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Hardcore orgy with hot babe sucking and fucking dick
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The Prophecy Ch. 4 This is the continuation of the previous chapter, please read the previous chapters to fill in any blanks. I appreciate the feedback and apologize for previous and any future grammatical errors. This story contains fantasy/magic within it and has more interesting magical twists to come.

Please note that sexy sex and massage get mixed hardcore blowjob characters in this story are 18 years or older. If you're not interested in the realm of seduction, fantasy, action, and adventure then you found the wrong story. "I can't tell if I'm bored…or just feeling really awkward right now." Usually after he has had amazing sex with a beautiful woman he would never think the next few moments would be boring.

Now as he sat across the table from his mom, massaging his sore shoulder, with a deafening silence in the air he could cut with a knife he couldn't help but let that thought cross his mind. They had an amazing round where he climaxed hard inside her for a second time. And once the heat of the moment had subsided and she went from being his hot lover to his mother again. They had been sitting there in the quite for a good five to ten minutes staring at each other blushing occasionally as they made eye contact across the table from one another.

He had to break the uncomfortable silence, "So…um…was it good for you?" Her mind was a mix of emotions with no words attached to them. His statement brought only silence in her mind as she stared at him. He thought he felt weird before and now she stared at him with that blank expression with his mind radio receiving no transmission from station mom. He swallowed hard trying to find something new to say. He finally disconnected from her mind, the silence in there was more strange and uncomfortable then the silence on the outside.

As he turned off his radio she smiled, "Yes it was, I'm wondering how you learned all that." "Um…some personal experience and too much porn," Luke was used to making everyone else dumbfounded and confused. Now he understood why they blinked at him. It felt like a strange reset for his brain to process the statement. He would have to keep using the tactic on everyone else because this switch was an eye opener, or eye blinker in this case.

"So…um…you're not mad?" She smiled and the blush rose in her cheek. She had yet to put on a pair of pants so he got a chance to admire her amazing legs until they sat down at the table.

Now he stared at her "sleep shirt" hanging loosely on her shoulders with her wavy brown hair messy from german emo teen picked up for sex amazing fun they had, her smooth features seemed to color more as here blue eyes met his. "Well…"She seemed to think for a moment or two, "It's difficult to be angry with my son and…well lover for fulfilling a lifelong fantasy." Luke really needed to stop blinking in surprise because his brain was on constant reset to processes the information he was receiving.

God, was this how Miss Bradley felt dealing with him? Well if it kept her on her toes then why waste good ammo. But that remained the information that now racked his brain, "Um…life long? Last I checked I didn't hit puberty till about six years ago." This brought a snort from his mother's mouth.

He found it kind of adorable how she was behaving more like a nervous girl after her first time, rather than his own mother. She was blushing hard as she stared at her own fiddling hands, "Well…I've had fantasies of incest for a long time.

When I hit puberty my first crush was your grandfather…" Luke was so grateful he had his mind radio off for that, he didn't want to picture his dead grandfather with his mother. "When I found out I was bi I even pictured your grandmother." He cursed his imagination because now he had an image of his mother and grandmother, at current age, in the 69.

He shook his head hard, "Ok well that's an image I'm gonna have a hard time getting rid of." She chuckled with delight but continued, "Well we all didn't start off old ya know. But I've always fantasized about it. When I had you and Sam of course it never entered my mind, which is until recently those thoughts stirred again.

When richard mann my mom fucking blackzilla turned 18 you became a real man and she a woman. After these few days of you at this job…you seem so confident and strong…I couldn't help myself." That and mixed with a little bit of succubus juice didn't hurt. She reached out and took his hand smiling, "I'm so grateful you made my fantasy come true and that my son is such a strong man." He couldn't help but return her smile.

How could he not? With the way she beamed so bright, beautiful, happy, and possessive he felt like he might be on drugs with how happy staring at her made him feel. He gave her hand a nice squeeze in return, his thumb stroking the back of her hand. A lingering thought bounced in his head, a simple question that could ruin this moment. He didn't want to ask it but had to or there would be too much confusion, "So…what happens now?" She still held her smile, god it was one hell of a smile, as she took his hand in both of hers.

"That's really up to you," She held his hand caressing it between her own almost hesitantly, "This could be an ongoing thing with my incest leach of a boy." She paused smiling and the hesitation return but it seemed she forced herself to speak, "Or this could be a wonderful one time experience.

I saw how you looked at your sister and I know I'm not as young as she or other wom…" His sudden movement across the table to kiss her full on the lips made the words catch before they poured from her lips. The kiss was slightly tart with a hidden sweetness to it, a mixture of a fine wine. He deepened the kiss for a moment or two enjoying the flavor. As he broke from her lips she let out a long breath and he smiled looking into her eyes, "You still a fine woman, and if you are comfortable with it I wouldn't mind a sequel or two to earlier." He thought she blushed before, her whole face was flushed crimson as she stared at him and then his lips.

He made the connection and kissed her once more. He felt her tongue eagerly invade his mouth causing a groan to vibrate their lips.

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Her tongue danced along his for a moment or two longer before she broke the kiss and had taking a shaky breath.

He sat down before he felt he would fall on the table. They sat there once more in silence, which was less strange then before. She still held his hands in hers stroking them sweetly. "So what about your sister, I saw you lusting after her as she played with herself thinking about you." If Luke didn't know any better he would swear she was a sorceress with mind reading.

He swallowed trying to cover his thoughts with how uncomfortable he really was. "How do you know she was thinking of me?" His mother gave a chuckle, "My beautiful boy, for as smart as you are, you are pretty oblivious at times.

I can tell cause she looks at you the way I do. A yearning for such a confident handsome guy that she cares about. I know we both love you and you us, perhaps it's a lover's love or family I can't tell. I know I lust for you as does she.

So the question is… now that you have fucked your mother will you fuck your sister?" Her words rolled through him like a gentle breeze that smacked him with a trashcan when she actually cursed. Apparently having sex with your own mother gives her incentive to knock down the walls of profanity. But, he did think about her words for a moment one stud for luscious chicks smalltits and hardcore knew he had made up his mind when he decided to take his mother.

He smiled mischievously at her, "I think I will…fuck…my sister." He put heated passion into the curse and smiled as he watched his mother moan and squirm in her seat. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- That night he had trouble sleeping. With a restless mind filled with possibilities and a really sore shoulder it made sleep difficult to find.

For the longest time he stared at the back of his eyes, images of his sister masturbating and him fucking his mother toying with his brain. He couldn't remember when he fell asleep but when his alarm went blaring he wanted to throw it out the window.

After another 5 minutes of his alarm going off he finally pulled himself out of sister let little virgin brother touch her boobs with a wince from his shoulder. Getting ready for school was a hassle. But, the heated shower for his shoulder helped quite a bit to rinse some of the weariness from his bones. He was still worn out and sore but getting dressed didn't feel like a small measure of torture. As he got himself arranged and cleaned he thought of all the roads he could take today and didn't know where he should start.

A quick gargle and spit of this clean mouth helped finish his routine before he made his way down stairs. His mom smiled at him from over her shoulder as she worked the stove. He beamed a smile back and as he sat down he had a plate of pancakes placed right in front of him.

His mom gave his cheek a lingering kiss that broke as his sister came down excited to see the pancakes. They both seemed so lovely, even in their morning clothes. Luke's eyes lingered on both of them before moving back to his plate that made his stomach groan in delight. He ate with a hunger he forgot was there until his plate disappeared in less than five minutes. He gave his sister a kiss on the forehead, maybe letting his lips stale for a moment or two before he moved to put his dish in the sink.

As he put his plate in the sink he saw his sisters back and his mother back where both to him. Why resist a good thing. On his way out the door he groped his mother's ass with a good grip causing her to yelp. "Mom you ok?!" Sam's reaction was almost instant but he was at the door with his mother giving him a slight glare that just made him laugh.

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He gave them both a wave before making his way to school. Today was the start of another interesting day. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- For the first time in a while Luke had to pay attention during his classes. He had been so busy with his training and work as a sorcerer that it was the first time in a while that he was threatening to fall behind on his school work.

He debated on whether or not it was important to keep going to school. He wondered how important High School Math was when you fought a golem and had a business deal with a wendigo. Yet he couldn't deny that it was kind of nice to do something normal. He didn't realize how the stress of catching up with his classes would actually relax him in a way. Just like when he talked to his mom about work like he had a normal job.

If you drown yourself in the world of fantasy you may be consumed by it. Even if it was school he needed to be kept grounded in one way or another. He opted to skip gym for his second period and sit on the bleachers, the coach didn't buy the shoulder dislocation till he felt for himself. Nothing convinces a huge dock for legal age teenager love tunnel then the sound of a teenager yelling in pain from a dislocation and then a reset of bones which still seemed to be noticeable and hurt like hell, the bruise lining his shoulder also helped.

He spent half the period rubbing his shoulder with people whispering about how he dislocated his it, most the time guessing how it go dislocated in the first place. The next half of class he caught himself up with his other class periods worth of school work. Math was a breeze to catch up on, first period always seemed easy but then again he could figure out most of the problems with his eyes closed. He didn't know what he was expected to study for his English class, he spent a majority of the time zoning in and out of his lectures and just reading the book.

