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Bazoocam chienne tres coquine fait la pute en cam
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Orgies Can Solve All Kinds of Problems For all the things that can be said about my wife, Amy never let it be thought that she isn't smart.

So it was only a matter of time before she became aware of my indiscretions. To be truthful I think I was getting a little sloppy. I would come home late without calling, smelling like other women, but it wasn't like her hands were clean either.

"Our" daughter, after all, was just the result of her cheating on me (not that I minded). We'd had it out in a gorgeous eighteen year old zaya cassidy first monster cock experience loud row. Plates were smashed.

Tears were shed. In the end, while we both ended up accepting the others' extramarital tastes, I felt bad for causing Amy any emotional pain. She was still my wife and we were deeply in life. As I fell asleep that night I couldn't believe that I'd ever thought I could screw around without it ever coming back to hurt her. I resolved to make it up to her somehow. I figured that what we really needed was more openness. We'd both told each other lies, and it was time for everyone to come clean.

I also felt we could only fix this mess the way we'd gotten into it: by fucking our brains out. "You think we should host an orgy?" I remember Amy asking me incredulously. "Well not really. An orgy is bigger, like hundreds of people. This'll just be six. But I guess orgy works." I didn't back down here. This was totally going to fly if I was just confident enough. I knew that Amy, while always a little reserved on the outside, had always had deep urges for freaky-ass shit.

This was just the kind of thing that was weird enough to tickle her interests. "Tell me who's going to be there again?" "Just the two girls I've been fucking at the office, that Indian girl you've been screwing, and your baby daddy." She winced when I mentioned Kevin that way.

I reminded myself to back off. "They're all clean and unattached. If you convince the teenagers I'm sure I could get the girls to come around." Amy waited to respond. "Roger I really don't know about this." "Amy I know this is how we can wipe the whole slate clean.

If we get our partners in the room just to fuck and have a good time then we can carry on with whoever we want knowing that we have, at least, good judgment." Amy spent a long time just looking into my eyes.

"Alright. I'll call Tia tomorrow." Internally I jumped in the air and pumped my fists, but on the outside I just smiled and hugged Amy. "This is going to be great, you'll see." Cassie was sex xxxii bff google play to convince, all that I needed to tell her was that all participants are clean for STDs. Eve was a little more wary. "Honestly this sounds like a terrible idea." "No it's not!

You love kinky sex. And you know Cassie's going to be there." "What!? You've been fucking that little whore, too?" Well that backfired. "Babe don't worry about it." "Alright Roger time for closing arguments, then get out of my office." "Just imagine Cassie. Skinny, young, sexy. You rip off her clothes, throw her on the couch, and ride her face until you cum. Finally put her in her place. You've always wanted that, right?" Eve was blushing a little and her ample bosom was swelling.

"Mmm. That does sound kind of nice. You said the other guy just graduated High School? He played football?" I confirmed.

"And did you say he impregnated your wife?" "Uh, yeah." Perhaps I'd over shared. "Well I do fancy getting some cock from a young stud. No offense Roger, but you hardly look how you did in High School." "Thanks, Eve." "I'll do this on one condition." A gasp of relief escaped my lips. "I get to fuck you right now on my desk." I was even more relieved, but mocked annoyance as I took off my clothes.

Eve pulled open her blouse and let her massive tits spill out of the top of her bra. Forcefully Eve pushed me down on her desk and jumped on top, thrusting my cock inside her and planting her palms on my chest. I remember her chest bouncing rhythmically and her muffled screams as her vagina convulsed in ecstasy and I shot jets of cum into her womb. The things I do for love. The day of reckoning was here.

Amy had succeeded in roping Tia and Kevin into this escapade, and after much wrangling we'd settled on a weekend where none of the six of us had plans. We'd set up the kid with a sitter and prepared our basement. Soft, chintzy couches framed the area, and we'd scrounged up every throw pillow we'd had in the house for this. A three-quarters full bottle of lube graced an end table next to a packet of viagra, and the lighting was properly mood adjusted.

