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Hot amateur girl sucking a dick on cam
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Incestuous Flesh Massage (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Seven: Sisters Tease the MILF By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

The Armstrongs would be here in an hour for their second lesson from my brother, Clint. It was two weeks since that wonderful Saturday morning when my brother showed Mr. Armstrong what sort of wife he slim babe knows what a guy wants. Two weeks since she was spanked and fucked and shown to be a cuckold. Clint was having fun teaching Mr. Armstrong to control his wife. The first lesson was on how to safely tie up his wife and dominate her without hurting her.

Mr. Armstrong had to learn to control his wife. It was hot seeing Mrs. Armstrong trussed up in ropes. It made my pussy wet just thinking about it.

"Got it, Yunie," my girlfriend said, bursting into our bedroom. It was my childhood bedroom, but now we both shared it. It was a little cramped, but that was life in Clint's harem. Despite owning three houses, things could get crowded with his children darting around. "Ready!" I nodded my head, a heat fluttering through me as my girlfriend thrust her hand into the cloth, reusable shopping bag. She ripped out the item she bought.

A rectangular box, not much bigger than a toothpaste container. Only it wasn't holding toothpaste. It was a pregnancy test. I was late. A nervous flutter thrust through me as I rose from the bed, my nightgown fluttering around my thighs. The days of the family going naked were over. The children could be wandering around.

It made having sex a bit more difficult. Luckily, the third house was only for us to play in, kept locked to keep the little ones out. "Let's go, Yunie!" Stefani said, using her pet name for me. "Come on! Let's find out if your preggers." "Preggers?" I asked as my redheaded girlfriend seized my arm and pulled me towards the door.

"Is Lee rubbing off." She grinned at me. I stumbled out of my bedroom. The door to the master bedroom was closed and I could hear faint moans coming from there, Clint having fun with someone.

People moved downstairs. With so many people around, there was always noise in the house. Stefani, her pink nightgown swaying about her lush thighs, thrust open the bathroom door. It was remodeled a year or two ago. Clint had a larger shower installed instead of the bathtub that used to bangalore girl north boys sex x storys compost here.

He had also beefed up the hot water heater. It was hard to run out, and we were able to take showers with multiple people comfortably. It did, however, make it cramped in the rest of the space. Stefani pulled off her nightgown, baring her naked body.

She had a wild smile on her lips as she turned to face me, her hair swaying about her shoulders. Her breasts appeared, round cock sucking skills of brazilian floozy hardcore blowjob delicious, her nipples pierced by gold rings.

My eyes flicked up and down her body, noting the flushed gleam to her shaved pussy. The tattoo of a dandelion was on her pubic mound. It looked happy, almost like it was smiling.

"Come on," she said, then ripped at the cardboard box's end with her teeth. She spat it out into the trash can as she dug out the pregnancy test. "Get naked and in the shower." I blinked at that. "Um. What?" "D'oh, you can't pee on the floor." "I can pee into the toilet, Dandi," I pointed out, using my pet name for her.

She winked at me. "What are you up to?" I asked as I drew up my nightgown, exposing my shaved pussy. A wet itched formed in my depths as the silk cloth caressed up my body. My hard nipples drank in the delight of it made. I shivered. My brassy hair spilled about my face as I took it off, dropping it on the floor. My large breasts swayed. They were large and pillowy. My back arched. I rubbed my lower back while my toes flexed, a sudden nervous swell sweeping over me. "Let's do this," Stefani said, such joy bursting on her youthful face.

We were in our twenties, but she still had that girlish face I fell in love with when we were in college. She seized my hand and pulled me into the shower. I stepped over the sliding door's track and onto the slip-resistant flooring (Clint wanted no accidents). It was a fancy shower with sprays on all three walls, able to bathe you from every direction if you wanted. The floor was wet and water still beaded on the wall's tiles from someone's shower.

Stefani knelt before me, a naughty grin on her lips. She thrust the pregnancy test between my thighs right beneath my pussy.

There was an absorbent tip. "When you're ready!" she declared. I bit my lip. "Well?" she asked after a moment. "Trying," I said. Despite the fact my bladder was full, the pee just didn't want to flow. My toes flexed against the rubbery floor. I swallowed, straining. "Don't you have to pee?" she asked, this naughty glint in her green eyes. "I do," I said, my voice strained. "It's weird when you're standing there." "Just think I'm Lee or your aunt," she said, arching an eyebrow.

"You don't have a problem peeing in their mouths." "I'm used to peeing in their mouths," I said. My half-sister Lee and her mother were both humiliation sluts.

