Astonished beauty in lingerie is geeting pissed on and poked

Astonished beauty in lingerie is geeting pissed on and poked
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EVEN BY ARRISAN I was walking out of school. It was a Friday afternoon, the weekend was here and literally hundreds of kids flooded through the gates. Kids going away for the weekend, skipping detention, band practice with friends, any number of things could be done between now and Monday morning. Except homework it always seemed. I was with my friends, Carl, Adam, and Jon. Jon was reaching the end of an anecdote from calculus when Greg the jock and Tiffany the cheerleader walked in front of us; arms around each other, whispering to each other and giggling.

"Jesus Christ" Jon muttered, rolling his eyes. "We get it you're in a relationship!" Adam added, a lot louder. Greg and Tiffany didn't seem to hear. "I heard she fucked him" Carl said. "Really?" I smiled "Lucky ass hole" The only reason any of us were truly annoyed was that it was our second to last year of high school and all of us were yet to have sex.

And not a single one of use would hesitate if someone like Tiffany offered. "Nah wouldn't bang" Jon said. "You mad bro?" I replied, mimicking the meme. "No Josh my friend I don't want Tiffany" Jon continued, then he paused "I'd rather have Carl's sister" he grinned.

"Hey fuck you!" Carl replied, only half joking. Jon definitely had a point though. Carl's sister Robyn was insanely hot. The closest thing we had to a babe in a small southern Californian town, hell, she was a babe in a small southern Californian town. We were in Carl's backyard a few weekends ago, messing around by his pool, and Robyn had stepped out in a bikini and lay there sunbathing. It was all any of us could do to stop staring at her, any of us except maybe Carl.

Jon and Adam had stared freely, whilst it would seem I was the only the one who could keep my eyes off her tits long enough for her not to notice, which was definitely a plus since she gave withering, disgusted looks in Adam and Jon's direction as she went back inside, lasbeen sex young girl 2 girl fingring from prying eyes. Yes, Robyn would definitely be better than Tiffany, so I voiced that.

"I agree with Jon" I said. "She's definitely got bigger tits than Tiffany" Adam put in. "And I bet she's got more experience" I added.

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"Told you man" Jon shrugged at Carl. "I still reckon Tiffany's better" Carl muttered angrily. It was later that I was getting changed out of sweaty jeans from school and into chinos to go out. Me, Carl, Jon and another kid, Jake were all going to Adam's house, a huge thing with a pool and a sort of cabin in the backyard, which was really just a large, clean, empty shed. We were going to play poker, the overall winner of which would win fifty dollars.

However I was already running late and was hurrying to get out of the house. I continued dressing, buttoning up a shirt. Then my phone, which was on my desk, started ringing. I picked it up. It was Carl. "Hey Josh?" "Yeah?" "Are you still at home or are you on your way over?" "I'm still at home" I replied, wondering if he was about to demand I get over now. "Cool, as you come over can you stop by my house? I left my wallet and my iPod there." "I don't know if listening to your iPod is allowed as a poker face" I replied, grabbing my keys and wallet.

"Nah, its for Adam's dock, he's only got shit music on his." "Alright I'll be there in about fifteen minutes" "Cool" "Oh, and another thing" I couldn't resist a quick gag "I'll try not to bang your sister while I'm there" "Fuck you dude" Carl said and hung up. I slipped my phone into my pocket as I walked out the door, laughing to myself. I took five minutes to walk down to Carl's house, the sun's heat less intense as it began its descent towards the horizon, although it wouldn't fully sink for another couple hours.

No cars out front, parents must be out, I thought at the back of my mind. I knocked on the door. I waited for a few seconds, the muffled sounds of footsteps on floorboards, as someone came to answer the door. I was half aroused and half stunned when I excited guy kisses girls homemade and hardcore it was Robyn who came to answer the door.

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She was a knockout. Dark brunette hair fell straight down from a parting over the far end of her left eyebrow down just brushing her shoulders and no further.

Sky blue eyes enhanced with mascara and eyeliner. Round, but not plump facial features, cheeks tinged with blush, and glossed lips. It was a blessing her face was so good to look at because otherwise I'd be gawping at the huge pair of breasts she was sporting beneath a thin, tight cotton shirt, which was tucked into a pair of skimpy denim shorts which hugged her thighs.

"Hey Josh" she smiled, I reckoned she probably preferred to me to some of Carl's other friends, mostly because I was able to keep my eyes of her chest, as far as she knew, and was usually pleased to see me. "Hey Robyn" I replied. "Carl's already left to go to Adam's" she said. "Yeah, I know, he asked me if I could come pick up his wallet and his iPod" "Oh okay, come in then" I stepped into the house, shutting the door behind me, and followed Robyn upstairs.

I watched her ass wave in those tight little shorts. Then I went into Carl's room. I instantly saw the leather of peru melisa porntula rodriguez anal corner of Carl's wallet poking out from under a mound of schoolbooks. I picked it up and slipped it into my pocket. Another five minutes and I still couldn't find his iPod. I lifted old clothes off the floor with the end of a coat hanger but to no avail.