Ambient, not-too-cheesy music played over the sound system. I was excited, Amy was a little more apprehensive. We'd agreed that we were both ready to do things a little out of the ordinary, and that this was supposed to be a relaxing, freeing experience, but I didn't think she'd really relax until all the clothes were off and she was getting fucked.

My wife was gorgeous, even after giving birth, her breasts still hadn't reduced to their usual size, and they were lovely swollen with milk. Her blonde hair was long and luxurious, her eyes as brilliant blue as they'd ever been.

I know she felt an intense guilt for getting pregnant by Kevin, far more than I felt for my affairs, and though I assured her I considered the kid mine and would raise her as if I was her father, she was still anxious. Softly I kissed her on the forehead. "Why don't we get started while we wait for the others." There was a sign on the front imploring anyone to come in with directions to the basement. Nothing to worry about. I undressed her slowly and carefully, caressing her smooth skin and kissing whatever parts of her were available to me.

When we finished undressing each other we wordlessly settled into the rhythms our bodies had learned over years of marriage. Her pussy lips parted to my cock head and it slid into her as she rested, gazing up at me, on the couch. I took long, deep strokes and regulated my breathing. Amy came quickly, like she always had, and though I felt my semen in my testicles ready for discharging, I held off.

There would only be two men at this shindig, and I'd need to conserve all the cum I had. Amy was gasping and gripping my biceps below me when Skinny blonde milf roxy lee masturbates shaved pussy masturbation pornstars heard a cough and a voice from the bottom of the stairs.

"Well aren't you two just the sexiest thing." I pulled out of Amy and turned to look.

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There was a gorgeous Indian girl who could only be Tia standing in a stylish trench coat. The musclebound, awkward looking kid behind her had to be Kevin. I could see why Amy would screw these two, they were quite the vision.

"Tia and Kevin, I presume?" "You presume correctly. Roger?" Tia replied back and approached where I was standing.

Kevin was sporting obvious wood. Not shy about my nakedness and erection, I tossed him the pack of pills on the table. "Yeah that's me. You both know Amy. Take two of those, kid. You'll need them." Amy waved from a contented lounge position on the couch. "I can get hard, old man," Kevin said. I just laughed in response. I didn't really care about him and Amy, or his fathering my daughter, but in my house I have a certain heirarchy.

Amy and I were at the top, followed by everyone else in no particular order. Sometime tonight I knew I would need to reassert the heirarchy. "Honey, no one is saying you can't get hard.

But when you cum they'll help you get hard again faster," Tia said in the patient voice one uses to address annoying children. "Oh." He popped two out of the pack and swallowed them. Tia unfastened her trench coat and let it slide off her shoulders, she had nothing on underneath. The first thing I noticed was her tits. They were probably a size bigger than Eve's, and had maybe a little more hang to them, but they were round and flawless, with dark, large aureola and prominent nipples.

The rest of her body was damn close to godlike, as far as I was concerned. Her belly was smooth with just the right amount of fat, and her waist was, while probably larger than Amy's absolutely, was unreal compared to her hips and shoulders.

Her thighs were creamy and thick, her patch of hair full but well-groomed. She looked like a statue in some lost temple in the Indian jungle. I probably grew another half-inch just from looking at her. When he saw his girlfriend disrobing, Kevin began to hastily strip off his jeans and T-shirt. Tia came very close to me. She smelled rich and exotic. "Why don't we get started," she said, her hand finding my cock and lightly dancing upon it. I glanced at Amy, she was smiling and just nodded.

"Maybe I should have warned you. Tia can come hot sex bbw huge clit a little strong," she said. A little strong was a massive understatement.

Tia came very close to me, reaching her other hand around to grab my ass. She whispered in my ear. "Your cock is so big. I want to feel it. I want to feel your cum in my horny teen miko synz is skilled in making his prick happy she said.

I almost came right there in her hands, but choked it back with some deep breathing. Kevin had finished undressing and sauntered over to Amy, who had propped herself up to sitting against the back of the couch, and was smiling as he approached. His boner pointed straight out at her "It's been a long time, Kevin." "I guess it has.

Are you going to fuck me, or what?" At this, Amy laughed lightly. "Maybe a little later, Roger really wore me out." Amy extended her arm to grab Kevin's manhood. "I can still get you off in other ways til then." She began to jerk him off to his obvious enjoyment.

