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Young and Foolish?? Part Two This is the second part of a Trilogy about my childhood I suppose you could say this story is as much about sunny leone xxxcom xxcom story sister as it is me. We were both very involved in this part of my younger days. My sister, we'll call her Penny was to say the very least a promiscuous child. One time I had seen three or four boys lining up to touch her on a park bench in broad daylight.

She was only nine, but knew how to get anything she wanted from a guy. I'd also heard she was no stranger to her own sex. But that side of her life was only hearsay and nothing to do with me. I'm only going to tell you about the sister I know who was instrumental in the direction my life took. If you are expecting wild sex and unfettered debauchery in this the first chapter of my story I apologise.

This is an introduction and like so many things in life must take its course. Chapter One I'll start by giving you an idea of what she was like. At seven she would sit on a male relatives lap running her fingers through his hair, later it was not only relatives but anyone she thought could be of use to her. It was the relatives she practiced on, and because of their egos and probably what was in their trousers she almost always got her way. What amazed me was the women in the family they thought she was cute, and totally ignorant of her game.

You are probably thinking I was jealous, maybe, but I don't think so. At seven I didn't have anything to do with her. As a spoilt brat who received most of what she asked for, she annoyed me. With everything she had, she was a trouble maker and I couldn't figure out why.

It wasn't until she was older and her body was starting to form that there was any interest in her on my part. You will already know if you've read an account of my earlier childhood.

I had plenty to keep myself occupied. It was a friend who brought my attention to what she was doing in a well used recreation ground used by families hawt legal age teenager attractive babe deepthroats to home.

All he said was. I needed to see this we got anal sex with shy teen blonde who was letting boys touch her for a cigarette. He didn't tell me who it was we were going to see, mainly because he didn't know my sister. When we arrived I have to admit I was not surprised. We watched from a distance. Then he produced a pair of his father's binoculars. We saw her with two boys.

We knew them both. They were sitting either side of her each with his hand inside her jumper. I hadn't realised how my sister had filled out. These kids had something to grab hold of now. I said this to my friend and he replied with. It's all the hand rearing. We laughed. To this day I don't know where he used to find his wit. As time moved on I heard more rumours, this time of her allowing older boys and men to touch her for bigger presents.

But during that period I had my own thing going. It was a couple of years later when my involvement began. Penny was ten. She was still using her winning ways to obtain pretty much all she wanted, and now she had better bargaining tools, a pair of them. Even though our private cold war was still raging one could not help but notice how Penny was blossoming.

To be fair, considering her age she had a bloody teen hottie tiffany taylor gets nailed with a stiff cock body, and I must admit to checking it out on the odd occasion as she made her way to the bathroom in her birthday suit.

The day my part in this started was on one of my mothers work days. While she was out we were not allowed to let anyone into the house. But as you will soon realise, rules never really registered with Penny. There was a knock at the front door. I was in my bedroom reading, outside it was pouring with rain. Penny answered the door and I heard her invite whoever it was in. Saying, as it's raining you had better come in and she took him into the rear lounge, after a few minutes I heard laughing. My nose got the better of me.

I crept to the top of the stairs to hear what was happening. I recognised the man's voice, but could not place it. There was more laughter. So I felt one should listen for a while. Well, it would have been rude not to. As usual Penny was up to her well honed tricks. She wanted one of the new portable radios of the time.

These were very rare and they were also very expensive. Sis had asked everyone in the family for one for her birthday and they all told her the same thing.

Too expensive and you'll lose interest in it in a couple of weeks and then want something else. I was pleased that at least the family was getting wise to her.

She proceeded to tell our visitor her hard luck story. I suddenly realised who owned the voice I'd been hearing. It was Trevor a family friend who owned a small factory chubby ebony ex stretching shaved cunt on couch amateur pussy the town. I thought if she could persuade anyone get her a radio it would be him. I always thought he was a bit of a dirty old man. I beautiful chick widens lengthy legs girlfriend homemade her go and sit on the arm of the chair he was sitting in.

She was swinging her leg to and fro allowing him to see a nice bit of leg. It was amusing for me to hear him say almost word for word what the family had been saying. She started running her fingers through his hair. Telling him if she was his little girl I bet he'd buy her a radio. He just laughed saying he had no wife or little girl. Before Penny could continue there was another knock at the front door.

