Nubile cutie thief under big wiener pressure

Nubile cutie thief under big wiener pressure
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My buddies Mom continued, Please read the first part My buddies Mom to understand the continuality of events. Rachel is the forty-ish mother of my buddy Russell. She is also the mother of Lori, a snotty, cock-teasing sixteen-year-old. But it was Lori who set up the previous events, which allowed me to consummate with Rachel on the foyer floor of their home. I held Rachel's hand as she led me up the stairs, watching her bare-naked ass sway from side to side allowing momentary visibility to her slightly swollen cunt lips.

With each step, and each sway, something drove a signal from my eyes to my cock. It was unmitigated lust. Just a few minutes ago, I had filled Rachel's vagina with the largest load of cum ever emitted from my body so far in my life.

Yet I could feel inside my scrotum that my testicles were working overtime to develop even more. By the time we got to the top of the stairs, my dick was harder than a rock. Rachel turned towards me, seeing my hard member and smiled, "Wow, is this really me doing this to you?" I just nodded and leaned forward placing my lips upon hers. We hungrily embraced, my one hand cupping one of her tits, her hand finding my cock and enveloping it tugging softly up and down.

Again lust was consuming the moment, but just as I was ready to move us to the floor, she pushed back. We started moving towards her bedroom, then she stopped and said, "No, let's use the guest room, it will be ours." My cock now felt as if it was going to explode from its skin, but I wanted this moment to last. Rachel lay down on the bed and I seamlessly followed right on top of her.

Our lips connected, her now hard again nipples pushing against mine, the head of my cock beginning to part her vaginal lips releasing our combined juices from the portal of heaven. My body big titted syrian girl fucked arab with big boobs hardcore to drive the vestibule of my manhood into the depths of the cavern of her womanhood, but my brain told me to take my time.

I needed to explore the virtues of this goddess. Breaking our embrace, I moved my mouth down surveying each millimeter of Rachel's skin around her neck, then each of her tits. Sucking in small mouthfuls of her soft breast skin, then her areola's, then nipples. With the entire areola in my mouth, my tongue naturally flicked at the nipple.

Her nipple responded by growing hard and extended. Rachel's hands held the back of my head, her breathing becoming more labored.

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She gently pushed my head down, breaking my contact with her breast. I gently kissed and probed her stomach, her belly button, and the rise above her pubic bone. Nibbling as I went, my tongue reached the very confluence of her vaginal lips. Rachel pushed on the back of my head, "Yes, yes, Oh my god, yes!" she blurted as I freed the knob, sucking her clit into my mouth.

Rachel's hips began to move, humping in synchronization with my mouth tugging on her extended clit using my teeth to gently clasp. Her movements became more erratic, as she pushed my head harder into her crotch, popping her clit from my mouth. My tongue naturally explored the folds of each side of her cunt lips, then found its way in her opening.

She bucked wildly at the same time she drove my tongue into her now drenched pussy. The smell, the taste, was like a drug to me, I could not get enough even though Rachel was pushing out volumes of liquid, both new and from our previous love making. I sucked in what felt like a mouthful of our combined juices and went back to her clit.

Rachel screamed, "Oh, oh, my god, I am cumming!" as she drove her hips upwards. My hands were on her breasts, rolling her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. Her body went limp, the nipples in my fingers went flaccid, and Rachel made a purring sound and gently brought my head up.

"That was the best orgasm I ever had." she cooed as my head was brought up to her breast. Within minutes Rachel was asleep. My cock was still rock hard, but it did not matter. The next morning I woke up groping for Rachel's body on the bed, but she was gone. As I cleared the sleep from my eyes, there was Lori standing at the bottom of the bed with her arms crossed starring at me.

"God it smells like stale sex in here." She said with a condescending look. Realizing that I had woke up with hard-on, I grasped for the covers, but she was quicker and pulled them off the bed. She laughed, "Guess you did not get enough last night, huh?" Looking directly at my hard cock.

"Damn, it looks like you have dried cum all over your face…is there something you should tell me? Do you go both ways?" she asked inquisitively. I instinctively rubbed my face with my hand and felt the dried substance.

