Sex come sex story slim gulez

Sex come sex story slim gulez
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She woke up groggy, trying to place her surroundings. It was dimly lit, and had the aroma of stale sex and piss. She felt something heavy around her neck, and as she put her hands on it, panic set in and her heart started racing. She had a collar around her neck and was chained to the floor!

She started retracing her last memories. She remembered getting off of work around nightfall and was headed to her car. But how did she get here? Then it hit her heavy in the stomach, she remembered someone grabbing her quick, and placing a dark covering on her head. She remembered the screeching of tires, and then, nothing. Now her heart felt like it was going beat out of her chest. She had to think of something, quick. She inspected each link to see if there were any weaknesses.

No such luck. Not that her tiny frame could muscle through metal. She was born of privilege. She didn't even have to work but she did to pass the time. About 5 ft 10, beautiful brown hair, prefect tan complexion, she would be a prize for any man. Now she sat in a dark basement, cold, and a chain around her pretty little neck. After tugging on the chain and getting nowhere, and after her adrenaline subsided a little, she came to an equally horrible realization.

She was completely naked. She sat there on the filthy floor, and felt a warm trickle of tears run down her pretty face. After sitting bobbi starr and dana dearmond insatiable voyage what felt like an eternity, she heard a door creak open and upon seeing a shadow of a man standing there, she felt a mix of terror and anger.

She said, with her voice trembling, "If it's money you're after, name your price! Just don't harm me, please." The man advised, "i don't need money.

What I need is for you to cooperate, and I promise (as he snickered) I will not harm you. Just follow my orders, and there will be no problems." She sighed, "What is it you need me to do?" He said, "Be patient.

We have all the time in the world." She knew then, she was not going to be released, not any time soon at least. She could not contain the trembling her body was overcome with. He patted bangbros teen alina west survives her anal experience with chris strokes on the head and said, "You'll be just fine, princess. Princess! That is your new name! Your old life is gone now, and from now on, you'll only answer to princess." When she heard her fate handed to her, she started sobbing relentlessly.

She didn't know what she was in for. She just knew she could never return home. Just then, a very attractive female slipped through the door. She was beautiful, and she smiled as she greeted the man with a kiss.

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She said, "So this must be our new pet!" He smiled back and said, "Lydia, meet princess." Princess just sat on the floor and her head sunk into her hands as she could not face of the reality of these people treating her like an animal.

The man grabbed Princess by the hair and told her to get on all fours. She reluctantly obliged, as she didn't want to be hurt. He said in a condescending tone, "Good girl. Now, Princess. This is going to be probably the longest day of your life, as we have a lot to cover, but don't worry. You'll learn fast, or else you will learn what discipline is, and I don't think you want that." She shook her head no, while tears rolled off her cheek and tiny bitch fingering her wet ass check out the floor.

She could not figure out for the life of her why these deranged people would want a human as a pet. The man continued, "From this moment forward, you will not speak, EVER. You will stay on all fours. You will use the bathroom outside.

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The rest we will cover in just a few. Now, come with us Princess, unless you like the basement." She shook her head "no". He said, "Gooood girl. You'll only see this place if you can't behave.". He unhooked the chain from the wall and said, "Come.". She reluctantly followed, as she could not stand the sight or smell of the basement anymore.

They went upstairs and she saw everything was plush and beautiful, just like her home. She felt a little better knowing she was in good surroundings and not some dank smelly shack. They arrived at the kitchen first, where there were big shiny bowls on the floor.

Three of them. One filled with water, while the other two were empty. She wanted to ask why there were three but she remembered his promise of punishment. She was a tender woman, she could not stand much pain. He advised her that this would be where she was going to eat and drink from now on. She bowed her head as he exclaimed, "Now let's go see your room!" She followed the couple closely, as they wandered upstairs into a large lavish bedroom.

Lydia patted her and said, "Be a good girl, and you can stay here and not the basement". The man keeled down and secured the chain into a hook in the floor.

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He assured her that she'd get used to it, and if she behaved, she might could not wear it all the time. Lydia could hardly contain herself as she squealed, "Here comes the best part!

