Lovely amateur girlfriend tries out anal sex on tape

Lovely amateur girlfriend tries out anal sex on tape
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Well, like I have written before, my ex was an LT and would be if I had not fucked his commander and his Commanders wife and had his baby for them. Before that I had begun really enjoying fucking others on he base we were at.

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I let him know what I liked and since he could not provide enough sex I told him one day that I was going to whoever I wanted to whenever I wanted to This was after several tries at getting him to kick in and help me with controlled sexual fun, like gang bangs that nice college girl gets teased and shagged by her senior lecturer picked the ones that came over and did me and all kinds of tries.

Well, one afternoon there was a party at the base lake that was actually off the main base but it was still base property. I was bored to tears and he sat watching a baseball game and I tried to get him to bed but it just did not work.

I went in and put on my string bikini hat had a patch or material over each nipple and over my puss and the rest was all, well, it was string. I came out and he said "Where are you going?" I told him, "Well, you are watching a ball game and I wanna have some balls. Goin to the beach or the lake. See you when I get home if I do." and I left. I got in the car and put the top down and took of the beach wrap and so I had on my barely there bikini and drove the few miles to the lake.

I drove around till I got to the side that was more secluded than the rest and had to be reached by foot path. Sure enough there was a party going strong. Lots of men and women, lots of booze and so I walked to the beach about 20 years away and laid my blanket out and streached out. Soon, as I had planned, my hands began to wander around my body.

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Pulling my nipples and slipping out of the bare covering my suit provided. Right after that several men were around me, "damn baby, what ya got going on?" one said and the group all had hard cocks tenting their shorts and suits.

"Oh, just enjoying the sun, you like what you see?" I said. Another guy said, "Hel baby, nice show." and I looked up my suit off now and said, "Oh baby, the show has not even begun." I laid out and spread my legs and began sucking my nipples and then sinking my fingers into my pussy.

I had a nice dildo in my bag that I had hidden under my towel and it came out and sprang to life and into my pussy. I began slowly and increased the speed and really put on a show, writing like a wild animal in heat and finally sprayed the blanket with an orgasm.

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I opened my eyes and the group had grown in number and in cock size. The women were now almost all naked too and so I was the center of attention.

I laid the dildo aside and moaned, "So, anyone got the real thing for me?" and a guy stripped his suit off and let a raging hard cock slide into my soaking pussy. I sprayed his balls instantly and gave a loud cry as I bucked upwards onto his cock. There were lots of hoots and comments and a couple girls were jacking off some guys. The in me finished and began to pull his cock out to cum but I wrapped my legs around him and he shot his load in my pussy. He got off me and I sat up.

"I only have one rule everyone, cum goes in me, not of the ground or blanket in in a rubber. It goes in my ass, my pussy or my throat but it does go in me, understood?" and I laid down, "Now who is next, and oh. I will take more than one at a time." A nice big cock was in front of my face and I lovingly took him down my throat and another lifted me and sat me on his cock and I was going nuts, sucking and riding and finally after a long while (it seemed so anyway) I swallowed and took them in pussy and throat.

They got off and I said, "You know, I really like three at one time." and so there guys stepped up and I sat on one as they leaned hot babes enjoy a rock solid boner over and another slammed into my ass and a nice one was in front of my face and I began sucking him. They got a rythum going so that all of us wee sloppering all over each other and I began having orgasms like crazy.

The one in my throat got off and I swallowed his load and then another took his place that was huge and thick. I had trouble getting it down and he laughed, "You are gonna take it all the way down slut." and he pushed my head down onto his cock. More and more went down my throat until I could not get any air and the two under me were ramming me hard. I tried to move off his cock but more hands held my head so that his 10 inch long and really thick cock was all the way down.

I felt myself having orgasms and then I blacked out. A woman was slapping my face and had a wash cloth on it and I came around. "You okay sweetie?" she said and I moaned yes. I looked around, "Okay guys, more." I said and they laughed and began again.

I was aware that I was getting fucked in all three holes constantly and there was only a few that did me twice so there were a lot of guys that came to the party. I found later that the word had spread of a gang bang at the lake and then when they found out who it was there were officer and enlisted joining in.

Even some female of both upper and lower rankes were taking a turn at me. Hours went by and all I know was that someone shook me and woke me. "You okay lady? Do you want to report this?" and two SPs were standing over me not covering me but enjoying the view. "Hell no, I wanted to get gang banged and I think I did, in fact I could use a couple more if you are interested." They loked at each other and slender teenage bombshell pleasures two fat rods were riding me.

After they finished and I dressed, yes, just the bikini, I drove to the base and flashed the guys at the gate then went home. My ex was sleeping in the living room, "Where have you been?" he said.

"I told you, getting myself taken care of, you wil hear about it tomorrow I am sure." I laid in bed and passed out. I slept all day and when he came home he woke me, "Do you know how many you had?" "No, how many?" I sad. "Wel, some say over 40 not counting the women." "Oh damn, I knew I was feeling well fucked this morning." He slammed the door and walked out and came back a few hours later and laid in bed drunk.

"And you wonder why I fuck other men and women?" I said and went to sleep in the living room. Well, folks. Everyone was over 18 so this should stay up. Bye love sue