So, he read the chapter he thought they would be reviewing today. Before he had a chance to get to his other two classes the bell rang and it was off to the races, so to speak. The halls were crowded as usual, and he was so grateful he had learned to shut of the mind radio.

He really didn't want to know what people thought of him avoiding almost any human contact. His shoulder was in a lot of pain and the sex with his mother, though it was amazing, didn't help his shoulder heal much. The way his thoughts where running you'd think his shoulder was in constant pain. It wasn't the shoulder that bothered him so much as most people's insistence, mostly the jocks, to shoulder ram him as much as possible. He guessed that not too many people where happy that Xavier was out of commission for a few games while his hand and jaw healed.

When Luke made it to English he felt a since of relief wash over him. It was a strange change of pace since most the time he was bored out of his mind.

Luke made his peace with all those that wanted to try and turn his body into a human pinball among a crowd and just focused on what he needed to do. He had to catch up on his school work before Miss Bradley picked him up after classes. The teacher began his lecture and Luke thanked his stars that he was good at guessing, he lectured about the same chapter he just read.

So Luke busied himself with reading his Biology work. He had more than a few people stare at him oddly. Well not him per say but his hand. The black fingerless gloves with a metal plate covering most of the back and smaller ones on his knuckles tended to draw people's eyes. He was grateful no teacher asked him to explain it, how do you explain a glove that allows you to throw a kinetic punch equal to a speeding car?

That class seemed to swim buy and time to race to his Biology class made him more annoyed. He seemed to be running the whole time to avoid anyone and made it to biology before anyone else. With a deep breath he took his seat and began reading the chapter. He was lost in the book moving from one chapter to another. He didn't realize the bell had run until the professor clapped his hands to get everyone's attention.

"Alright time to partner up." "Wait what did he say?" Luke's mind was completely derailed as people swarmed to be with their friends. He looked around and saw that there was a group project on stem cell research on the board.

He sighed and looked around with a shrug. As usual he would have to work alone, it didn't bother him much. He rather work hard by himself then have someone else take credit for his work. He went back to reading his book finishing his third chapter. "Hey, no one else is available let's get to work." Luke blinked in surprise, he really needed to stop doing that, as he stared up at a girl who had a familiar voice.

He looked at her for a few moments, probably with a blank stare. She was a short Asian girl, an hourglass figure that showed through the red sweater and knee length plaid skirt. He admired her for a few trying not to be creepy before she scoffed and sat down at a desk in front of him. "Well if you're not busy starring lets work." "Um…sure," Luke was puzzled, he knew he recognized her voice but couldn't place her face. She had a nice circular face that seemed to carry full cheeks and her brown eyes where hidden behind simple metal frame glasses.

Then what memory clicked with his brain that he recognized her? Her black hot young couple enjoying a wild swinger party was in a simple French braid that hung over her shoulder, he would call it a Lara Croft braid, and she seemed very attentive to her work. She about slammed her hand down, "Look I don't have time to waste, I need to work hard to pass this class so if you won't help me I'll work by myself!" The voice finally clicked, mixed with her determination to pass the class.

This was the girl he read off of when he first started to use his mind radio. Made sense how she seemed to hate looking at him, she thought he was lazy and didn't seem to care much about him. Well another person to add to the list he supposed. He finally sat up straight, "Sorry had a long night at my job. I was trying to think about what we can make our paper on.

Our research had to be focused on stem cells right? Did it have to be a paper specifically on stem cells themselves or could it be about research using them?" "Um…I'm not sure. He said it had to involve stem cells but wasn't specific." She moved a loose strand behind her ear, he noticed quite a few strands slipped from the braid. Boy did she need to take a day off and relax. "If that's the case I've heard of some research being done with stem cells.

They are trying to use stem cells to revive the dead. Now I'm not sure of the exact science behind it but if we do our research it will be a unique paper and he prefers that over the usual BS that people turn in." She almost seemed surprised; scratch that, she was surprised. She looked at him oddly and just nodded as she took notes. Luke went over some of the pages he had seen off Facebook as well as articles he could recall on the subject and she wrote them all down.

He continued to talk while he smiled at her but she just stared down at the paper never looking up. She was still writing when Luke went quit trying sharing a tough ramrod hardcore and blowjob think.

He was curious what she was thinking but felt it almost wrong to pick at her brain. At the same time he knew he had to get on the same wave length as her fast if they were going to get the work done at a decent rate. Also it couldn't hurt to flex his black haired czech slut slammed for cash reading muscles." He flipped on the mind radio and rubbed his temple instantly.

The static coming in office playgirl willing for shagging pornstar and hardcore daunting like mixed signals trying to screech in his ear. He dialed down the radio and put up his walls so he could focus. He saw her staring at him, "I guess he is smarter than I thought." He used that thought to anchor in her mind and finally relaxed feeling her mind process the information of the paper.

He decided to keep talking, otherwise it might seem strange that he was only staring, "We could also use humor in the paper. Most the teachers I know prefer some humor here and there so it doesn't seem copied or unoriginal. I'm pretty sure I've got more than one Resident Evil joke in my back pocket somewhere." She kept a smooth face as she stared at him.

He would have thought her annoyed if he didn't hear her mind laughing and agreeing with him. It was strange to see a solid mask of "resting bitch face" versus a smiling and laughing girl behind it. He'd hate to play her in a game of poker.

Mind reading sure was confusing, but then again people are strange. The bell rang for class to end and she hurried to pick up her notes. Luke stood up and pulled out his phone, "Hey listen, we should keep in touch and pass along articles and bits of info for writing the paper.

What's your number?" She snatched his phone right out of his hands and typed in her contact info. Before he could even get a word of thanks, or read much from her mind, she was out of the class room. He decided to leave the connection in her mind and test what Marina said about the distance. As he went to head to his next class he looked down at his phone and smiled. "So her name is Yoshiko." Luke smiled as he weaved around people, occasional grunt through his teeth as people met his shoulder.

English was just down the hall so he didn't have to play "Bumper People" for too long. He sat at his usual spot, up front in front of the teacher's desk, letting his mind follow Yoshiko's through the school.

If he had to take notes about everything she thought in just that short period then his hand would ache. She was really worried about making it to her locker before next class and seemed to struggle with the jog to her locker. He felt sorry for her on that. She seemed to be doing the hundred mile sprint to get to her locker and teen with smalls tits but very anal to English.

Her locker was on the other side of the school which gave Luke a good radius of how far it could extend for now. He dislodge the anchor from her mind, if he read it much longer he would get nervous about school himself. As he disconnected he was greeted with the lovely sight of Professor King walking into the class. He admired her as he always did. She decided to let her hair down for today and add some nice make up to touch up her face. Luke's eyes were casual but he tried not to openly stare at her choice of clothes today.

Instead of a skirt that road to her ankles it settled nicely just above her knee. Her white blouse was professional but hugged her curves just enough for you to guess the size of her D cup breasts. He was surprised and wondered if she had another date planned for later today.

When she told the class to read the chapter and they would review the questions Luke's sigh mimicked everyone in the room. He pulled out his book and began reading it.

He was already half way through the chapter, about ten minutes into class, when Professor Triple purple bitch videos anal cosplay teen thoughts dropped into his brain, "I hope he looks again, the suspense is killing me." Luke forced himself blonde chick carter cruise is crazed for a big cock and hot sex to blink, he had to work on his poker face and not be surprised.

But he was delighted that his peripheral caught her legs spread from under her desk for him. He looked up meeting her eyes latching his anchor on to her before his gaze gave a slight downward glance at her bare pussy.

It started to grow wet as he stared before his eye met hers once more. Her face blushed slightly as her eyes darted from paper work on her desk to him. "I hope he is enjoying the nice show Nice teen fingers soaking vag masturbation toys providing him." And that he did.

He pussy was starting to get wetter with each thought of him staring at her. They both tried to continue working as she exposed herself to him. He enjoyed the treat and felt himself start to pitch a tent. He might enjoy showing her himself if he could pull it off without getting in trouble, but his desk didn't hide as well as hers. For the next five minutes she moved her legs apart and together for him trying to prevent others from noticing and he enjoyed gros nichons masturbation eacutecoliegravere ados arabe collegravege ecoliere little private peep show that he appeared to have a VIP ticket to.

However, the more he stared the greedier he got. Time to flex the muscles. "Spread your pussy so I can see." She slipped her hand casually down between her legs, he made his glance at her as inconspicuous as possible. Luke watched as her fingers slide through the triangle brown bush down to her pussy's lips.

She smiled as the eagerness was probably obvious in his gaze, while her fingers teased at the edges of her pussy. Finally her fingers parted the lips giving him a wonderful image of her soaked hole eager for some attention. He felt she should grant that to her beautiful body.

"Professor King, masturbate and tease your pussy without getting caught as a reward for showing your student a wonderful time." She seemed to shudder at the thought and seemed more eager to pleasure herself. So she was very submissive and an exhibitionist. Luke had no complaint as he saw her finger slide quickly into her hungry hole. He noticed her let out a deep sigh trying to contain herself.

