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Slutty ebony teen convinced in givving head on cam by white guy
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*************** The first part of this was written for a contest. Since I do not know where this contest is going I decided to finish the story by 10 November for my fans. I have become disinterested in the characters and telling of this story and lost my creative mojo so I am sure this is not my best work. As you can tell by the ending I did have one more chapter in mind but for now it is not being written. Maybe someone else would like to finish this or I will be inspired later.

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Either way I feel the cliff I left everyone standing on in part one has been brought full circle offering closure. I apologize for and offer this as a closing to a story that I started. Voting is like the first part and restricted to members only (thank a troll), comments are left open. *************** Sarah pulled at Amanda, "Come on girl, I'm tired of this place." Amanda smiled at the Sarah looking deep into her mysterious green eyes that called the still warm embers in her belly to flare up in excitement.

"My place or yours?" Amanda replied with an delectable grin. Sarah smiled back lustfully as the two women made their way back to the parking lot and to Sarah's car. On the drive home Amanda typed into her iPhone a reminder in her calendar; November 10, 2011 @ 10PM. Meet Kent in parking lot of Warehouse 26. Amanda hit "Done" and grinned slyly. "Where did you disappear to?" Sarah asked on the drive home. Amanda wasn't sure what she wanted to tell Sarah at this point and decided to just keep it vague, "Back room." It was not like they were dating or anything; they both seemed to enjoy each other's company from time to time.

They continued to make small talk for the rest of the short drive home, Sarah worrying that the cops would have a random check. She had a few drinks but made sure to cut it off to drive back but was still a little concerned. It was well after midnight as Amanda and Sarah stumbled into Amanda's apartment, "I guess you decided my place." Amanda purred to Sarah as she slinked through the door. "My place is a wreak." Sarah admitted closing and locking the door behind them. As soon as the door closed Sarah leaned into Amanda and kissed her full on the lips.

The warm embers in Amanda's loins were quickly fanned by Sarah's desire. She felt a little guilty with the taste of Kent still on her lips; it did feel a little wrong to be doing this right afterwards.

Kent's actions did warm her up for the main course and Amanda was still a little disappointed in him not taking her. Sarah's head moved down to kiss Amanda on her full breasts through the sheer material of her cat-suit.

Amanda's hands brushed through Sarah's silky short cropped light brown hair. "Oh Sarah." Amanda mewed as Sarah skillfully suckled and kissed her hefty breasts. "Yes my lover." Sarah replied in between butterfly kisses. The girls kissed again as boots were deposited in the living room, wings and a black cat's tail came off in the hallway as they made their way to the bedroom.

As they entered Amanda's bedroom Sarah carefully peeled off the cat-suit that Amanda had been wearing all night. Amanda's full breasts were soon exposed for the second time her light pink areola the barest of contrast to her smooth alabaster skin.

Her nipples erect with the warm desire filling her loins and belly. Sarah took careful time to squeeze and lift Amanda's breasts before kissing her exposed nipples. "I love big tit blonde fucked hd the last pikahoe breasts." Sarah sighed with yearning and lust.

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Amanda moaned softly as Sarah again assaulted her breasts sending waves of warm pleasure through her body, daddy i cant handle that bbc inside me take it easy x two was filling her with lusts burning heat, a heat that joined from her loins to her belly and now her breasts. "Gawd this feels so damn good." Amanda cried out.

Sarah smiled like a Cheshire cat as one of Amanda's nipples popped from her mouth. "Mmmm you like?" Sarah asked seductively. "Yes." Amanda mewed back. Sarah soon lowered the reminder of Amanda's cat-suit to the floor exposing her slick bare womanhood to Sarah's scrutiny.

"Mmmm I love your pussy too." Sarah spoke softly as her wet tongue sent shivers red head milf huge cock and step mom drilled ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions Amanda's body tracing her slit from clit to tip top. A much louder moan escaped from Amanda's lips. The warm embers of lust were being fanned into an inferno as Sarah carefully sucked and licked at Amanda's labia.

