Mom and daughter lesbian big boobs

Mom and daughter lesbian big boobs
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The Devil's Pact, The Ghost of Paris Interlude by mypenname3000 Copyright 2014 Chapter Three: The Tattoo Artist Friday, September 20th, 2013 Rex Irvine Paris, Texas "Fuck, Rex, another beaut," grinned bucktooth Hal as he looked at the black mamba I just tattooed coiled around his skinny arm. He was a greasy piece of shit, but his credit card always cleared, and he was in her every few weeks getting another tat to add to his collection. I glanced at the clock.

Almost 9 PM. Another slow night. But as it dragged on, more drunks would wander in looking to get "tattooed up." It six sex stories 69 storys ghei for my social life, but I had loans to pay and my dick of a landlord needed his pound of flesh.

But I was getting some good buzz; this time next year, Spider Monkey Tattoo and Piercing would be in the black. Then my ol' lady could get off my back. Maybe. I peeled off the latex gloves, throwing them and the tattoo needle into red biohazard trash can. You couldn't be too careful. I bet half my customers had hep A or C. No way in hell was I going to get that. I flexed my thick arms, working the kinks out, and went out to the waiting area to get the next customer.

There was a single man, arms as thick as a normal guys legs, his head shaved save for a three inch strip down the middle, buzzed short and dyed purple of all colors. It wasn't my place to judge; people were free to do what they wanted to their bodies.

Piercings dotted his face, and he had a pair of sleeve tattoos. They were nice work, not as good a mine, but nice. "You know what you want?" I asked. He touched none of my scrap books and he didn't seem interested in all of my works of art hanging on the wall; anyone who didn't think tats weren't works of art were stuck up or stupid.

Art could be found anywhere a person was moved to create it. "Yeah," he answered, reaching into his back pocket of his stonewashed jeans. The door opened and a tall cop walked in, his steely, gray-blue eyes scanning around the lobby, his hand resting on his gun. A chill stole over me. Why was he here? I had been clean for years, just ask my parole officer.

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The cop's eyes fell on my customer, who swallowed, jerking his hand out of his pocket and holding it out wide. "Get out!" growled the cop. "Yes, sir," my customer swallowed, blonde secretary fucked by huge cock arab boss up, edging around the cop, and dashed out.

The customer may have had fifty pounds on the cop, but he still ran out like a bitch. What the hell was this? "You're closed for the rest of the night," the cop barked.

"Now listen here," I said, getting heated. "You can't just come in here and bark orders. This is private—" "Be quiet and kneel before your Goddess!" "What the fuck!" Was this cop high on meth or something? The doors opened and four naked women walked in. My eyes drank in their beauty. A pair of twin redheads with nice, perky tits; an older woman in her twenties with a lithe and graceful body; and a drop-dead gorgeous young woman with platinum-blonde hair and eyes that seemed to glow like twinkling stars.

I fell to my knees.

She was a Goddess incarnated in flesh. Her bearing spoke power and her movements spoke majesty. She strode straight towards me, my eyes falling on her trimmed, blonde bush sticky with her passion.

The lips of her well-fucked pussy peaked out of those stained curls. "I wish my host to have a permanent memory briana lees member camshow from april th masturbation natural this night," she purred.

"You shall tattoo a seven-pointed star right here." She touched her groin just to the left of her bush. "Then a second seven-pointed star here." She touched her right, budding breast, circling her pink nipple. "I will," I breathed, my cock hard as a rock.

"Strip and let me gaze upon your strong countenance." I pulled the black, leather vest I wore off, throwing it carelessly on the floor.

Her eyes appreciating my muscular form covered in tattoos. Then I unfastened my heavy, black belt studded with stainless steel. I kicked my shoes off and dropped my jeans and boxers, my cock standing thick and proud before me. "Very nice," she purred, touching my muscular flesh.

"You stir such passions in me. Handmaids, you may amuse yourselves." "Thank you, Mistress," purred one of the twins and, to my lusty delight, kissed her naked sister on the lips. I wanted to stay and watch the hot sight, but my Goddess motioned me to follow her with her graceful hand.

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"Do not worry. You shall taste both of them as your reward for this evening," promised my Goddess. The Goddess gracefully sat on the reclining chair, spreading her legs. I could smell the cum oozing out of her. "Use silver," she purred as I gathered my supplies on a rolling table. "And barbells piercings to adorn my nipples." I grabbed my tattoo gun, a fresh needle, silver ink, a piercing needle, and a pair of silver barbells to adorn her nipples.

I didn't bother with gloves. She was a Goddess, not covered in disgusting diseases like my normal customers. The gun hummed to life, and I went to work free-handing a seven-pointed star. "Such pain," she groaned with orgasmic delight. I looked up in concern and saw rapture painted on her face. She mewled and gasped as the needled dipped over and over into her flesh. "Keep working, and you shall taste my flesh when you are finished." My cock throbbed in anticipation.

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I drew the star, accompanied by her sweet moans of joy. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter, exuding a heady, spicy aroma that only inflamed my desires. It didn't take long to finish the star by her groin, there wasn't much space to work in, so it was small.

"Your skill is to be praised, artist," she purred as I wiped away the blood. "Let me put a bandage on it," I said. "No need." I glanced at the tattoo, and it was healed. Instead blonde babe likes to please a dick being inflamed, it looked like she had the star for months.

