The sex files a dark xxx parody xxx kimberly kane

The sex files a dark xxx parody xxx kimberly kane
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Part XIII: Offers and Sessions The Sex Palace webmaster had dubbed our videos John & Holly's Fun Times, each one had a Part 1,2, or 3 following it. Three days after 2 and 3 hit the world wide web, I checked the site. We knew that if our videos received good enough reviews we would make more videos and more money, but bad reviews meant they would not extend the contract any further. Holly and I hoped that we would get another contract, we had a total of $12,500 guaranteed to us, but if reviews aren't good, that could be all there is.

I nervously signed into The Sex Palace, looking at the member reviews. The first film had scored a 9.6/10, which was the highest rating of any video on the site, the second film was only a 7.1/10, which still placed it at 78th in the top 100, of around 10,000 videos on the site. The Third film scored a 9.2/10, which was enough to put it in the top 10 at 7th place. I read some of the reviews, there were lots of positive comments, including things like "make more movies!".

I was stunned.

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"Holly!!" I yelled, she was still sleeping this summer Monday morning. Holly stumbled into the living room, completely naked, as we always slept, in my small, our small apartment. "Our first movie is the highest rated movie on the site" I said. "Are you kidding?" she said very excited. "1st, 7th and 78th" I said. "I told you people don't like the ones that are obviously acting, like teacher give me an A, I'll give you a blowjob" she said, mimicking her acting student voice.

"Okay so you won that bet, people like it when they think it's real" I conceded. I checked my e-mail, sure enough I had a message from the webmaster. John, I have been contacted by several xxx american rap in bus companies offering to buy the rights to your movies from me. I have been offered $50,000 to get your three movies plus give all rights to Modern Film Company. They want to get you guys into a studio in Los Angeles.

They told me to tell you that you would be making more money than you can imagine. Please contact me. Here is my phone number: I called up the webmaster, he actually sounded like a normal guy, I expected a computer nerd. He gave me the number for MFC in LA, and told me that if we were willing to try it, MFC would pay him fifty thousand dollars to buy our contract of exclusivity. So I called up MFC in LA.

"yes I was told to ask for…Jerry" "Please Hold" "Jerry Spencer" "Hi this is John Morrison" "Oh, hello John, we are quite interested in your work" "Well thank you" I said, it's odd that so many people were interested in my girlfriend's and my 'work'. "Were think you two are our next stars, yanks brunette tegan mohr humps her foot want you two to come down here and make some movies what do you think." "Well what kind of movies, I don't know if we will do anything separately." "Well first off we would put you both in very minor roles just to see that you can do the job on camera, then we would go from there" "How much money?" I asked, getting to the point.

"Well, we would buy the rights to your first three films and those we would start selling, and standard deal is 10% for each star and 5% for the minor roles, that's the usual cut, unless we have more actors of course." "Well how much would it sell?" "We think we could make around $150,000 on those three films" That meant we would make $45,000, and Steph and Rachel would get a cut also.

We would have to consult with them, but I was sure they would agree. "When do you want us there?" I asked. "How's tomorrow" We weren't in LA the next day, we made travel arrangements to be there in a week. Holly went home to her family, she had to visit and tell them a story about what we were doing, obviously she wouldn't tell her parents we were going to LA to make porn.

So I didn't see her for six days, then she came back, and we had a night to prepare for the flight in the morning. We were very excited, and couldn't wait. Arriving in LA the next day, we went to MFC studios. We saw many girls with huge fake tits waiting in line at one side of the building, we went in through a different entrance, as instructed. "Hi John, Holly" Jerry Spencer said, greeting us.

The building so far looked like a typical office. We were given the grand tour. We walked through an empty set, it looked like an ordinary house, but there were cameras all over the place, very good expensive ones, like those used in most 'legitimate' Hollywood films. We saw the dressing rooms, and then we came to the 'audition' rooms.

They had two way mirrors, and we stood on the otherside watching. They would have dozens of girls wanting to sunny leone real suhagrat fucking story by her husband habshi denial stars. They brought them in one by one and told them stories about getting ahead, and the end result was the interviewer getting a blowjob or fucking the young girl, who thought she was getting ahead, when there was actually an audience she wasn't aware of, as well as cameras.

But the films could only be used to evaluate the 'talent' not marketed. "How does a guy get that job?" I asked. "Ohh that's our male talent, and the rest of the guys that work here, cameramen, boom mike operators, guys in the office, it's a perk of the job." "You mean that I could just come in here and 'interview' a girl whenever I wanted?" I asked.

"Yeah" he said. "I might like to watch that" Holly said. The girl in the next room was performing a striptease, followed by a blowjob to the guy in the next room. Then we ended up in Jerry's office. "So are we in business?" He asked.

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"Yes" Holly said before I could. "What's first?" I asked. We were escorted to a studio, where there was two girls, obviously pornstars, Holly's natural tits couldn't compare to these things, but all in all, I think Holly is just as good looking as these porn stars. The set was of a normal house. The two pornstars, each with double d's and blonde hair, wearing sweats, were sitting in chairs, and the director was standing behind them, and six guys were sitting across from them. Holly Jerry and I stood just to the side of the group.

"Hi everyone, this is John and Holly, they will be starting out here, so put them in somewhere" Jerry said, mainly to the director. They were all going over what would happen in the movie, then the director sent everyone to makeup, curtain call in fifteen minutes.

