Oily tits the problem was that she only had foreign money

Oily tits the problem was that she only had foreign money
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The day after our meeting with the women, I was having a second cup of coffee and absent-mindedly playing with my soft dick while reading the paper. My doorbell rang. I closed the tablet, wrapped my robe and answered. It was Bill and Frank.

I showed them in and offered them a cup, which they accepted. I put on another pot and sat down with the men. Frank spoke first.

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"Bill and I were talking, and we're thinking it might be ok to meet with the girls sometimes, but not regularly." "I was going to ask you guys what you thought.

I was non-committal after we were done last night." Bill said, "It was lots of fun, but I'm running into issues at home. Molly and I agreed to be open, and I told her yesterday what the plan was. If you didn't know her you'd have thought she was cool with xvn kokeshi cowgirl cat sperm woman fuji aya, but I could tell it bothered her a little.

We haven't discussed it, but I suspect she's jealous or maybe she wants in on it and knows you're not big on seeing her." Frank added, "I had a good time too, but I think there's something special about sex with guys. Maybe the comradeship, maybe the quality of your blowjobs." I snapped back, "Well I know my blowjobs are the best." That brought a chuckle. Frank continued, "I like women, I enjoy their company and the sex is, I dunno, more a whole experience.

But I like that we guys just focus on cock. That's hot in a different way." "I don't want you to feel pressured to have Molly there," Bill added. "I was thinking that we could have the other women on occasion. If Molly wants in, can you opt out, Pete? Or I could stay home that night." "Let me think about it.

Like I said beautiful chicks get to suck big cocks, I had a good time with her." "OK, then I'll see how she feels." Bill hesitated, then spoke again. "I was feeling kinda out of it too. I know you guys like my cock, but it's still little. When I took Martha after you'd jizzed her up, Pete, I know she liked me fucking her but it's a good thing I don't have any trouble cumming.

No friction. It reminded me of my size." "Well, you've got that right that we like your package," I added. "I meant what I told her about my favorite acts, I love it when you fuck my mouth." I playfully reached over and gave his crotch a rub. Bill smiled and said, "Thanks.

But that adds to Frank's opinion on spending time with just us guys." I poured myself another coffee. "Have you talked to Tom?" "No, not yet," said Frank. "Bill, talk to Molly, and Pete, think it over. Let's stake out a corner of the snack bar tomorrow and decide." "Hey, I'm going to put a shot in my coffee, you guys want some?" Frank quipped, "What, booze or cum?" I laughed and said, "Just bourbon this time." But after they left, I thought over that remark and put both whisky and cum in my coffee.

I'd heard of people doing that. I opened my robe and found my cock sticking straight up. I did my usual technique; right hand on my balls and left on my cock, stroking easy at first, then speeding up. My thoughts were on seeing Frank standing on the couch and feeding his penis to Annie, and how she got so excited about gulping down his cum.

Damn, I stroked faster yet, and just as I was about to unload I stood up and pointed my dick into my coffee cup. After last night, you wouldn't think I had a big cum in me, but I squirted about four big globs of semen into the cup. Sitting down, I stirred it in then tasted. It was sexy, but as far as taste it was nothing special. I'll stick with half and half.

---------- The next day at the cafe, we got our snacks and went to the corner table. Tom looked over at the bar and said, "I suppose Andie will be discrete." I offered that I thought she would be. "She knows we're good buddies and I think she suspects it's more than that." "You buddies with her?" "Uh, yeah, you could say so." Frank said, "Jesus, you get around, don't you?" "A gentleman never tells." "And you get a lot of mileage out of that line." Frank asked, "Tom, I told you what Bill and I were thinking, and you know Pete's not getting along with Molly.

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A penny for your thoughts." Tom said he'd been thinking it over. "I'd actually be ok with Molly in or out, not having the girls, or having them once in a while. I mostly want to keep the four of us as the core group. Oh and Jerry when he can make it." "How did your talk with Molly go, Bill?" "I was right, she was jealous, a little because I'd fucked another woman, but mostly because she wants to join us." "Christ, everybody wants us!" said Tom.

We chuckled on that black haired czech slut slammed for cash. My turn. "I'm willing to let Molly join the group too. I still only trust her so far, but I don't see how she can mess with us if she's right there in the thick of it. And I think it will be good for her and Bill, yes?" Bill nodded. "And that way, she won't be getting her info second hand at mah jong." Tom proposed that we ask the three women over once a month, and we agreed to try that.

---------- On Thursday, I got a call from Jerry. Seems he spent more time than I thought, in that park where I saw him in the dick pictures site. "Hey, Pete, how are you?" "Good. You taking good care of my cock's twin?" "As best I can. Hey, it's a nice day for this time of year. I was going over to the park, you want to go for a walk?

I know a grove of trees with a lot of cover around it, that's got a little clearing in the middle. Wanna check it out?" Jerry likes sex in the outdoors, so I thought, what the hell?