A miracle. "And now here," she purred, hooking her legs around his waist as he stood up and she pulled him to her. My cock sank into her warm, wet, tight depths. I groaned as the Heaven of her cunt embraced me. A gasp passed her sweet lips, her back arching as I buried all the way into her, nudging the bottom of her cunt. "Such delights the flesh offers," she purred, her cunt tightening and relaxing about my dick.

Sweat broke out across my forehead as her cunt worked my cock like a milkmaid worked the udder of a cow. Soft, delicate, wonderful. I tried to ignore the growing fire in my balls as I switched on my tattoo gun and lowered it to her left breast. "Oh, yes!" she groaned as the needle darted into her flesh, impregnating her skin with starry silver.

Blood beaded red against her pale skin. Her cunt squeezed harder on me. "Such wonderful sensations!" I drew the star, sweeping across the slight curves of her budding mound, her nipple standing hard. She shivered when my wrist brushed it as I drew the star. Her cunt never stopped milking me, the pleasure surging through me in powerful waves. "Thank you, Goddess," I groaned, the star half-complete.

My balls were boiling; I couldn't take her sweet embrace any loner. "Give me your worship," she gasped, her delicious pussy working harder at my cock.

"Bathe me in your adoration!" With a grunt, my spunk flooded her holy place. She gasped and squirmed on the chair, her tiny breasts shaking and jiggling and her silver eyes squeezing shut. Every muscle in my body tensed as my release exploded into my Goddess. Squirt after squirt flooded her until her cunt had sucked me dry.

And she kept working me; I didn't go soft. "Your task is but half-complete," she purred, reaching up to finger my nipple. Then she pinched and pain shot through me. "Sorry, my Goddess!" I gasped. By the time I finished the tattoo, the pressure in my balls was about to explode as her her pussy relentlessly worked my cock.

I reached out and grabbed the long, silver needle. I didn't need to sterilize it. She was a Goddess, how could she get sick? "Oh, yes," she groaned in anticipation, her silver eyes fluttering as I pinched her left nipple, making sure it was hard and erect.

"Such wonderful delights!" I pressed the needle against her pink nub and shoved it through. The effect was electric. Her back arched as she cried out in pain and pleasure. Her cunt spasmed wildly about my cock, frantic for more cum. "Such wonders!" she screamed as she trembled, her nipple pierced by the needle, her breast shaking and quivering.

Another wonderful release burst from me, giving my Goddess more proof of my adoration. Her eyes shot open, glowing silver, and she stared right into my eyes, and then beyond me into the depths of my soul, and spoke: You lie bleeding and gasping stuck from behind dying in a room made of stone and a door made of iron, As your guard watches on, bribed to not lift a finger, you die betrayed by your friend over a pack francesca le sex and submission cigarettes.

It was hard to focus on her words as his balls emptied into her wonderful cunt. I pulled the needle out, red with her blood, and grabbed one of the piercings, unscrewing the ball cap christmas milf creampie and female fake taxi fucks cop noise complaints make muddy hoe shoving it through the hole I made. She shuddered as the piercing went in, then I screwed the cap back on. "Such wonderful delights!" she moaned as he shoved the piercing needle through her right nipple.

She looked so beautiful with silver glinting beside her pink nipples. Adorned with her new jewelry, the Goddess, pushed me back. I groaned as my cock, still sensitive from my two cums, slid out of her wonderful pussy. My cum ran out white of her pussy, staining the black leather of chair—a memento of her visit. With grace she stood up, her piercings glinting in the light, and she strode to the lobby. I followed. The cop had the older handmaiden on his lap, kissing her on the lips.

My Goddess smirked at the sight.

The twins sixty-nined furiously on the floor, the twin on top had her hair in a single, pleated braid, her ass wiggling atop her sister's face.

My cock hardened. "Adorn the sisters," my Goddess commanded. "Let them forever have mementos of this night." Then she turned to the cop. "My bodyguard, where is the nearest low establishment?" "Low establishment?" "Yes, where men congress to imbibe intoxicants." The cop blinked and I could almost see the cogs of his mind turning.

"A bar? There's one next door." She smiled. "Yes, there is." An orgasmic shudder ran through my Goddess. "And it is full to the bursting with lust.

We shall find such worship there." My Goddess swept out of my parlor, her ass swaying with grace, trailed by the cop and the older handmaiden. The twins gasped and moaned on the floor, cumming on each other's mouths. So fucking hot. The one with her auburn hair gathered in a braid sat up, her tits bouncing, and looked at my cock with lust. "I want a tattoo of a thorny petite brunette minx rides on a bbc wrapped around my tit," she purred.

"The rose opening around my nipple." I grabbed her hand, pulling her into the back room, my cock once again hard. She sat on the chair as I gathered his supplies, her thighs spread to expose her shaved pussy, dripping with her sweet juices. She looked tight and juicy. "This is going to hurt," I told her with a smile and drove my cock into her.

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She groaned, and I savored her tight pussy about my cock. My tattoo gun hissed to life, and I inked in her rose. Such a wonderful way to tattoo a girl, her pussy tight on my cock, squeezing me as she gasped and moaned in pain and pleasure. Her twin sat down on a stool beside her, taking her hand. "How is it?" "Amazing," she gasped. "I'm gonna cum, Rhonda-May!" "Then you best be doin' that," her sister grinned. "I reckon he's lookin' forward to your purtee cunt spasmin' 'bout his pecker!" I was, and I couldn't wait to find out if her twin felt any different when she came on my cock.

To be continued.