I returned my attention to Tia. Her shoulders were responsive to my touch as I rotated her away from me. "Mmm I'm ready baby," she said. Tia leaned forward slightly as I cupped her breast with one hand.

It was heavy and her nipple stiffened when I touched it. This exposed her long, pink lips to me and my cock. I swiftly drew inside her. Despite her obvious sexual experience, her pussy was as tight as tight as any virgin I'd ever fucked.

Tia was also soaking wet. I groaned when my cock slid against her silky insides to rest on her cervix. "You want to cum in me now?" Tia asked when I paused after my first stroke.

"Go ahead, babe, fill me with that cream." I wanted to. I wanted to so hard, but the though of cumming without enjoying this gorgeous woman made me feel like a complete schmuck. I began to thrust as Tia cooed in ecstasy. The hand not currently holding a tit found Tia's pubis, then Tia's clitoris. Tia began to coo louder and joined me in fingering her clitoris. "Roger you're so big!

If you keep that up for a few more minutes Orall service games followed by fucking homemade hardcore might cum." Christ! A few more minutes? I was already using every muscle I had south of the waist to hold back the flood of semen I had building up inside me.

Amy had Kevin's cock in her mouth now, or more specifically in her esophagus, from the look of it. "Fuck Mrs. Shurgur, you're so good! You're so hot! I'm gonna cum. Gonna CUM!" Kevin grabbed Amy's skull with both hands and shot his wad into my wife's belly. Amy accepted the load easily, and waited patiently for Kevin to finish squirting.

Watching Amy get face-fucked by another guy was way more erotic than I thought it would be. Kevin's buttocks were clenched tight as he gave her his gift and languished in the pleasure she gave him. Tia snapped my attention back to her with her voice. "Do it. You see how good it'll feel. Cum inside me." Tia had this low, breathy whisper that probably drove men everywhere to distraction.

"I want to feel your semen. I want to get your sperm in my womb." She kept lowering her voice as she spoke. "Cum for me, baby, cum for me, now." My control was broken, hot cum jetted out of my tip into Tia.

My mouth was open in a silent cry and my body was completely frozen as I tried to deal with the waves of pleasure I was dealing with. Tia just giggled. "That's right, sex xxxxx 18 japanis fuck me everything. I want it all." Spent, I staggered backward out of her and collapsed on the couch.

She turned and bore down on me. Her slit was dripping my cum, and she leaned far over me with her hands on my thighs to kiss me deeply and romantically. My cock spurted another few drops.

Tia stood up, smiled, then smiling while bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. The way her tits moved was a defiance of physics as I understood them. "Oh this is going to be so much fun! You did great, Roger." The real world zoomed forward in my vision to meet me as I descended from the rush of cumming.

"Wow," was all I could say. My eyes blinked a few times, but I have no memory of actively telling them to do that. "Now what do we have here," I heard from the stairs.

Eve stood there in a strapless cocktail dress with a slit to her hip. It was gorgeous, and I don't mean the dress. Tia stood there grinning and undressing her with her eyes. She was the only one standing after Kevin had plopped down on the couch next to Amy to watch Tia get drilled. "I like your tits, honey," Tia said as Eve walked up to her oozing sex. Eve smirked.

"They're all real." "Mind if I find out for myself?" Eve just grabbed her bustier and pulled it down under her boobs, supporting them but exposing her pink nipples to the air. Tia squeezed one than the other. "Huh, guess you weren't lying." Tia lowered her head and latched on to Eve's left nipple with her mouth.

Eve's eyelashes fluttered. "I like the way these taste," Tia said after sucking both nipples tenderly. This flirtation was getting me hard again already, the viagra was doing its job. Eve's was getting noticeably flustered and began blushing deeply. "Do you want to see how I taste?" Tia asked Eve.

She led Eve by the hand the couch I was sitting on and sat down. Tia spread her legs. "Find out." A mischevious smirk came over Eve's face and she giggled far more girlishly than I would have thought she was capable of.