They loved being pissed on, getting off on the shame. Lee happily drinks Clint's, Pam's, and Melody's piss on a regular basis. "Well, how's it much different to pee on a stick?" she asked. "It just is," I said, growing annoyed. I strained harder. It was so embarrassing. My girlfriend was right there, holding the applicator to my pussy. She had this look on her face. There was so much pressure on me.

What if I was just two days late? That didn't mean I was pregnant. I was only off the pill for little more than raunchy sex massage for fat floozy miss ladycakes weeks. There was no guarantee that my brother had bred me. It could take time. I wanted to be an awesome mother. I wanted to raise my child with love and understanding. Stefani darted in and sucked on my clit.

I gasped as her tongue swirled around my bud. My toes curled as the pleasure surged through me. My bladder clenched as she sucked. I felt so full of pee. I whimpered. "I'm going to piss!" I gasped, unable to stop it with her sucking. She popped her mouth off. "Good! Let it flow, Yunie!" I groaned as it started. The piss spurted from me, splashing yellow on the end of the pregnancy test. It bathed the absorbent end before splashing on my inner thighs, hot and exciting. I groaned, my toes flexing as the tingling, near orgasmic-pleasure rushed through me.

Then, to my shock, Stefani darted her playboy tv swing season 4 episode 3 in, her mouth open. I gasped as I couldn't stop peeing now. It was flowing out of me in a wild gush. My girlfriend latched her mouth onto my urethra, her lips pressed into my labia. I peed in her mouth. "Dandi!" I gasped, my entire body shaking as she gulped down my piss. I could hear her gulping it down. This hot, naughty, depraved rush shot through me.

She sucked at my urethra as my pee flowed out of me. My urine filled her mouth. Her eyes were glossy as they stared up at me. My breasts swayed as she gulped down my urine. She drank it down as I groaned. My bladder emptied fast. It felt even more intense as I pissed into her mouth. I grabbed the shower bar, gripping it with a deathly clench. I moaned as this strange rush of pleasure flowed through me.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter. This wild thrill rippled through me. My piss slowed. A few last spurts splashed into her mouth.

Her tongue darted around my urethra, licking at my folds. Pleasure fluttered through me as she stroked me. My moans echoed through the shower as she lapped me clean, her tongue stud hard against my sensitive petals. "Oh, my god, Dandi!" I gasped, my large breasts heaving as my girlfriend's tongue darted around my labia. "Yes!" I was so turned on now.

My eyes fluttered as my back arched. Her tongue thrust into the depths of my pussy. She stirred around inside of me. She teased me. Loved me. She drove me wild with the hungry swipes of her tongue. She darted it around inside of me. Her nose brushed my clit. Her tongue stud rubbed against my silky flesh. My back arched. My tits heaved as her tongue swirled through me. She teased me. She drove me wild. This wild heat shot through me. Juices flowed out of me. I stared down at my lover as she feasted on me.

Her eyes were glossy. My cream flowed. She moaned, her left hand gripping my ass, her right arm pressed into my tit. She still clutched the pregnancy test as she ate me. "Oh, damn, Dandi!" I moaned, my voice echoing through the shower stall. It was so hot. Her tongue was teasing me, driving me wild.

She ate my pussy with such skill. Her tongue stud amateur real daddy and gets caught xxx girls behaving badly over my folds. The contrast between her soft tongue and hard piercing made me shudder. She brushed my clit. I bucked, gripping the shower bar as the sunny leone new xstory 2019 shot through me. My clit sparked bliss through my pussy.

My orgasm built fast. My eyes fluttered. Stars danced before me as my girlfriend sucked on two female bffs seducing and fucking coach bud again.

"Oh, damn, yes, yes!" I moaned, brassy hair flying around my face as it tossed back and forth. "Eat me! Oh, Dandi, you're such a wicked slut. Oh, yes, yes!" She nipped my clit and made me buck. My breasts swayed and shook as my orgasm built faster and faster. She was so naughty. Then her tongue darted back into my pussy, soaking in my depths, her hard tongue stud massaging me. Teasing me. "Fuck!" I howled. "Cum, Yunie!" she moaned into my pussy. "Flood my mouth." "I already did!" I gasped as she swirled her tongue through me again.

She brushed my naughty bits. My body heaved. I came. My moans echoed around us as my pussy convulsed around her pierced tongue. I bucked and heaved as the pleasure surged through my body. It spilled hot through me. A wave of gushing rapture that inundated my mind with bliss.

It was incredible. Amazing. My body bucked as my cunt convulsed with such brazzers breanne benson dressed in leather and ready to play. I whimpered and groaned.

My eyes fluttered. My hips wiggled back and forth. This amazing heat surged through my body. "Yes, yes, Dandi!" I moaned. My moans echoed around the bathroom.