You get to meet your new, um, companion!" She whistled loudly and she heard thunderous footsteps charging their way.

She got terrified all over again. She didn't particularly care for animals, as they were too unkept. Just then a gigantic brute of a Great Dane cane running in, as he sat obediently at their feet, with his great tongue lolling out from the effort of running up the stairs. Lydia brightly spoke, "Princess, meet Zeus." She cut her eyes at the giant dog, wondering why they needed her if they had a damn dog. The man sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her chain to where her head was in his lap.

He gently explained, "Princess, I know you don't understand why we have you here, but I will explain. You see, Zeus is family to us, and he needs the best partner we can give him, and that, my new pet, is why you are here. He's gotten to be a big boy with needs, and we didn't want to get him a bitch that could have pups. Plus, he needs a bitch that can submit to his desires, and a spayed bitch would not give him that." Her eyes widened and tears cascaded down her cheeks.

She started to speak and as soon as she opened her mouth, Lydia was straddling here and placing a gag in her mouth. Princess started to buck but between Lydia on her back and the man holding her firmly by her collar, she could not move. The man said, "i don't think you want the basement and the torture that comes with it.

Be still and accept your fate. Pretty soon, you'll get used to it, and maybe you'll start to like it. If you fight, we will restrain you.

You will get fucked either way. Princess eased her tensed muscles and bowed her head in submission. Lydia slid off her back and called Zeus over. Princess flinched in disgust as she felt his warm tongue explore her pussy. She felt twinges of pleasure but tried her best to ignore them. Just then, Lydia held up a mirror and said, "You better new english medium sexy story sex stories. You need to see that this is your new master, and he is momentarily going to claim you as his bitch.

This is it!" She watched in shock as the dog mounted her back. She winced with disgust when she felt his cock stabbing at her rear, trying to petite blonde begged to fuck her big dick it's mark. "Watch!", commanded Lydia and Princess forced her eyes back to the mirror.

At that exact moment, Zeus found her pussy hole and started bucking wildly into her. Muffled screams came out of the gag as Princess watched in horror as the beast on her back was pounding her like a jack hammer.

The man said, "Shhhh.

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I know you have never felt something this big thrusting at you, but in a few minutes, you'll feel his knot. It's gonna hurt, but be a big girl.

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You'll get accustomed to it.". It all seemed too well rehearsed, because just then she felt an excruciating pain as he knotted her, followed by a rush of warm fluids that hit her insides. She almost passed out as she was fighting mixed feelings of disgust and pleasure. Lydia told the man, "it's good.

He's in." The man released tension on her collar and slid out from underneath her to get a better view of the new couple. It wasn't like she could go anywhere. The man explained to Princess, that she had to stay tied with him for about fifteen minutes, or else they both could hurt themselves. Drool from the sex crazed Zeus seeped into her hair as he finished up his last spasms of his orgasm.

Her body helplessly reciprocated the feelings as she came on the dog's gigantic cock. She also let out a low guttural moan, at the delight of her two owners. Lydia told the man that she might just start liking it. After a few minutes, Zeus tugged away and his red sexy football babes enjoy fucking a huge dick hardcore groupsex cock plopped out of Princess. Cum oozed down her leg and she started crying again.

She was now a dog's bitch. The man patted her on the head once more then slowly removed her gag that had obviously been clamped onto. He took his finger and slid up her leg to collect some of Zeus's fresh spunk.

He commanded Princess to lick.

She hesitated and Lydia prompt stuck her abused pussy with a belt. She gasped and he then offered his finger to her once more. She proceeded to lick his cum covered finger. Disgust flooded her body. The man praised her and said her next lesson was to lick all of the gobs of cum off the floor, because she needed to start getting used to the taste if she was going to properly thank her new lover by letting him fuck her mouth.

She looked up at the man with wide fearful eyes weighing the thought of that slimy red cock fucking her mouth versus the promise of torture in the basement. She could not believe it was real. She knew deep inside she was going to have to do it one way or another, so she closed her tear swelled eyes, lowered her head, and started licking the large puddle of cum on the floor.

The francesca le sex and submission was right. This was to be the longest day of her life. (To be continued.)