She continued to slide the finger in all the way to the knuckle almost making his eyes fall out of his skull as he drank in the sight with…well pure lust. She paused as a student came up to her desk, legs clamped tight as she answer the girl's question. Luke noticed it was Yoshiko probing the professor and preventing her from enjoying herself. Yet, Professor King kept a professional attitude as she answered where Yoshiko could find all the answers needed for each page.

Luke was impressed with how controlled she kept herself. He was also curious how Yoshiko, or even the other students, would react if they knew how lewd their teacher was. Luckily for him, only Luke had knowledge of that. Shortly after Yoshiko left Professor King's legs were spread for his viewing pleasure and her fingers worked to rub her clit hard.

She started to give small shallow breathes, trying to hold in her moans of pleasure. Hot teen babes licking and fingering each twats on sofa worked between pinching and teasing her clit to rubbing it hard.

He watched as she hunched over her desk, not meeting his eyes. But her mind was buzzing with glee, "Oh my god, he's watching me masturbate in class. I'm teasing my clit for a student and he is getting the show of a life. I wonder how hard he is. God I want his cock in me now!" Her other hand came up to her breast, from what anyone else could see she wasn't feeling well and clutched her chest.

But, from Luke's view she was massaging her breast trying to hold in her voice as much sound as possible as she now plunged two fingers inside her soaked hole. She worked it hard and he could swear he heard the juices squirt on her fingers with each thrust of them inside of herself. Luke knew she was close, the way her body clinched and her thoughts raced gave him that clue.

He wanted her to enjoy this even more, since he thoroughly enjoyed the show. "When you climax Professor King you will have the greatest orgasm you have ever had before." She worked herself even harder, her breathing becoming more obvious. Luke was starting to worry she might get caught with her groaning steadily louder each moment.

Finally, she bit her lip hard as a muffled moaned echoed through her clinched teeth. Her body clinched and hunched on herself. Luke hated missing her pussy react to the orgasm, since her legs clamps shut through it, but he enjoyed the way her body reacted to her climax. She seemed to stay in that position for a good minute or two before sitting up straight. Her eyes meet his once more before her fingers slipped into her mouth as she sucked and licked her juices from them. Luke thought he might bust his load in his pants right there as tight blonde sisters crystal young and riley star some sex jaw went slightly slack.

She placed her fingers to her lips in a shush motion like before. "Alright class you have had more than enough time to review the chapter. Let's go over it." Luke's mind was buzzing and so was hers. Every now and again as she walked through the class he caught her thoughts excited and relaxed from the little event she played before him. Luke was distracted and hoping that his hard on would go down by the time he would have to stand up. Luke tried to pay attention to her questions and the students' answers, hoping that history would dull the boner.

He was so distracted he missed her calling him for a question. He blinked in surprise looking around. She gave a stern look, "Luke if you can't focus in class xxnx hard xxnx fuking cring might benefit from one of my after school lessons. Speak to me at some point if you're interested." Luke would have beautiful teen crumpet rubs wet crack hardcore and russian he was truly in trouble if he didn't catch her glee at the thought of him staying through her mind.

He nodded and looked back at his book and then at her with a smile. Both of them shared a smile that seemed to be missed by most of the class. He really needed to have that boner go away cause the bell was about to ring in ten minutes.

-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- As Luke got into Miss Bradley's car his mind was swimming with images of one hot woman. But one look at Miss Bradley and those images where replaced by another. He admired the outfit she had chosen for today.

She went for a white suite and a blue blouse. As always they hugged her curves perfectly but the white suit seemed to make her natural beauty and skin shine against the bright color, even more so for her long blonde hair itself. Luke even got the joy of looking at her amazing legs, since she decided to go with a white skirt to match. Each time he saw her he knew he had to be dreaming, a woman in her prime with full angular figures that seemed to display her luscious lips and make her hazel eyes shine.

His teacher of magic and in strange moments she was his lover. How many times did he find himself wondering if he would suddenly wake up from his life as a sorcerer? He lost count at this point and he started thinking of things as normal; magic, monsters, and contract making.

Strange how his life is i fucked the milf in her bedroom. Even as he leaned against his knuckle, feeling the cool metal of the glove press against his skin, he didn't doubt how normal it mom and son sxx story to have a magical artifact on his hand.

He was about to ask Miss Bradley what his new normal life would hold for him today when his phone went off. At first he didn't register it as his phone, he hasn't owned one in…well ever. When it went off he started digging for it and saw Morto's contact info appear on the screen.

He was grateful for the lack of a picture, not sure he wanted to have the wonderful images in his mind removed by Morto's mug. He looked at Miss Bradley to see what he should do and she just shrugged. Luke put the phone to his ear clearing his voice, "Bob's Butcher shop, you order em we slice em. Just don't expect gluten free, how can we help you?" Instantly the phone hung up and Luke started to laugh a bit at the reaction on Bradley's face.

The phone rang again and he answered with a different voice this time, "City Morgue, body parts aren't for sale except for the right price. Wink." The phone hung up again and Luke couldn't stop laughing and this time Miss Bradley joined him. As the phone rang a third time he couldn't collect himself so he just answered, "Damn Morty if you kept that up I don't know how much more I could take." Morto's voice grunted through the phone with his own chuckle, "Damn boy I was wondering how many more you had in your belt for those jokes." "Eh I've got a few more but I'll save those for Christmas if your jobs don't get me killed before then." That brought a throaty laugh from Morto that forced Luke to move the phone from his ear before he was made to go deaf.

When he finally calmed down his laughter Luke put the phone back to his ear, "Speaking of which boy I have a job that would be perfect for ya." When Morto didn't say anything for a while Luke spoke, "Well don't keep me in suspense there Morty what's the job?" Miss Bradley's attention was fully on the conversation at this point and it seemed she was straining to hear what Morto was saying over the phone.

"Listen kid, I have a fight I need you to win for me. The golem you turned in was supposed to be my ace in the whole for it but now you are. What do you say boy?" Luke let the words stir about in his mind for a moment or two, "What kind of fight is it?" "Just your average fight there my dear boy, both parties are willing and bets will be placed on it." "Are you telling me you want me to be in a magical fight club tournament?" "Well you know the first rule bout fight club there boy." Luke sighed and leaned back in his seat, "Ya ya…whatcha paying for the fight?" "Now you are speaking my language there boy," he chuckled and seemed to be talking to someone else for a moment, "How's $10 thousand sound there boy?

I charming doll is presenting her opened narrow twat in close range deposit it into a specific account I made for your name." "How about no to all the above," Morto seemed to grumble at the statement for a moment so Luke quickly added, "Make it $20 thousand in separate payments to my personal account. I'll provide the account once I when the fight. Make it in four…make it five separate payments over the course of a few days.

And…if impaled on ken ryker tube porn place a nice size wager on me make it $25 and I'll put on a good show." Luke moved the phone from his ear again as Morto blared the speaker with his laugh. Luke heard his voice loud and clear, as did Miss Bradley. "I knew I liked you for a reason boy.

You have a deal. I expect to see you about eight o'clock, make sure you get to the industrial district. Bradley should know where to take you." Miss Bradley nodded with a warm smile at Luke and Luke answered with a smile of his own. "Sound's good Morty, get your wallet ready and a bucket of popcorn. Or in your case a truck bed." "Don't disappointment me boy." As he hung up Luke suppressed a chill spreading through his body. His first job and it was a fight that Morto designed a steel golem to fight.

He was curious if trouble decided to become his roommate and didn't tell him. Miss Bradley stroked his hair wearing her bright smile, "Well I guess today's training session became a lot more important huh?" -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- "You want me to do what now?" Miss Bradley gave a small laugh as she set up the wooden figures on the table, "I want you to practice switching between contracts.

You're going into a fight and I want you to be able to switch between them on the fly." Luke wanted to make light of this but as she set up the figures, which looked strangely like some of the creatures he saw at the club a few nights ago, he noticed the serious look on her face. So instead of jabbing he would probe…with a slight poke, "So I take it it's not as easy as turning a light switch on and off." She sat on the couch, brushing off her skirt, watching him for a moment or two, "Well it takes you a while to build up the fire inside you.

So you tell me, how easy do you think it will be easy to remember the winter's breath with that coursing through you?" She had a point he couldn't argue against. "Alright," he surrendered, "So shouldn't I practice using the ice first?" "Yes you should." She let the words trail, almost cryptically as she continued to watch him. When it was obvious she wouldn't say more he tried to think on what was said. He knew he had to just remember the chilling cold from when he made his contract with Valur.

The memory was fresh and hard to forget. Yet he didn't understand how it worked completely. Miss Bradley wasn't giving any hints either as she continued to fix her suit and watch. Luke remembered the chilling cold…or should he say the dreaded cold. The feeling of the ice sinking into his frame making his body slowly grow numb. His fingers losing feeling to it. As he remembered the moments he felt the cold seep into his skin slowly numbing his fingers.

In a panic he shook his hand fiercely and stepped back, almost making himself trip. Once he caught his balance he looked about the room once to make sure he wasn't back in that strange crystal like young boy jerking off old man. He let out a deep sigh of relief when he saw Miss Bradley study him.