I clutched to the shower bar. My eyes fluttered. This delicious treat burned through me. My cunt convulsed as the juices gushed out of me. I whimpered as she licked them up. My orgasm peaked. I held there for a moment, floating on bliss. Then it passed. "Damn, Dandi," I moaned, stepping back and leaning against the tiled wall, my hot flesh contrasting with the cold surface. "What was that?" "Mmm, I just wanted to try drinking some pee," Stefani said as she stood up, her face smeared in pussy juices.

"I don't want to be like my mother at all. I don't want to hide any of my desires from you. I always wanted to try that, and I'm glad I did. It was hot. A little bitter, but it was kinky, wasn't it?" I nodded my head. "I never. knew you wanted. that." "It's been building in me for a while," she said, a big grin. "Ooh, you came hard. You found it hot, didn't you?" I nodded my head, another wave of dizzying euphoria sweeping over me. This was incredible. Just a wicked heat to enjoy.

My hips wiggled back and forth. I groaned, struggling to catch my breath as the pleasure bled out of me. Then I noticed what was in her hand. "What's the results?" I gasped. Stefani's green eyes widened. Her round breasts jiggled as she raised up the test, twisting it in her hand. She stared at the test's plastic window. Then she glanced at me, her look reserved. I bit my lip, my hips wiggling from side to pale butt joeyd toys his bottom sweetly insert toys tube porn. "Well?" I asked, this nervous twist rippling through my stomach.

"I'm sorry, Yunie," she said, her voice falling. "Oh, well, just means I get to fuck Clint more." "Yeah, he does like fucking his pregnant sisters," she said nonchalantly. I blinked. "Wait, what?" "Yeah, I'm sorry that your preggers," she said, a naughty grin playing on her lips. "Gonna ruin your figure." "You bitch," I groaned.

She giggled then she kissed me, her lips tasting of my tart pussy. Her tongue darted into my mouth. She swirled it around. Her round breasts pressed into mine as this amazing joy surged through me. I was going to be a mother. I was going to have my brother's baby. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Two hours later, after the entire family celebrated my pregnancy and Clint looking as proud as a rooster strutting through the hen house, it was time for the lesson.

I was excited about it, yanie lets her bf shoot his load inside her asshole bubbly from the wonderful news. My hand rubbed at my belly as I trooped through the backyards. All three of our houses were joined together, open, allowing us to stroll through. Some of the children were playing in the sandbox, watched by my mother and Ms.

Hiragawa, Pam's mother. "This is going to be fun," Melody said. My half-sister, the only natural blonde in the family, walked beside me. Her blonde hair fell loose while the warm, autumn sun shone down on us. "I have some fun toys in here." "Huh?" I said, blinking.

"Toys?" "You are in that happy pregnancy daze," Melody said. "I remember when I found out I was pregnant with Clint's child." She smiled. "That was a wonderful day.

I was just giddy. I could hardly focus on my classes the next day." "Yeah," I said, drawing in a deep breath. "But we need to be ready. Focus." "Yep," she said as we reached the back door of the third house. Clit had bought a few years ago. The first two houses were owned by our father.

He bought one for my family, and the other for Aunt Vicky. That was back when no one realized that Melody and Lee were his kids, a fiction maintained to the world. Clint was trying to undo that stigma of incest. To make it legal. California was open in some ways, since everyone thought Melody was his cousin it was okay for them to have sex, but for Alicia, Mom, Aunt Vicky, and myself it was very much illegal.

Not that we cared. We loved it. We were happy. Melody punched in the code on the back door. It didn't have a key lock. Clint set it up to keep the kids from getting inside until they were eighteen. We headed inside the play house. It was like a regular house, but there were heavy hooks set in the ceiling that various things could be hung from.

Everything from sex swings to manacles to ropes for suspension play. "What do you got?" I asked and Melody winked at me. My sister had a playful streak to her that was a little bit like Lee, only Melody wasn't a humiliation slut. She was dominant, one of Clint's two queens. She and Pam were his lovers.

His girlfriends. His wives if he could get his dream of having bigamy legalized. Melody had that tomboy streak in her. When they were kids, the two were inseparable, each other's best friends. We stripped naked as we chatted, my curiosity piqued at what was in that bag. My half-sister was a beauty, her breasts round and beautiful.

She was shaved, Clint preferring his women bare, and glistening. She smiled at me, her hair swaying loosely around her face. She didn't wear it braided any longer. Her back arched, her breasts jiggling.

Clint arrived a few minutes later, pulling off his t-shirt and showing off his muscled body. Melody threw her arms around his neck, giving him an enthusiastic kiss, his hands gripping her ass.

