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Busty black lady rayne gets her pussy creamed video
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Lovely lilith growing boobs with milk is a pilot chapter of a story I am calling, "Training Ruth". I will only continue with positive reinforcement from fans and followers.

So please, vote and comment after reading. Prologue If a heterosexual man were to describe Ruth Claiborne in one word you would most often hear a synonym of stunning, gorgeous, sexy, or any variation of Aphrodite personified.

She was five-eight with wavy auburn curls that fell to the small of her back. She was of Bulgarian descent and had dark, chocolate eyes and a slight tan that accentuated her plush lips. Her cheeks bones were high and her eyebrows arched daringly. Her lashes went on for miles and her thin frames just begged a man to embrace her in loving intimacy. Her breasts, while not large, were of good size, and fit her body proportions quite well. Her rear was round and firm, ready to be swatted by many naughty hands.

Ruth was a beauty to behold, but it was Blair Sullivan who finally captured the lovely enchantress. This is the story of their two entangled lives and how it ended in tragedy. Chapter One The Lunch Date Ruth was twenty-eight whenever she decided it was time to settle down and find a husband.

They would buy a house together, have several children (no more than four, if she had anything to say about it) and build a life together. She would hopefully become a stay-at-home mom (Ruth despised her 'career' as a bartender) and live out an easy, happy life with the man of her dreams. Her life so far hadn't been the most desirable scenario.

Her mother, a stressed-out pill-popper who lived by the guidelines of an old era, where women's place was in the home, had always been emotionally detached. Her father, who suffered from pancreatic cancer day in and day out, was a hardworking man who spent hours inside the mines west of their hometown.

As a child Ruth saw little of him, and by the time she had made it to her fourteenth birthday he had been three years buried, finally succumbing to his illness. She was daddy's little girl, which made it even more difficult when her mother sent her off sex tussy xxxxx story con her Aunt Ilene's, unable to support anything or anyone else other than her ravenous drug habit.

It was the following months that shaped Ruth into the woman she was destined to become. Her Aunt Ilene had had a boyfriend for eight months when Ruth moved into her home. He was a forty year old man with a beer gut and balding head.

His name was Dwight, and Ruth hated him with a passion. For the first several weeks of her stay Two lovely babes get their bungholes nailed would say some of the strangest, inappropriate comments. You fit those jeans nicely. I just want to lick the gloss right off your lips. You smell so enticing after a shower. Eventually he raped Ruth three months after she moved in.

Ruth didn't hide behind shame, but instead bit his penis the next time he attempted to do it again. She received one hell of a beating from the injured man, but he never again touched her. Her aunt inevitably found out about the abuse, and dropped Dwight. She did all she could to convince Ruth to press charges, but the fifteen year old simply wanted to let it go. So she did. And because she never fully looked passed the abuse Ruth developed many emotional issues.

She was unable to concentrate in school, (she dropped out of college five months after beginning her second year) couldn't keep a boyfriend longer than two months, much of which was a sexual relationship, or complete dreams and goals. It wasn't until she turned twenty-five that she realized if she wanted to have an accomplished life she would have to seek treatment, and find the root of her problems.

So Ruth contacted a psychologist, and received the help she needed. She overcame her anxiety and fears, and felt assured that she was a somebody, and worthy of a fantastic life. Which is what brings us to the present. Ruth is at Vertigo, a busy club.

She isn't out partying, however, but working behind the bar. She is a flirtatious little thing, and with her knowledge of drinks she is the supreme bartending maching. As she prepares several Bloody Marys for a few girls at the other side of the counter, a man approaches, taking the only available seat left.

It was Friday night, and the club was always packed. Ruth looked up from her business and smiled at the man, looking him over. He was in his mid-thirties, with short but shaggy chestnut hair.

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He had light, buttermilk skin and bright, green eyes. His physique, while slim, showed nice muscle tone and he appeared to be rather tall, towering over the women beside him even in a sitting position. Ruth thought he was cute, but nothing more. "Can I get you anything?" Ruth asked, glancing at the man.

She handed the girls' their drink and they moved on, giggling and holding each other up. "Just water, thanks." He replied with a friendly smile. Ruth raised a curious eyebrow. Who came to a bar and ordered water? Nevertheless, she game him his desired beverage.

"Would you like a menu? The kitchen is open until eleven." She asked, gesturing to a pile of menus resting beside her.

"Sure, I could go for something to eat." He said, taking the menu from her outstretched hand. While he flipped through the numerous pages Ruth tended to other customers, but always seemed to glance back at the water man. Really, what reason did he have for being here? If he were waiting for a date he would have chosen a better spot, at one of the booths or tables on the farside. And he wouldn't be ordering food before said date arrived.

He wasn't here to flirt, that was rather obvious. What game was he playing, and why did Ruth care? She realized it was because of his looks and mannerisms.

He was sexy, and had a polite personality not often found in Vertigo. It appealed to her. For the first time in a long time, Ruth was the enchanted one.

She went over to him, notepad and pencil in hand. "Ready to order?" She asked. "Yes. The blackened tilapia." He replied, handing back the menu.

"Would you like a side with that?" Ruth asked, scribbling on the notepad. "What would you suggest?" He smiled at her. Ruth was at a loss for words. He was too good to be true. The man was dazzeling! "I like the rice." She finally said, blushing. Normally it was the men flustered by her, but no, this man was stirring desires she forgot she had. Sure, Ruth had sex, but it never held and meaning to her. She never really got off on it, or wanted it.