I quickly rubbed it off. "No, I do not and it is none of your business" I shot back. "So you are not only my mother's fucker and from now on I will refer to you as MMF, you like eating cum out of a well used cunt…interesting". "What the fuck is it to you?" I demanded. "You are kidding? Right? Not only can I use the fact that you are my mother's fucker against you, I can use the fact that you are a cocksucker by proxy too!" She stated.

I rolled my eyes thinking, yea right. But then it dawned on me; the implications to Rachel would be astounding. Lori caught the look of resignation on my face and walked over to the side of the bed. "Do not worry, I even feel a little sorry for you and since I do owe you for last night, I will let you eat my pussy" she said as her leg came over my head and pulling up her night gown at the same time. It happened so fast; so many mixed feelings went through my head, Rachel, Lori's mom, Russell's sister,…Russell's MOM!

Lori's a bitch…ha, ha…more pussy. Only got a view of Lori's cunt for a second as she lowered it on to my face. The outer mound appeared to have swollen pink tint, the inner lips were slightly extended out, and it was all covered in a kind of glaze. Her cunt lips parted right over my nose, she smelled of combination of sweat, pussy juice, and something else.

She rocked back and forth, spreading her cunt from my chin to my forehead. "Com'n lick that cunt", she demanded. My tongue found its way out of my mouth the first swipe across her gash yielded a bitter salty taste that was immediately replaced by sweet oily texture. Apparently this started to arouse my lust as my curiosity drove my tongue deeper. Lori forced her crotch harder onto my face, still rubbing it back and forth, while my tongue tried to reach the depths of her cunt. With each movement I yoga babe asshole pounded by pervert dude on the couch feel her cunt pulsate and with each pulsation a flavor of liquid going from a salty, bitter, clumpy consistency to one of a sweet syrup.

Lori grabbed on to the headboard of the bed and now not only rocked back and forth but also humped at the same time. I had to catch my breath with the timing of her movements. "Yes, eat that cunt, cum face, eat it all" Lori exclaimed as she rode big ass madison ivy sucked a huge cock face harder and harder.

Unexpectedly, she rose up slightly, my tongue still extended as Lori slid her crotch forward. My tongue was now at the base of her cunt. "Yes, yes…keep your tongue out" she directed as my tongue slid from her cunt to her asshole. I was too horny to care and my tongue darted over the outside Lori's rosebud. Lori jumped slightly and I felt her rosebud expand and contract as my tongue explored the edges.

Instead of being disgusted by the taste, it was more of the salty, bitter flavor that I was now used to. I licked with more enthusiasm, even probing the center of the rosebud, the tip of my tongue toying with real euro nurse fucked by doctor until cum opening.

Lori shifted her weight, dropping her entire mass. "Yes, yes, eat my asshole, shit head," she demanded. Her rosebud opened and my tongue entered her canal. She grabbed my head with one of her hands while she sat fully on my face.

Her sphincter tightened around the base of my tongue as she rode up and down on it. Again, my sexy massage babe and client bath blowjob was introduced to that same salty, bitter tasting substance that somehow I looked forward to. Lori pulled her asshole off of my tongue, allowing just enough time to swallow the glob of salty substance before engulfing my face with her cunt again.

This time I found her clit and sucked it in like I had her mother last night. The same as her mother, she humped up and down with me sucking and clamping on the now extended clit. "Oh yeah, here it comes, ye…sss!" Lori grunted as she pounded her body down on my face.

Then she went limp, almost suffocating me by having her weight close off my mouth and nostrils. I had to push her off. She stood up, still on the bed, her feet on either side of me, I looked up at that swollen gash that still was pulsating and smiled at the thought of another female orgasm brought on by me.

Lori looked down, "What's with screw with hot legal age teenager wench shit eating grin, literally? You did not do this on your own and now I can officially call you a cocksucker by proxy. You just ate the cum of three guys, two out of my cunt and one out of my ass." She laughed again. All kinds of shit ran through my brain and I subconsciously was scraping my tongue with my fingers while spitting off the side of the bed.

That fucking bitch… Lori laughed hysterically, her hands on her hips looking down at me. "God, this is so funny, I can't hold it" as stream of pee came out of her crotch. The stream hit my stomach and as she laughed it started to climb towards my chest, I had just enough time to knock her leg out of the way and roll out of bed. That fucking bitch, I thought, as I ran to the bathroom.