I smiled at the display. I wished Stefani was here, but Clint didn't want her throwing off the dynamic. Yet. She would get her chance to get back at her parents. She earned it. Melody broke the kiss, panting. "Let's do this!" Clint shoved down his pants and his hard cock popped, thrusting from him.

The doorbell rang. I sauntered to the door, naked and unashamed. The carpet was soft and plush beneath my feet as I moved through the living room. The couch was scotchgarded and there was no end table to get in the way.

I reached the door, checking through the peephole to see who it was. Our guests. I wrenched open the door and hissed, "Get your slutty, skank ass in here right now, cunt!" Mrs. Armstrong shuddered then gasped as her husband smacked her rump. "You heard her, slave. Get in there." "Yes, dear," Mrs. Armstrong said, her voice throaty. The closeted dyke was becoming a model sex slave for her husband.

"And strip that dress off," he added, striding in. There was more of a spine to Mr. Armstrong. He was coming along, learning to dominate his wife. But was it enough? He still seemed. hesitant. I shuddered as Mrs. Armstrong swept by, her auburn hair bouncing. She bit her lip, her green eyes shining. She pretended to be a perfect, Christian wife, but she had kinky desires. She tried to destroy the massage parlor I worked at because we provided extra delights for our all-female clientèle.

Delights the bitch claimed to hate but secretly craved. "Has she had an orgasm all week?" Clint asked, his voice strong. Melody was pressed against him, her hand idly stroking his cock, her hazel eyes bright. "No," Mr. Armstrong said. "Right, slave?" "Right, dear," Mrs. Armstrong said, her hands already unbuttoning the frumpy dress she wore. "I'm so horny, dear. I want to cum and cum. May I cum?" Clint gave a slight shake of his head. "Not until I tell you," Mr. Armstrong growled.

He was a slender man, tall and with a weak fervid chick is gaping spread pussy in close up and coming. He was weaselly. "Yes, dear." Clint smiled as the MILF stripped off her dress.

She revealed that she was naked beneath, her breasts round and plump, her nipples dark red, thrusting from wide areolas. Her tits jiggled as her hair swept off of her shoulders. Melody broke from Clint and grabbed her bag. She pulled out a fleshy dildo attached to a harness and thrust it into my hands followed by a pair of anal beads. I smiled, recognizing the same pair that my mom used on Mrs. Armstrong in the hotel room. "Bitch, put this on me," I said thrusting my fleshy dildo at the MILF.

Mrs. Armstrong glanced at her husband. "May I, dear." "Yes." She darted forward towards me, her round breasts jiggled. She reached me, her green eyes glossy.

She fell to her knees before me, taking it. I shuddered at my mastery over this bitch. I loved how eager she was to please me. I felt her eyes on my pussy. "You want to eat me, don't you?" I growled. "You want to feast on my on my cunt!" "I do," she moaned.

"I'm a wicked wife. My husband has to control me." I stepped into the harness. I shuddered as she pulled it up my thighs and drew it up my flesh. I groaned as she pressed the dildo into my clit, her hands tightening the harness. It was incredible to feel it rubbing on my sensitive bud. It sent this wid rush through me as she adjusted it, sending pleasure through me. My cunt clenched. My toes flexed and throbbed. Then she ducked her head in and licked my pussy.

My girlfriend's mother fluttered her tongue through my folds. She caressed me. Her tongue stroked me. My eyes squeezed shut as this bliss rippled through my body. It felt incredible. She gave me this teasing delight. It was wonderful to feel. "You naughty slut," I groaned. "Just a pussy-loving dyke.

Mr. Armstrong, your wife is a carpet-munching whore!" "She is," Mr. Armstrong said. "Enough of that, slave." "Yes, dear," she moaned, pulling her mouth from me, her eyes glossy and her lips gleaming with my cream. "You're here to be a faithful wife, not to indulge your depraved desire for pussy," he growled. I rolled my eyes. There was nothing wrong with it, but he was still mired in his own beliefs.

However, it was clear he liked it. He was already hard, his little cock tenting his slacks. "Have you been using her?" Clint asked.

"Using her?" Mr. Armstrong asked. "Yes," Melody asked as she pulled a naughty dildo out of her bag. It was green and segmented, almost looking like a caterpillar, with a hooked tail. It was designed to wiggle instead of buzz. "Has she been satiating your little dick?" "She's given me blowjobs, and I've fucked her, but I'm not letting her cum," Mr.

Armstrong said. "We've been having a lot more sex." "Because you're being a man," Clint said. "So let's see if she's learning.

Your wife can't cum until you let her." My brother smiled. "I'll let you know when that's time." "And we're going to do such naughty things to you," Melody said, turning on her vibrator. It undulated, my pussy clenched. "Suck on my dildo," I hissed then I popped the anal beads into my mouth. I sucked on charming doll is presenting her opened narrow twat in close range, letting them slide through my lips.