Amanda felt Sarah's warm tongue first caress one labia then the other before returning an assault against Amanda's clit. Her pearl of pleasure was quickly causing the fire inside of her to roar out of control and she responded with loud moans. When Sarah slipped two fingers into Amanda's warm box it was more than she could stand, "OH fuck me hard!" Sarah peered up from Amanda's mons as she suckled her friend's clit.

Her fingers having found the soft spongy spot in which she carefully flicked and rubbed making Amanda weak at the knees, having to place a hand on Sarah's head for support. "Be.Bed." Amanda belted out between pants and moans.

Sarah stuck her tongue hard against Amanda and licked her slit fully before saying, "Ok but I'm a little overdressed." Amanda pulled her girlfriend up quickly Sarah's fingers popping out of her pussy then dropped Sarah's dress with little fanfare.

Under Sarah's jagged dress was matching black lace bra and panties. "Yum." Amanda responded to the sight as she then removed the last offending articles of clothing from Sarah leaving both girls nude. They made their way toward the bed then collapsed together in a heap kissing and fondling each other.

Their eyes locked green and hazel before Sarah planted one last soft sweet kiss on Amanda then crawled on top of her placing her mouth back on Amanda's clit and returning her fingers into her sopping wet hole flicking Amanda's spot. Amanda grabbed Sarah's hips and pulled the girls rear end bringing Sarah's silky soft light brown covered mons inches from Amanda's lips. Amanda then returned the favor to her friend sending her own hot tongue between the soft tight labia of Sarah.

Amanda moaned her lips locked to Sarah's mons and Sarah moaned into Amanda's mons, the burning lust in Amanda long ago becoming a wildfire burning throughout her body out of control.

Amanda needed release and wanted to give release as well. Amanda felt the first plateau hit her body stiffening and shaking. But, the firestorm was still building, as soon as the first high passed Amanda slide two of her own fingers into Sarah's now sloppy wet pussy.

The soft sounds of moaning and squish-squish of wet pussies filled her small bedroom. Amanda felt the final plateau approach and crest her body shacking with the powerful orgasm her pussy pumping Sarah's fingers and become dripping wet in the release.

Sarah responded by sucking on Amanda's wetness which only served to send Amanda to even higher levels her moaning becoming a series of screams and shrieks. Somehow thought out this entire effort Amanda maintained her pumping-flicking action in Sarah and soon her friend joined her orgasmic melody. The two women collapsed into each other, wet and worn out.

Sleep soon descended on them. Amanda woke in the morning the sunlight burning her eyes, she reached to pull the shades closed and noticed they were already closed. She tried to open her eyes but the light was a headache inducing violent ray. Amanda pulled the covers over her head and heard Sarah's soft voice, "It's 3PM already sleepy head are you going to stay in bed all day?" Amanda really wanted to answer 'Yes' but she already missed worked and would have to explain that to her boss, hopefully he wouldn't fire her.

Amanda pulled her aching body out of bed her eyes thin slits against the light. "Turn off the lights." She whined to Sarah. "Girl, the lights aren't even on. You already have this place like a cave." "Not dark enough." Amanda complained as she stumbled toward the bathroom her head swirling and belly nauseous. For some reason Amanda's left thigh was very sore and as she sat in the bathroom she became aware of a throbbing pain.

She examined her thigh and discovered a large bruise and four red marks. "Sarah, what did you do to me last night?" Amanda asked. Sarah grinned sheepishly, "Nothing permanent… Why?" Amanda showed Sarah the bruise and marks in which Sarah hunched her shoulders, "I don't think that was me… at least I don't remember doing anything there… Over there yes." Sarah pointed toward Amanda's pussy, "but there, nope can't recall.

Ewe that looks bad." Sarah turned on the light in the bathroom and Amanda hissed at her like a frightened cat. "Ok OK if you have a hell of a hangover then I'll leave the lights off." Sarah flipped the switch back off.

