Hd teaching companions daughter first time worlds greatest stepbosss daughter

Hd teaching companions daughter first time worlds greatest stepbosss daughter
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Part 1 The sky was illuminated by the harvest moon, the taste of salt runs along her thighs as I licked and lapped at her wet folds thrusting my fingers into her silken sheath as she screamed I stroked her relentlessly bringing her to the brink, her screams were soon gagged by the thick cock of her son who jammed into his mother's mouth balls deep.

I lubed up her ass and roughly thrusted into her deepest core mercilessly taking her to the tightest depths. her ass loosened as her son and I ravaged her, matching each other's thrusts pushing into her throat her son felt the growl of pleasure as his mother's tongue traced the shaft of his cock.

Her tight hole gripped my dick as I rhythmically fucked her ass twirling it around and round to loosen her up for my dick, pulling out I switched with her son for a sloppy blowjob from his cock hungry whore of a mother, she cleaned my cock of the frothy santorum that made the bitch even more desperate to suck me off. She screamed against me as her son shot his load deep within her ass that made her purr, the vibration sending me off like a rocket, jamming even further down her throat, my cock choking her to the limit.

Jerking away I reached over for her perfect breasts placing metal clamps on her rosy nipples, tugging on her hair as I grabbed the bull whip and laid it against her ass as her son fitted her with an oral bither tongue licked his fingers as her eyes mom fuck comrade playmate xxx lust in translation her pleasure.

Deciding to stretch her out we strung her upheaving her in mid-air in full view to our hungry gaze. Kneeling down her son inserted a metal rod into her sweet ass while I used a cane to tease the flesh of her back while her son pushed the rod deeper and deeper causing her rip out a noiseless scream, pulling over a cart of toys I traced her gaze to let her pick her next pleasure; a thick set of anal beads with a vibrating ring.

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Her son pulled out the rod and pushed the beads in until her ass gobbled up the last bead, deciding on a little double penetration I rammed the rod back in to tangle with the beads as her son pulled at the nipple clamps tugging them as far as they could go before his fingers slipped down to play with her dripping folds deciding to taste the forbidden from which he came out of he speared his tongue into her as I worked her over with the rod and beads.

Taking them out before plunging into her loose ass with my aching cock feeling her son do the same to the other hole with a rapid motion we quickly fell into sync, taking her roughly we rammed into her office playgirl willing for shagging pornstar and hardcore our own pleasure as well as a pleasure filled pain for her.

She cried in sweet pain as her holes dripping with sweat took us both deep. Biting teen sex koylu kadin siki on her neck her son cried out in pleasure as he roughly jerked jerked in her pussy filling her with cum as her ass milked my cock.

Slowly I felt her deepest parts beg for me to fill them, coming deep within her I pulled out and watched the cum ooze out of her. Cleaning off watched as son made a final plunge into her mouth before cumming on her face in a draining pull. I pulled out my phone catching the final moments of her sweaty shame on film to catalog my first time with my best friend's wife who just became my dirty SLAVE.

Part 2 Looking over he sees his neighbor leave, time to go. He walks in slow strides full of confidence towards his neighbor's house, time for the next game. He saw her open the door before he reached it, waiting for him like a good little slave.

With a seductive smile she guided him into the house, pulling mujra sex aaa zzz mmm into the very room where her husband sleeps.

Slamming the door she lifted her skirt to show him her bare flesh dripping down her thighs onto the floor, spreading her folds showing him everything. He licked his lips, hungry for his next fuck, he grabbed her with force and pushed her down roughly pulling his pants down he didn't hesitate when he rammed his cock into her pussy, her moan of pleasure exploded as he rammed into her again and again. She came around he as he thrusted deep within her, he smacks her ass and pulls her hair as he shoots his load into her filling her as he pushes pas her limit.

With a jab at her G-spot, she cums again, pulling out he jams himself into her mouth gagging her as he forces her head down on his cock, thrusting deep into her throat he slams his palms on the sides of her head as he blows his load forcing her to swallow every last drop. She smiles up at him with naughty eyes that were still full of hunger, they were just getting started.

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She put her legs behind her head as she licks him causing him to harden, pushing him he pulled out before slapping his cock across her cheek beating her with his dick as he pinches her nipples hard, making her gasp in sweet pain as her pussy began dripping unto her marriage bed.

She started to whimper as he slowly thrust into her slick pussy, she gasped happily as her hands gripped the sheets. Her thighs rippling as she followed his thrust guiding him deeper into her. He was making her wild as his thrusts slowly picked up speed she bit into her lips to stop from screaming out as he started ramming himself into her pussy. Jabbing her deepest parts with his cock as she came apart under him she screamed out his name in between sobs of pleasure, phasing out the world.

Turning he hears the sound of a garage door opening and a car's engine dying, excusing himself under the guise of cleaning up he decides to start the next stage of his game.