Cute babysitter cunt fucked by dad and mom

Cute babysitter cunt fucked by dad and mom
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Resume: The Girl, Mom and Dad have succeeded in stealing back the USB dongle that holds the only copy of a chemical formula that can turn every human into a sex maniac. But somehow the Girl has been kidnapped by an unknown enemy.

Mom and Dad still haven't got all the pieces of the puzzle. Mom and Dad couldn't comprehend what that horrible phonecall was really about. Had it been blackmail then there would have been demands. And they didn't even know who made the call and how to get back to them. They agreed on one thing though there was a connection between their successful mission last night and the Girl disappearing. Mom wondered if they had found out about the theft and wanted the dongle back.

Dad's face went dark. "An exchange like that will never happen", he explained with a sad and grave voice. "When you slept last night, Porn casting sex bangbros movie lc thought things over.

I decided on my own that no matter what that formula was impossible to use for anything good and that the power that can be retrieved through it would be tempting for countless organisations. So I destroyed it. First I smashed it with a hammer, then I fried it with the oven self-cleaning program.

It is now just a chunk of coal. I was sure the Girl would agree and I was looking forward to telling her it was done. Now I'm not so sure it was a good idea" Dad felt guilty and Mom didn't know how to comfort him. She gave him a hug and turned on the TV. The news channel showed a reporter standing outside a local downtown building. It was easily recognized as the Villain's building where Mom and Dad had the most event packed night of their life just yesterday.

The streamer on the bottom of the screen said: BREAKING: Dead bodies found in ravaged office. Known business man presumed dead. The reporter told the viewers that a fire had started a little after midnight on the top floor. "The fire was clearly deliberately ignited but was easily put out.

The firefighters had found three dead bodies, all male, two caucasian and one black man. It is suspected that one of the deceased is the multi-millionaire the Villain; after all it is his office.

However that has not yet been confirmed." "The Asian twins", Mom cried out. "They must have done it!" She didn't know the deceased men and had no reason to like them, but Mom felt truly worried. After all she had sex with them a few hours before their violent deaths.

"The Dame!", Dad interrupted. "She would have been tied to a chair while her husband was killed upstairs. Maybe she still is. Remember she was the first test subject? She is a victim too!" "Not only that", Mom continued. "I bet she knows what is really going on. Maybe she knows who took the Girl!" "We have to go to her!", Dad jumped and nearly toppled his chair. "You go", Mom replied. "I think I need a bit more rest" Dad immediately felt guilty.

"I'm sorry hon", he apologized. "I didn't think. How are you? You must be in hell". Mom smiled. "It's not so bad actually. My jaw hurts and my ass is quite sore, but I don't feel any scratches or anything torn. I don't know if it is the Girl's great training or whatever happened, but I feel I could go again tonight!" Dad's jaw dropped.

"But you were ravaged by 5 men and penetrated in every orifice in your body. Not to mention you had half a dozen of cumshots!" Mom smiled at him. "Well that's only good for my skin.

And the ones I swallowed are merely a protein shake". She stretched her arms above her head. "Seriously, I'm OK. Besides one of us should stay by the phone." Mom really must have needed a decent shagging, if being forced to prostitute herself in a violent group orgy would make her feel like that.

Dad made a mental note of never letting that happen again. He kissed her on her forehead and hurried downtown. Not surprisingly, there were police and reporters all over the place in front of the building. Dad remembered the building plan he had recently studied and found the discrete back entrance to the parking facilities in the basement. He went down there, parked, and took the stairs to the Dame's office.

Indeed the police hadn't found her yet; she was still in her office. She had disobeyed Dad once again, as she was not tied to the chair anymore. She was sleeping on a couch, an empty bottle revealing what she had spent her night doing.

Dad sat beside her and woke her up. Not being fully awake, she was quite happy to see him, placing her head in his lap and purring in pleasure. "Wake up!" Dad insisted, friendly but firm. "I need you to wake up! Do you have any idea what is happening around you?" The Dame just smiled. "I know you came back for me. And I have obeyed your command. Now I am horny beyond belief. I haven't touched myself at all here taste my fingers".

"Stop it!" Dad pushed her hand away. "I need you to focus!" "I am very focused" she assured him as her hand found his two teenage bints experiment with lesbian sex. "No!" Dad pushed her away.