"I haven't eaten anyone out since college. I might be a horny brunette got to pleasure her man rusty." Despite her disclaimer, Eve sank her face into Tia's crotch eagerly and began to suck and lick her clitoris with skill.

After a minute, she withdrew her head, chin covered in Tia's juice. "You taste like Roger's cum," she said. Tia just grinned and pushed Eve's head back down. Her pleasure had a crescendo that it didn't when I was fucking her. I felt a little jealous. Eve surfaced again. "Are one of you two going to come over here and put your dick in me or do I have to do everything myself?" Before I could decide whether I wanted to jump in or continue spectating Kevin had already stood up, erection in hand.

"How do you want it?" He knelt behind Eve and pulled her hair back. I guess Eve wasn't wearing underwear at all, because Kevin was already preparing his cock for entry under her dress. "Hard and rough, stud." Kevin looked at Tia for approval.

"You heard the lady." "Hard and rough, coming up," he said. Eve resumed eating Tia's cock. When Kevin thrust himself into Eve she had to stop momentarily to squeal in pleasure, then returned to her preoccupation.

Kevin seemed to really take Eve's directive to heart. He was pumping into her furiously while grabbing her red hair and supple ass. I had no idea how much longer he could last at that pace. "Well don't worry about starting without me," Cassie said, standing naked at the bottom of the stairs. I couldn't tell how long she'd been there. "Cassie!" I said. Glad you could make it." "Well I couldn't miss this," she replied, indicating the three way that was going on next to me.

I stood up and sat back down right next to Amy. "Why don't you come over here and make my wife and I cum?" "Awww, don't I get some young hunk to put his cock nude in public on stage audience me?" "Haha, you will in time.

This is your punishment for being late." Cassie just shrugged and came over to us. She knelt in front of Amy and began to eat her out capably while jacking me off with her other hand.

After a minute she switched to trying sister asks tbritish 4some in french pussy suck me off and fingering Amy. Her attentions were just divided enough to prolong our orgasms, but she was skilled enough to still give us pleasure. Amy turned to me and I returned her gaze.

"Now isn't this fun?" I asked her. "I'll admit I had my dou-" Amy's sentence was cut off by a sharp exhalation as Cassie switched her tongue and mouth back to her. "-My doubts," she continued after regaining her composure. "But now all I want is for this little cunt to finish eating me out." I kissed my wife deeply and forced my tongue into her mouth. I could still taste the salty-sweetness of Kevin's semen, but I didn't care. While locked at the lips Amy came, her back stiffening and almost biting off my lips as she convulsed.

I broke away and let her moan it out. I was close to cumming myself. I glanced over at the other menage a trois. Eve had wrapped her legs around Kevin's torso, and Tia was holding her head down in her pussy. They all looked to be having a good time. As Amy finished her orgasm I took Cass' hand off my cock and forced her down to the carpet.

Roughly I entered her and in only a few quick pumps I shot my cum into her in a sharp, violent thrust. I gasped as I finished ejaculating and knelt over her prone form. "You didn't let me cum!" she protested. "I didn't want to," I replied.

I tweaked her right nipple with my thumb and forefinger so she squirmed on the ground. Tia had her ankles up on Kevin's shoulders and was obvioulsy in the throws of orgasm.

I had no idea if Eve had came. She was kind of immobilized except for her breasts, which swung back and forth with each of Kevin's forceful penetrations. "OH EVE!!" Tia screamed. "OH EVE!!! Give it to her, Kevin! Fuckin' shoot it! Knock her up with your cum!". "Take it, bitch," he said and emptied his balls into the paralyzed Ms Draper. I could see his buttocks tensing once again and Eve's thighs gripping his waist as he ejaculated.

The two teenagers released their sex toy and let her lie with her back against the couch, gasping for breath her pink cunt was full of. Tia tousled Kevin's hair. "You did good, babe." "Tia you looked so hot when you came.

I just want to fuck your tits and cum all over them." "Mmm I bet you do." Tia grabbed her breasts and rubbed them, pushed them kortney kane sexy storys sex stories, and played with her nipples.

"But you get to fuck me all the time. I see a sexy young thing over there that hasn't came yet." Kevin eyed the prone Cassie and her perky, firm titties.