That feeling of the "dreaded cold" scared him, the feeling of being completely helpless to it. Miss Bradley didn't seem to offer any words of comfort or wisdom as he stood there with his hands on his knees breathing heavily.

He knew he had to overcome this but it sent wave of fear running to his bones remembering such cold. He stood up and walked back to the table staring at a wooden figure that lovely girl with nice a hole gives massage to growl at him, he swore that it mocked him in a strange way. "Never forget the dark passions of winter," Valur's words played in his mind like a strange calming voice.

What she did to him…it wasn't the death of winter but perhaps…it's passion? If the cold where to kill him his body would have fought harder, letting out a burst of heat to defend itself and keep him warm when he was too close to death. Yet it didn't, it soaked up the deadly cold like a sponge and soaked into his skin, his muscles, and bones. He was scared of certain things, but perhaps this cold…this passion wasn't one he should be afraid of.

Luke took a deep breath, and then a second one to be safe, before he attempted again. The memory of the cold was something he would never forget. The cold returned to his fingers numbing them. He felt his toes go next as the cold spread over his skin and seeped into his body. He resisted the panic that grew inside him as he felt its embrace tighten and grip his muscles. The pain in his shoulder faded to nothing as it grew numb to the world as did the rest of him.

The world became background to this seeping cold within him. His senses didn't tune out everything like when the contract was made but made the world sharper. He didn't feel anything with his fingers but his eye sight was heightened and he could her each breath Miss Bradley made. It was strange. He looked at his hands expecting to see the ice crystallize over his fingers but his pink flesh was perfectly fine.

He eyed the mocking wooden figure once more, tilting his head to look at the shape of it more closely. It was strange seeing things this sharpened. He imagined this is what most the people at school described getting high was like.

He walked up to the figure and touched it with just the point of his finger letting the cold spread from him, feeling it rush from him like a breath of winter. As soon as he touched the figure it crystalized in a perfect ice sculpture. Looking at it most would assume it was an ice sculpture left out in the snow. But Luke saw the small traces of the wood hidden underneath. This cold was interesting, this "dark passion of winter" had a strange exhilaration to it. He looked to another figure that reminded him of the troll in Morto's office.

This time he stood in place just extending his hand and feeling the cold rush out of him. Felling the winter's breath push past his skin as it shot towards the wooden troll.

The troll was blasted and knocked on to the table. Luke poured more ice into it, turning it into another sculpture of ice. He admired his handy work at both statues. This cold was nothing to be feared but embraced and it was a new level of wonderful.

He looked to Miss Bradley smiling brightly at her as she returned his with her own. They smiled at each other as he felt this strange blissful cold mold into his body.

Luke didn't have a proper thing to compare it to but he enjoyed this sensation. "Very well done. Now, switch to fire and set some of them a flame." Her words cut through his thoughts and almost derailed his joy. He stared at her and tried to think clearly on how to turn off winter's breath. It was a similar struggle to when he first used his furnace, he didn't want to lose this exhilaration but if he held it to long he might suffocate himself in this frosty grip.

He let go of the memory, letting it slip from his form. He felt the cold leave him almost like a slow warmth spreading through his being.

When feeling returned to his fingers and his toes he tried to turn on the furnace. But as soon as he tried to think of the heat forming in his chest like before nothing happened. He tried to force it to rise in him and become the flame once more but…it almost felt like&hellip.well like he was trying to light a fire in a snow storm. It was damned annoying. He struggled and the strain showed on his face. Miss Bradley watched with interest as she always did and Luke just kept trying to force the flame out from the pit of his stomach.

Finally he felt the heat ignite and flood lovely lilith growing boobs with milk. It was so sudden he would swear he visible caught on fire. Before he could question it he thrust his hand forward and shot the flame like a fine point of a sword cutting a wooden figure in half.

The scorched heat was visible on both halves of the statue. He let go of the flame feeling it die away in him, "Well&hellip.I guess it's not as easy as flipping a switch. How do you manage the switch so easily?

I saw you in the warehouse switching to three contracts in a row." Luke continued to stare at his work on the table trying to puzzle out the answer to his own question.

He still felt the heat smolder inside of him like an ember ready to spark at any moment. "Experience and practice are the best teachers for the exercise, not me." Miss Bradley sat so casually in her spot as she watched the scene before her.

"Thus I want you to keep trying. Keep switching between contracts and us them on a statue each. It won't be perfect but you should be able to switch between them if you work hard enough." Luke watched her stand and move to leave the room.

"Hey where ya off to? Aren't you worried about your nice table?" He couldn't resist that last jab at her. She looked at him from over her shoulder with a side long glance, "If I wanted to worry about the table I wouldn't have set the figures up in the first place.

Besides, after the lesson from a few days ago I doubt I'll be eating off that." She walked out of the room leaving Luke chuckling. And then he realized she didn't answer his first question.

He gave a grunting sigh in annoyance as he raked his fingers through his hair. Hot cam girl gets fucked buy boyfriend hot knew he had to master this but if the first try was any indication he was in for a lilly lebeau gives her husband a sloppy blowjob pornstars hardcore night.

He held the fire deep within his chest and felt the familiar warmth spread through his body. If the ice gave him exhilaration than this fire gave him bliss. The two where similar yet so different in many ways.

He wondered if it was because they were opposites that it became so hard to witch between them. He would have to test that theory another time, most likely using his mind radio for that. At propertysex tenant convinces landlord to drop eviction natural tits and missionary moment he tried to let the fire die down within him and be replaced by the ice.

Just as before the fire took time to die out inside of him. He felt the heat recede from his being and slowly die away in his stomach. He didn't force the memory of winter's breath immediately like he tried to with the furnace. He let the heat die out and as soon as it winked out he recalled the memory of the ice. It came flooding back spreading over his flesh and deep into his frame.

As soon as he felt it mostly eclipse him he turned one of the other figures into an ice cube, taking the shape of one as well. Luke tested his imagination and forced the figure to go from a scraggly being to an over powered ice ogre. It took up a portion of the table but the ice formed to what he wanted it to.

He smiled admiring his work but knew he had to focus on the exercise. Already as he let the ice die within him he felt worn as he tried to get the switch right. He knew it would take a while but didn't have the time. What was worse was he had to save his strength for when he fought for Morto later. It was only 4:30 so he had plenty of time to get this trick right…or get it wrong for that matter. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- 6:00 rolled around. For the past hour and a half Luke had been working his body to the bone trying to make this switch as fast as possible.

Just as he thought originally, it wasn't easy at all. He was now able to manage switching contracts within a few minutes but no were close to the speed Miss Bradley did in the warehouse. As soon as one died down he snapped the other contract into place.

The key was to try and have the startup and turn off times increase. So far he had barely managed to get them at a decent pace. He knew he would have to make them move faster but couldn't figure out how.

Every now and again Miss Bradley would come and check on him. Making sure he "wasn't slacking" on his training. If the sweat rolling from his for head was any hint then he was no slacker. She seemed to be keeping herself busy by moving about her apartment, doing one thing or another. Luke always got the suspicion that she was watching him the whole time, not just when she checked on him. Finally he gave himself a rest after a long moment sitting on the couch feeling like his brain had been working overdrive.

The table itself looked like he had put it through the freezer and decide to bake it in an oven afterwards. He used figures that he either froze or burnt over and over again. Now they looked like random lumps of discarded wood for a fire. He raked his fingers through his hair feeling the sweat drenched strands through his fingers. He knew if he pushed himself any harder there would be nothing left to fight for Morto later. Luke just sat on the couch collecting himself when he felt warm hands suddenly grip and rub his shoulders.

The feminine fingers felt wonderful and he couldn't argue against them. "Well…looks like you owe me a new table mister." Luke chuckle and continued to enjoy the feeling of Miss Bradley's hands as they worked his tense shoulders.

He would bet money that she held another contract that made her hands magic cause he felt like he would melt from her touch. Her fingers slide away and he felt a soft cloth suddenly cover his eyes, making him blind to the world. "Please tell me you don't want me to do this blind folded next," the complaint in his voice was loud and clear but he didn't care. He was worn to the bone, feeling as if his body went through the same mixed results of the table going through the freezer and the oven.

Miss Bradley whispered into his ear, her lips pressed tenderly against it, "I don't want you to do this blind folded. What I want is for you to follow me." She gave his ear a gentle bite which sent a shiver down his spine. She then took his hand and led him through her apartment. This was only his third time in her apartment so he had no clue where they were going. Yet he didn't fight the soft fingers which pulled his hand. He enjoyed the sensation of her fingers even going so far as to stroke them with his thumb.

After a few moment she paused and moved for him to sit down. He found his ass meeting a wooden chair as her fingers worked his chest. He wasn't sure if it was a massage or just a gentle stroke of her fingers. Either way as she continued to caress and glide her hands over his chest he felt his muscles relax and the weariness in him almost evaporate. He groaned and moaned feeling her touch and his clothes get shifted. Finally his shirt was slipped over his head and tossed away.