Robyn walked past the door and saw my confused look "Are they not in there?" "I found his wallet" I replied "I just can't find his iPod" "Oh it might be in my room" she indicated for me to follow her.

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I obliged. Robyn's room was two doors down from Carl's. It was pretty much organised and decorated like any teenage girl's. A large double bed with clean sheets dominated the centre of the room. "Ah, here it is, I must've borrowed it or something" Robyn pulled out an iPod with earphones wrapped around its length.

She came up to me and gave it to me. I slipped it into my pocket, struggling slightly because they were pretty packed by this point. When I looked up Robyn was standing right in front of me. So close I could feel her breath on my cheek, as I moved my head our lips came close.

As I, in my gentlemanly way, was about to move away and laugh about the awkwardness of it, Robyn grabbed me and kissed me. Her tongue went straight down into my mouth, she sucked deeply on my tongue, and her hips began to grind against my leg. She pulled away, me a little breathless "Do you like me Josh?" "Uhh, yeah" I replied, stunned.

"Enough to fuck me?" she asked, her eyes pleading. "Yes" I said, almost before she'd finished the sentence. And before I'd even finished mine she pressed me against the wall, sucking intensely on my tongue again. Still kissing me passionately she began to unbutton my pants, and the pull the zipper down. She pulled my cock out, and stroked it into rigidity. "You a virgin?" she asked again as mom and son caugth cheats pulled away.

"A bit" I admitted sheepishly. "That's ok" she said, flushed slightly "I'll teach you" "Okay" I said, not needing to be offered twice. "First lesson: step out of your pants, sit on the bed, and then do nothing". I obeyed, my cock fully erect. "Mmmm, you're big aren't you?" she giggled, and began stroking my seven inches in her hand. Then, seemingly without warning, she plunged it into her mouth.

Her plump mouth rounded around my girth, burying my cock until she had taken in the entire length. I groaned with pleasure. I'd once had a sloppy half-assed handjob/blowjob hybrid upstairs at a party once and hadn't even finished, but what Robyn was doing now was in a different league. As she slowly let me out of her mouth her tongue pirouetted around my dick until she was at the end and licking pre-cum off the head. Then she took the top half of me back into her mouth.

She coated my cock with her saliva, her lip gloss smeared slightly up and down my length. I gave another groan. At this Robyn got off me "Guess I can't make you cum yet can I?" she grinned "I still need this" she indicated to my erection. "Move up a bit". I scrabbled a bit more up the bed, my legs now on the mattress.

Robyn sat up, and pulled her t-shirt over her head. My eyes opened so wide they started to hurt.

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32DD breasts took up most of Robyn's chest, literally they seemed to cover every part step brother forced step sister it or maybe that's just coming from a guy.

Soft, creamy, porcelain like skin. Red nipples stood out a centimetre out from her chest. She pulled down the skimpy shorts and with them an even skimpier pair of black panties. Robyn straddled me and I got a look at her pussy; plump lips, pressed tightly together, with the pink opening just about visible. Wetness dripped from the opening and onto the end of my cock. Robyn kneeled down, propped up.

One hand held my cock and guided it into her pussy. I gasped with pleasure as her insanely tight lips clasped my cock and held tight. Using her thighs she lowered her pussy onto my length, giving a long loud husky moan of pleasure.

She leant forwards, her hands propping herself up on my muscular chest. Her hips flexed and bucked up and down on my length. Robyn's huge breasts bounced in front of my face. I began to meet her thrusts with my own, slamming into her pussy. I could feel her clitoris begin to grind against my cock. Wetness seemed to seep from her pussy, drenching my cock and only letting my cock enter her faster and faster still. Her hips bucking more fiercely, her moans becoming more intense, her fingernails digging into my chest, and daddy drink and amateur brunette old man first time finally shes got her boss dick incredible tits bounced ever more.

Up down up down up down up down. I leant up, still keeping up with her thrusts, and took Robyn's red nipple into my mouth and sucked on it gently, then harder. Then I tugged at it gently with my teeth.

That and the dick fiercely stimulating her clit was too much for Robyn and she screamed aloud. "Oh my god I'm cumming!

I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" she screamed, stretching out the last syllable. Her hands clutched my head against her chest and we rolled over until I was on top. I pulled my dick out and removed my face from her chest and my load exploded from the end of my cock.

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A dozen thick ropes of sticky cum flew from my head and splattered against her tits, as far as her chin. She gasped in intense pleasure as her own orgasm continued on below me and when we were done. She looked up at me. "How was that for a first time?" she asked, grinning. "Amazing" I grinned back. It was about forty minutes later, that me, Jon, Adam, Carl, and Jake were sitting, cards in hand around the table in Adam's log cabin.

None of us were starting to take the game seriously yet and a lot of hypotheticals and would-you-rathers were being thrown about. Eventually Carl said "Josh, if I had sex with your sister would that make us enemies?" "I'd be wierded out 'cos she's fourteen but nah we'd be cool" "So we'd be better friends?" I could see where this might head "No" "So what would it make us?" My serious expression and almost nonchalant tone led to the dismayed look Carl made, and the laughs from the others, as I said "It'd make us even".