Black doll sucks white cock through the gloryhole big dick blowjob

Black doll sucks white cock through the gloryhole big dick blowjob
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Rachel Fucking in the Lesbian Threesome On New Year's Eve, Erica and I went to a New Year's party at a local restaurant. As we arrived at the party, a young hot blonde waitress caught my eye. As we sat down with some friends, the hot waitress walked over introducing herself as Amber.

My God! This waitress is making me wet! I wonder if Erica is as wet as I am, I thought to myself. After ordering our food, Erica whispered to me, "my pussy is soaked, our waitress is extremely hot." "I know I'm wet too, should we make a move on her?" I asked.

"Hell Yeah!" she replied, making me let out an evil smile and laugh. As Amber brought us our food, I 'dropped' my cell phone onto the ground, making her bend over and pick it up.

I could see her pink panties under her skirt. When Amber walked away, I said to Erica "pink," and smiled. "Damn, I guessed white," she said smiling as she handed me twenty dollars. After eating, we joined our friends at the much larger party outside a block away. We were waiting for midnight, which was less teen has surprise for you attempted thieft twenty minutes away.

After leaving the restaurant, Erica and I couldn't stop thinking about Amber and her nice ass, long sexy legs, amazing breasts, long blonde hair, and a voice that could make us cum from reading a phone book. As midnight came closer by the second, we couldn't figure out how to get Amber to come home with us.

Erica and I returned to our car to get better jackets because it was getting really cold out. In the parking lot we could hear a car with a dead battery try to start.

Walking back to the party, we came across our waitress, Amber, having car problems. "Hey, having car troubles?" I asked as we walked up to her. "Yeah, my shitty car won't start because my shitty boyfriend always keeps it running when he goes to the illegal side shows in Oakland!" she replied angrily.

"We can give you a ride. We just need to make a quick stop at home to drop something off, but we can take you anywhere you need to karlee gray xxx sexy story Erica offered.

"Really? I don't even know you," she said. "I'm Rachel, and this is my girlfriend Erica. Would you rather take the crowded bus?" I asked. "Well," Amber tried to answer, but was interrupted by Erica. "Look! You're wearing a short skirt and short sleeves. You must be freezing. Let us take you home," Erica said firmly. "Ok, I guess," Amber said nervously. The three of us walked back to my car, Erica sat in the back seat, and let Amber sit next to me up front.

While driving, Amber asked, "So, you two are lesbians?" "No, we're bi-sexual," I replied. "Have you ever been with a girl?" Erica asked. "No, never. It's never crossed my mind," Amber said. "It's different than fucking a guy," Erica said.

"I've fucked four women, it's a lot of fun," I said. "Oh. Well, I've never had an interest in women. I haven't even kissed a girl," Amber said nervously. "Well, tell us about your boyfriend," I said, trying to calm her down. "He's shitty, he's unemployed, with an expensive hobby modifying my car, taking it to Oakland, doing illegal drag racing, and illegal car side shows.

Every time he gets busted I have to bail him out," she said frustrated. "I'm so sorry. If you don't mind me asking, why do you stay with him?" I asked.

"I don't know. I guess I just don't have the guts to leave him. We've been together since we were 15," she said in a sad voice. A minute later, we pulled into our driveway. "Ok, we're home," I say as I parked the car. "Want to come inside for some coffee or something?" I asked. "I don't like coffee, but I'll come inside," she replied. Perfect, she's letting down her defenses! I thought to myself as Amber and I sat on the edge couch in the living room.

A minute later, Erica came into the living room with some beers. "Five minutes till 2015!" she said, excited. "Lets watch some TV," I said, reaching for the remote and turning on the TV. "Where's your boyfriend, Amber?" Erica asked. "I don't know. Probably jail, at a friends house getting high off his ass, who cares?" she replied. "Aww, I'm sorry!" I said, giving Amber a peck on the cheek and giving her a hug. "I know how you feel, Amber.

My ex-boyfriend is a dick, too, that's why I moved out.

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He still lives next door alone, broke, he's been drunk since I left," Erica said, giving Amber a hug. Amber sat back into the couch and let out a deep sigh.

Erica and I are still sitting on the edge of the couch. I wonder what Amber's thinking right now, I thought to myself. "You know what? I already feel that I have been friends with you two for a lifetime. Even though, I know very little about you," Amber said as she moved back to the edge of the couch. "But, you girls are really nice. I guess hanging out with you is better than being at home alone.

