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Striking stunner is flashing her opened juicy twat in close up stretching pleasuring
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Part one: A Place to Stay I had never been much of a nice person. When I was a child I bullied anyone and everyone; no matter how much bigger most people were to me.

I was actually short for my age but that didn't stop me from being cruel to anyone who dared get in my way. I left my village when I was eighteen and have been traveling since then. I ended up being a bounty hunter.

I never felt any remorse for the people I had killed over the past five years.

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In fact I enjoyed seeing the pain and suffering in people. It's just my thing. The main reason most say I'm a cruel person was because I had never slept with a woman; and it was true.

It wasn't why I was cruel though it was because my parents were cruel to me first. I know, cliche "my mommy and daddy were mean to me so now I'm mean to others." But my mother was a heartless wench who I had caught sleeping around with strange men. My father was a drunken bastard who constantly hit me and called me really mean names. I never forgave either of them for that and that was the true reason why I left. Now all I did was kill people for money.

Today however, I had no work. I was walking in some woods with rain pouring down on me. My long black hair was soaked and stuck to my face. I was wearing a red tunic and black pants.

I felt like I was drenched in a pool of ice as I slowly trudged through the soft muddy the butler takes revenge hardcore and bondage. I kept my right hand on the hilt of my sword at all times but my entire hand actually felt frozen to it.

"I'm going to die" I whispered under my breath. "Out here, in the woods, all by myself. Total rip off." Then I could take no more of the icy rain and collapsed on the muddy ground.

I had a dream while I was out. A terrible dream of my parents making my whole body heat up with my own hatred. It was just before I hit my boiling point that I woke up.

The first thing I noticed was I was still burning; but not with rage. I was sitting in a wooden tub in what looked like a small house.

The tub was to the brim of hot water. Then I felt the warm water trickle down on his head and pour over his brow and down his neck. I turned to his right to see a woman with raven black hair holding a milk jug full of water.

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"Who are you… where am I?" I said softly. "I am Violet and don't worry you're safe here" she said in a very gentle voice. "Are you sure?" I asked softly feeling paranoid. "Yes, don't worry yourself… I'm sorry I don't believe I caught your name." I turned to her and said, "It's Kurtz." I had not been in the presence of any woman for the longest time.

I had almost forgotten how nice the smell of a woman was. "I found you in the woods, I was afraid you had died" she said pouring more water on me.

"It'll take more than the elements to kill me" I said roughly. Even if I didn't want to I couldn't help but to act the way I usually did. But to my surprised instead of saying she thought I was foolish for thinking I very hot milf on milf busty lesbian action invincible to something that had killed warriors stronger than me; she started to giggle.

It wasn't the "This man is an idiot" giggle it was more of a school girl puppy love giggle. "You are very brave I can tell you that" she said. She stood up and walked over to a kettle that was resting on the fire just a little way from us. I examined her from the back. She was wearing a long emerald dress that was a little tight on her. She was skinny but not unattractively skinny. She poured some of the hot water all sexxy story xx xx was in the kettle in a mug and put a tea bag in it.

She walked back over to me and put the rim of the mug to my lips. "No thank you I don't like tea" I told her. "Drink it, you're skin might be warm but you need to warm up your insides" she said. I looked into her icy blue eyes and had no choice but to say no. I sipped it down slowly hating every gulp but soon it was all gone.

"There, now get out of the tub and put on the towel" she said. I had just barely realized I was completely nude in the tub. She handed me a white towel as I stood up. I covered my man hood and stepped out of the tub. "Now," Violet started, "I made you a little bed there" she said pointing to a very comfortable looking blanket.

I walked over and covered my self up resting on the hay she had put underneath.

"Unfortunately your clothes won't be wearable until morning so you'll have to stay the night" she said. "That is fine" I told her rolling over. She said no more and she went to bed her self.

I did not sleep much that night for the whole time I just watched my savior sleep. When I did fall asleep I woke up hours later to an empty house. My clothes were lying on her bed and there was a note lying on top of them.

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It read; Dear Kurtz, I have gone to go bathe in the hot springs not to far off. Your clothes should be dry and you can be on your way. I don't need a thank you it was my pleasure, Violet. My cock hardened just thinking about Violet's naked body. So instead of getting dressed right away I started pleasuring myself. I stroked my cock imagining her sitting in the hot spring with water just barely covering her breasts. I had never felt lust this strong before; mainly because my wrath over powered my other natural sins.

I climaxed all over her note. I crumpled the parchment and threw it out the open window. I put my now dry pants on and to my surprise her door opened and Violet came inside. She was holding her green dress in her arm and it looked soaked as if she dropped it in the spring accidentally. She on the other was wearing the towel she had given me yesterday.

It was enough to go my ebony bf fucks me so good my ankle from my waist so for her it was a little short to cover all of her parts.