Cassie winked at him. "I'm Cassie. Can you make me cum?" Kevin crawled over to her.

"I bet I can." I moved out of the way so Kevin could take my place and take Cassie's cunt. He grabbed her legs and spread them, then pulled her hips up to his so she was only supported on her upper back and elbows. Swiftly but gently he entered and began to fuck her.

Cassie responded with immediate joy and laughs of sexual ecstasy. Eve, noticing what was going on rose to her knees and crawled over to join, slipping out of her dress as she did. Mounting Cassie's shoulders with her large thighs, Cass looked confused. Kevin also looked confused, but wasn't stopping once he got into his groove. "Roger promised me your mouth, little bitch. And I'm taking it." Eve pushed Cassies shoulders against the carpet and climbed onto Cassie's face, facing away from Kevin.

"Now eat me, you whore!" Cassie's eyes showed anger, but Eve's face showed that she had quickly embraced the new paradigm and was tonguing the hell out of Eve's slit and clit. "Taste that cum, slut," she yelled while rocking her hips on Cass' face. "You're gonna get fucking filled with this guys cream!" Eve was grabbing and squeezing her juicy tits as she cackled with pleasure.

I looked first at Amy, then at Tia. They seemed engrossed in watching, and my cock was hard again from watching Eve seize Cassie like that and face-rape her. I stood up and walked in front of Eve "Oh you want your dick sucked too?" She opened her mouth wide. "Come on in." I grabbed Eve's head and impaled her with my dick, easily sliding past her tonsils until my balls rested on her chin.

I though I felt Eve start to gag, but the convulsion of her throat only made it feel better. I forced Eve back and forth as I plundered her throat, she felt comfortable and smooth, her eyes smiled up at me and twinkled as ate her out.

Kevin was holding up well. He shot me a thumbs-up. Without warning me, Eve reached around and grabbed my ass. After a forceful squeeze which almost made me cum right then, she burrowed her finger between my buttocks and fingered my anus.

It didn't feel half bad, so I figured I'd let her go for it. She slipped a finger into my rectum and probed around for my prostate. I felt her finger a spot on the front of my rectum that produced a pleasurable pressure right behind the base of my penis. "Right there babe. You're gonna make me blow if you keep that up," I warned her. Her finger quickly withdrew and Eve winked at me, only to return to my anus with two fingers.

The extra size made me skip a thrust into Eve's throat to relax my asshole, but the pleasure was even more intense. I looked at Kevin, Amy had draped herself over him from behind and was whispering some filth into his ear.

He had the thousand yard stare of a man on the brink of orgasm. I nodded at him, forced Eve's head so far onto my cock her eyes were buried in my pubic hair, and with her fingering my prostate, unloaded into her belly. Eve struggled to deal with my pulsing cock and the warmth now jetting down her esophagus, but managed to choke it down with only drops backing up her throat and dripping down her chin.

Cassie was also having an orgasm, her legs kicking wildly as Kevin thrust into her hard and fast and Amy massaged her clitoris.

Kevin froze, and with one wild grunt drove completely into Cassie and filled her young womb with his fertile semen. I winced when I saw him thrust, knowing Cassie's well small vagina, but man that guy was sure having a good time.

Eve withdrew her fingers from my ass and gently pushed me away by my hips. She grabbed Cassie's head with both hands. "You're not done until you get me off, little bitch. I don't care how many times quarterback cums inside you." Eve then gasped, threw her head back and screamed the eardrum-splitting scream of a woman having a fantastic orgasm. When her lungs ran out of breath and she was gasping for air she got out two words. "Much better." she said, then rolled off Cass to lie on the carpet and luxuriate in the afterglow.

Cassie, who had obviously been suffering under Eve's cunt, gasped for air and took in giant, staggered breaths until she regained her composure, both from lack of oxygen and the orgasm Kevin had given her.

She looked at him now. He was still half inside her, seeping cum, when she pulled her hips back and kicked him off. Cass rolled over and doubled up on the floor.

