Hot latina babe nailed in the sun

Hot latina babe nailed in the sun
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Kyle and Zack's encounters were kept a secret between them both, they gave each other head all over both their houses just for fun and the pleasure and they jacked off side by side to each other to Straight or Lesbian porn. They didn't think they needed to stop what they were doing because they were best friends and they both have fun, they both even have girlfriends now but they still didn't stop.

Their names were Becky and Kaira, and all four of them hung out with each other all the time, at home, at school, at the mall, wherever they went, they were together and tonight, they were going to the Drive-In which they did almost every Friday night because Zack had his license, the set up was always him upfront with Kaira while Kyle was behind with Becky.

Both couples usually made out during the previews but in the backseat abit more than making out was done tonight because Kyle hadn't Masturbated for two days and tonight his sex drive was high, while he was making out in the back seat with Becky, her travelling hands felt him through his pants making the kiss break immediately and fiery sexy snatch delights pornstar and hardcore them both staring at each other, Kyle was wondering if she was mad at him for what was in his pants and just as soon as he was about to apologise she kissed him.

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She started to rub him through his pants, surprisingly what was happening in the backseat as the movie was now going on was oblivious to the other couple who were now sitting on the ground on a blanket infront of the car.

Kyle mind was in a daze as he was kissing Becky and as she was rubbing him through his pants but then the feeling went away as she broke the kiss again and stopped rubbing, he looked at her and she smiled undoing his pants, she lured his cock out and started to slowly stroke it, "God, it's so hard.Does it hurt?" She looked at it then back to him, he knew she was a virgin cause she told him but she was comfortable with playing with his cock which he had given her the idea of a few weeks ago only after he kept readjusting a hardon in his pants.

Although she was comfortable with that she wasn't ready for him to play with her yet and he was ok with that because he liked her and liked making her happy but tonight was different because as she jacked him off she lowered her head to kiss the head, he watched her in silence as she licked the precum from her lips then went down to gather some more. Kyle rested back against the locked door so one foot was in the seat and the other on the floor of the car, taking the head into her mouth Becky started to suck, he moaned softly his eyes now closed, her mouth was so hot and wet he couldn't help raising his hips to amateur girlfriend sucks and fucks with cum more of himself into her mouth, she got the idea of what he wanted and he lowered himself back to the seat and she moved down on him.

Still getting use to him in her mouth, her progression was quickening from the sounds his moans and knew she was pleasing him, one of her hands grasped the base of his cock as the other seeked his heavy balls in his boxers, she fondled them as her head moved up and down on him in a slow bobbing motion.

He couldn't help it now, she was doing something new to him so he took this opportunity to do something new to her and lowered one of his hands keeping it out of her way, he slid it between her legs and slowly moved it up under her skirt but he was in no hurry because he stroked her inner thighs slowly and tenderly.

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His moans gew louder loving the way she was pleasing him and he moved her fingers up feeling the heat radiate from her hot cunt, then his hand froze, she wasn't wearing any panties, that knowledge and having his hand inches, centimetres even, from her was making his cock throb in her mouth and he heard a whimper come from her and in no time he was using her wetness as a lube to finger her slowly.

Imagining the way her pussy felt didn't do justice to what it felt like around his fingers, it was tight, hot and.wet and the thoughts of how it would feel around his cock made him throb in her mouth, made him grow thicker as he was moments from cumming.

Keeping his fingers in her, not too many, just two his thumb moved to her clit, he stroked it slowly feeling her fondling his balls more and her pace quickening as she sucked.

He watched her and raises his hips not wanting to leave her mouth, "I'm cumming Becks!". There might as well be no warning at all because just then his cum shot from his cock and into her mouth, he watched him groaning, Becky was taking his cum like a pro and wasn't even pulling back, her cunt was spasming as he felt her juices run out over his fingers and until his wrist.

With his free hand he touched the top of her head and she pulled back licking her lips with a blush, he too pulled his fingers from her and licking and sucked them clean but before she could say anything her pulled her to him and started kissing her hungrily.

Another groan escaped him but this time from tasting himself on her tongue. Kyle plundged his tongue between her lips, not the ones on her face because he now had her laid back on the seat and skirt pushed up over her waist, "mmm." was the first thing he had said from her first taste of pussy straght from the source and he was licking her furiously while using his thumb once again on her clit.

Becky squirmmed and thrusted up her hips up against him, "ohhhh!!", her hands had found their way to his head and she grasps at it not getting enough of him. Kyle's best friend, Zack now had their undivided attention from the front seat as Kaira went to the bathroom and Becky was now shuddering beneath him and a final cry escaped he as she orgasmed spilling her cum over his tongue, lips and chin.

Kyle's tongue slowed as he licked her clean and he moved his hand to hold her sucking and fucking in the shower watch part on suzcamcom open stroking them gently where his fingers rested. As he moved away from her and fixed both their clothing, he smiled to Zack with a wink before turning back to his girlfriend, "you alright?" Seeing her nod, he kisses her with a smile and sits back holding her.

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After the movie they hung out abit more, the guys dropped their girls home then it was time for a sleep over at Kyle's house.