Luke moved to try and hold her, hug her, or kiss her in some way. But, as soon as he moved to get up she pressed him down firmly, "You stay there." The mixed signals almost threw him off, she spoke with authority of being his "teacher" yet her touch was seductive as it ever was. He obeyed, not wanting to ruin this moment, and was rewarded with her lips pressed against his. He drank in her familiar flavor as he kissed her back.

Her lips quickly broke from his before running down his body. He groaned under the pleasure of her lips kissing down his chest. As he felt her lips encase his nipple he couldn't suppress the pleasurable gasp that escaped his lips. Then the net moment he didn't feel her mouth on his chest and was about to complain when she whispered in his ear again, "Women aren't the only ones who can be turned on by their nipples.

Some men…you have to catch in the right mood." He was the doctor fucks the girl comes wetil dottore dotato scopa la ragazza bagnata to respond when he felt her mouth grip his other nipple. His hands found the sides of the chair and gripped it firmly to prevent them from flailing about. He felt his fingers dig into the wooden chair while he repressed the groans that threatened to drip from his lips.

Luke was losing sense of time, being blind folded and assaulted by an amazing tongue against his chest seemed to have that effect. She finally gave him a moment to breath and he used it to flex his fingers. He was pretty sure he had an indentation in his fingers in the shape of the chair's edge.

His body felt relaxed, like it had gone through a hot tub soak, with the exception of the boner that strained against his pants. He didn't know where this night was leading but it was obvious Miss Bradley had control over the moment. He didn't dare move and grew more curious as to what she was doing. Being blindfolded made his mind guess at the images of wait lay behind them, all of them leading to Miss Bradley doing something mischievously sexual.

The idea of the unknown mixed with her controlling the situation made Luke's boner press even harder against his pants. He didn't know if his pants wouldn't suddenly burst open or circulation would get cut off from his dick from how tight his pants felt at the moment.

Relief suddenly washed over him as he felt his pants loosen. It took him an extra second or two to register what was going on. Then he felt the cold air meet his dick causing it to twitch. The release was satisfying but he couldn't stop wondering what was coming next.

Would she make him do something? Would she just take his dick right there? Maybe using her hand? Her mouth? Or, just straight up fuck his brains out? If he wasn't blind folded he would try to read her mind, this guessing was making his imagination go crazy. He didn't have to wait long to figure out what Miss Bradley was up to when her tongue slide up his shaft.

He no longer wished to suppress his joy as a groan rolled from his throat. He continue to groan and gripped the chair once more as she licked all over his dick.

He wanted to slide it into her mouth, wanted to fuck her amazing face. His sleeping mom xxx storys sex stories went to move but where slapped away hard as she resumed licking his shaft. He groaned in both pleasure and dismay as she continued to just lick every part of his member. He felt her tongue twirl about his balls before it slide up the base to prod the hole of his dick.

And of course, work every inch of his throbbing cock. The pleasure was incredible yet he hungered for more. He knew if he pressed too much he would lose it all together. So he enjoyed the work of her tongue along his shaft.

Feeling the soft wetness slide and roll along his tender skin making him squirm and grip the chair even more firmly. She gave his cock a good long lick, teasing the hole once more, before drifting away. Luke had to repress his disappointment.

And yet, his mind wondered once more to what she was up to. He couldn't quite grip what was going on around him. She only seemed to give him a moment to recover and do something else for a time. He took advantage to get blood working into his fingers, to catch his breath, and try to listen intently to what she was planning.

Her heard her move about the room and seemed to try and not make a sound.

He wanted some sort of hint but the only clue he got was her consistent moan with each motion. He felt his cock twitch against the open air, feeling its cold graze against the wet flesh. "My my, aren't we eager." He was trying to think of something witty to say but as words started to form he felt lucy li 2019 toy boy xxx new story mouth engulf his cock, pushing it to the back of her throat.

Luke's body arched hard as he felt her throat contract around his cock struggling to swallow. His mouth hung open and soundless as he was in complete bliss. She finally let go of his cock and giggled a little as his body slumped back into the chair. This time she gave no hint to letting him relax as her mouth bobbed hard on his cock. Groans and moans rolled for him like a musical in response to her actions.

He felt his dick continue to be swallowed as she bobbed her head hard on his cock. She never relented when it came to using her tongue to work his shaft while her throat contracted on the head of his member. Luke's body wanted to flail and thrash under Miss Bradley's assault. His fingers gripped so hard on the chair that it creaked against the strain of it. His hips went from trying to back away from her to thrusting into her.

When he thrusted she gagged and that seemed to urge her to work harder. Making his body want to shirk away from the overwhelming pleasure she sent through his body. Sastisfying hot beautiful babes twat pornstar hardcore as quickly as it had started she had ended it. This time Luke let out a very audible groan at his disappoint for the pleasure to stop.

This caused Miss Bradley to giggle even more, "You are very eager aren't you? Well…I suppose since you have been a good boy you can take off that blind fold." Luke about ripped it off his face but was blinded by the light in the room. It took him a while to register the difference and gain his bearings. He noticed they were in the bedroom with the lights dimmed. As he looked around he felt his mouth about to join his shoulder in the club of dislocations when he spotted Miss Bradley.

She rested on the bed on her arms with a white silk like robe hanging seductively off her body. The robe revealed all of her alluring features, accentuating her D sized breasts and seemed to show off the white garter belt she wore. The belt didn't have panties to go with it and it framed her bare pussy like a beautiful portrait as it was hooked on some nylon white stockings that ended at the knee.

He was in complete shock at the image before him and even more so when he saw her pulling on something.

His whole body grew stiff, and his cock became extra hard, when he saw her slowly pulling out some anal bead. She groaned as each one slipped out of her perfect ass. When the final one popped out, clean as a whistle, she tossed it aside. Miss Bradley gave a sultry smile as she let the robe slip from her shoulders. With one swift movement she was standing on the floor with her arms resting on the bed. Her ass was facing him and the invention was so obvious that it missed a sign. Yet Luke was frozen in place admiring the beautiful picture in front of him.

Miss Bradley smiled at him even more over her shoulder as one hand spread her cheeks, showing off her soaked pussy and gapping ass. "I told you I'd give you something that Serina had given you." Luke needed no further teasing or prodding. He walked up to her, almost hypnotically as he felt the tip of his dick press against her asshole.

As soon as it made contact both of them moaned in pleasure. Luke was on cloud nine and soaring higher as he gripped her ass firmly and pushed the head inside of her. When he was with Serina he was drowned in the drug of sex and ecstasy.

Now he was able redhead siri gets plowed in hardcore fashion enjoy every grip of her ass. He moaned as more of stepsons dick in all the right places cock slide inside of her feeling it grip all around his cock.

Miss Bradley leaned on the bed hard as she panted and moaned in, what Luke could only hope, pleasure. He could only fit half of himself inside her before her ass started to clinch and grip his dick. It felt amazing to be squeezed from all sides but he wanted to have his whole cock feel it. He slide out and pushed back in fitting a little more inside of her and making her grunt in surprise.

Luke's smile split his face as he gripped her perfectly shaped ass and started to thrust hard into it. He groaned and moaned as more of his member disappeared into her granny bbw mega big melons minka. With a hard thrust he found himself completely buried inside of her and they both yelled in surprise. They froze in place feeling his dick deep into her bowels. Her ass gripped and massaged his cock all around the base making him groan more.

He let his hands run over her ass, massaging and cupping her perfect cheeks. She relaxed and enjoyed his touch as he continued to stroke the perfect shape of each cheek. A thought tickled Luke's mind and created a new smile that split his face further. His hand suddenly came down hard spanking her ass, which in turn caused her to yelp in surprise. He felt her ass grip his cock more and tighten like a vice. He tried to sigh in joy but it came out as a strangled groan.

"I bet you liked teasing me with this amazing body of yours," The words poured out of him before he had time to register what he was saying. He started to thrust into her ass once more, making her cheeks bounce off his stomach.

His hand came down once again on her cheek making her moan harder, "You just loved taking control and making me crave you didn't you?" She started to moan hard and groan as he thrusted into her. He continued to spank her ass as he thrusted into her, feeling her bowels grip his cock with each spank of his hand and thrust of his member.

Their bodies rocked and hammered against one another trying to fight for control over the heated passion that rose between them. Finally she relented to his assault and words came from her throat, "Yes." Luke almost forgot what she was answering to before he spanked her ass again, thrusting like a mad animal, "Yes what?" She groaned and moaned harder, "Yes I enjoyed teasing you with my body, making you crave it. God you dick feels so good in my ass." Luke became possessed hearing her admission and started to thrust into her with every fiber he had.

Miss Bradley's body rocked and hammered back into his own matching his rhythm yet never fighting to control it. He saw her breasts sway with their erotic motions. The whole time her ass gripped and clenched his cock. He didn't know how it was wet but he felt it start to dry. He ignored to enjoy the sheer pleasure that he derived from her ass. She seemed to do the same because she didn't plead for him to stop or make any motion to end it. She just moaned and begged for more. He felt her ass grip his dick even harder.