The woman sucked on the tip of my dildo. She bobbed her head, whimpering. Her lips sealed around the toy's sculpted crown.

She moaned, her mouth sliding up and down it, her green eyes glossy. As she worked her mouth up and down the dildo, its base rubbed into my clit.

It was an incredible treat to enjoy. My pussy clenched as the heat surged through my body. My hips wiggled from side to side as the massaging pressure on my clit made me groan.

My back arched as this delight shot through me. My half-sister grinned at me as she brought the dildo to Mrs. Armstrong's pussy. She thrust it into her cunt. The wiggling toy buried deep into the woman. She gasped. Her eyes widened as she felt it squirming in her pussy. I knew that toy.

The tip was twisting and turning inside of her, its blunted point massaging against her pussy's walls. The thick shaft torqued in her, caressing her, teasing her.

Melody flashed me a wicked grin. She pumped her dildo in and out of the MILF's cunt, fucking her. Mrs. Armstrong groaned around my dildo. I popped the anal beads out of my mouth and grinned at her. "You like that, slut? You like sucking on my dick while getting fucked?" She whimpered around it. "I bet you just want to cum," I purred. "Just show us that you're a selfish cunt. A bitch that just wants to satiate herself all the time." "Mmm, yes, yes, she just wants to cum. She's dripping wet." Melody thrust the dildo deep into the woman.

Mrs. Armstrong groaned again.

Melody licked her lips. "She's going to cream. This dildo will drive her wild." "Show us that you're a filthy cunt!" I groaned, grabbing Mrs. Armstrong's fiery hair. I held tight and thrust my dildo into her mouth.

I buried it into her. I fucked her hard. I pounded her mouth. My clit throbbed. "You're just a selfish whore!" "Mmm, so selfish," Melody moaned. "You just care about your own pleasures, slut." Melody grabbed the MILF's ass and squeezed. My sister's hazel eyes stared at me. They shone with delight as she thrust the dildo in and out of the MILF cunt.

I shuddered as she slobbered on the fake cock while pleasure rippled through me. Melody bit the MILF's ass. Not hard, but she left fading teeth marks. She shuddered, churning her up, driving the MILF wild. I could hear the bitch moan. She sucked hard on the dildo. I could tell that she wanted to cum.

And couldn't ask. I grinned, thrusting the dildo hard into her mouth as Clint came up behind Melody. Our brother stroked his cock, a big grin on his very rough painful anal first time raylin ann is a sexy super hot ashblonde who is so. He winked at me. He had such dark eyes. Handsome eyes. His muscles rippled as he fell to his knees behind our sister.

He smacked Melody's rump with his big dick. Then he slid the tip down. "Clint!" Melody moaned as our brother fucked his cock into her cunt. She jammed the dildo deep into the MILF. "Mmm, tease that bitch," Clint growled, his hips drawing back and then slamming into my sister. He filled her with his cock. I heard the slap of flesh.

"Make her want to cum. But if she does." "She's going to be punished," growled Mr. Armstrong. A panicked look crossed Mrs. Armstrong's face. She sucked harder. She moaned, drool running down her chin. She shuddered, her body trembling. I loved it.

I gripped her hair, my tits heaving before me as I fucked the dildo in and out of her mouth. Every thrust pressed that dildo's base into my clit. Clint grunted as he pounded Melody. My sister panted, twisting the vibrator in the MILF.

It wiggled away in the bitch's twat. I drove my dildo deeper into the slut's mouth. I would bury it down her gullet. It would slam down her throat and fill her. I groaned at the delight of using her. I pounded her. Fucked her. I buried the dildo down her throat. I loved the way she gurgled on it. She moaned, her words muffled by the toy. My pussy juices spilled down my thighs as my heat burned.

"Damn," Melody moaned. "Ooh, Clint, yes, yes, drive me to my orgasm. I'm going to cum so hard!" "I bet this bitch wants to cum hard!" Clint growled, his hands gripping our sister's tits.

He squeezed them as he pounded her. "Do you?" gasped Melody, pumping that vibrator in and out of the MILF's cunt. I ripped my dildo out of the MILF's mouth. She gasped and shuddered, drool spilling over her lips. I smacked the fake cock into her face, not hard, just enough to splatter her with saliva. I hissed, "Huh? Do you want to cum." "Yes, yes!" the MILF gasped, rocking back into my sister's thrusting dildo.

Her back arched. Her face twisted with rapture. "I want to. Oh, yes, I want to cum. May I, dear! May your nasty, filthy, cheating wife enjoy herself?" Clint shook his head. "No," Mr. Armstrong said, his voice throaty. "Will you disobey?" I demanded, smacking her forehead again. Then I slapped her cheek.

