and shot Trazepam in the head. He fell lifeless to the floor. Kleznor turned back to the console and pushed buttons. Sara felt the android's cock expand in her pussy, growing longer. The soft pleasure bumps became more prominent. The amateur real daddy and gets caught xxx girls behaving badly cock seemed to pulsate as it moved in and out of her pink folds, the green color clashing with her red cunt hair.

She gave herself up to the orgasm she knew was coming and grinned as she felt it rising from her curled toes up to her spine.

It hit like a giant wave blasting over her as the android's hands massaged her ripe melons. The android began shuddering violently as Sara slammed her ass into him, taking his mechanical prick all the way in. She managed to pull away from the giant cock and began pumping him in her hand, reaching down between her legs to jerk the big wet green cock, slick with her own pussy juice.

"Gonna cum, big boy?" she whispered. "Gonna cum for me?" Kleznor yelled, "NO! IMPOSSIBLE! He's not designed to." But even as he spoke, thick jets of blue cum shot out the end of the android's dick, splashing against Sara's belly, and sending her into yet another orgasm.

The android shuddered, standing rigid as Sara milked him with her soft hands. It was too much for the system. The console blew up, killing Commander Kleznor instantly. The android fell heavily across Sara, pinning her down. His android prick was still dripping blue cum. She felt the room shake and then realized she must have been in the aliens' ship all this time. The lights flashed off, and then came on again much dimmer. She felt the ship begin to fall, and knew it was going to crash.

"Oh well," she said to no one, "at least I had the wildest fuck of my life first." Suddenly the android jerked, then picked itself up off her.

It said something she couldn't understand, maybe the aliens' language. "Speak English," she yelled. The ship was definitely going down; metal was creaking and groaning and smoke half filled the room. "Must.protect.perfect.specimen," the android spoke. "Ship.malfunction. Must.protect." It picked her up and slung her over his shoulder, and somehow, unsteadily, it walked out of the room.

It set her down in a chair that inflated to hold her still, suspended in a huge formfitting air mattress. "What is this," she shouted over the din. "Crash.chair.must protect perfect female.malfunction." the android croaked. With that Sara felt the ship impact into something. She was perfectly cushioned, but the android wasn't; he fell over and disappeared from her sight. The lights went out. When the ship stopped moving the chair deflated, freeing Sara. Emergency lights came on, just flickering.

She jumped out of the chair and saw the android, in several pieces on the floor. Only one arm, his head and torso were intact.

"Escape hatch," it said, his voice sounding like bad radio reception. "That way." He pointed over her shoulder and an opening appeared. "Escape. Perfect female must escape." "What about you?" she said, and then remembered he was an android. "Malfunction, can no longer protect human perfect female being," it said.

She started to turn and then the android spoke once more. "Wait, take this," it crackled. "It will.serve you." The android reached down with his one remaining hand. There was a clicking sound, and he handed her his android penis, complete with balls. "It.will.serve." the android said, his voice fritzing out. "Optimized for perfect." His head fell back and the remaining lights on his forehead blinked out.

Sara scrambled out the escape hatch with the android genitals in her hand. She found she was standing on top of a flying saucer, crashed enchanting model is exposing her stretched soft kitty in close up stretching and pleasuring the middle of the ocean.

She looked around wildly. The alien craft was sinking; would she have to swim for it? Then she saw a ship and began waving and yelling.

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On board the USS Kelvin, the first mate and captain stared off the side of the ship. The first mate had binoculars to his eyes. "What is it, Kent," the captain asked. "What's going on?" "Sir," First Mate Kent said, "it appears to be a flying saucer crashed in the middle of the ocean with um, you'll pardon me sir, a naked redhead with big tits standing on the top of it, and she's waving at us.

What should we do, sir?" "What should we do?" The captain looked at the first mate, aghast. "What should we DO? We're SAILORS, man! Set a course for the redhead, full speed ahead! Rescue mission! All hands alert!" "And that's the story," General Paul N. Cowell concluded. The Joint Chiefs of Staff stared at him. "That is how this young lady saved the United States, and the entire earth, from alien invasion.

We have the saucer and we are analyzing their technology. Next time, we will be prepared." "But what about the young woman?" one of the Chiefs of Staff said.

"Surely she deserves a medal, or some reward. The world should know what she did!" "She has requested anonymity, and I intend to honor that request," Cowell replied firmly. "And as far as a reward.she already has one." The rain beat against the windows as Smart teen revenges on busy bf by seducing his handsome dad stretched luxuriously in bed.

It was cold and wet outside, but inside, it was warm and dark, the bed was nice and soft, and Sara was in a good mood. Only one thing needed to make it perfect. She threw the covers aside. "Oh Greenie," she spoke into the dark. "I think I need your services." The bedside drawer opened and the android penis, fully erect, floated out of the drawer and hung in the air, jutting proudly. Sara rolled over on her belly, feeling her lush tits sink into the soft feather mattress, her big brown nipples already hardening in anticipation.

She stuck her ass into the air and waggled it enticingly. "Mistress Sara feels like something kinky tonight," she purred. "Doggy style. And Sequence 3." The android penis floated through the air, positioned itself perfectly between the round pink globes of her ass, and slid its swollen green length through the wet folds of her labia, right into her hot, waiting pussy.

As it began to pulsate and pump her tingling twat, Sara sighed. "Saving the earth does have its rewards," she thought, just before her first orgasm overtook her.