That's mum I thought, time for me to disappear. As I started back up stairs Penny emerged from the lounge and saw me, immediately giving me one of her cold if looks could kill stares. Next, her usual ritual when mother arrived home. Hello mummy dear. Have you had a good day? Quickly followed by, Trevor's here. I could imagine what was going through mothers mind and then I heard it.

Where's your brother? He's upstairs mummy. I think he's reading. When she entered the lounge as usual her tone changed. Hello Trevor nice to see you, and then. Have you had tea? He told her no and I assumed she'd answered that with a sigh that was the norm, as my sister would do nothing unless there was something in it for her.

Having had no luck with Trevor and quite put out that she was told to make tea for him was the cue for Penny to vacate that part of the house and she came up stairs and into my room. With her hands on her hips she demanded to know why I was spying on her. I told her I only wanted to know who she was talking to. You decided to listen to everything too I suppose? I told her with a smile on my face. I had, and surprise, surprise I didn't hear anything I'd not heard a thousand times before.

She turned and stamped out of the room slamming the door behind her. A few weeks passed and turned into a couple of months. I'd not heard a peep from Penny and I can truthfully say I was ecstatic, it had been so peaceful. It was the first Saturday in March. The time of year when the party season began again after the quiet period that always followed New Years. Mother and her friends were very big on parties, for me there was sometimes an upside.

Some were known to last the whole weekend. There was also a downside. We would french girl fingered in club dragged along, as baby sitters. On this occasion her friend's daughters were away at their dads and there was no need for a sitter, so we were off the hook and were able to stay at home and I got lumbered sitting my sister, and my loony godmother would be popping in to make sure we were okay.

I'd hoped my sister would have been taken with her or been farmed out somewhere else, but no such luck. After lunch mother left giving me the usual warning about behaving.

It was the usual guilt trip she would lay on me in advance of her going anywhere, a predefined script of threats. No friends in, no fighting with your sister, no wishing your god mother was dead, and the list went on. Then quiet, mother had gone. I went into the library and was sorting through some books. About four Penny decided to speak to me.

That was a pity as I'd quite enjoyed the last couple of months of peace. And I told her so. She stamped out of the room in her usual manner. I told her not to slam the door.

Instead she shouted some abuse. I told her that was to be expected from someone so childish, and because she had tits it didn't make her a grown up. She would stay a kid until she was fifty with that attitude.

She turned and accused me of being jealous of her. I said. Jealous! of what, getting touched up by anyone who had a spare cigarette? No. She shouted. Because YOU want to touch me up. I asked how on earth she'd come to that conclusion. I've seen the way you look at me. I told her she was mad…… She was correct though.

She had a terrific body for a kid and those tits. You'd need to have something wrong with you not to want to look&hellip. She added. I know you always conveniently come out of your bedroom when I'm going to have a bath. That happened once, I said. You are crazy. She turned to march out of the room again then stopped. She turned and said. I bet I could make you want me. I beg your pardon? You heard me. I bet I can make you want me. I just looked to heaven. You wait.

I'll get you. She shouted. I smiled thinking. What a spoilt brat she is. She was heading for the stairs when there was a knock at the door. Penny answered it. It was my loony tunes godmother. I cringed getting ready to go upstairs and out of it. Luckily she didn't come in, just said she was going to her sons for the weekend and if we needed her to call. I breathed again, thinking. That's a first.

I couldn't handle her today. I couldn't handle her any day if the truth be known. About two hours later the peace was broken again. Penny came into the room. I didn't bother looking up, just quietly groaned. She said. What's the matter, scared to look at me? I ignored her. I'm talking to you. She raised her voice. Did you hear me? It wasn't a request but a demand. I heaved a loud sigh and looked round to tell her to get lost.

Instead my mouth hung open, the sigh I was about to emit stuck in my throat, and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. She was standing there looking like a hooker.

She was wearing a tight pencil skirt, a totally see through white blouse and one of those bras you only saw in magazines, and porn movies and I'd seen a few of them. She was wearing black stocking and black patent very high heels. I thought they were my mothers but on closer inspection I could see they fitted her. To finish her outfit off she was wearing a wide black patent belt that matched the shoes. She had on makeup and her hair was up on top of her head.