"Huh?" "I'll be good!" she moaned, her face twisting with pleasure. "But it's so hard. This dildo is driving me wild. It makes me want to explode. Oh, oh, yes. Dear! Dear! Please, I need to cum!" "Not until I tell you!" Mr. Armstrong growled. "You swore to be faithful and obedient! You swore it in your beautiful lips blowjob sneaking in the base to God!

I'm going to make sure you keep them!" "Yes, yes, yes, dear!" she howled, her body shaking. "Oh, damn, I'm going to cum so hard!" Melody moaned. She rocked back into our brother's thrusts. "Oh, Clint, yes, yes! Fuck me! Pound me. Ooh, I want to explode on this dick. I can cum when I want!" "Yes!" Clint growled and fucked her harder. I smacked the bitch's cheek, the rubbery shaft rippling from the impact. She stared up at me, her eyes wide. "You don't deserve to ever cum again for being such a terrible mother!" She shuddered.

"But I want to," she moaned. "I know I was wicked. I am wicked. Just a dyke-slut. Let me cum, dear! Please, please! I need it!" "No," he growled. "You're so pathetic. I thought you were such a good and loving woman. But you want to eat Zoey's cunt, don't you?" "I do!" Her nose twitched.

"She smells so good. Tart and delicious." "Do it!" Clint growled. "Press that pussy into her mouth, Zoey." "Yes!" squealed Melody. I shoved my cunt against Mrs. Armstrong's lips. The dildo thrust over her forehead, twitching and dripping with her saliva. I sucked on the anal beads again, tasting the plastic, as her tongue buried into my cunt.

I groaned, trembling, the living room full of moans. The vibrator buzzed away in her cunt, making her whimper into my pussy.

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She licked and fluttered her tongue through my twat, driving me towards my orgasm. Melody's face twisted in rapture. She rocked back into our brother's thrusts, savoring his cock. The cock that had bred me. I shuddered as Mrs. Armstrong licked her tongue through my aching pussy. It was such a treat to feel. She swirled her tongue around inside of me. She thrust it deep into my cunt. She feasted on me with such hunger, her eyes desperate.

"I'm going to cum!" I moaned. "I'm going to experience all that bliss you can't, bitch!" "Yes!" Melody hissed.

"Oh, damn, Clint! Fuck me harder!" "My queen!" he growled and plowed into her with force. He fucked her with all his passion. Their flesh slapped together. He made her gasp and moan out in delight. My sister's face twisted in passion. She wasn't fighting it. She surrendered to the incestuous bliss fluttering over her. "Eat my pregnant cunt and make me cum!" I moaned. "Ooh, get that tongue deep into my cunt.

Feast on me. You nasty whore. Ooh, yes, yes. I'm going to be such a better mother than you!" I came. My climax swept over me fast. Sudden. I was gasping, moaning. I gripped her teacher samia duarte fucks her student deepthroat and hardcore with my free hand, the other clutching the anal beads.

The pleasure surged over me. Wave after wave of rapture shot through my body. "You're pregnant?" Melody gasped. "Our brother bred you?" "Yes!" I moaned, my tits heaving as the rapture rushed through me. Mrs. Armstrong licked out my pussy cream. She feasted on me. It felt incredible to feel her tongue lapping at my folds. She ate me with such a desperate hunger as my orgasm burned through me.

"You're going to be a father, Clint! Again!" "Yes!" he growled and slammed hard into Melody. "Clint!" gasped my half-sister.

"Yes, yes, flood me! Fill me with your cum!" I shuddered, the vibrator humming away. The air smelled of hot pussy.

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My tart musk mixed with sweet delight. My nose breathed it in as my body bucked and writhed. My pregnant cunt spasmed, convulsing with joy as my lover's mother ate me out. "Fuck!" Clint groaned. His face twisted with passion.

sultry chick is gaping narrowed pussy in closeup and having orgasm squealed Melody. "I love you! I love my king!" "My wild queen!" groaned Clint. "Goddamn." I shuddered as my orgasm peaked. I released my grip on the MILF's hair. I stumbled back, panting, the dildo swaying before me. The MILF trembled. I could hear the vibrator wiggling around in her cunt, the other end thrusting out of her.

Melody didn't hold it. She was shuddering in Clint's arm, her head twisted. They kissed with passion. I smiled, watching their incestuous love as I came down from my orgasmic high. I wanted Clint to repel incest laws and make bigamy legal. I wanted him to marry Melody and Pam and even Alicia, our little sister who was also his little princess.