It was the tightest thing he had ever felt grip his member. He tried to thrust as hard as he could but each pull and thrust he felt the grip tighten and squeeze trying to drain the juice out of his cock.

He lost all control and thrusted as fast as possible while he felt his balls tighten. "Oh shit&hellip.I'm fucking cumming!" "Yes, yes, yes. Oh my fucking god! YES!!!" Her screams mixed with his as he poured load after load into her ass. They stood there feeling their bodies quiver and convulse with their individual orgasm. Luke remained where he was feeling his dick continue to leak cum into her ass. Finally he gained the will power to pull out. As his dick slipped from her ass Miss Bradley collapsed on the bed and Luke got an eyeful of her ass leaking his cum.

Jules sterling fucks a gigantic black cock stood there admiring his handy work before he felt his legs ready to give out from under him. He walked, unsteadily, towards the bed and fell flat on his back. The softness of the bed morphed into his body and he enjoyed it.

He was ready to pass out when Miss Bradley stroked his chest. He smiled down at her beautiful face that now held a radiant glow. "Sleep well Luke, I want you well rested and ready to live when you go into your fight." He would have been happy just passing out. But, her words brought back the dread of what was to come. He wondered how rested his body would be in about another…He looked at the clock and was amazed that a half hour had passed between him and Miss Bradley.

Well he hoped he could sleep for an hour and half or so and be ready for the fight. -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke's face went slacked jaw with a raised brow at the scene before him. There they stood in the basement of a car garage with multiple beings standing around dressed to impress.

With Morto among a mass of…well what Luke could have guessed was adoring fans. They all encircled him in one fashion or another. Or at least as much as you can circle a being that would give Fat Albert a run for his money. The random bits of hair, scales, fur, warts, and other weird patches made him look like the animal kingdom threw up on his asian likes being fucked hardcore squirting and japanese. The sight of Morto still bothered Luke but not as much as seeing all these people praise and adore him.

He couldn't imagen adoring Morto in the slightest, then again he was a freelancer with Morto as his number one job market at this point. Miss Bradley had cleaned herself up from earlier and decided to dress to equally impress as everyone else. She wore a black dress that had a nice slit up her leg and exposed just the slightest amount of cleavage.

According to her she was his escort for today's event. Luke wasn't going arguing about having a sexy older woman on his arm. But like usual she made him feel under dress. The only thing he had changed about his outfit, or wanted to, was a denim jacket that he had left at her place last time. So compared to the show in front of him and the woman on his arm he felt like he couldn't even impress a puddle. Luke decided to walk with confidence anyways.

He may not be dressed like a prime fighter, or a business man, but anyone be damned who thought him worried. Not that he wasn't but it wouldn't do anyone any good to show that he was. He took good solid stride with Miss Bradley holding his arm. He felt her hand give comforting squeezes as they approached Morto. At the sight of Luke Morto raised his arms high, "There he is! My prized fighter!" The whole crowd snapped their eyes forward and just stared at Luke.

He put on his best poker face mixed with his award winning smile, "Well if it isn't king of Golden Coral. How ya doing there Morty?" He continued to walk up to Morto trying to ignore the calculating looks of everyone around him. He felt morehe was a prized horse ready to be saddled more than a prized fighter, just wish he knew who had the saddle. As they got into arm's length of Morto, his massive bear claw came down on Luke's back, "Oh don't you start with me dear boy." He started to laugh hard as did the crowd.

Meanwhile Luke was trying to guess how red the hand print on his back would be. Yet he suppressed the grimace and forced a laugh with everyone else.

They all swarmed and listened carefully to the conversation between him and Morto, "I hope you are ready for this match, the opponent doesn't look easy." The confidence still held strong on Luke's feature, even as he felt like he was sweating buckets, "Well that's why you are paying me the big bucks. If that wasn't the case you wouldn't have needed me for your last job." Morto and Miss Bradley wore knowing smiles, both of which seemed approving in some fashion or another.

Morto's massive hand gripped his shoulder giving it a firm a threatening squeeze while Miss Bradley gave his arm another comforting squeeze. His body received conflicting emotions as Mort continued, "Well if you keep up such spirits then I'm sure my money is well spent.

If not then your payment will go to the bets and you will have to take care of your own funeral payments." He gave a hard laugh which almost broke Luke's poker face.

The crowd continued to follow them in stride laughing alongside Morto with each comment and jab from him. And, here Luke thought the highschool football entourage was bad. Morto had these people on hooks and Luke seemed to be the only one whose nose wasn't trying to be buried in his ass&hellip.or at least one part of his ass.

Each person eyed Lesbian babe spanks ass before pussy toying suspiciously, like he was trying to steal Morto from them. This whole situation made Luke feel like he was in a cliché TV drama. He couldn't tell what was more uncomfortable, the impending fight or all the strange being making eyes at him.

Luke followed the crowd being led deeper into the garage basement. The anticipation making his skin crawl as he walked deeper into the depths of the garage. He felt his spine was about to leap when he started to hear the roaring of a crowd cheering and shouting. He wanted to fidget, to squirm, or even stretch as they grew closer to the booming noise. Miss Bradley seemed to sense his anxiety as she squeezed and stroked his arm.

To everyone else she seemed like she was fawning over him but he made the connection. He took a deep breath and renewed his poker face holding his best smile.

The impending crowd continued to roar and boom. Once they made it below he saw many people shouting, well…being anyways. The mix colored of skin and different formal attire made his eyes hurt.

He didn't bother trying to sort out the multiple groups that cheered and screamed for the match that took place. From the crunching sound and roaring, Luke guessed the match was getting good. The crowd parted to let a familiar purple beauty walk through. Serina almost wore a dress identical to Miss Bradley's, except it showed a lot more leg and had to have string strung between the large slit that exposed her cleavage, otherwise the hole dress would come undone.

When she walked towards them she smiled directly at Luke. He had to hold back the memories of their contract together to prevent another straining boner with the matching set of crimson cheeks.

Miss Bradley moved closer to him, almost possessively. As Serina moved closer the crowd around Luke, Morto, and Miss Bradley parted to allow her to pass. Luke could have sworn more than one gave the slightest hint of a bow or nod of their head.

So much power in one place made Luke feel like he was in powder keg. Serina eyed Luke for a moment more, letting her eyes slowly graze over Miss Bradley, before landing on Morto himself. "The preview match should be finished soon. Everyone is interested to see who your replacement fighter is for the main event." Luke felt Morto's hand twitch on his shoulder and worried that it may get crushed under the pressure of it. The last thing he needed was to have Morto dislocate his shoulder again before the "main event" fight.

Morto and Serina continued to eye one another yet she bowed her head being the servant once more. Morto lead him towards the crowd and those in the back got excited to see Morto with his "prize fighter." Luke had seen enough sporting events to realize he was going to be the prime star in this fight club match. No pressure huh? A bell rung and the crowd both booed and yelled in victory or defeat at the result. They all shuffled about money and items trading hands between them.

Yet Luke's eyes watched as a beaten lump of green meat was carted away, the being itself still groaned in pain. This time Luke wasn't able to hide his shutter but thankfully only Miss Bradley noticed. But, the moment of comfort didn't last as the crowd parted once more for a different woman. Luke heard the audible click of her heals before he registered anything else. As he turned he saw…what looked like a human, which confused him more than the rest of the room. She was a tall Asian woman standing firmly with a black Asian style dress with blue designs.

Her shoulder where covered by a matching black cloak with more designs lining the trimming itself. Her features made him feel like she was staring down at him. Every angle of her features where sharp from the upturn of her eyes to the length of her nose, she had her brown hair pulled into a bun to make these features stand out more.

If he wasn't intimidated by her he might try and guess what she was hiding with the cloak, then again it might be a gun for all he knew. Luke seemed to be background noise to her as she walked up to Morto, "So I see you are ready to forfeit our match Wendigo." Luke had a flash back of his elementary school teacher that scared the shit out of him when he was younger. As soon as she said your name you knew you were in trouble.

Morto didn't shirk from her one bit but walked his hulking mass up to her, "I guess your age is showing Koharu, eye sight is one of the first thing to go for mortals you know. This youth is my prize fighter." Luke got dragged closer to Morto, which dragged Miss Bradley to. He almost felt like Morto's prized possession for a moment, and regretted it because he could feel the layers of fat pushed against his side. Yet the awkward feeling of Morto's fat was nothing compared to how uncomfortable he felt from the glare he got from this woman.

She eyed him more so then anyone, staring him up and down, almost like a machine. When her eyes made it back to his face she raised her brow, "Him? That boy? Doesn't seem that impressive. Is this pink world teen age first time fuck the best you could do Wendigo?" Luke had a feeling this wasn't going to end well.

Of course when he gets that feeling his mouth starts working before the rest of him can catch up. He leaned over to miss Bradley, his voice clear as a bell, "Boy, who shoved the stick up her ass? Someone should remove it and replace it with a dick, I swear she needs to get laid." Koharu's attention snapped back to Luke where she tried to bore him down with her eyes.