Well? She said curtly. I had to drag my eyes to her face and thinking quickly said. Well what? That was me thinking quickly under stress. What do you think of me? You called me a prostitute so I decided to dress like one just for you.

I said. I suppose they were gifts from your gropers? That's right. She replied. Then walking in front of me wriggled her hips while pulling her skirt up showing me her red suspenders. I felt myself getting a hard on and said. I suppose you're going out now to earn more stuff? She screamed at me. NO I'M FUCKING NOT. I'd never heard her swear before. In fact I'd never heard anyone in the family swear.

I said. Lovely, it goes with the clothes. She was angry and said. If you really want to know I got them for you. I saw tears welling up in her eyes. I frowned and told her. But I don't wear clothes like that, trying to hide the smile that was spreading all over my face.

I quickly put my hand in front of my mouth but not in time to prevent her noticing. A smile came to her lips but tears were rolling down her cheeks, then she sat on the arm of the chair saying. I really did get sexbf xxx bf story cremp for you.

Her voice was trembling as she spoke. Please tell me you like them. I tried to keep a negative tone in my voice as I told her they were alright I suppose.

But I don't think the hard disinterested tone came across, as she put her arm round my shoulder and kissed my cheek.

I knew you'd like them. Then she rubbed my cheek saying sorry. I've got lipstick on you. Tell me you like what you see, please. I looked into her eyes. She was really serious and for the first time looked so little now. I had never seen this version of my sister, she was almost humble. Does it matter what I think? More than anything! She was almost pleading. I couldn't understand why she was so concerned about what I thought and I said so.

But I told her to go and stand at the other side of the room so I could get a better look. She got up and walked to the middle of the room. There was no getting away from it. She was certainly petite teen riding creampie stephanie west in im your pussy now very sexy and I did like the bright red lipstick.

She spun round a couple of times to let me see all of her. Then she asked. Well? I told her she looked really very sexy. She then began to wriggle her hips again sliding her skirt up to show me her legs. Do you think I have nice legs? I small girl and boy play. Yes. Do you think these clothes suit me? I told her they did, especially the blouse.

I tried to get a see thru bra but I could only find this one. I wanted one to match my knickers. Then she lifted her skirt even higher to show me her knickers that were as see thru as her blouse. She had no hair and I could see the swollen folds of her pussy, I could also see a wet patch a little lower.

This kid was really turned on. She started walking towards me pulling her skirt down. I asked why she got the clothes, followed by. Mother will go nuts if she sees them. I told you I got them for you. I wanted a short pleated skirt because I know you like them. But I couldn't find one in my size or they were too long. I've been collecting these for about three months. But why for me? I asked again.

Are you completely blind or just stupid? She asked. I'm going to tell you something. Every time one of those boys touched me I closed my eyes and imagined it was you. Why do you think I walk to the bathroom naked for my bath? I thought you might come out of your room one day and see me. That's why I made such a noise asking mum where the towels were even though I knew.

But why I repeated yet again. She came and sat on my lap. Because I love you, you idiot! You what? I gagged out. You're my sister. We are not meant to love each other. We are meant to dislike, even hate each other and fight all the time. You are also only ten. I'm not ten. She shouted. I am eleven. This time it was almost a whisper.

Okay you're eleven but you are still my sister and still a kid. But you're only just thirteen. You are eighteen months older than me, and I look a lot older than you. We both sat there in silence for what seemed like ages. Then Penny said. You don't like me then? I didn't say that. If you weren't my sister it would be okay. Then imagine I'm not your sister and that I'm older.

With that she took my hand and rested it on her breast applying pressure. Doesn't that feel nice, does it feel like the tit of an eleven year old? I didn't say it wasn't nice. She then took my hand and pressed it onto her leg, sliding it up with both hands.

I could feel her heat coming thru the stockings. How does that feel? Hot I said, hot and silky. But do you like it? Yes I said again. She pulled my hand higher up and between her legs. Then she held my elbow and pulled hard. My hand was touching the bare flesh at the top of her stockings. It was burning hot and tacky. The erection in my shorts was making it look like a tent now. Penny kept glancing down and if she hadn't noticed blowjob hungry brunette and blonde fart noise complaints make dirty biotch cops like me have to be blind.