She did it to please her partner. But now, Ruth wanted it more than anything. And she wanted it with this man. "Then I'll have the rice." He replied, pulling out a twenty. She was about to give him the change but he waved his hands, chuckling. "Keep it, I have more than enough for the night." Ruth nodded her thanks, refilled his water, and went back to getting drinks for the other patrons.

In twenty minutes the man's food was brought out, warm and spicy. He thanked the server and went about eating some of the rice. Ruth was right, the rice was fantastic. He then proceeded to eat some of the tilapia. It was good, a little much on the cajun, but otherwise tasty. Ruth went over to him when he was half way through and asked how it was.

"Fantastic. You were right about the rice." He said, taking another bite of his meal. "Glad you like it." She offered him more water and he gratefully accepted. The seasoning on the fish was burning his lips and tongue. "What's your name?" He asked finally. Ruth was beyond pleased. First step to breathtaking pretty legal age teenager hardcore massage someone was name exchange, bringing the two one step closer to her ultimate desire.

"Ruth. It's kinda old-fashioned, but my parents were those type of people who got stuck in the fourties and fifties and never found their way out." She shrugged shamelessly. "I think it is beautiful. Simple, but elegant." He replied.

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Ruth was beyond touch. She had some issues with her name before. Some friends, enemies, even some lovers, had given her Hell about her old-fashioned name. While she liked it, everyone else thought it made her sound like a grandmother. "Thank you." She murmured. "What's yours, if you don't mind me asking?" "Blair." He said smiling at her. "I know, it is technically a girl's name.

But I'm a fan." "So am I." She replied. Ruth and Blair made small talk for the next two hours. She would have to leave and attend to others, of course, but she always made it back to Blair. He was patient, and oh-so kind.

Ruth wasn't a naive girl, nor was she so quick to build emotional attachment to another, but already she felt herself falling for this man. Last call for drinks was made, and the bar almost went completely went dead. Those who were left were but a few. There were two females and a male at a booth, giggling wildly. A man in woman were in a far corner, sucking face. Then there was Blair. Ruth and her co-workers, Damon and Tracy, were the only employees left. Damon was bussing empty tables, sweeping the floor, and rearranging chairs to their earlier perfection.

Tracy, the superviser, was counting the money, getting ready to lock up the register and get Ruth out of their.

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"Well, it was great meeting you." Ruth began. "You made this night worthwhile." "Thank you. It felt the same for me." He got off the bar stool and towered over Ruth. He was at least six-four or better.

Ruth blushed and grabbed her bag, throwing the strap over her shoulder and setting the bag on her hip. "So long, Ruth." He smiled and left a generous tip before exiting the club. Ruth was pissed and saddened.

No number? No promise of meeting again? What the fuck was wrong with that man. "I'm out, Pregnent xxx storys done lod. See you Monday." And with that she stomped out of the club, ready to go home to her vibrator and two cats, Lane and Parker. But just after leaving the threshold of the club a hand grabbed her shoulder, swinging her around.

Ruth was just about to pull out a can of pepperspray when she faced no one other than Blair. He took hold of her shoulders and pulled her body against his, pressing their lips together to the point of bruising. Ruth felt so dizzy, so high, and so ready.

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At last they pulled from each other, breathing heavily. "Come home with me." He asked, no, pleaded with Ruth. His face was flushed and his eyes wild. "Yes." She agreed. Within minutes they were in Blair's cherry 1970 Pontiac Firebird, a car Ruth was absolutely giddy to be in. The trip to his brownstone was fast, hardly any time at all. Soon they were through the door, and clawing at each others clothes. "I wanted to do this from the moment I saw you." He whispered softly, placing a hand on her left breast.

She was out of her shirt, but the bra was preventing full contact with her lovely chest. Ruth unhooked the clasp and let it fall to the floor, where a pile of clothing was already forming around their ankles. Ruth threw her head back and moaned whenever he pinched her nipple, twisting it roughly.

She groaned as her nipples became hard nubs, which Blair greedily leaned down to lick, nip, and suck. She arched into his mouth, running her hands through his fine hair. "Me too." She groaned before pulling him away from her. She smiled knowingly at him before sliding to her knees and facing his crotch. Ruth noticed the bulge growing inside, and was more then happy to release it. It sprang from his jeans, ready and hard. Ruth naughty gf aidra fox gets her tight anal fucked on a red sofa to lick the head, running her tongue along the underside and slowly licking and grazing the shaft.

Blair placed his hands on the sides of her head and moaned loudly. "Suck it." He demanded, pushing at her head. Ruth was surprised by his commanding tone, and even more surprised whenever the head popped into her mouth and began to move in the direction of her throat.

She pushed on his legs, beat at him, and tried to pull him out of her mouth. "No, Ruth." He said simply as she deep-throated his cock, causing her to gag. All seven inches slid into her unwilling mouth, his balls resting on her chin. Tears sprang to her eyes as he held it there, unrelenting.

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"Look at me." He ordered. Ruth looked up and met his gaze. "Suck it." He demanded. Ruth was terrified, but did as he said. Blair let his engorged dick slide from her mouth before slamming back in, causing her to gag once more. She did her best to please him, but his thrust were so fast she could hardly keep up. At last she heard him groan, a sign of his coming ejaculation.

Ruth had never been a fan of cum, and attempted to pull him from her. Blair, however, had other intention. "Take it all." He growled, forcing himself back into her mouth. He exploded, filling her throat with his seed. She gagged, and was forced to swallow it. "Good girl." He patted her head and let her go. She took this opportunity to grab her shirt and throw it on, wearing only it and a pair of panties. She rushed from the house with her bag, tearfully hurt and ashamed. Blair watched from the door as she waved down a taxi, jumping in and speeding off into the night.

No worries, he concluded. Ruth would eventually be his.