"I need to talk to you. NOT about sex!" "But I'm so hoooorneyyyy" she goofed. She was incurable. Dad remembered how he could actually talk to her when she was using the red device at a low or moderate pace and that she was able to complete a dinner with her husband using it too. That might work. "Okay then", Dad agreed.

"Get it, and plug it in!" The Dame whined as a child as she jumped in the air and rushed to get the device on her desk. She was naked under her dress already so without any delay she just inserted the device in her own pussy and ass.

She immediately relaxed and her face had the expression of an itch or a pain suddenly disappearing. Dad let her use the app. She started in full speed and had a powerful orgasm within one minute. She needed that. Juices were flowing down her inner thighs. Then Dad told her to turn it down and as she obeyed he concluded his plan would work. She was breathing heavily but she was able to keep eye contact and looked like it was possible to talk to her.

Dad started asking and explaining. She knew of the drug, she knew what it did. She knew she had been exposed and that it was the reason for her insatiable sexual appetite. She had always been a pervert and had volunteered to be a test subject, but she had to admit it was somewhat annoying being unable to shut down the lust.

Ever. What she apparently did not know was her husband's plan to mass produce the drug and to unleash it all over the world. She seemed appalled of the consequences as Dad had been.

She did know the Villain had a meeting last night with some chemists that could in fact produce the drug. Despite the massive array of police in the building, she was not aware of the outcome of the meeting. She did not know her husband was dead. That news made her cry and Dad felt genuinely sorry for her.

She didn't cry out of grief though she hated him for everything he was. She cried from fear. Dad told her that two of the guests were dead too, but there had been two extra credit blonde threesome julia ann miley may. He told her, how he knew that that he had been at the office last night and that he had stolen the dongle. She seemed happy with that information but at the same time trembling with fear.

She was just about to explain why, when a knock on the sexy story by venky ebony story interrupted. The accompanying shout stated the police was just outside the office. "Quick", the Dame whispered.

"I have to become invisible right now. I have a back door". She grabbed Dad's hand and let him into the small bathroom adjacent the office. Behind the shower curtain was not a shower but a door.

They entered just as the police entered the office. A small corridor and a narrow stairway led them down to the basement, actually to where the safe was located. Beside the safe they found to bodies lying casually next to each other. By the gutted look of their bellies with entrails hanging on the outside they appeared to be dead. The two men looked just alike. And they looked Asian. The twins.

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Dad informed the Dame that they were the last two participants. He was confused, as he thought they had committed the other murders.

"No they didn't", the Dame wailed, now fully crying. "I know exactly who did it and I need to get away from here NOW" They found Dad's car but from it they could see police by the exit. The Dame went to hide in the trunk. Her desires hadn't disappeared completely, as she asked Dad for the phone with the remote app as he was about to shut the lid on her.

Dad took off. He told the cop he had an appointment regarding pension planning and flashed his business card. As he saw the police he figured he could consider his meeting cancelled.

The police let him though and he drove home. From time to time he heard heavy moaning from the trunk and couldn't help laughing at it. The Dame sure was something. Introducing Mom and the Dame to one another was not as awkward as Dad would have expected. There were no secrets they knew of each other. He plainly said: "This is my wife.

And this is the Dame. She is so horny she has to be attached to a vibrator to remain sane." They shook hands. "Now tell us", Dad turned to the Dame "do you know who did all this?" "It is the Doctor. He invented the drug. " The Dame was completely honest.

"My husband heard about it. At first it was just fun, a dirty fantasy to imagine what could be accomplished with the drug. But the Villain is the Villain. For him it is money. Or; it was." She remembered her husband had just died.

She embraced herself and continued. "When I still thought it was about sex and fun I found the idea of being exposed of the drug arousing. I wanted it. So did the Villain. We got a sample and, well I have been horny ever since. " She lifted her dress revealing the shining red device working hard in her crotch.

Her labia were swollen and wet. She took a couple of deep breaths as if her body considered whether to have an orgasm or not. It chose not to, and she continued. "At first that was great. We had so much sex. But he lost interest, and I am insatiable" "You poor thing" Mom commented with a hint of tease "But what about the Doctor. Who is he?" The answer had to await a small orgasm to pass before the Dame could continue.

"The Doctor is a scientist from somewhere in Eastern Europe. He is sex obsessed himself and I guess that was his reason for creating the drug. The Villain cheated him. The Doctor made a USB Dongle for us with the formula, but the Villain planted a computer virus destroying the host computer, so we now have the only copy of the formula.