Thank you," Amber continued, putting her arms around Erica and myself. "No, thank you!" Erica and I said as we put our arms around her and smiled. Just then, Amber got a phone call. As she took her phone out of her pocket, I could see the name 'James' on the caller ID, with a picture of Amber hugging a guy. "Hello, James," she said, answering the phone. "Baby, I need you to come to the police station and come bail me out. I'm getting arrested," the voice said. Amber's phone was loud enough that you could hear it standing next to a roaring jet engine.

Erica and I could hear every word he said. "No! Not this time. You have got to find somebody else to keep bailing you out every time you get in trouble. I'm not doing it anymore. I'm having a good time at a friend's house with some friends and you're not going to ruin my night. I've kept you out of trouble since we were 15, I got you out of jail more times I care to count. So often that the bail bond companies know me by name. No more! Call somebody else, I'm done!" Amber said angrily as she hung up the phone.

"Damn. That felt, great!" Amber said with a huge smile on her face. "Was that your boyfriend?" Erica asked curiously. "Not anymore. I've had it! We're no more!" she said. "I'm sorry," I said as I gave Amber another hug. "Don't be. My New Year's resolution for 2015 is not to date any assholes," she said smiling. "Maybe you should date a girl," Erica said in a seductive voice. Amber looked at Erica. "But I've never done anything like that," she said. I put my hand on Amber's shoulder. "Trust me, if you did, you'll like it," I said.

Amber turned towards me. I could almost feel her heart beating a thousand times a second in her chest. "Trust me," I whispered as I leaned in and gave her a kiss. After breaking the short but passionate kiss, Amber looked at me and whispered, "Wow.

That felt a lot better than James kissing me." Amber then kissed me again. While Amber and I were kissing, Erica put her hand on Amber's shoulder. Amber broke the kiss with me and gave Erica a kiss. "What do you think, Amber?" I asked Amber broke the kiss. "Wow, I don't know why I was so nervous before. This is nothing," she said smiling. "That's right, this is nothing. We're just getting started, come follow me," I said, taking Amber's hand and leading her to our bedroom with Erica in close pursuit Once in the bedroom, I pushed Amber onto the bed and I jumped onto her.

Amber then put her hands around my waist and gave me a kiss. I took off Amber's shirt, revealing her wonderful breasts hidden behind her bra. Amber then took off my shirt and my breasts bounced right in front of her face. "No bra? You're adventurous," she said, excited. "I never wear a bra," I said as pulled Amber's face to my breasts making her suck on my nipples. Erica took off her shirt, sat behind Amber and unhooked and took off her bra. Just then, Amber pulled away from my breasts, reached behind her and pulled Erica's lips to hers and gave her a powerful passionate kiss.

As they kissed I removed Amber's skirt and revealed her pink panties, wet shaved and amateur kiley jay sells cookie to jmac and gets fucked pornstars teen her pussy juices. "You don't need these anymore," I said as I pulled off her panties. "Oh my god! Please be gentle," she said as I did a long passionate lick on her pussy.

"Yummy! You taste good," I said as I started to eat her faster making her moan. Amber surprised me when she suddenly grabbed the back of my head and pushed me deeper into her tasty pussy. Erica was playing with Amber's wonderful breasts as they made out.

Suddenly Amber broke the kiss with Erica and screamed out, "Rachel! You're making me cum! Oh yeah! I'm cumming!" Amber moaned loudly as she unleashed a powerful orgasm covering my face in her cum and pussy juices. "That was your first orgasm of 2015, Amber. Happy New Years!" Erica said, looking at the bedside clock which read 12:01am. "Wow! That was amazing! I've never had horny bff bigtits babe bailey and icy shares bf bigcock big butt lesbian orgasm that powerful before.

That was just amazing," Amber said exhausted. I gave Erica a taste of Amber's pussy as I gave her a powerful passionate kiss.

"Wow! Amber, you taste good!" Erica said, giving her a kiss. "Rachel this was amazing, how can I repay you?" Amber asked seductively. "I thought you raw swinger casting desperate amateurs compilation hard sex money first time naughty mom wife cash r never ask," I said as I stood up, and took off my pants.