"Sure, meet at the parking lot?" "Sounds good. I've got a nice big blanket we can share." "Yummy. I'll bring a couple of beers and some snacks." Half an hour later, I parked by Jerry's car, and grabbed my backpack.

I asked, "How long a walk is it?" "It's a couple of miles, back in the lesser used corner of the park." We took a less popular trail, then cut up hill in some planted hairy step mom fuck stepson hard, the ones growing in rows.

At the top was a thicket of deciduous trees and brush. Jerry walked around it to the left, and just when the way was looking like a dead end, he pulled a brush aside and we stooped to walk through. After about twenty feet, a clearing appeared. "How the fuck did you find this place, Jerry? Satellite view?" "Exactly. I wanted a place to lay around naked. Too cold for that now, but we can have some covered up fun." I set down my bag on a grassy spot, and latina beauty queen sex video with italian porn actor rocco that Jerry already had a lump in his pants.

I reached down and felt his cock through his pants. He turned a little and started palming my crotch too. I leaned over and stuck my tongue in his ear; he swore and we began to rub our hard cocks against each other.

Jerry broke away and got the blanket out of his pack. I opened the beers and got out some chips. We sat next to each other and chilled a bit, having a few bites and good slugs on the beers.

Jerry leaned back and opened his pants, letting his cock stick out. I thought that was a fine idea and did the same. We enjoyed stroking each other for a while, then Jerry rolled over and faced my cock. "That's a good boy, Jerry. You gonna make Pete's peter feel good?" "Fuck yes. I've been thinking about sucking your cock for days." He leaned down and kissed my cock head, and licked up and down the shaft.

I ran my hands over his head, and he opened up to take me in. I felt the wet warmth of his mouth on my dick, and soon I was wet and warm all over. I reached down and grabbed his cock to play while he sucked me. Jerry was starting to make me feel very hot, but I didn't want to cum yet.

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I lifted his head off my organ and turned him so he'd lay down, then got between his legs. I wanted access to couple having sex to the core pussyfucking wardboy balls so I pulled his pants down a little. I spit in my hand and wrapped it around his cock, mira in stockings sensually stimulated with feather stroked him up and down.

With the other hand, I touched his balls and rolled them around in my palm. Jerry moaned. Then I did him one better and put my mouth on him and sucked away. Jerry started to moan and squirm; I took my mouth off and asked if he was ready.

"Shit yes, I need to cum." I went back down on him and started working up and down harder, wiggling my tongue around on him. In a minute he began to hump and groan, then I tasted his seed filling my mouth.

Jerry laid back for a minute and savored the feeling. "Now your turn," he said. I laid down and he went right back onto my shaft, and slid on and off me. I was in no hurry, and he was enjoying the ride. But after about ten minutes of his excellent sucking, I felt the buildup begin and told him I was close. He sped up, and that was the start of the climax. I built up harder and hotter, then it overcame me as I throbbed a few good globs into his willing mouth. We laid side by side for a while, then sat back up to drink more of our beers.

We just sat quietly for a while, then Jerry asked, "What did you guys get into when the girls came over?" "Hot times.

They watched us for a while, then played with each other. Then they came over to the couch and came after us. Marsha, the woman I work with, got fucked by three of us while she ate out her sister, Annie.

Annie sucked a couple of us. At one point, I had one of each of their tits in a hand." "Nice jugs?" "You like big boobs? Marsha is a C-cupper, Annie's bigger. And they both like having their tits played with." "I love tits. I'm going to have to be there the next time." We stayed around for a while.

We both had to piss, so we held each other's cock while we pissed. The sun was starting to go down and we were getting cold, so we covered up and headed out.

Jerry said he'd probably be over Tuesday. I offered that he just might get his cock sucked again. I thanked him for the invitation to come out today, and went home with a happy penis and balls.

-------------------- An afterword from your author It's been a year since Pete joined the group, and the old cocksuckers are still at it. The women join the group on first Tuesdays, and Pete is getting comfortable with Molly around. He's even been known to send her off with his mouth, and she returns the favor. Frank had a spike in his PSA and he ended up having a prostatectomy. He expects to get his full erections back, but alas no more semen for the boys to eat. For now, the pump does the trick, and Pete still gets to 69 with him.

Pete gets together with Marsha, enjoying her sexy body as much as ever. He gets pumping her hard, and she cums long and hard, then he loads her up with his jism. They've got a regular date night most Fridays, a place downtown has a great fish fry. They'll usually stay over at one of their places and share some bliss. Time to wrap this story up. I've had a lot of fun, and a number of erections, writing this story. It does parallel my life in a way, my experience with guys was all when I was younger and I'm retirement age now and newly single.

But I do need to stop writing now, because I invited a friend over to have a drink and watch a movie. I suggested some porn, and he just smiled at me.