"Oh I told your boss you have stomach virus. You can thank me latter." Amanda just wanted the dizziness, nausea and pain to stop, 'Shit.' She thought, 'no more Bloody Maries.' Amanda took a shower and then stumbled toward the kitchen wrapped tightly in her oversized terrycloth robe.

Sarah had already fired some eggs and placed them on a plate. The sight of the fried eggs just made Amanda more nauseous. "Come on, eggs are good for a hangover." Sarah announced. Amanda stumbled to the fridge and pulled out two fresh eggs which she cracked into a glass. She then downed the raw eggs. Sarah made a gagging noise behind her as she watched the yellow yolks slide down Amanda's throat. Sarah scraped the fried eggs into the garbage can no longer hungry herself.

Amanda then batted a few items around her fridge before finding a can of V8. Amanda imagined herself biting into the can of V8, its soft red liquid pouring down her neck, covering her breasts. The images caused a powerful lustful stir in her belly despite the nausea.

Amanda settled for opening the can and drinking the red liquid like a civilized woman. Sarah remarked, "You seem so animalistic today. Are you sure you're ok?" Amanda just looked at Sarah for a moment, her hazel eyes brighter than normal. "Yea just one hell of a hangover." "What you do, down a keg in that backroom?" Amanda felt a little ashamed and still didn't want to explain Kent to Sarah.

"No just lots of mixed drinks." "You sure someone didn't slip you a Mickey?" Amanda looked shocked as she did not even consider that. Sarah tried to pull Amanda from the apartment but Amanda resisted, feeling ill and tired.

Finally, Sarah gave up on Amanda wishing her well and gave her a sweet goodbye kiss. Amanda stumbled back to her room, hung a quilt over the window and went back to sleep. As Amanda's eyes closed her mind slipped into unconsciousness, still exhausted from the alcohol induced double romping she had last night. Her left thigh was still burning with soreness.

Her mind kept going back to the images of the V8 the can ripped apart by her mouth gallons of its warm red liquid pouring down her naked body. Amanda's full breasts causing the liquid to waterfall before contacting just below her navel and seeping between her legs and down her thighs. Amanda drank fully of the red liquid as gallons poured out the excess coating her alabaster skin and red and white contrast.

The liquid caused the lustful burning in her belly to come ablaze again. The more she drank of the liquid the more ran down her body and the hornier she became. Amanda rubbed the red juice into her pale skin fondling her own breasts. The burning desire continued to spread out of control as she slipped a finger to her slit tweaking and flicking her clit.

The burning was still insatiable and she drove her fingers into herself, pounding herself hard, screaming with desire and lust. The thought of Kent's thick long cock replacing her fingers caused her to desire it even more.

Her lust out of control Amanda pounded at her pussy until she came hard then drifted deeper into sleep. The alarm blared at 6AM and Amanda slapped at the thing, she really did not want to getup but after missing work yesterday there was no way her boss was going to allow her to miss another day without a note from a doctor.

Amanda crawled out of bed still wearing the terrycloth robe as she flipped on the light in the bathroom. It's brightness burned into her still sleepy eyes. She instinctively let out another hiss before braving in eyes squinted against the bright light. Shower, landscaping, and other womanly chores finished she put on her work clothes before looking in the fridge for something to eat. Nothing cooked or fired appealed to her and she had two more fresh eggs. She was not one to eat sexy sex and massage get mixed hardcore blowjob eggs and hardcore nude fucking in sex stories was the first time she ever tried, but they did seem to calm her stomach down.

Amanda figured what the hell pulling a glass out as she would try it again. This time as the raw slimy yokes hit the back of her throat she immediately gagged. 'What the hell am I thinking?' She spit the eggs into the disposal before deciding on a slice of white bread and some orange juice. The morning sun was bright and Amanda pulled her dark glasses over blonde babe gets naked and rubs that pussy sensitive eyes.

There must have been something in the air as well as her skin seemed to crawl with itchiness this morning. "I'll have to pick up some cortizone on the way home." She said to no one in particular.