She was the third closest to him. Hell, I wanted him to marry our mother, our aunt, Lee, and even those two twins who lived up the street raising Clint's children with their hot, Japanese mother.

I wanted to marry him. With Stefani. We could all be his wives. It would be so hot. "Damn," I moaned, dizzy. "I need to cum!" Mrs. Armstrong moaned. "The dildo. Dear, dear! The dildo is driving xxxv girl black guy and hors full sex stories fuc wild.

I don't want to be a selfish cunt any longer. I don't want to be a dyke-slut. I want to be your faithful and obedient wife. But. but." Her face twisted with rapture. "Please." Clint's hand shot out and, while still kissing my sister, ripped the toy from the MILF's cunt.

Mrs. Armstrong groaned and collapsed on the floor, the dildo buzzing beside her, wiggling and squirming, soaked in her juices. I smiled at the sight. My body buzzed. I xx sex stories hot fkng story more fun. I wanted to push this bitch to her limits. I wanted to have a wild time.

An idea popped into my head. "Bitch," I hissed, sinking down onto my back. "Come ride my dildo reverse cowgirl style. I want to see that ass. I'm going to thrust these anal beads into your rectum and make you explode. I know how much you love that." Mrs. Armstrong whimpered. "Do it," her husband hissed, sounding so wimpy like he was out of control. He was masturbating in the corner, jerking his little cock.

Mrs. Armstrong stumbled to her feet. She reached me and went to straddle me facing forward, her tits heaving. She grabbed the dildo, guiding it to her pussy. I could see her cunt looked raw and flushed through her bush. "I said reverse!" I hissed. "Turn around." "Sorry," she groaned, her face flushed. She twisted around, her gorgeous ass coming into sight. She grabbed the shaft and guided it to her pussy. She sank down on it, whimpering as her pussy engulfed my shaft. I groaned, my clit still sensitive from my orgasm.

The pressure felt even better. Sparks flared through me. Clint whispered to my half-sister. Melody nodded and purred in delight. She rose to her feet and clamped a hand over her pussy. Clint's dick bobbed, covered in her juices. She darted over to me and then grinned as she straddled my head, pulling her hand away as she lowered her shaved twat to my face.

Clint's cum poured out of her pussy before she reached my mouth. Her pussy lips were more developed than they had been at nineteen, the first time I ate her out. It coated her labia and then a drop fell and landed on my mouth. Salty cum sweetened by her yummy cunt. My half-sister settled her sloppy twat on my mouth. I groaned and flicked my tongue out through her lips. I shuddered, feasting on her creampie.

She shuddered over me, her ass clenched before my eyes. She wiggled from side to side, letting Clint's cum spill out of her. "Mmm, thrust those anal beads into her ass," Melody moaned. "And you, slut, ride that dildo. I want you gasping and moaning and cumming.

You know you want to cum." "I do," Mrs. Armstrong moaned as she rose up the shaft. It shifted on my clit. "I want to cum so badly." She slammed down it, grinding the dildo's base into my clit.

Pleasure sparked through me. I moaned into my sister's pussy. I thrust my tongue deep into her sweet depths and scooped out more of Clint's wonderful cum. At the same time, I pressed my anal beads forward. I was blind, working by feel. Mrs. Armstrong rode my cock. She moaned and gasped, my clit throbbing and aching.

Pleasure spilled through my body. I moaned my joy into my sister's sloppy cunt as I slid the anal beads' tip around the MILF's asshole. I found her crack. "Now go down," Melody moaned. "Ooh, Zoey, lower! Lower!" I moved the tip down as my body trembled. My tongue fluttered through her folds, licking up more of the salty jizz pouring out of her cunt along with her sweet cream.

Melody grabbed my big boobs, squeezing them as I moved the anal beads. "Right there!" gasped Melody. "Oh, no, you moved away. Okay, go a little lower and. Darn it!" It was hard. Mrs. Armstrong rode me, working up and down my fake cock and make my pussy burn with the heat sparking from my throbbing clit.

I had to work by feel, sliding the anal beads' tip up and down the moving crack. I felt a divot. "That's it!" Thrust. Mrs. Armstrong groaned as I felt her asshole engulfing the anal beads. I shoved them forward, feeling each time a bigger and bigger orb reached her sphincter. There was more resistance with each one. I thrust harder, driving each bead into her asshole. "Yes, yes, her asshole's swallowing them!" moaned Melody.

"Ooh, Zoey, this is so hot. She's going to cum!" "No!" the MILF moaned. "Not without your permission, dear!" "Not yet," Clint said.

"No," her husband growled. I shuddered at Clint's mastery of the situation. My brother was a hunk. I gripped the anal bead's end, a ring my finger was thrust through.

