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Mia khalifa xtra 15 2019
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Taken (Chapter Two): Morgan Dasha sat curled up in a ball on the cold cement floor of Karl's basement. She had no idea how long she'd been there, 2, 3, maybe 4 weeks. Every day Karl came downstairs and showered her with cold water from a hose. He brushed her hair and made her stand on a scale (she was down to 95lbs). Then he gave her a half a cup of oatmeal. She was so starved that she didn't even notice how terrible it tasted.

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And then, he would make her take a pregnancy test. Each day when it came up negative, he would chain her to the ceiling and pump at least 3 loads of cum into her and then leave her there for hours.

Today though, it came up positive. Karl grinned, and told her he had a gift for her. He went upstairs and returned with a piece of chocolate cake, but she felt so sick that she couldn't even enjoy it. That night when she curled up to sleep, naked on the floor, she dreamed about Viktor. She dreamed that she somehow escaped and made her way back to him only to have him look at her with disgust, calling her a filthy whore and telling her he would never take her back.

She woke up crying. The next day Karl was late coming down to give her breakfast. Then she heard noises upstairs, like the sounds of a struggle. She heard a girl's muffled screaming and Karl growling angrily. Then the basement door one guy fucks two girls big butt mature and Karl came down carrying a girl over his shoulder. He tossed her down to the floor and chained her to the wall next to Dasha.

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She was wearing a private school uniform, navy skirt and collared shirt, which Karl ripped off of her. "Welcome to our family, Morgan," he whispered to the girl, licking his lips.

"I want you to meet Dasha." Morgan looked over at Dasha, with a petrified expression. Morgan was a tiny Asian girl, about 5 feet tall, and no more than 90lbs. She looked about fourteen, probably a freshman in high school.

Dasha smiled weakly at Morgan who was still whimpering. Karl picked Morgan up off the floor and started chaining her to the ceiling.

"Hopefully you won't take as long to get pregnant as Dasha did," he chuckled. Morgan's eyes widened and she cried out into the gag Karl had just put into her mouth.

Karl slapped her. "I told you no noise, understand?" Morgan nodded. Dasha watched helplessly as Karl plunged his unlubricated dick into Morgan's little vagina.

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Morgan's whole body shook violently as he slammed into her over and over, spilling his seed again and again. Finally he stopped, and Dasha could see cum spilling out of Morgan, dripping down her stomach. Karl walked over to Dash, pulling her up off the floor. "Now that you're pregnant, Dasha, we'll have to do something new." Dasha silently allowed herself to be led to the table, where Karl made her lay down on her stomach. He took her ankles and wrists and tied them together and then attached them to a hook and hoisted her up in the air.

He put his hands on her hips and guided his cock towards her ass. Without warning, her shoved himself inside. Dasha shut her eyes tight and clenched her fists as Karl pounded her from behind. She'd been so hopeful that being pregnant would mean a reprieve from Karl's torture, but beautiful blonde and her girlfriend have fun was only getting worse. What would he do to her once her belly began to get big? Finally it was over.

Karl rechained Dasha to the wall and then let Morgan down from her dangling position and chained her next to Dasha. When he went upstairs, Morgan immediately turned to Dasha. "How long have you been here?" she asked. When Dasha tried to reply, her voice came out in a harsh, painful whisper. She hadn't spoken a work since Karl had kidnapped her.

"About a month I think," she choked out. "Have you tried to escape?" Morgan asked. Dasha nodded. "There's no way." Morgan stared at the floor, tears welling up in her eyes. "Okay, well then tell me about yourself." Dasha sighed. "My name is Dasha, I'm sixteen. I was a nationally ranked figure skater. I was supposed to compete in junior states to qualify for the Olympics. Karl worked the zamboni at my rink.

He'd been watching me for months, planning this." "Oh," Morgan said. "What about you?" Dasha asked her. "Nothing special about me.

I'm fourteen, just started high school. I was riding my bike to school when Karl came up and grabbed me. And now I'm here." She bit her lip, tears spilling from her eyes. "Okay, keep talking, I don't want to think about this. Do you have any siblings? Boyfriend? Anything." "A little sister, Maria. She's in first grade. And I had a boyfriend, Viktor.

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He was a figure skater too, until he tore his ACL. He's a senior in high school. Going to Brown next year," it struck Dasha that she would probably never go to college. Unless someone figured out who had taken her, she'd be here forever. And now she had a child on the way… even if she was found, things would be really different than they were before.

"I have a brother," Morgan said. "His name is Chaz, he's in college now. We were both adopted from China, so we're not actually siblings. shit, it's not like you want to hear about it right?

Ugh I just don't know what to do. I feel like if I stop talking I'll just die or something." "I know," Dasha said quietly. "Don't worry, we'll make it through this." Suddenly Karl's footsteps were coming down the stairs.

"Too much talking down here," he snarled, reaching for the gags. Morgan glared angrily, while Dasha just gave a look of resignation as he gagged them both. "That's better," Karl said and went back upstairs. Morgan sobbed silently, shivering and trembling.

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Dasha scooted across the floor to sit closer to her, pulling the smaller girl onto her lap and hugging her. Morgan curled up against her and slowly her sobbing stopped and her breathing evened as she fell asleep.