I guess he found out last night&hellip." "The Girl said something about finishing the last loose end. Do you think she meant the Doctor?" "I don't know the Girl at all" the Dame stated.

"But if she knows so much about it all I can think of nothing else" "Actually" Dad wondered "we don't know anything about her reason for being involved. We know her so well but don't know her at all." "If she is kidnapped, the Doctor is the one" the Dame concluded. riley evans gets plowed in hardcore fashion I know where his lab is.

We should go there and finish this." "There is time" Mom said quietly. "We shouldn't go without some sort of plan. Besides…" her glance sank to where the device made a bump at the Dame's frame. "I think I will have a clearer mind if I got lucky dude fucks two smoking hot stunners closer feel of things." Her hand wandered across the bump. "Do you think I could try that thing?

I'll make it up to you?" Mom knelt next to the Dame and slowly lifted the dress. The Dame didn't resist. Mom gently tried to pry the device free which was more tricky than expected. She finally yanked it out and admired the beautiful shining monster, glistening with juices. She quickly slipped out of her jeans and panties. The Dame turned it off while Mom worked on inserting it.

Then she turned it back on. Mom moaned and fell back on her knees, burying her face in the Dame's slopping crotch. Dad watched paralyzed. Where did all that sexual appetite come from? "Didn't you get enough last night?" he asked, joking with Mom. "I guess so" she mumbled, her face buried in a wet and shaven old cunt "but you didn't!" As she spoke, her hand found Dad's growing bulge and gave it japanese granny mom in law hard squeeze.

With the Dame watching, Dad quickly freed his member and lost his pants. The Dame pushed him towards the couch. Dad could easily have regained his balance, but played along and stumbled all the way to the couch where he sat down.

The Dame followed him and sat on top of him only a few seconds later. Her pussy, being probed for hours and hours was loose and open, bordering lax, but so wet and warm it felt great anyway. When he felt Moms tongue on his sack the sensation was even better. Dad found the Dames gigantic tits and every aggression he had towards who ever hurt the Girl, he took it out on those tits. They took beating and slapping and pinches to the nibbles, and the Dame just enjoyed being handled.

After Mom came down from an orgasm as the device was still working her at a high pace, she wanted the real thing. She pushed the Dame to the side, dismounted the device and raven hart sexy dirty milf running plunged it back into it's rightful owners cunt, whilst Mom herself took the place on Dad's dick.

She leant forward and kissed him and kept their tongues wrapped together until he came inside her. Dad needed to get off, and Mom needed to assure him that her body was pov cuckold wife brings home anal creampie place to do it. Meanwhile the Dame had a series of orgasm next to them. They showered together all three of them whilst they made up some sort of plan.

The Dame knew the Doctor to be obsessed with sex and some kind of insane, which seemed plausible, and the general strategy would be distraction and escape.

They got dressed. Mom wore a very special dress, the Dame wore what she was wearing as she had nothing else and Dad wore his bad-ass outfit from the night before.

The Dame suggested she hid in the trunk in case he had surveillance to create an extra distraction. Mom laughed and accused her of wanting another session in the trunk with her beloved device. Anyways in the trunk she went. The place seemed perfect for what it was. On the outside an abandoned factory.

The very same where Dad had watched when Mom had been seduced by the Girl at that time dressed like a biker-chick. Mom and Dad went in. The lower floors in the factory matched the exterior. Decay, mess and rubble. But when moving up a floor or two made the mess more and more in order and actual decay more and more scarce.

Floor five was a modern lab, only without windows. As they entered they got more and more certain they were at the right place. Deep inside the lab, probably in the centre of the complex, they found her. The Girl was hanging from the ceiling. She was locked in a kind of pillory. A solid steel bar with four cuffs welded to it in a row. The two outer ones were locked on her ankels.

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The inner ones were locked on her wrists or actually her forearms as the human anatomy makes the arms reach longer than the legs when bent all together at the hips. In the ends of the steel bar were hooks that kept the chain hoists going to the ceiling.

There she was hanging, like a piece of paper folded down the middle. Hands and Feet in the air and her lovely buttocks as her lowest point. Her legs were held apart and her tits peeped out between her knees. Her hair was loose and alena croft mommy always says yes down her back.