Lori was still laughing hysterically, "The look on your face was one for the ages, fuck face." I took a long shower and brushed my teeth about sunny lone poen xxx all times, gargling each time before realizing that my clothes were down stairs. Wrapping a towel around me I went down. My clothes were not where I left them. Lori yelled from the kitchen, "your clothes are in the dryer, Mom washed them.

Come here". Lori was sitting at the kitchen table; she had apparently taken a shower also as she was cleaned up and dressed. I looked around, "where's your Mom?" "Shouldn't you be calling her Rachel by now?" Lori questioned.

"Ok, where is Rachel?" I corrected myself. "Well, MMF, you made her feel so good about herself, I would guess she went to the health club to brag to her friends about the young stud she got last night". Lori commented as she quickly reached out and grabbed my gonads from under the towel. She squeezed them so hard, I almost fell.

The door started to open and Lori released my package, Rachel walked in and seeing me just in a towel, smiled. "Sorry about that, put your clothes in the washer before I left, forgot to place them in the dryer. Lori, did you take care of him for me?

Rachel inquired. "Yea Mom, took care of him." Lori said out loud and then mouthed to me mom teaches son and daughter sex more ways than one". It was obvious that Rachel was trying to avoid any possible impropriety, but she kept looking at the towel wrapped around me. Specifically at my crotch area. Twenty minutes later, I was dressed and announced that it was time for me to head home.

Rachel asked if it would be possible to give her a lift to Sue's house as they had plans for the day. Told her, "No problem" thinking that what happened last night was a one off thing and I would relish it in my memory banks. In less than a mile from Rachel's house, we were parked under a tree in the park. Our mouths locked together, our hands inside each other's clothes.

My hand was between her legs, three fingers imbedded in her wet oozing cunt. Rachel's hands were inside my pants, squeezing and twisting my testicles. There was no stopping our surging lust, out the door of the car, just enough time to pull the blanket out of the back seat and throw it on the ground. Like last night, our clothes were off in seconds. My mouth finding Rachel's orbs, my fingers still plying into her cunt.

We embraced again, our tongues interlocking. Rachel spread her legs and my cock found the entrance of her womb. The head of my cock spread her pussy lips, her cunt almost sucking my dick in. Our hips automatically synchronized, as we slowly, methodically built a rhythm. Rachel held each of her hands to the sides of my head while we drove our kiss of passion to new heights.

Our pace quickened, but taking not a few minutes, but going ten, then twenty minutes as though both of us were savoring the moment. But, the clasping of her cunt walls against the sides of my cock began to take its toll against my attempted patience. The intensity quickened, our pelvic regions reacting to the urgency…it was coming, the train was on the way.

I grimaced in attempt to stem the flow, but the force of the pulse was too great. Rachel's body responded as she picked her hips up off the ground as my dick again went through that stuck door, blasting it's first rocket of sperm deep into Rachel's womb.

With each of our pelvic drives another string ejaculated into that accepting cavern. Our mouths never separated. As my body released the last of its offerings, I realized that Rachel had not had the same climax. I broke our embrace and worked my mouth down her body, slow tender fucking laatinaa in black and white part hands moving to her sides as she clasped the blanket with each of my nibbles.

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Crossing over her breasts, paying attention to her nipples, lightly kissing down across her belly, and reaching her gapping vagina. I dove in without any hesitation, sucking her clit, scooping her canal with my tongue. Rachel grabbed my head, pushing it hard into her groin, enveloping my cheeks with the outsides of her cunt.

Her breathing became hard, her hips jumping as I dug our mutual nectar from Rachel's sopping cunt. There was no holding back, I took in every drop, and Rachel released an unreserved orgasm. Yelling to the skies… Our bodies relaxed, my head still lying on her thigh, inches from her still pulsating pussy. Watching the juices from her cunt slowly trickling down, making their way past her visible rosebud.

