Bdsm extreme anal first time bandits of bondage

Bdsm extreme anal first time bandits of bondage
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The day started pretty much the same as any other I'd just been out with the dog for a walk through some local woods and I'd just gotten back to the car as the rain started.

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I put the dog which was a large German shepherd in the back and bursting for the loo I locked it and went into the toilets.

The light wasn't working and it was quiet dark as I entered the middle of 3 cubicles and as I sat down I couldn't help but notice that on both sides a hole had been made about 5" across and I heard strange noises coming from the cubicle on the right. I couldn't help myself from sneaking a quick look through the hole and I saw a guy standing up with his trousers pulled down and he was playing with his rock hard 7" cock which was level with the hole!

I was married and never even contemplated the idea of being with a man but I felt my own cock quickly grow really hard and I kept watching him not wanting to pull away. "put your cock through the hole and let me suck it" On hearing him I leaned back embarrassed at being caught and I was just about to leave when he said " go on son no one will know you'll love it I bet" what the hell I thought my cock was throbbing and I thought he was right no one would no, so I stood up and pushed my own 6.5" cock through the hole.

I felt his hand slowly start wanking me and then his tongue lick up and down the shaft and after a few minutes he started running his tongue slowly all around the rim. "umm" I moaned loving the feeling and soon after he had licked all over the head I heard him say "that tastes really good" and realised he must have swallowed my pre cum as lusty cougars blowing teen cock in some took me into his mouth and sucked my cock sliding his mouth up and down the shaft taking all of my cock into his mouth.

It felt great and my knees started shaking but when I knew I was getting really close to Cumming he suddenly stopped!

"Now it's your turn, and then I will make you cum in my mouth" and when I didn't reply he said "go on I bet you like it too" and as I stared at his cock sticking through the hole I was so horny I leaned forward and put my hand around it. It made me feel even hornier as I wanked him off and excited attractive girl banged in arse hardcore blowjob any hesitation I started to lick it exactly the same way as he had done to me and in no time his pre cum soon covered all of the thick head.

Without thinking I found myself using my tongue to gather it all up and as I swallowed it was warm and slightly salty and felt quiet watery as id slid down my throat. Instantly I loved the taste and I greedily wrapped my lips around his cock. I could hardly believe what I was doing and how turned on I was as I sucked him off filling my mouth with nearly every inch of his cock, and as I slipped my mouth up and down him he said " god that feels so good, umm you're a natural born cocksucker" More pre cum ran into my mouth making me even more turned on and when he soon said he was about to cum so I would be able to pull away, instead I locked my lips around the head and I sucked really hard.

His cock grew bigger and even harder and he started to cum in my mouth, I didn't swallow it and after a good 6 or 7 large jets he finished and I had a huge load of his spunk half filling my mouth. I carefully slipped his cock from my lips and then I rolled his cum all around my mouth which was much thicker than his pre cum.

It tasted quite salty and as I swallowed all down in 1 go I loved it even more than his pre cum.

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I licked every drop from his cock and as I was about to stand up and put my cock back through for him to suck when I saw another cock appear through the other hole!!

I was in such I state of lust I eagerly wrapped my hand around the 6" cock which was easily a good 3" thicker than the 1st guys and it was also circumcised too.

I ran my tongue all over his cock to tease out his pre cum and I could hardly believe what was happening as a 3rd cock appeared on the other side. It was also about 6" long and as I continued to lick all around the rim I started wanking off the other cock. I switched back and forth until the 2nd guy said he was going to cum so I took him back into my mouth and this time I swallowed each jet of his juicy spunk as it shot into my hungry mouth.

The other guy must have watched me because as I licked up the last drops of cum he said he was going to cum too and I was just in time taking it in my mouth as he started shooting the 3rd lot of cum within 15 minutes into my cum hungry mouth. After they left I started wanking myself off and much to my joy in no time another 2 cocks soon appeared followed by 2 more. I was in ecstasy as I licked, sucked and wanked off cock after cock making every one of them fill my cum hungry mouth, and after swallowing there spunk I carefully licked each cock clean.

The biggest cock was a good 11" long and almost as thick as a large cucumber and when he came he fired a huge amount of sperm, maybe 4 x more than any of the others. ! or 2 of them asked if they could fuck me and I said no, but the thought really turned me on and maybe that would be the next thing I would try too? I knew the park shut at 6 and before leaving I had sucked off and swallowed 20 lots of cum in just 2 hours, and if it striking slim teen gets her soft slit and little anal screwed been closing time I would happily have done more.

I decided there and then that I would be back early the next day to see just how much cum I could swallow before I wanted no more. I could hardly wait.