The drive to work was uneventful and of course Amanda's boss was pissed that she was not in yesterday. "Next time you have a stomach virus you better have a note from a doctor." He spat, "Or you're fired!" "Yes Mr.

Rogers." Was all Amanda dared say. Joe Rogers was an asshole of a boss who would make life miserable for her if she back talked, sassed, gave him a dirty look, or any of a myriad of other 'infractions.' Joe told all of his employees that in this hugetits stepmom scissors with stepdaughter big tits and lesbian he could replace all them for half of their wage.

He often boasted that fact when someone would come in off the street and fill out an application. "Look here Bob." He would tease, "Alex here can replace british cfnm babe enjoys sucking subs cock starting right now." Amanda hated the job but there was not much she could do, it was better than living with her parents. Amanda made sure to change a weekend shift with one of the other employees so she would get Thursday the 10th and Friday the 11th off.

She had no idea what Kent had in mind but didn't want to spoil the date by having to end it early. The rest of the week was mush the same, Amanda got up early went to work. Worked nine long hours then headed back home. Since she wouldn't have a day off this weekend she had to combine her laundry day, grocery shopping and a much overdue cleaning of the apartment into her limited evenings. She continued to feel groggy in the mornings and get a second wind come evening just at sun set.

Amanda replaced the bright lights in her home with much lower watt bulbs. She had no idea what she was thinking with 100 watts bulbs throughout. She found some nice 30 watts that cast a much softer glow and didn't hurt her eyes. Amanda also started to wear long sleeve clothes and long pants.

Whatever was in the air seemed to irritate any exposed skin making her itchy as hell. She tried cortizone, calamine, witch hazel and a few other topical ointments to no avail. The 10th arrived and Amanda celebrated by turning off the alarm and sleeping in. When she parted her eyes the clock said 5:00. Wow she felt good for 5:00 in the morning as she hopped out of bed. However, everything felt wrong as she walked around the apartment. She logged onto her favorite site when she realized it was not 5AM but 5PM!

Had she really slept that long? Amanda was concerned about sleeping in this late but presumed she must be exhausted and needed to catch up on sleep. She checked her PMs answering a few and getting confused by this one guy pontificating about crows, blackbirds, and beets. 'What the hell?' She thought before closing out of the site to grab something to eat before getting ready for tonight. Amanda could feel her lust building just thinking about the tall man with bright blue eyes that seemed like they could peer right blonde hairy pussy lesbian first time flunking patrons step daughter gets a golden her soul.

The way the man moved, the way he made love to her body drove Amanda insane with desire. As Amanda went to prepare for the evening she noticed a package on the front stoop. She went out and picked it up inspecting its hand written note: TO: Amanda I didn't know if you had anything for the ballet tonight so I took the liberty of picking out something for you.

Kent. Amanda opened the box and inside was a beautiful ornate white silk and satin dress that could easily pass for a less formal wedding dress. Also included was a pair of white six inch stilettos. Amanda just smiled as she looked at the dress. She considered going sans underwear but chick demonstrates art of seduction tube porn against it as a little too presumptuous. She showered, took care of her feminine needs then slipped on a lacy bra and matching French-cut panties before sliding the delicate smooth silk over her alabaster skin.

The six inch white heals made the dress, accenting her bosom and her butt. The dress felt if it was cut exactly for her measurements. Kent must have one heck of a memory to nail her so well after such a short romp in the backroom at the rave. Amanda had to consciously remind herself to not hurry when she drove to Warehouse 26.

It was already a few minutes past 10PM but a gentleman will await his lady. Amanda wanted to be a few minutes late to make the dramatic entrance. Him waiting by his car as she exited hers and walking sexily up to him, 'I hope I am not late.' He would of course respond, 'No I am just early.' They would then smile him warm and inviting her shy yet seductive. He would open her door for her and they would whisk away into the night. Of course her debutante entrance would be much more believable if her labia was not already moistened thinking about how his hot tongue sent her into a powerful orgasm last time.

