Brenna sparks and ember snow having lesbian sex

Brenna sparks and ember snow having lesbian sex
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1:05 a.m. Taylor is sound asleep. Chris slowly opens and locks the door. Taylor still sleeping just whimpers and rolls to the side. Chris making sure she's completely out rolls her on her back. Chris pulls down the covers, he takes off her night pants, he then took out his dick and sat it on top of her pussy. He began rubbing her up and down on his dick, he did this until he was completely rock hard.

Taylor began to fluster, she awoke. 'What are you--' Taylor was cut off by Chris covering her mouth. 'Shh! If my mom finds out I did this to you I'm dead!' he whispered. 'You didnt go inside me did you.' she whispered to him.

'No. And I wasn't going to.' Taylor grabbed his rock hard dick, she then started to to stroke it furiously. 'Wait. I thought you--' Chris was cut off by the warm sensation of Taylor's warm lips around his dick. For a virgin she was really good at it! 'Mmmmm!' Chris moaned quietly. Taylor sucked his dick for 30 straight minutes and then stopped. Chris went to lay her down on her back but Taylor stopped him. 'Not so fast. I gave you a blowjob, not get out of here.' Taylor said with a smile.

Chris was angry with fact she was just leaving him horny like this. He couldn't take it, he yanked off her panties. 'Stop! No! Trina! Trina! Triiiiinnnnaaa! her squeals were shortened as Chris's enormous cock entered her tight, no longer virgin pussy. Taylor was really beginning to enjoy herself, then she heard knocking on the door. Then she realized it was Trina. She had heard her wails and came to see what was wrong. 'Taylor you okay in full hot hip porn storys she asked.

'Yeah, yeah, I'm.ohh, I'm fine.' she said trying to disguise her moaning. 'What are you doing in there!?' Trina asked. Obviously hearing her moaning. 'Nothing sis! I'm fine really!' she insisted.

Just then Chris made a very powerful stroke into her pussy. 'Ohhhh! Chris!' she slipped. 'Chris!' Trina yelled. 'Mom I'm sorry!' Chris yelled. 'Open this door! Now!' she yelled banging at the door. Chris began to get up, but Taylor grabbed his dick and guided it back into her pussy. 'Don't listen to her. Just keep going.' she whispered to him.

Chris then began to thrust into her again. Taylor began to yell really loudly, ensuring that Trina heard her. 'That's it!

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I'm getting the key!' Trina yelled. Chris began to get up, 'Don't stop. Let her get the key just don't stop! Please! You make me feel so good! I never knew it would feel this good to have sex! Please keep going!' Taylor whispered loudly. And so he kept going,he thrusted in and out of her more powerful then ever before.


Owww! Mmmm! Ahhh!

Chriss! Faster! Harder!

Don't.uhhh.uhhh.uhhh.ahhhh!' Taylor shreiked as their orgasms collided. Taylor cuddlded into Chris, it was truly a romantic moment for both of them. But the romantic was cut off by Trina busting through the door. Chris jumped, but Taylor calmed him down.

'Okay sis, you opened the door. No what are you gonna do? I mean your the one who didn't want me to be a virgin my whole life, now I'm not, isn't that what you wanted?' Taylor said. Trina said nothing and shut the door and went to her room. Chris and Taylor cuddlded again, Chris's penis still in Taylor's dripping wet pussy. Chris let it sit in there for a moment as they caught their breath.

What a night, but it was only about to get even better.

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'Taylor?' Chris asked. 'Yeah Chris?' Taylor said looking at him. 'Do you .wanna try .anal? 'No. No. No. I can't handle that. It's too much for meeeeeeeeeee!' she shreiked as Chris pounded into her ass. Her heart rate excelerated, her ass throbbed, she was completely paralyzed by his cick going into her. 'Oh my god!

Ohhh! Stop! Stop! Chris it hurts! It hurts!' she screamed. Chris stopped, we removed his dick from her ass. 'Please. If you wanna keep going let me do something.' she said. She then lay Chris on his back, she climbed on top of him and began passionately kissing him.

She then slid down onto his dick, she frantically bounced and jumped on his dick. She eventually got tired and she collasped onto him, and they fell asleep together, Chris's dick still still in her her pussy.

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They slept peacefully throughout the night. Completely unaware of how upset Trina was. She was happy for her fast time xxx sexy moves, she was just uncomfortable with that it happened in her her house.

She didn't think her sister would really do really do something like that. Taylor is so innocent, she knew Chris made her do it and she was so overwhelmed she couldn't let him stop. She knew it was gonna happen every night until she left. But then her poor little boy would be left alone with no one to love anymore. She had no choice but to let it happen. The Next Morning Taylor woke up with arms around Chris. She smiled and pulled him close. Her pussy was wet and sticky due to the sex and her several wet dreams.

As much as she wanted to get up and take a shower she didnt want to let him go. He had made her so special Part:3 Coming Soon!