"Holy shit! You don't wear panties either?" Amber asked, surprised. "Nope!" I said with a big grin as I lay down on the bed. "Eat me!" I continued as I grabbed the back of Amber's head and pulled it to my pussy.

"Oh, uh, well, I've never done this before," she said nervously as she did a lightning fast kiss on my pussy. "Stick out your tongue, and lick," I said. Amber did one quick lick making my body shake with passion. "Like that?" she asked, nervously. "Perfect! Just like that! Keep going till I cum." I said, as Fiery sexy snatch delights pornstar and hardcore stands up and strips off her pants, and grabs my 3-D printed dildo from the drawer in the bedside table.

As Amber starts to eat me out, Erica sucked on the 3-D dildo and put it in Amber's pussy making her jump in surprise. "Oh my god!" Amber screamed out surprised. I pulled Amber's face back to my pussy and she continued to eat it. A moment later Amber unleashes a second powerful orgasm followed shortly by a third, then a fourth, as I came with her covering Amber's face in my cum and pussy juices.

"Wow! That really tastes good!" She said excited. I crawled over both Amber and Erica and took out a vibrating dildo out of the bedside table drawer. "Here, use this on Erica," I said, handing it to Amber. "But what are you going to use?" Amber asked. Holy fucking shit! We really converted Amber into liking women. I thought to myself. "I'll be using this," I replied as I slid out a box from under the bed and took out my strap-on. "Oh my, that's bigger than James.

Actually, that's bigger than any cock I've ever had. I don't think that it'll fit in my tight pussy." She said a nervously. "No need to be nervous," I said as I shove my plastic cock into her mouth. "Suck that cock, make it wet. I'm going to fuck you until you can't stop cumming," I continued forcing Amber to suck my plastic cock faster, making her moan. As forced Amber to suck my plastic cock, Erica started to eat Amber's pussy again making her cum two more times in just a few seconds.

Erica plays with Amber's breasts and starts to kiss, lick and gently bite Amber's back making her moan and groan. "Turn around and please Eric, while I fuck your pussy until you can't stop cumming!" She turned around and started to lick and put the vibrating dildo in Erica's pussy on high speed, as I put my plastic cock into her tight pussy making her moan loudly.

"Oh my god!" Amber yelled out. "Relax, everything will be fine, just eat my pussy" Erica said, pulling Amber's face back to her pussy.

I slowly started to fuck Amber's tight pussy, letting her get used to the plastic cock. After a few moments, Amber made Erica cum in a powerful orgasm, followed by a second, and a third.

I then started to fuck Amber's pussy a little harder making her moan louder. Erica slid underneath Amber and started to make out with her to keep her quiet. Seconds later I made Amber cum for the seventh time tonight. "Oh my god, I've lost count how many orgasms I've had tonight.

Thank you for this!" Amber said exhausted. "You've had a few," I said, sarcastically as I pulled out my plastic cock to let Erica suck it and clean it off of Amber's cum and juices. Wow! We've made Amber cum seven times in five minutes! I thought to myself, laying back looking at the clock.' Which read 12:05 am. "This is the best sex I have ever had! Thank you Erica, and thank you Rachel!" Amber said as she laid back in between Erica and I.

"I need a break, I'm completely out of energy" she said exhausted. After a half hour of small chat, I rolled Amber over and said, "Get ready, I'm going to make you cum again," and I put my plastic cock back in her tight pussy.

Once again making her let out a loud moan. Erica then slid in front of Amber so that Amber can lick her pussy as she gets fucked. A minute later I make Amber cum again. Eight, I thought to myself, keeping count as I keep fucking.

Seconds later Amber yelled out "Oh my god, another one! Fuck this feel so fucking good! I'm cumming again! Yes!" and Amber unleashed orgasm number nine, followed shortly by number ten. "You just had ten orgasms tonight baby!" I said "I know!

This is a record for me," Amber replied. "Anal?" Erica whispered as quietly as she possibly could. I nodded with a devilish smile as I reached for the anal gel, and put some on my plastic cock.

"Amber?" I asked. "Yes Rachel?" she replied "Have you ever done anal sex with James?" I asked as I applied some anal gel to her asshole. "No! Never! I don't do anal!" she said loudly. "Well, you never did women before, and look at you now. I just want you to relax." I said in a calming voice as I put the head of my plastic cock in her asshole. "No wait! I don't do anal!" Amber said worried. "Relax!" Erica said as she starts to kiss Amber.

