Kortney kane sexy storys sex stories

Kortney kane sexy storys sex stories
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Lucy the Zookeeper Lucy woke late with the sun beaming through the thin tulle covering her bedroom window. Her friends had helped her celebrate her 25th birthday the night before and she started a little later at the zoo today because she would be one of the last to leave.

She didn't mind this though as Lucy had loved animals her whole life and had wanted to work in a zoo or be a vegetarian since she was 7 years old. Lucy texted her boyfriend american six sex stories story youtub him for the wonderful night and invited him to dinner the next evening.

She considered she was truly one of the lucky people in life, a great family, a small group of close friends, the best boyfriend imaginable and her dream job, she almost felt guilty. The one gripe Lucy had in life was her body. She was thin and almost painfully so and 6'2 in height.

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Her hair was thin and lifeless cut off at her shoulders and her breasts a modest but perky B cup which on her tall skinny frame looked positively tiny, made worse by her large areolas and long nipples. Nevertheless she was quite an attractive girl and with a little more effort put into her appearance she would look quite stunning.

Lucy took a quick shower and grabbed a clean uniform and got ready for work. She was happy to just tie her hair back as it was just she like to fuck in a ass anal amature porn videos amateur porn videos to get squashed under her hat for most of the day anyway.

Lucy remembered all of a sudden she was giving her first t our today. She was a little nervous as she was not quite as good with people as she was animals. She had watched and helped her colleagues do the tours many times but had never run one by herself. She knew a lot about the animals and so was not so worried about sounding like she didn't it was just speaking to a group of people that gave her the creeps.

She had always shied away from being centre of attention. As she continued to dress and head of for work she thought about it more and hoped there would be a small group, which would make it easier. "Morning Sam" she said cheerfully walking past the Elephant enclosure "How are you today Hun?" The Elephant gave a little grunt acknowledging her greeting. "Hey hey Goliath aren't you looking handsome today" She said over the fence at the Giraffe enclosure "I shall see you boys later, wish me luck" It seemed the bigger the animals were the more Lucy adored them, not that she did not like the little animals; she had specifically requested to work in the petting zoo with a lot of the baby animals.

When the time came to do her tour she was a little shaken by the crowd. It was the biggest group she had ever seen and for this reason her supervisor (and not her biggest fan) had begrudgingly agreed to accompany her.

Lucy would have rather taken the tour alone; she did not like the feeling of people looking over her shoulder as she worked. Besides, Geoff had always been jealous of her relationship with the animals and took every opportunity to show up her knowledge with his years of experience and much more extensive knowledge.

Nevertheless the tour was a major success, Lucy's talks were flawless and the animals all put on a spectacular display for her as Geoff rolled his eyes in the background. The highlight was when a group of penguins knocked Geoff over as he fed them and he fell in the pool.

Lucy fought hard but could not stop herself from giggling a little. He stormed off to get changed leaving her to complete the tour on her own. After the conclusion of the tour Lucy stayed around to talk to a couple of inquisitive children who were very interested in 'big cats'. Lucy sat down in the staff lounge for a break with a couple of hours to go. She was shattered. After the emotional energy she had put in to the tour and the big night she had with her friends the night before she could not wait to finish today.

It was not going to be a big finish to the day. She just had to tidy up the petting zoo and tend to the elephants, chimps and giraffe next door. Lucy sat and cuddled a baby chimp in the enclosure, she had done all of her duties and had half an hour left until leaving. She stroked the chimps fur and sunny leon song xxx sexually tits the others playing as she relaxed in the enclosure. Lucy awoke with a start, night had fallen and she was all alone.

Two little chimps were scratching at her shirt. "Oh my gosh boys, I must have been tired" She went to get up but felt a strong arm across her neck and looked up to see one of the bigger chimps asleep with his arm locked around her shoulders. The scratching chimps had accidentally popped a couple of buttons and now Lucy had started to worry.

She was used t o feeling in control around the animals but the darkness and the sleeping chimp trapping her arms from moving was becoming quite unsettling to her. Suddenly the chimps had her shirt open and had become agitated and tore at her bra.

When they succeeded in ripping her bra open they started suckling on her breasts hungrily. "No boys" she cried. "Stop! Wake up Charlie.pleeease" she yelled, but Charlie stayed was fast asleep. The chimps were not so much hurting Lucy but the shock jeck plus jill big cock what was happening to her made her start to cry.

In other circumstances altogether Lucy would have welcomed two greedy tongues and mouths licking and sucking on her long hard nipples.

Suddenly that realisation sunk in, her nipples were hard! Was she aroused by this? Why would she be? She temporarily became more disgusted with herself than scared. Nevertheless she closed her eyes and pretended her boyfriend was feasting on her tits as the chimps tried to extract some food from them.

Suddenly Charlie awoke and Lucy ran toward the door. She slipped and fell on her stomach and felt the full weight of a chip on her back. Charlie poked, prodded and sniffed at her shorts then slipped finger under the hem of one leg. Pulling at it with his powerful grip he tore the shorts down one side then worked at her the damaged garment until it and the panties that were beneath fell broken from her body.

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"Get off Charlie, leave me alone" she cried. But the monkey started sniffing around her skinny ass and shaven slit. He climbed down between her legs to examine her closer but Lucy seized the opportunity and rose and began to run. She gained 5 metres toward the gate when she felt a strong hand grip her ankle and went down on her stomach once more. Charlie turned her over and now had kriti sanon mms leaked scandal from Arthur (another male adult chimp) in holding her down while he explored her pussy and ass with his mouth and fingers as if analysing the difference in her flavour and scent compared to his own species.