When she arrived there was one other car in the parking lot, a large black car with a long hood and a big silver grill. On the side of the car was RR and the front was a crouched winged woman. Kent was leaned up against the side of the car wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt and red cummerbund. His bright blue eyes seemed to glow in the full moonlight.

Amanda felt her heart race as she quickly parked her car, grabbed her small handbag and was exiting the car when Kent opened her door grasping her dainty hand in his and pulling her up into him. He bent over and kissed the back of her hand sending sparks throughout Amanda's body.

She went to open her mouth but was cut off by his smooth voice. "Welcome milady I was hoping you would show." 'I hope I'm not late.' Just didn't fit anymore and Amanda was lost in the moment.

His firm but delicate touch, the way he met and opened her door, her own lust burning from within. Hell she'd do the Kent in the back of his big black car if he just asked.

"The late ballet starts at 10:30. My car or yours?" Amanda looked at his big black beast as compared to her much smaller steed. "Yours." She said with a sweet smile. As the approached the large car Amanda just caught the RR was paralleled with ROLLS above and ROYCE below.

As they approached a chauffeur stepped out from the driver's seat and opened the door for them to enter the cavernous car. Amanda slid along the leather plush bench seat and Kent slid in next to her. As they exited the Rolls Kent pulled a large double strand of white pears from a pocked and gently placed them around Amanda's neck. The smooth pearls rolled into place sending Goosebumps up and down Amanda's arms. Kent led the way to a private box which they watched the ballet that already begun a few minutes earlier.

They returned to the car shortly after midnight and despite the lateness of the hour Amanda felt invigorated. The full moon shone brightly in the sky casting a pale bluish tint on Kent's handsome form.

The Rolls soon pulled up and Kent opened the door for Amanda to enter then he followed her in as she slid along the soft leather bench. "Are you hungry?" Kent asked.

"Yes." Amanda replied, "What is open this late?" Kent smiled as her took her hand into his, "Home Jeeves and ask Chief to put something on for us." "Will do sir." Replied the chauffer. "Your driver's name is Jeeves?" Amanda asked bemused. "No but it make me giggle inside to call him that." Kent smiled back. Kent softly caressed Amanda hand making small talk on the ride back to his place.

Amanda soon realized that they left the bustle of town and were heading out into the country. "Where do you live?" She asked. "We're almost there." Kent replied. The large black car came to a stop in front of a double hung wrought iron fence. Jeeves punched in a code and the fence opened for the large car to pass. The car smoothly made its way up the lengthy driveway with great oak trees on either side like soldiers standing at attention as their prince returned.

Soon the line of trees broke and a grand Victorian plantation home bbw busty fat girl got fucked in front of a cheated wife in front of them. "You live there?" Amanda asked astonished. "No I live in the old quarters out back." Kent jested. Their eyes locked again her hazel and his bright blues, Amanda's lips parted just slightly and they fell into a soft kiss. Amanda could feel each beat or her heart as time seemed to slow down.

The soft pressure on her lips, the warmth of his touch and her own excitement. He kissed her and Amanda kissed him back fully. When the kiss finally broke the car had already come to a complete stop and Jeeves had opened the door for them.

Kent led her out of the car and up the stairs of the large white plantation home looking over acres of land lit with the soft glow of the full moon. On the porch of the large home Kent leaned in a kissed Amanda again softly and gently playing the careful role of a southern gentleman and his belle.

Amanda could imagine someone saying, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn" in this spot. Despite the age of the old home the interior was decorated with the typical trappings of a home of elegance. High back chairs were arranged in sitting areas, large portraits of the various men and women of the family. Kent led Amanda right to the dining room with its typical long table with two places set right across from each other at the center of the table.

Kent smiled, "Newlyweds sit across from each other at the center of the curvy babe aliceafter dark gets doggystyled by plumber. As the marriage gets older and stale they start to move to the ends of the table and away from each other." Amanda giggled at the thought of a young couple playing footsy then growing older and moving further and further away from each other.

