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Busty milf bridtette lee gobbles youthful cock
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This is a fictional story with no bearing on any real life people. This story is copyrighted to the author and redistribution by anybody except the author is not authorised without the author's written consent. It had been a lovely evening. I'd been set up on a blind date, not surprising really, I'd grown up becoming shyer and shyer with the opposite sex (surprising since when I was younger I was as forward as you could possibly get).

I'd expected my date to be fairly ordinary, that's what you expect from blind dates at least. But when we'd met she was heaven sent, tall, slender, athletic body topped with a face that could launch ten ships if not a thousand. We spent the evening in a bar. Being underage we couldn't order drinks (well we could but I was driving and the others just preferred not to drink).

Jenny and I had hit it off immediately. She smiled at nearly everything I said, leaned into me when she and I went outside to smoke and by the end of the evening I had my arm around her as we walked to the car.

I think my friend who was with us and dating Jenny's sister was amazed at how well we'd connected. I didn't really pay any attention, my focus for the evening at least was Jenny. As I drove her home I was stunned to feel her hand snake onto my thigh and gently stroke it.

Of course I rose to the occasion magnificently, especially when she slid her hand up to my crotch and began gently massaging me. How I got us to her house safely is a mystery. As soon as we were inside the house Tamsin and Brian disappeared to Tamsin's room. This didn't really surprise me but it did leave Jenny and I alone for the first time that evening and we went through and sat on their dad and dawter with bffs on vacay turned into a steamy orgy. Jenny sat next to me and I put my arm around her.

We talked for about 20 or 30 minutes, about nothing in particular, then the conversation stopped and I leaned down and kissed her. At first it was tentative but it quickly changed into a deep passionate kiss.

I ran my hand up and down her back, enjoying the heat she exuded, also noting with surprise that she wasn't wearing a bra.

We kissed for quite sometime, and finally she broke the kiss. She must have reached a decision because she stood up and took my hand and led me upstairs to what I assume was her bedroom. "Where's your parents?" I asked nervously. "Out of town on a weekend getaway, don't worry" she replied with an impish tone to her voice. We entered her bedroom and she sat on the bed.

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I noticed she was leading me a bit and I looked at her quizzically. She smiled "Brian told me you probably were a virgin, said if I wanted to then I'd better be ready to show you." I was stunned, my best friend had set this up and then I began to feel embarrassed and angry. "No Mike don't get angry. He didn't ask me to sleep with you, or tell me to do anything. I'm doing this because I really like you." I calmed down and decided to go with it, pointers on how to pound mature pussy like sarahs blowjob amateur I was going to have words with Brian later.

I leaned forwards and kissed her again. She began slowly unbuttoning her blouse as we kissed, then pulled it open to reveal two small, enticing wonderful orbs, topped with tiny nipples. I was entranced, not that this was the first time I'd gotten this far with a girl, it's just to me they looked just right. I bent down and began to kiss and lick her breasts, and ran my hands up and down her body.

She Shrugged off her blouse and eventually pushed me away. I looked a little confused at this point and she giggled, stood up and removed her skirt and panties.

I just gazed at her. She was beautiful top to bottom, and god what a lovely bottom. "So are you gonna undress or do I have to do it?" again the impish smile. "I think you might have to do it." I said smiling. But I put the lie to my words and yanked my shirt quickly over my head and threw it on the floor.

"mmmm" was all I heard from her. Now I'm no muscle man, but I do swim a lot, so my body is fairly well toned and I must have been a pleasant sight. She reached forwards and undid my belt and the button on my trousers then started working them down my legs. She caught my underwear at the same time, so fairly quickly I was naked before her and my erection was there for her attention.

And attention she did give it. She knelt down and took it in her mouth straight away, licking up and down and around the head.

I was in seventh heaven, and she knew just how to treat it. She paused and looked up at me, a smile on her face, my cock in her mouth and her hair drifting slightly forwards was a gorgeous picture, then she went back to work on it. I quickly began to peak so I mumbled, "Oh I'm going to come". I expected her to stop at this point but she carried on even more vigorously, if anything sucking harder and harder. I felt the explosion as I came in her mouth, feeling seven or eight spurts just whirl their way out.

She didn't spill a drop, in fact she swallowed it and carried on milking me, making sure she got every last drop. Then I heard and felt her swallow again and slowly take her mouth away.

I was exhausted, but Teamskeet fit blond sucks off her hot trainers cock knew there was more to come. She got onto the bed and lay beside me, her hand gently fondling me all the time.

She took my hand and placed it on her crotch. I got the message and began massaging her slowly. I found her pussy lips and teased them apart, god they were so wet. I gently pushed my middle finger into her, and then pulled it out.

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I was running on instinct now, but from the tiny moan I got from Jenny I knew I was on the right track. I moved my thumb now to play lightly with her clitoris, rubbing it ever so gently. She began moaning some more, and I could feel her muscles tightening in her stomach, her breathing was coming faster, and she was feeling wetter. She suddenly pulled me on top of her and took my now hard cock and manoeuvred it to the entrance of her pussy.

"I want you in me now Mike." Ever the gentleman I believe it's my duty to do as the lady told me so I pushed into her. She was so tight, it felt almost as though I was trying to push into sara tommasi video porno con andrea dipregrave warm, wet vice, but in I went slowly.

I gasped with the pleasure of entering her and feeling for the first time the warmth of her pussy (any pussy) holding onto my cock. I began, tentatively at first to pull back out of her then I pushed back in, she moaned in delight as it hot beach sex with gorgeous bikini model so, and I wanted to hear those moans.

I began to pick up the rhythm now, driving myself into her faster and faster. She placed her arms around my back, holding onto me tightly, and then I felt her legs move up and fold behind me. I drove into her, feeling her using her legs and her body to make sure I went into her as deep and as hard as possible. Very quickly I began reaching my climax again, then I felt her arms tighten on my back and her hands clenched and dug into my back, her pussy grabbed hold of my cock even tighter than I thought possible as she entered her orgasm, and boy could she scream.

The sensations all conspired to take me over the edge much quicker than I expected and I exploded into her in what felt like a never-ending orgasm. As we came down from our mutual highs we kissed, and held each other. She looked over at the clock, it was 1am, smiled and said, "I wonder if Brian and Tamsin are waiting?" "Fuck them I'm happy right here" I said.

She laughed. "Not tonight, tonight I want you all to myself" and then kissed me again. About half an hour later I went downstairs fully dressed with Jenny on my arm. She'd simply thrown on a gown against my objections until she said "Honestly Mike what the hell do you think they were doing upstairs all that time, and I doubt after my screams they didn't work out what we were doing" I blushed at my innocence.

The knowing smile on Brian's face as we walked into the lounge told me they knew exactly what we'd been up to. Tamsin, the elder of the two sisters smiled and said, "Well now that introductions are completely out of the way you guys may as well stay the night." At that she grabbed Brian's hand and pulled him back upstairs.

Jenny laughed and did the same to me. That night was the start of a beautiful relationship and we are married now with the standard 2.4 children. We've had many adventures together have Jenny and I, but alas I will not be telling those. Not yet.