It would have worked if Morto hadn't erupted in a fit of laughter that shook Luke, and all those around him. Yet Koharu was unaffected by the shock of his laughter, "What did you say to me boy?" "Huh? Sorry I wasn't talking to you," Luke just rolled with it at this point, "But, I gotta say you look like one of those women who starred on the CW.

Where you one of the villains or a cheap girl at the bars?" Her stare seemed to almost make Luke forget about the rest of the world. She bore her eyes down on him and he felt himself grow smaller. He knew he wasn't literally growing smaller but the feeling was there. Morto became background noise with his fits of laughter and even Miss Bradley on his arm faded with how this woman stared down at him.

It was as if it was only Luke and Koharu in a dark space and she had the hire ground. Her voice drilled into him, "You should learn to speak well to your betters boy." Even with this familiar overpowering sense of pressure Luke pulled on his instincts, and as per usual setting he found himself talking some more, "Really? Is god here I don't see em?" Looked made his head swerve as if he lasublimexxx valentina canali slutty italian pinup enjoys threesome searching for someone, in this case god, but it was mostly to avoid looking at her.

When he looked back in her direction she seemed to blink in surprise which shattered the void that was just the two of them. Luke found himself pulled back into his body and Morto's continued laugh almost break his ears.

"Morty calm down, my arms aren't long enough to give you the Heimlich." Morto laughed more slapping Luke right on the same spot he left his last hand print.

Koharu watched Luke for a moment before her eyes shifted to Miss Bradley, "And Nina, what an interesting surprise to see you with…such a nuisance. I have a job for you when you are done babysitting." Luke was about to throw out his next pun about where her eyes should be focused when Miss Bradley moved closer to him and spoke clearly, "I have no problems training my student.

Besides he keeps me plenty busy so I doubt I could take one of your jobs." Luke knew there was a hidden message or two in there and barely had a guess as to one.

Koharu seemed to shoot her laser eyes on him once more, "I can't wait for my fighter to tear you apart." "Don't hold your breath, you might turn equal shade blue as your cheap dress." She stared down at him a moment longer, he thought he would meet her back in that strange black void.

Without a word or thought she strode off to her own entourage and greeted her own fighter. This woman made Luke wish he wore his brown pants at the moment. She stood a good 9 feet tall with braided hair that was as thick as cords. Her entire frame made her seem like she was ready for the next woman's body building tournament.

She smiled showing a pair of snake like fangs poking her lower lip that matched the slits she had for pupils. She was dressed for the fight as well, with a solid breast plate and matching bracers. The rest of her was covered in rags which gave her the pure look of a barbarian.

As Morto's entourage moved to join the crowd for the upcoming fight Luke turned to face him and Serina hissing in a low whisper, "Let me get this straight.

You want me to fight the cousin of she-hulk which you had built a steel golem for. And you were originally just gonna pay me 10 k for the fight?" "Yes, but you drive a good bargain boy. I can't wait to see how this fight turns out." Morto said that so matter of fact like he just arranged for cable to be installed. "Well when you put it that way," Luke let out a heavy sigh. He was on this car wreck might as well have fun for the tattoo artist tattoo for dicks himself tube porn. He was about to walk forward to move into the ring when Miss Bradley held his arm for a moment.

He thought she was going to give him some sort of pep talk but she panted her lips on his. The kiss was sweet and pulling him ever deeper into it. He kissed her back to match the depth of which he felt. When they finally broke the kiss she smiled and motion for him to go ahead. Best pep talk ever. As Luke entered the broken concrete that was supposed to be the ring he felt the crowd's cheers turn to questioning.

There he was a 6ft slender high schooler facing off against…well whatever this hulking woman was. Innocent sweetie is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet slit stared down at him with arms folded ready for the fight to start.

Luke felt every kind of nervous he could describe. Standing there he sweat started to build in his gloved hand and cake his palm. Serina walked into the ring and the silence before seem to grow quitter. Luke guessed she had that effect on anyone in any given room. Her voice rang clear as crystal with authority, "The rules are simple, fight until the other is unable to keep fighting. Magic is allowed, weapons are allowed, and if you have artifacts use them.

The main event, Shulaw sponsored by Koharu versus Luke sponsored by Morto. Fighters…Begin!" Luke was overwhelmed by the thundering roar of the crowd mixed in with Shulaw's that he lost his train of thought when it came to Serina's authority over this crowd. Shulaw charged at him drawing what he could have only guessed was a demonic looking meat cleaver from her back. Luke's instinct took over as her rolled through her legs and came up behind her.

He glanced back to see the pavement now containing a dent in the pavement the size of the cleaver's edge. She stared at him over her shoulder and swung blindly at his frame. Luke let his instincts work his motions rather than rationalize a strategy. For the next few moments he dodged her wild strikes at him trying to make sure he wasn't on the opposite end of the meat cleaver from hell. The crowd seemed to be displeased with all his dodging but at the moment his attention was focused on this hulking woman.

She had stopped swing at him and bore down with those snake like eyes of hers. Luke took the moment to turn on his mind radio and danced with her thoughts for a moment. The crowd threaten to overload the radio but as soon as the anchor was set they became barely audible static to the roaring of her thoughts.

"This insect is really starting to annoy me. I'm tired of swinging randomly and need to snare him." Images of rope suddenly invaded Luke's mind. She remembered all the moments she had tied other being up using a random strands of rope she held firmly.

Luke's instincts reacted just as the images stopped playing. They screamed for him to move and based off the images forward wasn't going work. Luke jumped back tripping on brunette with hot body fucking on couch ground itself.

Luck mixed with his movement saved him as he saw Shulaw's hair snap forward to grab him missing by…well just by a hair. As Luke's back meet the ground he rolled backwards keeping his distance.

His mouth worked in the middle of his shock, "Holy shit bitch! What the hell, are you all the Mortal Kombat character rolled into one? Right now you look like that four armed bastards mixed with the screaming bitch Sindel." "How dare he?!" Luke turned off the radio before both his mental ears and literals ears burst at the same time.

Her screamed caused many to cover their ears and Luke wished he could do the same. However, while she was screaming she decided to play "Whack a Luke" with her cleaver. Luke moved out of the way again.

This time he tried to go offensive and test out his artifact. While he dance to the side he threw his right first forward feeling the kinetic energy pulse throw his arm and blast her straight in the chest. She stumbled back for a moment and the crowd cheered some more.

The show must have been getting good for them cause their roars and screams where almost as deafening as hers was. Or perhaps they were grateful to fucking my clients daughter bang bros him do more than dodge her. Luke looked her dead in the lesbian teen shows her big tits on webcam, "Damn, see what I mean. I'm surprised I still have my hearing. And on another note look at your damned teeth.

Reminds me of that one chick with the ugly mouth that used the dagger sai things. I can't remember her name but I'm sure it'll come to me." Luke saw her hair twist and weather against her head.

He really didn't want to get grabbed by those things. The furnace was turned on full blast and Luke felt the heat burst throughout his body.

His instincts wanted him to defend and throw up his arms. But, logic kicked in and Luke had other ideas. Her hair snapped forward wrapping about Luke like a net. He made to dodge but they snagged and grabbed him. Only his right arm was free and set to throw the next wave of kinetic punches. Shulaw's cleaver was ready to come down on his head before he could even throw his punch. Luke focused all his heat into the cleaver itself.

With that thought the blade itself glowed a bright red. The crowd saw the skin on her hand burn as she endured it and made to drop the axe on him. Luke was in a panic and threw his fist forward as a last ditch effort. The energy built around him but he didn't feel the same force as before. He felt the heat about him channel forward and burst like a wave from his fist. It connected with Shulaw thrusting her back in a burst of kinetic energy and scorching flames. The crowd was silent as Luke stood there with burnt end of hair covering him and an out stretched arm.

He pulled his hand back looking from the glove to Shulaw who was starting to stand. "Oh hell ya! I can get use to this!" His small celebration was short lived as she threw her cleaver at him. Luke's instincts were in max gear and made him dive out of the way, leaving a trial of hair behind him. Shulaw ignored the axe and charged for Luke with hands stretched to strangle his frame. Luke thrusted both hands forward sending a stream of fire from his being that was blasted by the blast of kinetic energy.

The wave burned and blinded her long enough for Luke to move between her bawdy wet crack holes get nailed smalltits homemade. Luke kneeled between the giant trunks she possessed for legs and struck out as hard as he could.

He mixed normal hit with his kinetic flame punches aiming for her joints. She howled in pain which brought Luke down to his knees from the screeching in his ears. He had no time to react to the kick which launched him across the arena floor. The force of her shin connected with his side causing him to fly half way across until his body collided with the ground.

He rolled for a moment before coming back to his feet. Her snake eye glared down on him once more as she crouched ready to charge at him with the scorching mess of what she once was. You could smell the burnt hair and clothes in the hair. Her armor was covered in burnt marks and the clever seemed to divide the pair of them at the moment.

He was actually surprised he didn't tag the thing on his midair trip or roll across the arena floor. The silence of the air was so thick you could hear the heavy breathing from those that watched. Luke took the moment to turn off the furnace and snap on the mind radio. The fire died at the same pace it did before and only when the spark died did he dare dial on to Shulaw's mind.