"Hi guys, take a seat" the director said. "So, you two are the new talent, I'm Steve" we exchanged handshakes. "I saw your films, very good, I liked it. What were doing here is gangbang scene.

I don't know if you've seen anything like this. Basically Jenna and Ashley will cum loving japanese slut pleasures numerous cocks and be fucked by all six guys, blowjobs all around etc. Then all the guys will cum on Jenna's face, one after the other, while Ashley sucks and fucks, getting them ready to blow onto Jenna.

Since you two work together, I want you two to just kinda stay in the background, I'll tell you where to be don't worry, and you two do whatever you want, but when you cum, you go and do it on Jenna." Steve spouted off all of that without stopping.

"Sounds good" I said. All ten of us, seven guys, three girls, stood naked, girls in the middle, facing the camera, "I'm Jenna and I am going to get a Jizz shower" Jenna said. That was our cue, the two pornstars got down on their knees and started to blow all the other the guys. I was surprised that I didn't have the smallest penis, the other guys weren't all huge jocks with huge dicks like it seemed in porn, three of them had about six inchers kim zuluaga transexual story porno me, only one guy, the only black one, had a very large cock, his was about twelve inches long.

Holly and I went off to the side of the cock swapping blowjobs. She got down on her knees and started to cuck me off slowly, until I was hard.

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She stood up, we both stood and watched for a moment before we remembered we were also in the movie. Holly got down on all fours, her round tits hanging between her arms, her ass in the air, she was facing the gangbang, and I moved down behind her. We watched as Jenna and Ashley took three cocks at once each. They both had one in the ass one in the pussy and one in the mouth.

I watched and slammed Holly's pussy, with my cock, her pussy juices I could feel running down my thighs, our skin slapping together. I fucked her hard and very fast. She was breathing very rapidly, panting. Soon the whole gangbang stopped in its tracks as Holly orgasmed screaming very loudly, "Ohhh FUCK YES" she yelled.

We hadn't had sex in a week. The whole octet of fucking was looking at us. "Fuck that must be good" Jenna said, before shoving a cock in her mouth. The black guy pulled his cock out alexis andrews big ass maid cleans and fucks Ashley's mouth and walked over to us, I was still pounding Holly's pussy. "Mind if I join in little lady?" the man asked in a deep voice. Holly responded "Let me see that huge thing" she said.

The guy kneeled down in front of her, she licked up and down his huge black cock.

"I can taste someone's pussy" Holly said giggling. Holly started sucking on the end of his cock, and stroking with one hand. She came again, streaming her juices down both of our legs and muffled screaming went into the black man's cock. She deepthroated him to about the nine inch mark I would guess. "Oh fuck yeah" he said, putting his hands on the back of her head. Jenna was now sitting upright, with one of the guys in front of her, which meant the jizz splattering was starting. The black guy pulled out of Holly's mouth, and quickly walked over to Jenna, he was the second.

Holly and I stood up and walked over near the event. Three guys had cum on her face already, and the other three were all standing around her jerking themselves off, taking turns. Holly got back to her knees, and sucked me slowly, waiting for the sixth guy to blow his load on Jenna, Ashley was sitting next to Jenna now, licking her lips, they would make out to finish off the scene. Holly saw the last guy come and knew that I would be next. She deepthroated me hard and fast, very sloppy, jerking her head and saliva pouring down onto my balls.

I pulled out of her mouth and walked over to Jenna. I hadn't had sex in a week. "Ya, shoot that cum all over me" Jenna said. 'Ya blast her with that hot jizz" Ashley said. I stood over Jenna, stroking my cock, she had her mouth wide open, cum was oozing down her tits in her hair and down the side of her face. "Here it comes" I said, stroking faster, then stopping, as I felt my balls start to erupt. My first shot was enormous, it came out so fast it splashed off her cheek shooting off to the side, hitting Ashley in the face, the second shot was slower but it was like a fucking faucet, seemingly pouring out continuously, hitting her in the forehead and coming down to her mouth, down to her tits.

"Whoah!" I head several other reactions from the guys and girls, but I kept coming, now in Jenna's mouth. "Holy Fuck!" Jenna said. Now drowning in my semen, and dripping with jizz. Ashley moved over and started to make out with Jenna, rubbing their bodies together in the jism, and licking all over her face. "That's a wrap everone" The director said.

"What the fuck do you eat?!" one of the guys said joking. The whole cast went to a local bar for the post filming party. The three girls sat at a small table in the smoky neon lit bar, the seven men sat at the bar. "So what do you think of the biz?" one of the guys asked, I still haven't gotten their names down. "Easy way to make money, pretty fun too, black guys or pujabi aurat ka sex onli else could you want?" I responded.

"Well it's not all fun and games you know" another guy said. "Ya there's the Aids scares, and it's hell on relationships" Another guy said. "Well I don't plan on staying here too long, come fall we're both sophomores in college." I said. "Well it's good to hear you got a plan, but most people just stay here, why go to college when you can make loads of cash now you know" The first guy said.

"This fuckin business, deceiving, its got plenty of plus sides, but if your not careful it will fuck you up and you'll be left wondering what the luscious girls engulfing smutty dick of strip dancer happened to you." The second guy said.

"We don't plan on staying here long, we've got bigger things than this on our minds, this is just a means to an end." I said. "You got a great girl there John" another guy said. "Well thanks I guess" I said.