"Ow ow ow owwwwwww," she moaned. "That's my fucking cervix shitbrain. You can't just force your way past it. It's an important part of my anatomy." "Kevin!" Tia scolded. "What did you do to that poor woman?" "Nothing. She just had a really short pussy and I had to cum." "That's no excuse. Apologize." "Tia!" Tia just glared at him. "Uh. I'm sorry Cassie. Sorry that I hurt you and I promise to be gentler next time." Cassie snorted.

"Ha. "Next time."" She grunted lightly out of pain, then rolled onto her back. "Ugh. I think it's just bruised." She pointed at Kevin. "YOU don't get to touch me the rest of the night." Kevin shrugged, but had a hangdog aletta ocean fucking whole hole on his face.

"And it looks like I'm down to oral and anal for the rest of you." Eve rolled over next to her and sidled up close. Eve's womanly leg stretched over Cassie's skinny ones, and Eve's arm carressed Cassie's belly, and her huge left tit rested gracefully on Cassie much smaller chest.

She cuddled her lovingly and tenderly, nibbling her shoulders and playing with her hair. "I'm sorry for being so rough, baby girl. That was the best I've felt in weeks," Eve cooed. I wondered if I should feel offended, given that I was primarily the one fucking Eve for the last few weeks, but decided to let it pass.

"It's okay, I kind of liked it." Eve giggled in that girlish way I had only heard today. "Well maybe we can do it sometime again. Sorry I'm such a bitch at work." Cassie looked a little confused. "Um, it's okay. Don't worry bbw busty fat girl got fucked in front of a cheated wife it." "I want to give you what you just did for me." Cassie broke into a wide smile as Eve kissed her body gently.

"Amy, could you go up to my backpack and bring down what you find in the main compartment." Amy agreed and walked upstairs. "Eve I think you'll be very pleased with what she brings back." "Hush baby, suck on mama's titties until you feel all better." Cassie looked a little weirded out, but gave in to Eve's gentle pressure and burried her head in Eve's succulent bosom. Tia, Kevin and I gave each other looks of slight discomfort. "Hey Roger, is that bitch okay?" Kevin whispered to me.

"Oh uh, yeah. She can get kind of weird sometimes during sex. Don't worry about it." "Oh I won't." Kevin returned his wolfish grin to the lesbian scene." "And Roger," Eve hollered while nursing an increasingly enthusiastic Cassie.

"That facefuck was magnificent, I haven't felt so wonderfully violated since you raped me." This time only Tia gave me a look of indignation. "She means that metaphorically," I reassured her. "Hey whatever you tell yourself," Eve commented. Tia rolled her eyes. "Oh Tia you have to try being raped sometime.

Chubby ebony ex stretching shaved cunt on couch amateur pussy always cum the hardest when some man holds me down and takes me.

Knife point is best, but I take what I can get." "I'm good, thanks," Tia responded. I made a mental note to never, ever, ask Huge tits babe dillion carter big boobs and pornstar about her childhood.

The woman herself was currently cradling Cassie in her chest, but gave a short gasp and playfully spanked Cassie's ass. "Oh you dirty little minx!" Cassie had her hand on Eve's pubis, and was sensually massaging. Cassie managed to smile with a nipple in her mouth. "Is this what you were talking about?" Amy said from behind us.

In her hand was one of the largest strap-ons I'd ever seen, at least ten inches, with a ribbed shaft and twin vibrators for both partners. "Christ, Cassie, what were you planning with that thing?" I asked. Cassie pulled Eve's tit from her mouth with a satisfying pop. "I never roll into enemy territory unarmed," she replied. "And look! I ended up needing it." "Cassie you whore," Eve scolded.

You don't plan on having me fuck you in the ass with that thing do you?" "I sure do, slut." Eve cackled maniacally, clutching Cassie to her breasts. "I don't know why I ever disliked you, darling," Janet and ginger suck two big cocks said, then stud up. She tossed a couch cushion at Cassie. "Flip over and grab that," she ordered then took the strap-on from Amy and latched herself into it.

After briefly experimenting with the vibration settings she turned it all the way off and grabbed the lube from the table. "Have a lot of experience with one of those, do you?" I teased as she applied the ointment and mounted up behind the prone girl.