Her head leant heavily back. She was unconscious. And she was naked. And bleeding. Mom gasped and covered her mouth in shock. On instinct she cowered behind Dad. "Hello there" a strange voice cut through the terror. The voice was deep and masculine and both whispering and at the same time powerful. It had a distinct eastern European accent. The Doctor stepped forward from behind a cabinet with bottles and instruments. The Doctor was wearing a white lab coat as would be expected from a mad scientist and clearly nothing else.

He was huge. Not his body, he was well built and all muscle but not that taller than Dad but his dick was monstrous.

Thick as the Girls forearm and probably the same length. And it was standing tall and proud between the buttons cute nikky perry gets a gaping lesson from her horny teacher his lab coat, perpendicular to his body.

"I have been expection you" the Doctor whispered. "At least since my guards saw you park your car and enter the building.

I understand you have taken a certain interest on my girl?" "She is not your girl", Dad interrupted. The Doctor smiled. "Ahh, but she is. Didn't you know? Right from the moment I raped her mother I knew she would be something special. She is unique". "Wait…" Dad had to think. "You raped her mother. Are you her father?" "Yes I am" the Doctor said not without satisfaction. "I managed to escape from the USPISO, the Ukrainian State Prison for the Insane Sex Offenders, which is in the city of Priprat in April 1986.

I was serving a life sentence for well for a lot of reasons when I was so lucky to escape. I had not been with a woman for month and years and my first priority was to get laid. It was the very night of the Tjernobyl nuclear accident I found her, in the confusion caused by the sudden evacuation, nobody seemed fervid chick is gaping spread pussy in close up and coming notice. I took her several times sweet gorgeous hottie is nailed homemade hardcore the very ruins of the nuclear plant." "I guess the radiation wasn't doing her any good.

Ah, she was pretty, but she died one year later after giving birth to that magnificent creature". He pointed to the lifeless body hanging next to him. The radiation was more generous with me. You know the pause after an orgasm when a man cannot keep interview girls tutorial how tdoing masturbates erection? I lost that.

Actually I lost the ability to ever not have an erection. I am always hard and always ready. In my trade that is a true gift." He paused to laugh at his own joke.

"But the lesbian full moviegirl with girl gift was given to her". Again he pointed to the Girl. "She can control every part of her own sexuality just by thought. And she can do the same to anybody she wants to. Complete sexual control!" He nearly shouted the last part. "You made a drug that could do that", Dad again interfered. "Well I was partially successful", the Doctor admitted. "But it is not a synthetic drug.

It was extracted from her DNA. She is the source. And my drug isn't perfect. The control part only works on some subjects and the subjects have no control of their own sexuality, they just get horny as hell" He had a hard time explaining without laughing.

"The formula was stolen from me, so I have to start over. That is only good, I can make it perfect. I just need to make sure, her resistance is down to zero. Actually" he looked at the time and pressed a button on the wall "…it is time once again. A buzzer sounded and a guard entered. He was dressed like a soldier in a militia uniform and carrying a firearm. With a nod of his head, the Doctor sent the guard towards the Girl.

The guard went to the girl, with the control he adjusted her hanging height lowering the chain hoist a bit, then flipped his dick out, entered her and started to fuck her. She made no sound and no movements. "She has to be raped at least three times an hour to break down her natural resistance of my attempts to extract the special drugs floating in her venes.

Plus the sex adds to the amount of drugs. I could of course do it myself, but it is good for the morale amongst my guards if they get to fuck the boss's daughter once in a while" "Have you raped your own daughter?" Mom cried out it was the first thing she had said.

"Well, no", the Doctor checked the time again. "Not for more than an hour". The guard turned the Girl to fuck her from behind too. The deep scratches on her belly and bosom were not to be overlooked.

"Why is she bleeding?" Dad asked. "At one time we had the chains very low so she was actually on the floor. One of the guards has a German Shepherd. A male. " Mom burst into silent tears. "I guess", the Doctor added, "he should probably trim the claws of his dog. On the front paws anyway. You are right it looks messy." The Doctor was just about to make another cruel joke about a stallion when the guard moaned and filled the defenceless abdomen with his semen.