Well I'm glad someone here likes me. Looking me in the eyes she said. You are hard, and with a cheeky smile on her face she asked if she could touch it. Before I could say no her hand was on the head of it and she pushed down, not hard but firmly. Bloody hell! I said. What's the matter darling? She had a shocked look on her face. Was that nice? You know it was. It felt as though I was having a mini orgasm&hellip. Mmmmm! She smiled again this time licking her lips. I had to admit to blonde with bbc porn stars real couple couch sex hardcore banging, I've had a fair few orgasms and in a lot of different situations but never the feeling I had just then.

I jumped as she pressed down again. She said. See. You do like it. I said liking it does not alter the fact you are my sister and it's not right. She came close to my ear and whispered. You know you like me as much as I like you. She gently held my chin and turning my face to hers she placed her lips on mine. All the time I was thinking we shouldn't be doing this I was also asking myself why not. No one had ever told me I shouldn't.

I opened my mouth waiting for her tongue to enter, but it didn't. I tried to slip my tongue into her mouth but it was shut tight. I broke away gently telling her if we are to do this, let's do it properly.

I then told her to open her mouth. She did, but wide enough for me to fall in. I said. No not like that, only this much. I showed her with my lips. Then I put my lips onto hers. Her lips were soft and trembling. She was probably thinking the same thoughts as me. Then again, that was not at all likely. She's probably excited and nothing was further from her mind. I slid my tongue between her lips and she pulled me tightly against her.

I heard her moan into my mouth then she was twisting her tongue round mine and then she pushed it from her mouth to place hers in mine. I thought this was completely mad. We could never be together, and god knows what would happen if the family found out. Again I replaced my tongue, under hers this time and then over it and the sides all along her gums, I even tried to reach the roof of her mouth, then again twisting it around her tongue.

She was still quietly moaning into my mouth her arms were holding me tighter now, and she was fidgeting on my lap. I kissed her for about four or five minutes maybe longer. When I paused she sighed and asked me not to stop. I want you to kiss me forever. With everything that was new english medium sexy story sex stories I was rock hard and horny as hell.

Bearing in mind it was about eighteen months since my last real orgasm at uncles. I was always hard for the slightest reason, ever since that period.

This feeling was different though. I was always leaking large amounts of pre cum because I was always feeling so god damn horny, my sister was not going to help me to curb that any time soon I thought. I was beginning to agree with what she wanted. As long as we were careful who would know? Without a doubt she had turned me on in a way I had never experienced before. Sister or not I was starting to want her and I knew she wanted me, badly.

She asked me. Where did you learn to kiss like that? I said maybe one day I'll tell you. Right now she was more interested in action than an answer. Kiss me again darling, you kiss so nice. I told her I was surprised she'd not been kissed like this before. They only wanted to grope my titties and things. No one cared about me only what they could get, and so I decided I didn't care about them for the same reason. I kissed some boys at school but they didn't know how to do it or I would have learned how from them, I thought that was the way you did it.

I wouldn't let any of the men kiss me even though they wanted to. I would only let them touch my tits and down there. She looked down at her skirt. Was touching you all that happened? Yes. She replied, most of the time. Did you touch them? She hesitated. Yes. I asked her. How? Again there was a pause. I wanked four off and sucked three. What boys or men? The young boys weren't interested in that. They only wanted to feel me. I touched a couple of the older boys but they were not very big, I thought it was because they were not really interested.

While we were talking Penny started to undo her blouse, saying she was hot. The bra she was wearing was definitely very sexy. It made her already large tits look even larger, lifting them up and not doing much to keep them from falling out. It wasn't so obvious with the loose fitting blouse she had on. She was a big girl for her age. I think what my friend always said was very apt. It was all the hand mom hoe enjoys being fucked hard mature and asian. She got up from my lap and I asked her what was wrong.

She replied. I told you I'm hot. The old terse tone of voice coming into play once more, the very reason I never liked her. She unzipped her skirt and slid it from her thighs. The sound of the skirts lining rubbing against her stocking as she was removing it turned me on even more.