Lucy continued to struggle despite the pleasure she received from Charlie's touch causing the remainder of her clothes to be torn off in the process. An almighty shriek came from an enraged ana capre scandal celebrity pinay jealous Mary (a female chimp) as she sped across the enclosure at the struggling threesome.

Charlie turned to fend her off and Lucy bolted out of the enclosure and locked the padlock behind her. Horror fell upon her when she saw her keys lying inside the gate. She grabbed a stick and knelt down and tried to get her keys back as the chimps continued to fight.

"Yes" she triumphantly yelled as she managed to snag the keys on the stick and began dragging them towards her. How was it that the gate was open?

She thought. Suddenly something moist but leathery pressed against her pussy and sucked hard and long. She dropped the stick and clung on to the fence and to her surprise gushed in an unexpected but pleasant orgasm. "Holy shit, Sam what did you do to me and how did you get out?" She said as she watched Sam blow her sweet nectar into his mouth from his trunk.

Still experiencing all manner of shock and horror tainted with a hint of erotic excitement she pulled the stick quickly toward the fence dropping the keys within reach of her fingers. As she tried to suzu minamoto gets her pussy fucked with sex them out she felt Sam's trunk slithering around her legs and ass. She reached back and smacked his trunk "No boy" Finally she pulled the keys out and stood face to face with Sam wearing only her boots and socks.

Even though she knew no one else would be around she looked nervously. The night staff would not come around unless an alarm sounded or video surveillance showed a major disturbance. It occurred to her that she could throw herself in front of a camera to get help but there was no way she wanted to be seen naked and in this state. She took some deep breaths and decided she would try and get Sam back into his enclosure first before heading to her locker where she knew she had a spare uniform.

Sam was quite cooperative as Lucy led him through the back of the Giraffe enclosure and headed for his own, she was still baffled as to how he had gotten out. Suddenly Sam stopped "Come on boy, one foot in front of the other, let's go" Just then she was nudged forward as something large and very slimy pushed against her back. This time she knew it would be Goliath so she turned to pat him on the head and "Those naughty chimps sure did give Lucy a fright boys" But her roller coaster ride was not yet over.

Sam's strong trunk wrapped around her waist, dragged her to the ground and held her. Goliath's thick black tongue moved up and down her body. Lucy gasped and briefly decided she was having a nightmare.

She knew she was not in view of a camera and to some extent was happy for that. Goliath explored her whole body and Lucy wanted to give in and just enjoy the experience. After all it was very apparent the animals had meant her no harm so far otherwise she would have been ripped to shreds or trampled to death already.

In the end she gave up and let the animals do what they would with her, she was exhausted and too tired to fight any more. She lay helpless and then began to even enjoy the feeling of her body being pushed around by Goliaths thick tongue. Suddenly she grabbed Sam's trunk tightly and screamed as Goliath's thick black tongue plunged into her pussy.

"Oh my god, oh fuck" she wailed as this tongue that was way thicker and far longer than any cock she had ever or would ever experience penetrated her petite pussy. Against her will she again shuddered her way through multiple orgasms.

The two giants quickly lost interest and Sam let her go. Knowing she had looked the enclosure she ran across and leapt up and over the high fence into the petting zoo crashing into the ground on the other side.

She lay on the cool damp grass whimpering with her heart racing and her head pounding. Why hadn't she pursued a basketball career? What the hell had gotten into these animals, her friends? Lucy laid sobbing and exploring her violated body with her hand. She rubbed her sore, swollen pussy but found no damage. Her breasts and stomach while red and sore were ok. She wondered how she could continue in this job after tonight.

How could she face these animals again? Then she took into account the animals had meant her no harm. She loved them and did not blame them for what happened. Her thinking progressed to reflecting on how much pleasure Goliath's thick black tongue had brought her pussy and her entire body. She stopped crying and composed herself.

She rose and headed for the locker room and then. She tripped over a log in the petting zoo. She lay winded over the stupid hunk of dead tree and was just about to get up when she felt something on top off her.

"No Zach, Noooooooooooooooooo" She screamed as the Zebra plunged his rock hard cock into her and started pounding her senseless. A powerful orgasm ripped through her body and then she passed femaleagent new milf agent likes it hard and fast.

Minutes later she awoke to her body rocking back and forth over the log. Pain had now subsided and Lucy this time began to enjoy it. Fuck it, she had done nothing wrong. She had not asked this to happen. Besides she loved these animals, why couldn't or shouldn't she benefit from all she did for them?

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She puffed and panted as the colossal cock slid in and out of her. "Oh yes boy, fuck me boy, that's it Zach, fuck me harder" She came several times before feeling the Zebra swell even more inside her ready to cum. "Oh yes boy, fill me. Fill me with your cum" Then she felt it, the floodgates opened and a mighty stream of cum soaked her insides and started spilling out of her cunt from around the massive shaft still plunging in and out of her.

Her own juices mixed with his and flowed freely down her thighs. Zach finally finished pumping her and withdrew, walked off and lay down contentedly as Lucy regained her breath. She walked gingerly over to Zach and kissed him on the head and said "good night boy, see you in the morning" Back in the shower in the locker room Lucy had realised that the perfect life she thought she had was missing something huge.

She had thought she loved the animals two raunchy blondes have some lesbian fun but now a whole new world of love had opened up between them.

Now that she had discovered this she knew for sure that she had a perfect life