Adorable anissa kate takes interracial sex in the front door pornstars hardcore

Adorable anissa kate takes interracial sex in the front door pornstars hardcore
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PS: Before start reading keep on mind that English is NOT my first language so I`d like to apologize for any mistakes that I might have made during this story, like not knowing the past of lay.

Well, since we were young we had some sexual attraction, by the age of 4 we started playing "doctor" which consisted on me or she examining mine or her body, and of course, in this case we`re not talking about arms or foot but about dicks, pussies and asses.

She`s my cousin, and she`s my age, 8 days younger than me, perfect for a fucking, by now her tits are at a perfect size, her nipple, which I saw when her breasts jumped off her bikini, are a little dark, it`s sizes matches her breast sizes with a perfect synchronization. For scholar reasons she`s living with me right now, and my mom decided to make a change in our room, she decided to change our wardrobe and our bed for a newer and more beautiful one, no big deal so far.

After about 3 days without where to sleep (she was on the sofa and me without a place to sleep) I started to no-life in computer with periodical pauses to go to the kitchen, which invariably makes me through the TV Room, where the sofa is.

By one of these days it was really hot in here and she went to bed (sofa) without a shorts, so I could see her panties, and believe me, it was a g-string, and it was very striking because it was green phosphorescent. I went to the kitchen he was using a pillow to cover her ass, I made a sandwich of meat, cheese, butter and some green stuff that I don`t remember, ate it with Coke, when I got back the pillow went down and she was now lying aside, her ass was forming a perfect sculpture, and it was freaking hot.

I didn`t think twice, lowered my underwear and started pumping it. Well it was really deep into natural busty tourist bangs in fake taxi and what before you had to pay good attention to listen now it was perfectly audible, the more I pumped the louder it became, so suddenly she changed position, she was lying prone, I couldn`t avoid it, I started doing it stronger, faster, I was getting to the cumming point.

Shit, she woke up and caught me, I could feel a freezing feeling coming out my belly and reaching all the other parts of my body, madison phoenix in wild ride for tattooed busty beauty balls shrank and my cock started going down: -What the fuck are you doing?

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-Lol, nothing just, shit your ass is unbelievable hot -Come here I went, she put her hands around my cock, I`ve never had someone`s else hand on my cock before.

It was good like shit, much better than mine. She smelled it, and started slowly pumping it, backwards, forwards, backwards, forwards. Oh my, it was good as hell.

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Backwards again, but no forward this time, she licked my dick`s head really slowly, I could perfectly feel her tongue`s structures. She licked again. Now she had put its head on her lips and slowly opened them and squeezed it just a bit further so her lips could hug my head.

While this, her tongue went licking it inside her mouth. God I started thinking on my grandma now, so I wouldn`t cum. She now squeezed it a bit further it was half inside her mouth, she slowly scratched the head with her teeth, I looked at her, she looked at me, I wouldn`t hold it up for much further, so I did it, I took it off her mouth and kissed her, but instead of letting it calm down she put her hand back again around it, and pumped slower than she did originally.

She got up and went towards our bedroom, I followed her. She pushed me, and I voluntary fell on the ground, with a certain attention so I wouldn`t make much noise. She turned around and started dancing my dick harder than ever.

While dancing with her ass she slowly took off her shirt, and she did the same way with her bra and panties. She stopped and came to me. Her pussy wasn't hairy nor shaved, it was a mix of both. It was of the same color of her nipples, and it had nothing to do with those porn actresses I saw on porn movies, it was well nun porn il diavolin convento and instead of meat jumping off it, it was just like a fissure.

It was my turn; I grabbed her ass and pulled her toward my head, very slowly.

As her pussy came closer I could see her fluid coming out her vagina, and the meat that was completely visible on porn actresses pussies on hers were only visible when her pussy was a palm away.

As my hands squeezed around her ass, sometimes reaching her pussy and sometimes her anus, her breathing was getting deeper and heavier.

Her pussy was unbelievable hot, and it was wet, with a liquid that was a bit gooey. It touched good, really good, while her anus, at least outside, was not that hot but it was rough and also good to play. Her belly was perfect, not a tank belly, but it was in a perfect shape with her body. Now she was close enough, I stretched my tongue towards her pussy; it seemed hotter with my tongue than with my fingers, my hand still on her ass, sometimes pressing it, with a subtle strength, sometimes rubbing it with delicacy.

Mother-Nature did it this shape for this reason, it fit my hand perfectly. Her pussy tasted good, I tried some food to explain its taste, and was hard to find out, because it was sweet but at the same time salty and bitter. Outside her pussy was like a finger, but softer, while getting inside it, became a mix of rough and plain, the taste of the outside also became stronger, and at this time she was groaning, and her breathing wasn`t deep, it was heavy and fast, her belly was close enough my head so when she breath it gently touched it.

Now my dick was completely flaccid but also fully stretched, she noticed it and turned around and ebony school girls and boys beeg started 69`ing.

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The feel of her head on my leg made it alive again, I stopped licking to feel her touch on my cock, she grabbed it with one hand, pumped it backwards, stretched her tongue, and slowly put it in her mouth. My dick was on its upper bonner, once I let some tension accumulated I`d cum. I pulled her off me and dominated her like a judoka does on a fight.

I grabbed her legs and spread them apart; her pussy was completely visible and was slightly red, and fully wet. I gently aimed at it, and slowly pushed it deeper. The mix of rough and plain on my dicks head got me crazy, it was hotter inside, and also wetter.

Teen gives interracial bj pornstars big dick was slowly squeezing deeper, not a surprise, it didn`t bleed, she had masturbated herself lots of times, and once I caught her but I was too shy to do something, and also, once, I found a considerable amount of blood on my sheets.

Once it was completely in and I started moving myself I could realize it was much much better than pumping, it not only hugged my whole dick, but it was also hot and wet, and oh my I was going to cum. I told her I couldn`t hold it more, she kissed me intensely while removing my dick of her vagina. She pushed me and mounted on, without penetration, she lay on me and kissed my neck, she knew I loved it, my dick was bending towards me, embedding between her buttocks, I started movie it up and down, like masturbating myself on her ass, she was now kissing me.

She got off me and said get up.

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So I did, she got on her knees and started sucking my cock and was also pumping it. I started to groan very loud she knew I was going to cum, she stopped sucking it and was now only holding it with her lips, her mouth was mid opened, enough to let something pass but not my dick.

She started pumping faster and faster, she was looking at my face, that feeling was coming through my dick, it got all hot, I did everything to not cum, thought on pizza, my grandma, but it was inevitable.

I cummed, and she wasn`t surprised, all my load into her mouth, and she was still looking at me, she moved it a bit away, and started playing with my cum on her mouth, letting it leak out her mouth and drain through her chin, she got my dicks head, and caught the cum that drained out with my dicks head that was still hard, she swallowed the amount that was in her mouth and put my dick back into it, licking my head to webcam chubby mature blonde milf masturbating hard off the cum that was on it, she lay down with her legs spread apart and I started licking her, she would cum fast, in 2 minutes I thought.

It actually took a bit less, as soon as she cummed I went toward her and kissed her, the taste of our cums mixed. I was exhausted, I got off her, dressed my underwear and t-shirt, closed my eyes and slept. By X-Ray_man