Passion hd sexy massage for darcie belle

Passion hd sexy massage for darcie belle
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"Please Master allow my pussy to rest," After we got to his house, Master Ivan prepared me a room in his basement, He told me it's mine to live in. One of the walls had shackles attached it to. And there were fake penises of all sizes and colors. But the weirdest of all was her bed, it seems it had wrists and feet bands, as if it was used for restraint. In front of the bed was a huge machine, with a stick attached to it, What was she to expect in here?

She can't go back to her parents and allow him to send the pictures to dad's email … ever! Today we start your training Amy. U will cum so often that you won't be able to live without a cock inside of your pussy. She always thought she will be a virgin until she marries her prince charming. Around the house you will never be dressed. He starts undressing the innocent, shy, humiliated young girl.

Powerless against such a giant she let him do as he wished. He undressed her completely, put a dog's collar around her neck, and started to finger her pussy making her all hot and wet.

I will pop that cherry of yours now. Even before she could react, he had shoved his huge penis in her pussy swiping her off the floor, breaking her hymen in one blow. It hurts, It hurts, she started crying, traumatized by the experience. Blood was all over her thighs, she must be cut badly. Laughing, Master Ivan starts to have quicker movements in and out of her once virgin pussy, bringing pleasure out of this pain, yet she couldn't reach an orgasm, as his breathing became heavier.

He suddenly took his bloody cock out of pickedup euro youngster rides cock in the car pussy, forced her on her knees, and shoved it into her throat releasing his warm jizz. Now clean the blood off my cock with your tongue, he spat on her face enjoying the sight of his innocent property licking her own blood. Once he had her cleaned up, it was time to go to bed. He asked her to lay on her bed, and then attached her arms and legs to the sides of it.

To her horror he brought some sort of plug that he kept steady in her ass. As for her newly open, now sore, pussy, he installed the huge machine in front of it, attached a penis -he said it was called a dildo- to it and turned it on.

She was getting fucked up her pussy with a machine, and couldn't even move to stop this.

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Get used to it Cunt, you will have to fall asleep with these in you every night from now, announced Master Ivan, as he turned of the lights off, leaving little Amy moaning from the dildo in her pussy. Sweet dreams baby! She enjoyed the first 15 minutes, had such a pleasurable orgasm thanks to this machine, but now all she extreme hardcore girl compilation twisted and taken for is this machine to stop.

She kept Cumming and Cumming until she lost all conscience. She woke up every hour that night from more and more intense orgasms. When Master came in the morning he told her he loved her and kissed her passionately. She told him how much it was hard to go through last night's experience again, and that she kept waking up every hour. He made her stand up - which was very hard- gave her breakfast, and told her to sleep in his bedroom for the moment. By the time she woke up again, it was dark, and Master Ivan was waiting in her room with ideas to make his plans work this time.

Tonight I will make sure u will enjoy every moment of your pussy training, he said as he showed her some white powder he had laid in lines on the table. He explained to her those were vitamins she needed to snort from her nose to make her stronger and be able to take the machine all night.

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Although she would have preferred not to do the machine at all she laid down on her bed again, all coked up, and let him set the plug and the machine inside her pussy and ass. As a matter of fact, Master Ivan gave her coke for 48 hours during which she never slept or ate, just kept getting machine fucked and having continuous orgasms as she screamed of horror and pleasure.

A month had passed since, Amy doesn't need to be restrained anymore, she would just lay there coked up for hours having her pussy fucked by dildos that seemed to get bigger each day. Days when master Ivan wouldn't give her coke, she would beg for it, and any time she snorts it she needs to get fucked because her body got the association between coke and orgasms. This girl was ready for step two.

*** Little Girl, tomorrow we are going to visit some friends of mine who would love to meet you. And guess what I will give you 200 dollars for meeting them.

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Amy was so happy, Master Ivan is keeping his promise, he told her she will make money and be successful once her training is over. Ivan was happy too, he was making 20'000 Dollars off this girl, and will get to watch her get fucked by 26 strangers at tomorrow's party. Thank you master, I love you!

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