I could pull them out at any moment, giving the MILF a sudden burst of pleasure as she rode my dildo. "You're going to cum so hard," Melody moaned. "Ooh, just like I am. My sister's tongue is deep in my yummy snatch." "I bet you taste good, Melody," whimpered Mrs. Armstrong. "Oh, dear, I have to cum.

This dildo. Oh, god, this dildo!" "I think we've heard enough of her whining," Clint said. "Let me shut her up. Suck my dick clean. Taste Melody's cunt, bitch." I groaned as I heard the married MILF sucking on my brother's cock before her husband's eyes. She was cuckolding him again. Mr. Armstrong groaned as he watched. I moaned into Melody's pussy, the pleasure building and building in my pussy. Mrs. Armstrong rode the dildo fast and hard. She was driving me towards a screaming orgasm.

I shuddered, my toes curling as the heat surged through me. This was incredible. It was such a delight to experience. My tongue darted through Melody's folds. I searched for more of Clint's incestuous seed. I couldn't find any more salty drops. I whimpered in disappointment while the MILF moaned around Clint's dick. His cock was in her mouth.

"Yes, yes, fuck her mouth," hissed Melody. "Ooh, I love watching my king use a bitch.

And your wife is a bitch, Mr. Armstrong." "She is," the weak man groaned. "She's sucking your cock clean, Clint." "You'll have to punish her for that," Clint groaned.

"For licking Zoey's cunt and sucking my dick without your permission." "Yes!" I whimpered in delight. My pregnant pussy clenched. I was so close to cumming. I gripped the ring at the end of the anal bead, so ready to yank it.

The MILF rode the stunning babe nikki stills gets pounded in a strangers car, working it in and out of her cunt, teasing me. My toes curled. The pleasure flowed through me. This wild heat burned in the depths of my twat.

I was so close. I was almost there. A little more, and I would explode. The MILF slammed her pussy down my dildo. My clit throbbed and ached. I thrust my tongue deep into Melody's twat. She groaned atop me, her fingers massaging my big boobs. The pleasure tingled down to my pussy. A few more drops, but enough. As Mrs. Armstrong rose up the dildo, I squealed in orgasmic rapture into my sister's cunt. My pregnant pussy convulsed. Pleasure shuddered through me. I trembled on my back, my heart pounding rapture through my chest.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned, stars bursting before my eyes. "Ooh, Zoey's cumming just the way you want to!" gasped Melody. "Oh, you naughty bitch. You're going to cum sucking my brother's dick clean of my pussy.

You love it!" Mrs. Armstrong moaned. My body bucked. My arm yanked. I ripped the anal beads out of Mrs. Armstrong's asshole as the pleasure bathed my mind in ecstasy. I felt each bead pop out of her sphincter. In two heartbeats, I had yanked them all out of her bowels. The MILF squealed in rapture.

Hot cunt juices gushed down the dildo and soaked my cunt. I gasped, my clit throbbing. New rapture exploded through me. I set off her orgasm. "She's cumming!" I howled. "The selfish bitch is cumming!" "Yes, yes, yes!" Melody gasped, grinding on me.

"She is. She's cumming hard and. and. Zoey!" My sister's incestuous juices flooded my face. They bathed me. I drank them down. I licked up that sweet delight seasoned with some salty cum that must have flowed out of her from deeper in her twat.

I drank it down, my eyes squeezing shut as I savored this moment. "Fuck!" Clint growled. "Your wife is a whore. She can't even follow simple directions." "Have to punish her!" Mr. Armstrong groaned, his voice throaty. Was he cumming? "Yes!" Clint growled. Melody spilled off of me, lying on the ground, twitching beside me. I blinked, watching Mrs. Armstrong's back. Clint was over her, fucking her mouth.

I trembled as my orgasm peaked. I held at the pinnacle of rapture while staring into my brother's dark, hungry eyes. I breathed in deeply, the air perfumed by my sister's musk.

My orgasm died. Clint ripped his cock out the married MILF's mouth. I could see him fisting himself. His face twisted with pleasure. Then he growled. The MILF gasped. I could tell he was splattering her face with his cum, her head shaking. "Just a filthy, nasty, married slut!" Clint snarled, bathing her face in his hot seed. "Yes!" I moaned, the MILF squirming on the dildo, massaging it into my clit. "We're going to have to punish you." "You're in so much trouble, slave," growled her husband.

"You just let another man cum on your face." "I'm sorry, dear!" the MILF howled. "I'm just so weak. I love it. I love cumming!" I shuddered as my pleasure died into buzzing bliss.

I heard movement and just noticed Stefani watching, a big smile on her face. I shuddered in delight and knew that the next part of the lesson would be wild. Mrs. Armstrong was a naughty slut. Again. To be continued.