It was amusing yet somber at the same time. Jeeves brought out plates of food and red wine. "I hope you don't mind steak tartare." Kent apologized.

"Chief makes the best meals and he can throw yours on the fire if you prefer." Amanda really did not want to eat raw meat but she did not want to be a rude guest either. She figured she could nibble a few bites and play the typical 'I'm stuffed' routine. Jeeves placed a plate in front of her and the steak was in a sweet smelling sauce with red beets and baby carrots on the side. The food was also garnished with bitter green arugula.

Amanda took a sip of the red wine which had a fine deep earthy taste which was very raw and powerful. She then she took adrianna luna cumshot black suspect taken on a tough ride small bite of the steak tartare its seasoning giving it an intoxicating sweet taste nicely balanced with the peppery arugula.

Even the beets, not one of Amanda's favorite vegetables, tasted good with intricate spices carefully blended to give a unique and subtle taste. "You approve?" Kent asked. "Very good." Amanda stated with astonishment. "Chief will be glad to know that he once again met the high marks in cuisine." Amanda slowly ate her food occasionally gazing across the table at Kent.

A thought crossed her mind and she slyly grinned at the concept. Slipping off one of her heals she used brunette latina teen rides hard dick with her hard slutty body foot to caress Kent's calf. Kent stopped eating and looked right into her eyes as she did so, he took a deep sip of wine finishing his glass. They continued to eat a little quicker as Amanda stroked his leg with her foot continuing up under his knee then along the inside of his thigh until she bumped her foot into his rock hard manhood.

When Amanda's foot bumped his cock Kent dropped his fork into his plate. Amanda gazed back at him as he stood up, made the journey around the table then bent in and kissed her sliding his tongue into her mouth.

Kent may have planned to make slow love to Amanda's body but the ten days and burning desire within was pushing Amanda for one thing. She wanted his cock and as Kent kissed her deeply, their tongues fencing, she reaching out and stroked it through his trousers. Kent gasped as her hand touched him and his eyes partly rolling back. Amanda broke the kiss and whispered into Kent's ear, "Take me to your bedroom and fuck me." Kent easily lifted her up and carried Amanda up the central stairway and headed for his bedroom.

"Will that be all for tonight sir?" Jeeves asked. "Definitely." Kent hissed back.

Kent entered the bedroom and carried Amanda to a bed that looked exactly like the one at the rave. He carefully set her on the bed and started to undress Amanda. Amanda's hands were busy with his clothing as they managed to strip each other down to their undergarments between passionate flurries of kissing. Kent removed Amanda's lacy white bra and let out a breath of warm air when her full breasts were exposed to the pale blue moon light entering the window.

He kissed and sucked on her breasts and gently pulled her panties off her hourglass form. Amanda pulled Kent back up then kneeling in front of him lowered his boxers releasing his long thick cock to the night air.

Amanda grasped at Kent's cock wrapping her hand around and pumping its length as she knelt before him. Kent's head swayed back with the motion of his cock. Precum was leaking from the bulbous head as Amanda leaned forward and tasted him.

Kent had a bitter salty taste like a pistachio as Amanda continued to lick the large cock head while her hand pumped along its length. Kent was moaning loudly when Amanda parted her lips and slipped the his large meat into her mouth sucking on it. Amanda's own lust went to a full blown firestorm consuming her entire body in moments as she sucked on the large cock before her.

Kent had given her such pleasures on Halloween night and she was determined to repay his kindness. Her own pussy was already squishy wet with desire for this man. All Amanda wanted was to be laying underneath Kent his powerful and large erection pistoning inside of her.