I slowly inserted my plastic cock inside Amber's asshole, making her scream out, "Oh my god! That hurts!" Erica pulled Amber's mouth back to her and continued to kiss her, at the same time she started to rub Amber's pussy.

After a moment, letting Amber get used to my plastic cock in her ass, I start to fuck her faster, making her moan a little louder.

"It still hurts, but I'm starting to get used to it," she said. I continued to fuck her, her moaning was getting more intense, I knew that she had another orgasm building, so I started to fuck her faster, making her yell out "I'm cumming again!

Oh my god! You're making me cum again! Oh baby!" as she unleashes a massive orgasm.

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Amber's cum flowed out of her pussy like a sink that was turned on covering Erica's legs in her cum and pussy juices. That was orgasm number eleven, I thought as I started to fuck her even faster. "Oh! Oh my god! Yes! Make me cum again! I want to cum over and over again!" Amber said begging for more. Holy shit! She's horny as fuck! I thought, as I continued to fuck her asshole hard. "Are you going to be able to walk after tonight?" Erica asked.

"I sure hope not, I haven't been fucked this good, in years!" Amber said exhausted. Seconds later I made Amber cum in her twelfth orgasm sunny leon new 2019 xxx sase the night, followed shortly by her thirteenth. Amber then pushed me away from her asshole saying "Baby, as much as I love it, my ass needs a rest.

"Ok, I could use a rest too." I said. "So Amber, How do you like your first lesbian experience?" Erica asked curiously. "Oh my god! I love it! I never thought I would ever do something like this but, I really do love it!" Amber said excited. "Good," Erica said as she smiled.

I took off the strap-on and dropped it on the floor. Just then, Amber crawled between my legs and started to lick my pussy.

Once again, Amber's tongue on my pussy made my body shake with passion. A minute later, Amber makes me cum in a powerful orgasm. "Now, I'm going to make you cum over and over again!" Amber said as she is handed my newest vibrating dildo.

She turned it on high speed and shoved it into my pussy almost instantly making me cum again. Erica maneuvered behind me so she's sitting up against the headboard and started kissing me and playing with my breasts. Together they make me cum three more times in a just three minutes.

After my fifth orgasm the three of us are exhausted and are in need of another rest. The three laid back and soon Erica had drifted asleep, Amber took a look at her phone and saw the following text message: 'Amber, What the fuck? Why the fuck did you not bail me out?

I had to call my broke brother and have him bail me out! I thought I could count on you!' She started to text back with me reading over her shoulder: 'You're a loser, and will always be a loser!

You're always getting high and getting arrested. You're probably fucking other girls since you hardly fuck me, and when you do you're not that good. We're done! I want your stuff out of my house in 24 hours! I don't care where you live, as long as it's not with me!' A minute later she got a text back: 'Fuck You!

I fucked you all the time! And what do you mean I'm not that good?!' Amber replied by texting: 'The two girls I'm with right now just made me have the best 13 orgasms of my life, in less than an hour! You never did that! Get your stuff out of my house within 24 hours or it's going to the city dump!' Amber then turned off her phone and snuggled together and soon drifted asleep.

In the morning, I woke up to find Erica still asleep, All of my toys next to the bathroom sink drying after being cleaned, and Amber cooking breakfast in the kitchen in just her low cut T-shirt. I snuck up behind her and started to play with her breasts as I kissed her neck.

"Last night was," Amber paused. "Amazing?" I asked. "No, more than amazing. I just can't find the word for it," She replied.

"I love you two," she continued in a relaxed voice.

"Awww. We love you too." I replied, giving her a passionate loving kiss. Just then Erica came to the kitchen and said, "Wow! Last night was amazing!" giving Amber and I a powerful kiss.

"Yes it was baby," I said. After eating breakfast, we got a pair of jumping cables from the garage, and dropped Amber off at her car, and gave it a jump to allow her to get home so she can kick out her good for nothing ex-boyfriend and get ready for her second job across town.

When Erica and I got home, we noticed Amber's pink panties thrown in our fireplace. That was the best New Year's Eve, I have ever had in my entire life.

Amber and I are still very close friends with some benefits. But for now, Erica is my one and only love that would be living with me full time…