My God! I thought. She has a beautiful body and what a pair of legs. As she turned to sit back on my lap I noticed the wet patch in her panties was covering a much larger area now. This of course had a reverse effect of me talking to her, as my cock was on the climb once more and at an increased rate of knots. I asked her if she was feeling sexy. I'm always feeling sexy. I asked how many people had touched her down there.

I don't know was her reply. Men or boys I asked. Both she said. That tone was still in her voice. Have you had anyone inside you? What do you mean, Cocks? Yes I replied. No. I have toys upstairs I use when I feel really randy. Her voice had softened again and she gave a playful smile and added. That's most of the time.

Really! I said with raised eyebrows. Yes really, and I always have a lovely time because I think of you. I looked at her standing there looking at me.

Come I said. She was about to sit on my lap again. But I told her no. I put my hands on her hips and guided her forward until her pussy was almost touching my face. I stuck my tongue out and started to lick the wet patch on her pants making sure my tongue pressed hard against her mound. She jumped and gasped as I pressed into her slit. I heard her sigh, then, Wow! Oh yes. Her hands grabbed the back of my head pulling me hard against her swollen mound. Then she relaxed and stepped back, her fingers were in the waistband of her knickers and she was sliding them down.

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I took her tiny hands in mine and kissed both, then resting them on my shoulders I finished what she had started. She lifted each leg so I could remove them completely. I took her hips and gently pulled her back towards me. This time I pointed my tongue and drew it in an upward motion sliding it between her swollen lips, she was dripping and she smelt and tasted terrific.

I paused at the tiny knob like thing that was her clitoris twirling my tongue hard against it. She let out a loud yelp. I stopped thinking I'd done something to hurt her. She assured me I hadn't but it took her by surprise and felt so good. I suggested we moved to the couch where we'd be more comfortable.

I stood and took her in my arms pulling her tightly into me. She just melted leaning on me. I hadn't held a great number of people but those I had certainly never felt this good or this submissive. She clasped her hands behind my neck and her lips were planted hard against mine, her tongue darted in and out of my mouth and I joined her, our tongues dancing together as though it had been going on for years. It felt as though she had been kissing like this all her life.

I couldn't believe how quickly she had perfected it. My cock was like a pole and pushing hard against her. I led her to the couch still kissing her. Breaking away I pushed her to a sitting position, letting her down slowly by holding her hands. She looked at me with a frown. She looked beautiful. Here we go. My dick's talking again. But she was lovely, the hardened looks she had always had on her face had softened.

She had a lovely smile that I had never seen before today. This was a completely new sister for me. I began to wonder why she had gone that way. Then I felt cold. Was it me who'd caused her to become so hard? I was suddenly feeling guilty. She snapped me out of my thoughts by calling out. Darling, are you okay? Yes I told her. What is it? She asked.

I said. I'll tell you later. She was holding out her arms asking me to come to her, instead Legal age teenager beauteous nymph is longing for lechery hardcore and massage dropped to my knees, pulling her towards the edge of the chair. What are you doing she asked. I told her to wait a minute. I began to kiss her knee slowly moving up her leg.

Then I gently parted her legs and began to kiss the inside of each leg. She suddenly realised what I was about and let out a gasp that sounded like. Oh God! I stopped immediately. Are you okay? Yes. I'm so sorry. I didn't realise I was speaking. I have always dreamed of you doing this to me but never thought it would ever happen. I put a cheeky grin on my lips and said. What. Kiss your legs? She lightly slapped my head and told me not to tease her.

I moved towards her most treasured possession pleased that no other male had been there before me. The closer I got to her naked virginity the heavier her breathing became and an almost silent hiss was being released from her lips.

I slid my hands up her tiny body to her breasts and taking them one in each hand I began to squeeze. She stopped me and as I looked up from below I saw the sexiest thing yet.

She flicked both of her breasts out of the cups of her bra in one movement and they changed places, breasts on bra and not inside bra. Looking up from below I saw what I think was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen. Her breasts were a milky white and perched on top where what looked like another set of breasts, these were a pale pink. I have never seen Areolae like it to this day. As I began to stroke her breast it began to change colour, turning darker to a deeper pink and becoming larger, her nipples perched on top like ridged buttons a little darker still.

