Cute attractive cutie fondles herself hardcore blowjob

Cute attractive cutie fondles herself hardcore blowjob
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"For the next few days," Margaret told me, "I think it best for my car to be parked here at Faculty House overnight instead of at your house. Marcia has agreed to drive both of us to your house tranny sucking a hard cock and getting fucked you and I can discuss moving forward with my ideas respecting the transition to co-educational classes with your whole family." I nodded my assent and both of us climbed into the SUV.

Marcia just giggled. When Headmistress Margaret, Marcia and I got to our house, we found Francine and Brenda sitting on the living room sofa. Francine patted the cushion between the two of them for me to sit down. Marcia chose an upholstered chair in one corner. As I squeezed my hips in between Francine and Brenda, Margaret spoke up again. "I want to thank all three of you for sharing Darrell with me," she began.

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"Making out with him and fucking him in my office was an enlightening and very pleasurable experience. However, before we can move forward with our plans for helping certain faculty members make arrangements for better co-educational experiences for out high school students, I feel I need to get the same sort of first hand experience for myself with three other things I have heard some of our senior year girls gossiping about in the hallways as they pass from class to class." Francine responded, "Margaret, I'm sure the four of us can help you.

What three things do you want to experience?" "OK," Margaret replied. "I think learning by the 'see one, do one, teach one' method we used to vintage bareback in his undies tube porn when I was a youngster in nursing school is best for me.

So, tonight I want to 'see one' and 'do one.' The three things I spoke of which I overheard some girls mention are 'blow jobs,' then 'pussy eating,' and finally 'doggy style.'" "Well, then," Brenda chimed in.

"Darrell and I can show you a blow job. Then you and he can do one" Francine followed with "Very nice, Darrell and I can show you pussy eating, and then you and he can do that." Marcia giggled out loud. "I guess I get to be the grand finale, and use Darrell to show you fucking doggy style. They we will all watch him fuck you that way." Margaret seemed more than a little pleased by this spirit of cooperation.

Francine issued the invitation for us to get serious about these plans. "Let's all go into the big bedroom in back and undress," she offered. "I have set three chairs in there so everyone not participating at any particular time will have a very good view." The five of us walked down the hall to find the master bedroom door open and the bed turned down, with three armless, straight backed dining room chairs spaced evenly in a semicircle a few feet from the foot of the bed.

We all undressed in the dim light of a single bedside lamp.

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Brenda's alabaster skin shown brightest of all of us in the low light. I looked at her and saw her eyes sparkling, and her perky nipples already standing out from her ample bosom. My wife Francine sat on a chair on one end of the semicircle, her naturally hair glistening on her head and her crotch in the lamplight. Marcia sat on the other end, her beautiful young body fully exposed to my view.

Margaret sat in the chair between them smiling broadly and waiting intently for the show with Brenda and me to get started on the bed. My cock was already completely erect by the time I sat on the edge of the mattress and Brenda knelt at my feet.

As I spread my knees apart, Brenda spit on both her palms and began stroking my shaft. Her nipples began to get pinker and harder as she pressed her milky white breasts against my hard on and began stroking it between them.

She cupped one hand underneath my ball sac and put her mouth over the head of my cock and began sucking it, opening her mouth from time to time so Margaret could see her licking my slit. Margaret gasped audibly as Brenda leaned into the action and took the entire length of my cock down her throat. When she felt my balls tighten in her hand, she leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide so Margaret could see my semen spurting over her tongue and down her throat.

When I finished ejaculating Brenda turned her face toward Margaret, stuck out her cum covered tongue, then swallowed my whole load. "Wow," Margaret exclaimed. "Is that what you put inside of me in my office?" "Yes," I explained, just as much or even more than that." Brenda stood up.

"Margaret, are you ready to give Darrell a blow job now?" Margaret replied, "Oh, yes. I'm prepared to do my very best." Margaret walked over to the bed, and Slim girl takes care of a dick took her seat in a chair.

Margaret leaned down and kissed me with her mouth wide open, and gave me lots of tongue. "I believe I'm really going to enjoy this, Darrell," she said.

She held my slowly softening cock in one hand and put the head of it onto her mouth, sucking vigorously. As I began getting harder, madison phoenix in wild ride for tattooed busty beauty started stroking her hand along the shaft, while she continued sucking. When my full length was wet with her spit, she started pressing my shaft against her chest, pressing her breasts around it with both hands.

Brenda spoke up. "Fuck her tits, Darrell, fuck them hard," she said. I leaned my weight against Margaret's chest, stroking my cock faster and faster between her breasts. She struggled to keep the head of it inside her mouth. Then I heard her gag a little bit as I began ejaculating. Her cheeks filled with my spunk, but she was determined not to spill any of it. When I finished, she turned towards the other women opened her mouth to show them it really was filled with semen, and then gulped it down in three swallows.

"Tastes sweet and salty," she remarked. "Thank you, Darrell, for cumming in my mouth." My wife Francine stood up from her chair, and offered it to Margaret. As Margaret sat down to watch, Francine lay on her back on the bed, knees spread wide so Margaret could clearly see her labia. With two finger of her right hand, she spread them apart, exposing her clit and the entrance to her cunt.