Amanda looked up from her cocksucking to see Kent staring back down at her his blue eyes glowing in the moonlight. Amanda released his cock from her mouth and stood up into Kents arms. He hugged and kissed her deeply again as she tugged him back toward the bed and on top of her. They wiggled into the middle of the bed trading kisses, him on her full breasts teasing her nipples, her on his wide hard chest lightly kissing. Comfortably in the center Amanda looked up at Kent whispering, "Fuck me." Kent grasped his thick cock and guided it between Amanda's wet folds.

She felt the bulbous head slide between her thick labia before lining up with her tunnel. They both looked into each other's eyes then Kent slowly pushed his cock into Amanda stretching her tight around his thick rod, its heat flooding into her body.

Amanda cried out, "OH GAWD FUCKING YES!" Kent continued sexy milf titfucking with toy on webcam push his meat into her as Amanda couldn't believe how wide it stretched her pussy.

She felt her nails dig into Kent's back and he drove harder into her.

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Soon his solid drive in was replaced with a rhythm as Kent's thick cock pumped in and out of her wet pussy. Amanda wrapped her legs around Kent's waist as he grinded his cock deeper and deeper into her cannel splitting Amanda wide.

The pleasure of the large cock inside of her continued to jolt Amanda as she quickly reached the plateau of her first orgasm. Her pussy clamped hard against the massive cock inside of her as she crescendo with a series of "Yes! Yes!. OH GAWD YES YES FUCK ME YES!" Her verbal assault just seemed to encourage Kent on harder not once slowing down during her orgasm.

Amanda felt the increased waylay of his furious pounding as he drove his cockriding in different positions big butt bigtits deeper and deeper into her sensitive silk wet soft tunnel.

Amanda moaned loudly her nails still biting his back with scratches as her pussy clamped hard against the fucking she was getting. Kent started to grunt under as his own lust continued to build. Kent's short but quick strokes was soon replaced with an even faster full length pounding that sent massive pleasure though out Amanda's body each time he slammed into her hard. Amanda lost complete control and orgasm after orgasm ripped through her body. Amanda's body went limp from exhaustion as Kent continued to fuck her.

Then without warning Amanda felt his balls tighten, his shaft pulse and hot ropy stream splash deep into her pussy. Amanda threw her head back in a final wash of ecstasy. She felt Kent against her neck which she offered freely then sharp teeth dug into her offered neck. There was no denying it, Amanda knew and hopped it was true.

Kent was a nosferatu and he was making her into his bride. The reality was Amanda wanted to become his bride and walk the night with him. She woke the next morning in a blacked out room her neck sore where Kent feed on her last night. Kent was with her naked, his cock hanging limply in front of him.

"You might want to avoid sunlight." Kent warned. "Did. Did you make me a vampire?" Amanda asked. "Almost," Kent explained. "One more bite on the next full moon will complete the ritual." "Until then?" Amanda asked reaching for his flaccid manhood.

Kent just smiled as he stepped in offering himself to her. "Well there are a few rules." "Vampire rules?" Amanda seemed freaks of boobs babes with huge boobs getting fucked video before sucking his slowly hardening cock into her mouth.

"One. Direct sunlight is bad. It has something to do with infrared and ultraviolet light. In your state it will cause second degree burns.

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For me I'd turn to ash." "Mmm hum." Amanda noted sucking his cock. "Two. You will feel stronger, more aware, balanced but you must feed on human blood to maintain that power. You can also regenerate from serious wounds." Amanda nodded as his cock thickened making it harder to utter. "Three. When you feed never take the last sip of blood from a dying human, it will make you mad." "Four. Avoid holy symbols, holy water and anything wood that penetrates your heart completely will kill you." "Ack." Amanda stated having spat out Kent's erect cock and stroking it with both hands.

"Five. Drinking the blood of another nosferatu will connect you to that nosferatu permanently." Amanda looked confused. "You feel what they feel, smell what they smell, hear what they hear and can even see what they see." "Can I fly or turn into a bat?" Amanda asked.

Kent smiled, "No flying although you will be able to jump a great distance and no turning into anything. We are Nosferatu not Werebats." "Anything else?" Amanda asked coyly. "Fuck me." Kent re