Still the Girl hadn't made any sound or movement. The guard pulled out and left. Dad took the opportunity to push the plan further. "We think maybe you don't have to do this", he opened. "Last night we…err… obtained your formula. We will give it back to you in exchange for the Girl unharmed" The Doctor looked truly puzzled. "We need to discuss the term 'unharmed' but I am listening". Dad turned around and looked into Moms eyes.

With no words he asked if she was ready and with no words she confirmed. Mom took off the rain coat under which she had been hiding.

Under it she wore her wedding dress. A huge white ball gown with laces and pearls all over. The thin petticoat made it wear as worthy of royalty. It had no shoulders and a low cut back. Mom wore long white gloves, white silk stockings in white heels. She had a white veil in her hair and all in all she looked just like a bride. Slowly she walked the line from Dad to the Doctor.

Once again he looked surprised. Mom went before him and knelt. "It is I who bring you this to emphasize the seriousness of our offer." She handed him a USB Dongle. He took it and examined it, his huge cock standing right in front of Moms forehead. "I need to examine this" the Doctor said. "We understand", Mom answered. She took a deep breath as she reached out and grabbed the huge member with both hands and gently stroke it.

Soon the tip went wet from a drop of precum and Mom felt she had to take the next step. She licked it with the intention of sucking it but met a problem. It was too big to fit in her mouth. "My humble apologies" She said to the Doctor. "I would love the honour of feeling your wonderful penis in my mouth, but it seems to be too big for me.

Is there any technique you could show me?" The Doctor's face split in a grin from ear to ear and he looked at Dad in disbelief.

He yanked the USB dongle in a computer and turned to Mom. "I have a huge expertise in that area. You only have to understand, that either you open up or you lose your teeth. When you realise that, it's easy. Everybody can do it then. Well almost everybody." His hands went behind Moms neck. He seemed gentle as he caressed her hair, but with no warning he grapped her head firmly and pressed himself hard against the back of her throat.

Dad heard her vomiting sounds only she didn't vomit. "You see", the Doctor smiled at Mom. "It really was easy. Now I must go down your throat". Mom did all in her power to take the huge member all the way. As she did, the Doctor pressed the button again to summon a busty latina milf cocksucking with teen threesome stepmom guard to rape his daughter. Dad turned to watch the Girl. Not only to avoid watching Mom's tears of pain from nearly suffocating but also to figure out how to free the Girl.

This guard lowered the Girl on to a table on her back before entering. As he mounted her, Dad noticed the little tube in her arm.

She was under sedation. That was good, Dad thought. Had she been unconscious without sedation her condition would probably be even worse. He followed the thin clear tube with his eyes all the way to the petite angel and kennedy hot some fuck session, across it, down a wall and into a cabinet.

He had to go there. He waited for the right moment for maximum distraction. Mom was actually taking all of the huge dick in her throat. Her head was purple and her eyes red but she took it to the balls. The dilation of her throat seemed surreal. Meanwhile the guard had found an extra chain. In one end was a hook had it been a Peter Pan movie it would fit a hand. But this one he put in the Girl's ass. Then he attached the other end of the chain to the steel rod, lifted the Girl up turning face down and there she was hanging horizontal with a hook in her ass holding half her weight.

The guard went behind her and had his way with her. He pumped her sore pussy as a machine. Dad was almost crying from disgust but quietly went to the cabinet. Finding the machine distributing sedation was easy.

Dad didn't dare to turn it off fearing some sort of warning beep but he yanked the tube from it, making the liquid drip to the floor. He silently went back to where he stood before. Meanwhile the Doctor had decided he could get no more from Moms throat.

He had thrown her on a table on her back and was eagerly fucking her brains out. Mom actually sounded like she enjoyed it maybe it was in relief from being able to breathe again, maybe she really liked being filled to the max.

The guard had his climax inside the Girl and finished. He had the decency to remove the hook, lowering the Girls ass to just above the floor. Before he left. Semen was dripping from her crotch and made a small puddle beneath her. Then a computer screen lit up.

The Doctor turned his head to watch it. The USB dongle had finished it's thorough virus tests and was now displaying its content. It was security footage from the Dame's office. It was the part where Dad had his dick between her massive tits and slapped her face while she had a huge orgasm from treating herself with a double dildo. The Doctor smiled to Dad at the peep show he had been offered on his screen.

He pulled his huge cock from Moms trembling body and shot huge amounts of sticky semen onto every part of the beautiful white gown. Only then he realized the unavoidable. (to be continued)