She could have worn it to completely conceal her breasts but then her vagina would be showing. So she wore the towel so that it almost showed her nipples but it covered everything else.

Her face turned bright crimson when she saw I was still here. "I—I though you would of left by now" she stammered. "No," I told her. "I just woke up." She was still bright red but continued, "You are quite the sleeper aren't you?" I nodded but then stopped.

"No actually… you saved my life so I owe you" I told her. "No, no, no" she said. "It was my pleasure it really was I need no thanks." "I would feel guilty if I didn't" I said. She was thinking about it as she closed the door. The towel was tied in a knot behind her back to keep it closed. She was obviously cold because her entire body was covered in goose bumps.

"Well," she started, "I suppose you can do something simple for me." "What might that be?" I asked. She paused, "You choose, anything at all." I smiled and walked up to her. "A simple kiss should do it, I think" I said. She looked at me with her bright blue eyes and nodded her cheeks turning even redder. I kissed her soft lips and then I pulled away slowly.

Her eyes were closed, she wanted me to continue, I could tell. She opened her eyes and blushed again. "You might want to put your shirt on before you go its cold outside" she said quickly.

"Actually it's pretty cold in here I'd better start a fire." I put my hand gently and firmly on her chin and kissed her again. "How about instead of a fire we keep each other warm" I said with a sneer. Before she could even respond I kissed her again. She tensed when I did so but then she melted into my arms as soon as I wrapped them around her.

After a moment or so I slid my tongue into her mouth and wrapped it around hers. She seemed to be more into it now as her tongue writhed around mine. She put her hands on my chest and put her tongue in my mouth. Then she pulled away and looked lustfully into my eyes. "I have seen your man hood before" she said softly, "It is sloppy creampie for the wonderful alexa nicole brunette and blowjob for as small as your body is." "I'll take that as a compliment" I said.

I slid my hands down her back and squeezed her firm buttocks. She jumped a little and smiled. "But" she purred, "I have yet to see your cock erect." I brought my hands up on the knot of her towel, "Oh you will.

In due time" I untied the knot and the towel fell to the ground. Her breasts weren't quite as big as most girls but that is because she did not have as much fat as most girls. She had a bush of black pubic hair but I could still see it leak juices of pleasure. I went on my knees and kissed her vaginas lips softly and it made her shudder.

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I licked the inside of her and she moaned happily. I continued to lick the walls of her inside; she moaned lustfully until she finally came. I drank her sweet elixir of lust and stood up. "Kurtz… are you going to take my virginity?" she asked sweetly. I got close to her and whispered, "Only if you ask for it my pet." She smiled and said softly, "I want you to fuck me." I nodded and took her hand. I led her to her bed and sat her down.

I removed my pants and let my hard cock stand right in front of her. She gawked at it and without saying anything the touched it and began stroking it. I moaned quietly. Then she stopped and laid flat on her back "Come to me my love," she said.

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I got on top of her and kissed her softly. I grabbed one of her breasts and fondled it. Her nipples were hard as a rock. "Oh Kurtz" she moaned, "I want you inside of me." I grinned and teased the lips of her pussy with the head of my cock. Then without warning I slid my man hood inside of her. I could tell it hurt her because she winced the deeper I went in. Then I pulled out and then went in a little harder that time. She let out a yelp of pain.

"Relax Violet, I will give you the most pleasurable time of your life" I whispered. She nodded tears in her eyes. I slowly went in and out, in and out. Then I went down and kissed her with tongue.

I felt her tears as I went faster and faster, thrusting my cock into her harder and harder. I kissed her deeply mom and daughter huge strapon fuck fondled her breasts. "Oh my god, Kurtz I'm going to cum!" she said loudly. I felt her juices gush past my cock and onto her sheets. After that she seemed to be enjoying herself a lot more. In fact she flipped us over and began riding me.

She went up and down on my hard cock. She still had tears running down her face but she had a big smile on. Then I felt the pressure in my balls. "Violet I'm going to cum" I told her, sweat running down my forehead. "Cum inside of me" she said panting, "I want your sweet nectar inside of me!" she said with joy in her voice.

I couldn't hold back, I exploded inside of her and then she laid her head on my chest. "Thank you" she whispered. "No," I said, "Thank you." The next morning when I had to tell Violet I couldn't stay, Violet understood I had to continue my quest for bounty. "I know someone who needs to have someone killed" she told me. "Really?" I asked. She nodded, "Yes he is in the town a few miles that way" she said pointing in a general direction.

"Thank you for understanding me" I told her. "It means a lot." "You are a lone warrior; it is highly understandable… but… if you do get tired of the lone wolf life. Promise me that you'll come back to me." She was practically crying when she asked. I kissed her forehead and whispered, "I'll be back… I promise."