Worthy gang bang with busty amazing gal pornstar hardcore

Worthy gang bang with busty amazing gal pornstar hardcore
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Momentary silence lasted for just under a minute before another loud scream of anguish rang through the halls from the dungeon.

Natasha had been raped, humiliated, beaten and dehumanised at every chance since she was enslaved. Abused and tortured daily for my amusement, my pet had long grown devoted to me. Receiving pain and screaming came as naturally to her as breathing. With that being said, Natasha still dreaded "testing day". Once a month I would order some new equipment and try them out on her to decide if I should buy them in bulk for the use of my customers.

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It was the thought of what I was potentially going to use on her that really scared her. The fear of the unknown.

It was during these sessions that she had discovered unforgettable experiences such as having her clit pepper sprayed and son tempted mom sleping xnxx soles of her feet branded.

She backed up away from me as far as her restraints would allow her before pleading with me to not shock her with a small rectangular taser. I pressed the metal tips into one if her nipples and activated it. With some difficulty, I kept the taser against her sensitive breasts as she shook and thrashed.

After I pulled it away from her, she continued to spasm and cry out as the current passed through her body. This was a really fun toy and it was also cheaper than the car batteries and jumper cables that was currently being provided.

Natasha's head dropped and she would have fallen to the floor if it wasn't for the cuffs around her wrist. She panted for air, taking in deep breaths before she regained the strength to stand. I walked over to Anna who had turned her head away to not have to watch her fellow slave suffer. She had been behaving rather well since her torture session with the masked man.

I had let her heal for a bit before allowing my staff to use her as a reward. The constant fuckings and beatings had made her somewhat docile and nothing like the wildcat that she was when she first arrived on the island.

The circles that had been drawn on her tits using marker pen were faded but the numbers 1, 3, 5, and 10 that had been assigned sweet legal age teenager bawdy cleft licked masturbation smalltits each area was still clearly visible. As were small red dots and dry blood where darts had been thrown at her. The aim of my men concerned me a little as none of them had managed to hit her nipples which were marked with the score of 10.

I guessed they would add their combined scores up after playing a game of darts and then whip their dartboard as many times as the points they got. It looked like a exciting game and I thought that it might be a little friendly competition and a chance for team bonding if I held a little darts contest.

We would need more dartboards but Courtney's tits would be great for the job and we could paint April's ass so there was some variety and so she wouldn't feel left out.

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I placed the taser down on the silver tray Anna was holding that had the tools I was testing and looked at her bowing her head in submission. It was a good look on the slut. I then picked up a thin cane that was made out of sexy sluts have fun in the swamp fibre. It didn't look sturdy or vicious enough for me to think that it would have the same effect as a wooden one.

I took a swing and Natasha proved me wrong. Right across her perfect juicy ass, the cane created a fierce welt. I swung again and was treated to the sight of her body jumping away before she did her cute little pain dance for me. Her screams carried themselves to the room next door.

Tabitha listened in shock at the brutality that was being delivered. She was sweating due to the poor ventilation and due to the side effects of the chemicals that had been injected into her. The redheaded cow felt her breasts swell up with milk again and wanted more than anything to gently message them but her bounds prevented her.

Instead a milking machine would harshly pump her when ever the doctor of the island decided to play her a visit to examine his experiment. The door slowly creeked open a Tabitha's heart sunk as she feared another rough fucking or having her enlarged breasts used as piñatas again.

She was relieved to see the blonde cum collector enter with her lunch. The doctor had told her that the woman had once been a cop who was responsible for intercepting a shipment of cheerleaders to the brothel. They must have really worked her over to reduce her to this broken shadow of her former self.

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A large bucket filled with cum she had licked off the floor was attached to her by clamps that bit down on her pussylips. She had to drag it along the ground as she crawled from room to room.

She took a mouthful of the bucket's disgusting contents and slowly stood up, being careful not to lift the bucket off the ground. She then pulled on Tabitha's nose ring and placed her soft cum leaking lips onto the her's. They both opened their mouths and explored each other stranger bonks pretty beautiful gal girlfriend and homemade their tongues as a Tabitha's protein based meal was deposited.

When the blonde woman pulled away and they looked at each other's eyes as a trail of cum linked their mouths. This was the only affection that either of them got which over time had became precious to Tabitha. It didn't even matter that she had to swallow cumnthat had been collected off the floor to feel the touch of a woman whose name she didn't even know. The blonde gave her a couple more mouthfuls before she left, leaving Tabitha alone once more.

Hours passed and screams could still be held from the room next door as the redheaded cow endured her aching breasts before the doctor checked on his patient. Such a hot mess, he had been keeping her to himself but knew that she would need to earn some income soon if he wanted to keep her.

He had lined a customer up for her but for now, he was take a much needed break and hurt something instead of healing it.