I could not resist it; leaning towards her I flicked my tongue across her exposed asshole. Her body jumped, stiffened, then relaxed again. I flicked it again. This time she opened her legs wider and softly pulled my head towards her. Dancing my tongue around her asshole, Rachel began to moan, and then slowly started rocking her sphincter against my tongue. My hand moved up to her cunt and I started to rock her clit with my thumb. Rachel moaned louder, her rocking more pronounced.

I licked more aggressively, she responded in kind. My rubbing on her clit intensified, her legs spread further, giving me a straight shot at the hole in the center of her rosebud. My tongue pierced the opening. Rachel bucked into the air, screaming, "Oh my god! Oh SHIT, DAMN&hellip.Argh!" as she came with unbelievable force, her pussy excreting a flood of cum.

Instead of seconds, it took minutes for her to get composed. As we got dressed Rachel commented, "Nobody has gorgeous brunette stunner has her asshole penetrated done that to me, you have raised the bar. Someday, hopefully you can tell me where you learned how to do that." Driving over to Sue's house, Rachel kept looking at me in a way that made me nervous.

"What are you thinking?" I asked. "Do not know where to start" she replied, "I seduced a kid, that I have know since adolescence, who actually fucked me better than I have ever been fucked before. And…did things to me that were only fantasies of mine". "So" was my response. "So, I am thinking as the old cliché says, it's so wrong, but feels oh so good" Rachel almost giggled. "But, and there will be a lot of blue eyed babe dani jensen sucking sock and encounters deep fucked. First, I actually went into this with bad intentions, sort of wanted to stroke my ego and insecurities.

It was twenty years ago yesterday that Russell and Lori's Dad and I first fucked in my parents garage, now we are lucky to fuck once month" she enumerated. "Ok, so I was an ego fuck? That is ok with me, by the way" I gallantly stated. "Yea, sort of. But…I got carried away; my ego was stroked by the time we sat down for dinner last night. When we fucked on the floor, that was pure lust, pure recklessness.

As we went up the stairs, I was starting to feel guilty, almost stopped it right there." She reminisced. "But, when I turned around, the look of desire in your eyes and your already hard dick, plus you saying it was me that caused it…well, had to take advantage." She said with a smirk. "Then, what you did to me in bed, well you have to understand. Even though I have been a recipient of oral sex before, nobody has done that to me AFTER a good fucking." She hesitated again, taking a breath.

"That felt better than I had even dreamed about. Psychologically it might have been enhanced because, do to my recklessness; I had thrown caution to the wind when we vintage bareback in his undies tube porn fucked and it felt like you were cleaning me out.

You see, my husband was 'fixed' after Lori was born…so I never worried about birth control." "What? Can you still get pregnant?" I nervously queried. " Oh yes, the factory is still in production. But don't worry; I believe it would take more than what we have done, I think." Rachel answered. "Then, I woke up this morning feeling guilt pangs. But when I looked at you lying on the bed with a still hard cock…well, lust started again, had to get to the gym to work it out".

"At the gym, a couple of the girls from last night were there and started peppering me with questions about you and I. This just stoked my ego some more. But, they also made some very insightful comments." She caught her breath.

"This is a fling…pure lust." I started to protest, but she placed her finger on my lips, "hear me out." "I want to fuck you every which way including Sunday, but it has to be out of lust, anything else would not only screw up your life, but mine also. That's the way it has to be, do you understand?" She said this with conviction. "Today, I was just going to fuck you and walk away. Then you did what you did to me by taking it to a new level, one that only in my deepest fantasies existed.

So, I think that I would like to explore that." Rachel thoughtfully expressed. As we pulled up in front of Sue's house, Rachel continued, "I would also like you to help some of my friends, would you do that for me?" "Help them in what way?" I asked.

"The same way you have started to help me, explore our fantasies". She said with apprehension. "Is this the way it has to be for us to continue?" I asked with almost a begging tone. "Yes, you please my friends and I will try and please you" as she leaned over and gave me sensitive kiss.

"Can you come back here tomorrow and pick me up around noon?" Hardcore nude fucking in sex stories said with a wink. "Absolutely!" My mind already racing with lust. "One more thing, I think you should try and get Lori on a date, if I can hook you two up there will be an added reason to keep you around" Rachel offered as she exited the car.

I drove away thinking, you have to be kidding me…no way the bitch would fly with this one.