"Eat me old maharashtra marathi aai fucked little boy free sex story watch for Margaret, lover," she proposed. "Eat my pussy for her to see." I wanted to start more delicately than was usual for Francine and me, so I began by licking behind the crook of each of her knees, then working my way up along one, thigh, then the other, toward her crotch. Margaret was watching us single-mindedly as I put my face between Francine's legs and began lustily licking at her clit.

I could feel her juices beginning to flow across my tongue as she pressed her pubic bone against my mouth and responded joyfully to my ministrations.

As she began to shake her head from side to side, I reached both hands up and began squeezing her breasts and rolling her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I pushed my tongue deeper inside her cunt, running my upper front teeth across her clit as I licked inside her. When I felt her back arch, I flicked my tongue back and forth across her swelling clit as fast as I could.

Francine's orgasm rose quickly to a climax, and she called out, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" more vocally than was usual for her. The outburst must have given Margaret a start. "Oh, my," I heard her whisper. In a minute or two Francine's breathing slowed to a more normal pace. She slid to the edge of the mattress and stood, taking a shallow bow, then a curtsey, to the applause of the three other women.

Francine turned toward Margaret. "Your turn," she announced. Margaret stood and walked over to the bed as Francine took her place in the semicircle of chairs. Margaret lay on her back on the bed, feet flat on the mattress and knees wide apart.

Her pussy was in view for all of us to see. "Come on, Darrell," Margaret invited me, "show me what it feels like to get my cunt eaten out." Margaret spread her pussy lips with both hands, and I could clearly see that her clitoris was already becoming engorged. I pressed my tongue lightly against it, beginning to lick slowly up and down, then side to side. Margaret drew in a deep breath at the newness of the sensation.

This was her first time ever in her 55 years of life having a mouth on her genitalia. After half a minute of licking, her juices began flowing sweetly across my tongue, adding to the wetness of my saliva. In another minute Margaret grasped me by the back of my head, panting heavily as she ground her hips against my jaw. At that point I inserted two fingers into her cunt and gently rubbed her G spot with my fingertips.

She cried out with pleasure at this second new sensation. I reached my other hand up to her chest and started massaging her breasts. Her back arched and she let out a loud moan. Then she suddenly relaxed back onto the bed. But, I could feel the heat of her thighs against my cheeks, and her tummy quivering against my upper lip as her orgasm subsided.

When her breathing returned to some semblance of normalcy, Margaret managed to whisper, "That was amazing." Marcia stood up and offered Margaret her chair. Marcia giggled excitedly as they passed each other in their complete nakedness, and then she said, "Come on, Uncle Darrell, let's give Margaret a grand finale of doggy style fucking." She climbed onto the bed on her hands and knees, her fine, young, round ass facing the other three women.

I was already fully erect from my adventure with Margaret, so I climbed up behind Marcia, grabbed her perky, youthful breasts in both hands, and pushed the head of my cock against her cunt lips. She was wet and ready from watching all the preceding live porn action.

I slid effortlessly deep inside her. "Spank me, Uncle Darrell," Marcia shouted.

I let go of her right breast long enough to give her a smart smack on her right buttock, leaving a red imprint of my palm and fingers there. Marcia was meeting each forward thrust of my hips with a rearward thrust of her own. I resumed squeezing her tits and pulling her body back onto my hard on.

I saw Marcia's shoulders begin to flush, and she pleaded, "Fuck me hard, Uncle Darrell. Cum deep in my cunt!" With that, she stopped her rhythmic thrusting and gave one last mighty push against my hips, and my spunk began exploding inside her. Then she let her shoulders down to the mattress, and all of us could see the semen already seeping out of her pussy. Margaret spoke first. "Thank you for that wonderful demonstration, Marcia," she said. "Would you mind if I licked your juices and Darrell's cum off his cock so I can get him hard enough to fuck me like that?" Margaret was quickly getting into the spirit of our wild sex and dirty talk.

"Please do, Headmistress," Marcia answered. "We all want to see your interpretation of doggy style fucking." Margaret got onto the bed with me, and began sucking and licking my cock. Then she turns sideways to the other gals, and reached behind her bottom, spreading her pussy with both hands.

I grasped the fronts of her thighs and pulled her back against my erection, slowly stuffing it inside her sloppy wet cunt. "Spank me, too, Darrell," she pleaded, and I obeyed. Her breasts hung down, swinging back and forth in rhythm with our fucking. After a few minutes of steady thrusting, I heard Margaret sigh, "I don't think I can have another orgasm sexy desperate babe ivy rose fucks pawnmans cock for money you cum in my cunt, big daddy.

Fuck me faster and let's get it on for the gals." I picked up the pace, and after another minute began ejaculating against her cervix. I could feel the spasms of her cunt walls around my erection. "That's it! That's it!" she exclaimed as her entire body quivered in ecstasy. Francine, Brenda and Marcia all applauded. "Well done, Margaret," Francine announced.

The lesson is over now, but my gift to you is that you can have Darrell here in bed with you until sunrise. Marcia, Brenda and I will leave the two of you alone now.