She just winked at me. "How do you like it?" "Hard and rough." "That's my girl!" Eve yelled and penetrated Cassie seven inches in one thrust. Cass yelled out in instant discomfort, then buried her head subtitled uncensored classic jav fingering and oral sex the cushion to moan loudly as the bumpy plastic ravaged her rectum.

Kevin and I looked almost in unison at Tia and Amy, who were sitting next to me on the couch. Our cocks were both hard in our hands and the two looked ripe for a little back to back partner swap. "You two perverts are on your own, this time," Tia said. "It's been too long since this one's been milked." My wife giggled and sank back into Tia's arms.

Tia grabbed her udders from behind and began to squeeze them in a gentle, pulling fashion. She whispered into my wife's ear something unintelligible that apparently scandalized Amy. With no chance of getting off with any of the women for the time being, it looked like it was finally time to assert my manly dominance over Kevin.

"Alright motherfucker," I said to him. "Bend over." "What!?" He exclaimed. "I'm not a faggot." "I know, but you fucked my wife, so now I'm going to fuck you. Also, faggot is not the preferred nomenclature. Homosexual, please." Kevin stood still, indignation in his eyes.

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"Come on, I know what goes on in the football locker room, just pretend it's one of your jock buddies and you might even get off on it." Kevin grumbled but got on his hands and knees in front of me.

The bottle of lube was where Eve had dropped it. She had switched to vibrator on to a low setting, and two women looked ecstatic. Kevin's anus was hairless and clean, so I squirted a drop of lube on there and poked my cock head in. He was snug but comfortable. "Nice fit, bitch. How many times you've been fucked like this?" Kevin grunted as he accommodated my cock sliding into his rectum.

"Shut up," he got out through gritted teeth. I had seven inches inside him, and began encountering some resistance from his intestines. I guess that would have to do. I looked at Tia and my wife. Amy was straddling Tia and bouncing on her thighs as the dark-skinned girl sucked her breasts dry.

It was pretty hot, and I remembered that I hadn't even given Amy's tits a suck since she'd had our daughter. A drop of cum leaked out of the tip of my cock at the thought. Kevin's grunts of discomfort took on a faint lace of pleasure as I plowed his asshole. The guy had a prostate, after all, and I had a cock big enough to get him off on it.

Just to be nice, I reached around his hips and grabbed his own erection as it swung back and forth with each of my thrusts. I roughly jerked it as I rode him. Kevin's grunts became more ragged at this new pleasure. "You jack a lot of guys off?" Kevin teased between grunts. I just smiled and buried my cock all the way into his asshole. He hissed in pain and pleasure. To either side of me, a woman was jeck plus jill big cock. Eve was feeling the strap-ons vibrator, and Amy had Tia's whole hand up her cunt and was grabbing her own tits wildly.

I could see every wave of pleasure she was feeling. With each one a pulse of milk sprayed from her nipples and covered Tia's copper skin. I tore into Kevin a little harder and faster, grabbing his cock with even less grace. "Just fuckin' do it," he grunted. "Make me cum with your cock." I grinned and bore down, angling my hips to grind against the front of his rectum.

My hand left his cock and I gripped both his shoulders. "Hold on a second," Tia interjected as Amy fell off her in a daze. "You can't waste any of that cum." Tia lept off the couch and crawled under Kevin, her head directly under his swinging balls and my pumping member.

"That's better; all over my titties, baby. Get 'em good." I rammed my cock as far as I could into Kevin's intestines and he broke. With a guttural scream he shot his wad from his untouched cock all over the prone Tia. I could feel his cum-muscles pulse from inside him. The stimulation sent me over the edge, grabbing the teen's muscular shoulders I got up on his ass from above and spackled his colon with a few hefty jets of semen.

When I pulled out my dick wasn't even dirty. Kevin maintained his position as my orgasm forced a few more drops of cum onto the expectant Tia. "Now remember, son. That's what you get when you fuck another man's girl without his permission." "Yeah yeah. I get it." Tia wriggled out from under Kevin, she was covered with his batter from chin to belly button, white wazoo for dark rod interracial and hardcore with Amy's drying milk.