However instead of thoughts all he could see from her where images of his mangled body in many different ways. He snapped off the mind radio quickly before he was drowned in a movie starring his own death a million times over. She burst straight forward her few steps covering the ground to her cleaver that would have taken him a good solid run to reach.

He didn't move from his spot, he just stood there feeling the deadly cold grip his frame as it once had. Winter's Breath closed in on him with the memory of the cold which numbed his body. He was actually surprised when he found himself incased in its grasp in a matter of seconds than minutes.

"Hey bitch! Freeze!" The air about Luke dropped several degrees, those watching the fight closest to him shirked away quickly. Luke cold see his own breath and Shulaws as she towered over him with blade in hand. Luke's instincts and logic where on the same page. He charged forward throwing his right fist right into her abdomen. He felt the shock radiate from his knuckles as he made contact with her skin before the kinetic burst flooded past him with the rushing cold.

A shard of ice no protruded from her stomach and seemed to puncture a hole through the otherside. Her echoing screams barely reach him as he continued his barrage of punches with both hands.

Kenetic bursts with waves of cold smashed over her metal breast plate mixed with bursts of cold on her bare skin from his left open palm.

He was lost in the assault, smashing his right fist against metal sending his double assault while his left open palm met skin and froze it on contact. When he found himself face to face with her he blinked in surprise taking in the damage he had done to her. She was kneeling on battered legs that had several shards of ice through them as well as parts that where frozen stiff. Her chest and arms where barely covered by the shattered remains of her breast plate and bracers.

The flesh of the arms could have been mistaken and discarded frozen meat. And as he looked into her face he saw the look of dreaded defeat meet his. Her hair was in tatters and her face was burned. The crowd was roaring for him to kill her to finish her off. Yet he didn't move, he just looked at her. Her life was now in his hands…and he was uncertain of where he should draw the line.

No, he knew where he drew the line and was going to make a point of it now in front of all these beings watching him. He moved closer to her and kissed her forehead, "Sorry for ruining your body beautiful, hope it heals up and you can hit me up again later when you are in a sunnier mood." The silence of the crowd seemed to radiate their shock.

Yet the look on Shulaw's face was the very definition of disbelief. She eyed him completely dumbfounded and without words. Luke was gad already turned on his mind radio to read her thoughts but he was only catching bits of mixed confusion and emptiness at the moment. "So ya gonna cave or what? I really don't want that lovely face of yours to get ruined next." She looked through the crowd in dismay.

He would have followed her gaze if he trusted her enough to turn his back to her. The mixed look on her face made him finally read her thoughts rather than the emotions themselves, "I'm dead if I don't win.

I can't give up. Not to anyone, not to anything." Luke was already moving before she was and snapped his fist into her jaw line. The kinetic force knocking her to the ground. Luke sighed stuffing his hands into his pockets, "Damn and here I was hoping her face wouldn't need to get healed to." As he walked off the arena floor the crowded cheers where drowning his ears in applauses and praises mixed with the subtle boos.

He was grateful his radio was turned off, he really didn't want to know what these people thought of him. He didn't care for them at all as he walked towards his small entourage, his very small entourage.

Morto rushed forward greeting him, "Now that was a good fight my boy! I knew I choose wisely to hire you on to my payroll." Luke wasn't blind to see the power play that Morto made to claim him in front of this crowd. Luke held up his hand, "Whoa whoa, there Morty. I like you but I'm a freelancer. You always have my first priority at heart and you know that but I'm not completely in your pocket." That seemed to stall and make Morto glare at him for a brief moment.

Morto replaced it quickly with a false smile and clapped him hard on his left shoulder sending new waves of pain through him, "That I know boy. That I do." With that he walked towards his cheering fans congratulating him on his prized fighter. While Luke walked away feeling his shoulder dislocated once more. Miss Bradley greeted him with a deep kiss and hugged him firmly. That was before Luke complained about his shoulder. She apologized quickly and showered his face with kisses, "That was magnificent.

I'm proud of you." "That was truly a splendid fight," Serina's voice cut through the noise of the crowd as she approached them. Her smile was seductive and alluring as she continued, "As prearranged we have scheduled $20 thousand to be deposited into five parts into a designated account and will include the bonus $5 thousand for the show. As a personal gift for your victory Morto has scheduled a meeting with one of his contacts to arrange a new contract for you." Luke's mind was a perverted point of view fujiko kano to jump for joy, $25 thousand and a new contract to boot.

Serina took his silence for acceptance, "Bradley, I will be picking him up from his school tomorrow. After his meeting we will arrange for him to be dropped off at your place for further training." Luke could have sworn he heard the challenge in her voice.

He himself waited for any objection on Miss Bradley's part. "That should be fine, I might have more work scheduled for us by then. So don't take any side trips that would keep us behind schedule." Now he knew there was a challenge there. Right about now he felt like the doll being argued over by two girls. Serina ignored Miss Bradley and walked up to Luke sliding her hand over him, "I will arrange for the first payment when I collect your account information tomorrow.

Can't wait to see you." With a wink and a lingering touch she strode away to meet back with Morto. The crowd swallowed the pair of them cheering and shouting. Luke was grateful that he wasn't getting that attention at the moment. He was drained and sore from all the ground pounds as well as the free shot from Shulaw and now Morto.

After a few feet away, out of earshot of everyone else, he spoke softly. "I'll need you to help me relocate my shoulder again. Morty wanted to make sure I remembered who's paying me right now." She nodded without question and walked him out of the basement. When he saw her car he couldn't have been more relieved until new pain burst from his shoulder. He let out a sudden yelled and gripped his arm.

"Son of a bitch that hurt." Miss Bradley walked to the car swaying her hips, "You asked me to relocate it for you.

It wouldn't have done us much good to have you tensing up like last time." "Mileena," the name slipped from his mouth as it dawned on him. He smiled and slipped into her car with a sigh as he was finally off his feet.

"Excuse me?" Miss Bradley raised a brow at him as she leaned over her car door. "The big toothed woman with Sais from Mortal Kombat. I just remembered her i want you to stroke out a big load for me joi, Mileena." Miss Bradley stared at him oddly for an extra moment before laughing her heart out.

-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Luke found himself sluggishly moving through the front door of his house at about 9:13, according to Miss Bradley's car clock. When the door creaked open he was greeted with the sight of his sister on the couch. There she sat in a big t-shirt that acted more like a large dress. One of his old shirts of he remembered correctly.

"Hey Sam I'm home." She stood up instantly and looked at euro threesome teen and fun fucked in the ass stealing for the fuck of it. With one gaze she went from sleepy sister to panicked mother mode. She took his hand and led him towards the couch and as he sat down he felt all of today's strain sink into his bones and muscles.

He felt dead to the world at that moment. "My god you look awful," Sam had a knack for stating his thoughts out loud at times. He chuckled and relaxed on the couch ready to do nothing for the rest of the night. Yet Sam came over with a glass of water and started to rub his shoulders.

He groaned feeling her small hands dig into his aching muscles. "How did you know I needed this?" He smiled and downed the entire glass of water before setting the glass down with a sigh of content. Sam came around the couch to sit on his lap and work his shoulders even more. "I maybe your annoying sister at times but Two hot blonde want a group sex and do a titfuck know you better than you think." She smiled with her pouty lips at him and her short hair didn't hide her small angular face that seemed to portray all her emotions at once.

He just stared into her face feeling her hands work his worn muscles. He enjoyed the feel of her fingers digging deep into the skin and working out all the knots. She moved her hands down from his shoulders and worked his chest like an expert masseuse. Luke found his hands resting on hips as he smiled at her, "Thanks Sam." Her hands froze on his chest and his on her hips as both pairs of green eyes stared deeply into one another.

The silence lingered in the air as they stared at one another. Luke's hand finally moved to hold the small of her back and pulled her close. He felt her body press against his as their noses brushed. She stared at him with her cheeks starting to flush and he felt his do the same.

Instinct was all he had been running on and off of for the past hour or so and now he continued to run with it. Luke's lips pecked hers slightly eliciting a small sigh of surprise, yet no hesitation from Sam. He waited for another moment or two for any objection at all. When none where received he moved to kiss her again this time he kissed her lips holding them firm in his own.

His eyes closed to drink in the taste. Out of all the women he had kissed these past few weeks his sister had the most interesting flavors. Bitter sweetness that just made him drink to dig for more of the sweetness itself. She didn't fight the kiss she barely reacted at first. Then without warning he suddenly felt her arms wrap about his neck as she moaned in the kiss and deepened it to a heated passion.

Her body pressed firmly into his and he could feel every outline of her frame mash against his own stiff muscles. He drank in her taste kissing her ever more deeply to taste more of her sweetness. The day started off with awkward incest teasing between himself and his mom. Then he caught up with school and meet an Asian who hated him. Watched his teacher masturbate before him in class. Trained his bones to switch between fire and ice magic. Fucked the ass of a different teacher.

Meet another Asian that despised him and had a lot of power under her belt. Won a fight against a being he didn't think he stood a chance against. And now, it rounded back to an incestuous make out session with his sister. Life kept getting strange for him yet it wasn't for a second boring.

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