She fingered a glob and licked it off. "Are you going to force the woman to lick herself clean? Is chivalry dead?" I asked sarcastically.

"Get in there." This time Kevin didn't need coercing. "With pleasure," he said and quickly took to cleaning the various fluids off his busty girlfriend, who squirmed, giggling, under his probing tongue.

"Oh come on, Roger," Tia laughed. "You aren't going to let him have all the fun, are you?" I wavered a second, but Tia's heaving breasts convinced me to lick up Kevin's cum.

Together we cleaned every inch of Tia's lower body, spending maybe more time than we needed to on her succulent tits and firm nipples. Kevin's salty cum mingled in my mouth with my wife's milk, and I quickly got over the mild grossness. When we were done. Everyone turned their attention to the last grouping. Eve had the vibration on high, and it looked practically violent inside Cassie. Eve was wild-eyed and determined, gripping Cassie's hips with white knuckles and pounding her harder than I had Kevin.

Cassie was wailing into the couch cushion, gripping it so hard I thought it might tear. "Why. Won't. You. CUM!?" Eve grunted out between vicious penetrations into Cassie's rectum. The head of the dildo had to practically be in her stomach, I thought. Cassie lifted her head off the cushion and gasped for breath. "Oh God!" She screamed. "I'm almost there, I promise." Eve dutifully fucked her until busty paige has her bubble butt creamed creampie and big tits deep thrust sent her over the edge, throwing her head back and screaming in joy.

"Finally," Eve said and slowed her penetrations. "That was quite a workout." As Eve and Cassie disentangled and came down, we took an inventory. "I came three times, but only maid slave guys do make passes at femmes who wear glasses and cute with a cock," said Amy. "I've gotten off twice," said Kevin. "Three times, you're not counting when Roger made you cum," said Tia.

Kevin grumbled. "It's only once for me, so I think I get first dibs on any free dicks, Amy." "Twice," said Cassie. "But I'm practically exhausted. If we go another round I'll try a supporting role." "I've had three," I added. "So have I," said Eve. "So it looks like Tia gets to call the shots for our last go around.

Tia's eyes twinkled with schemes. "Hmm," she said. Roger how about you lie on your back. You fancy another chance to get me to cum on your dick?" My penis practically sprung up at the suggestion. "I imagine that's a yes. Amy if you lay across Roger Kevin can fuck you from behind and you can eat out Bangla indian babe in bra kissing bigtits exposed. And Eve how do you feel about sitting on Roger's face." "It's a little bland, but I guess it'll have to do." Eve's tits bounced as she shrugged.

We all took our positions and set to work. It was in that moment, a spectacle of entangled bodies, that my idea realized it's potential. The gorgeous Tia bounced on my cock and made out with Eve, who was riding my tongue. The two bridged Amy's, who was getting pounded by Kevin and eating out Cassie. We seemed to all cum in a chain reaction set off by Amy, who started to writhe. Her undulations prompted Kevin to shoot his wad into her womb and Cassie to gush fluids and orgasm around Amy's lips.

Seeing her boyfriend unload his balls into my wife, along with my pulsing cock, sent Tia into a moaning orgasm that forced me to fill her with my seed while Eve bounced her way to a gusher with my tongue on her clit. It was beautiful. Amy and I might not have the perfect marriage, and it might look a little strange on the outside.

But any union that allows for four women to get drilled by two different guys in one night is pretty alright in my book. But when we collapsed and seperated, I still had one thing I wanted. "Now," I said. "Which one of you girls is going to get stuffed from both ends by Kevin and I." "Sounds tempting boys, but some other time," Amy said. "I haven't swallowed any cum yet, why don't you take me?" Tia volunteered.

One question left. "Kevin, back or front?" Kevin wanted Tia's cunt, so we laid her out on hands and knees and skewered her like that, with my cock gagging her teen throat and Kevin penetrating her cunt. Tia's tits were pendulous hanging below her chest and swung back and forth with each of our rocking thrusts. When I could take no more I filled Tia's stomach with my last load of the night and Kevin did likewise into her womb. With everyone satisfied, we all slept together in a heap, a tangle of oozing cum and tired limbs, fatigued and liberated.