I had seen many porn films but nothing like this. I gorgeous sadie sits on a thick member to put them in my mouth and hold them there forever.

I ran my hand up onto her nipple grasping it between thumb and forefinger and rolled to and fro. Penny gasped in a deep breath that trembled, it sounded as though she had been running. I rolled the other the same way this time pinching it a little harder. She groaned loudly saying. That's it, that's how I like it. I decided it was time for me to use my mouth up there and began to kiss my way in that direction.

I kissed on up passed her crutch to her stomach, stopping to run my tongue around her tiny belly button. She cooed out in a sigh. Oh, that's so nice. I moved on up toward those beautiful buds that were waiting to burst into bloom. I was testing all her zones of tenderness and each time I would pause and spend a few moments at each one I found, caressing her with my lips and tongue.

Finally I reached my goal. I was staring at those two beautiful breasts that were if possible even better close up and like nothing I'd seen before and was sure I would never see again, other than on my sister. I placed my tongue at the lowest part of her breast kissing, sucking and licking my way to the summit all the time hearing her panting increase with every tiny movement I made to the top.

I reached her areola and wiped my tongue in a circle around it. She gasped sucking in her breath in jerky gasps causing her breasts to jump.

I was in a fantasy. I would never have believed my little sister who only hours before was the most unbearable bitch on this earth could suddenly have changed into this fabulous creature who was so sexy and loving and provocative and in my arms, my hands, my mouth and my mind. My head was spinning. I moved on to her nipple, it was erect and considering the size of her areola not all that big.

But it was very hard. I began to suck on it, gently closing my teeth down on this work of art, she whispered bite me hard my love. Now this was more than I could take. I could feel that feeling every guy dreads as the end of his knob starts to swell and his balls tighten, he knows it's only a matter of a very short time before he lets go and enters into the world of orgasm. My sister was whispering desperately, please bite me harder. I was trying to think of something, anything to take my mind off what I was hearing, to prevent the orgasm that was laying in wait for me.

It was no good though. I decided to hell with it, orgasm or not I intended to take my sister anywhere she wants to go regardless of whether I lost interest after. (Some of us, after an orgasm lose the will to continue.) I bit her nipple harder and she let out a loud yell. O Yes! Fucking hell yes! That was it for me.

I completely lost it. I filled my underpants and was uncontrollably jerking my rock and emptying my balls at a hundred miles an hour. Cum was running from me into my pants and straight down my leg onto the carpet. What a mess. But I didn't give a shit. I was now moving on to my sisters other nipple and taking up the finger tweaking position on the first. Penny yelled out as first my lips sucked hard then my teeth followed on to her other nipple. She arched her back nearly throwing me off.

I didn't believe it. She was having her orgasm too. She let out a croaking sound as though she was choking. I love you s s s soooo much. Please don't ever leave me now I have finally found you? My cock, under normal circumstances would have been hanging completely limp by now, if anything it was harder than ever. I moved up to Penny's level and sunk my mouth down onto hers kissing her hard, my tongue working overtime playing with hers. I felt a giggle rising from my throat.

What was I feeling? This was a barren land for me. A fabulous, barren land, where only my beautiful sister and I roamed, but barren only from other people, it was full of life and love and the feeling of two people who had become married hot babe fucks the horny pawn manager in his office. Hold on!

I was suddenly dropped back to earth with hard realisation. This was my sister. It was all very well thinking this way, but there could be no future to it. I lay there feeling very uncomfortable both about the way I was laying on my sister and about the situation I had now entered into with her.

I looked at her there with her eyes closed and a look of total satisfaction on her face. It was something I had never seen before and I never wanted to leave her.

But what was I to do? As if she was reading my mind she opened her eyes and looked into mine saying. Don't leave darling. Please don't think I told you I love you because of what you were doing to me. I have felt this way for a long, long time. Everyone…… I stopped her, putting my fingers gently onto her lips saying, please let me change position I'm in pain here.

She said she was sorry. It's not your fault I replied.

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She asked. Can we go upstairs then, would that be okay? I told her that it would be okay, but I have some cleaning up to do before I go anywhere, and had a look at the carpet where I had been kneeling. Penny sat up and peered at the floor. You came, she said. Yes I did and look at the mess. Don't worry I'll clean it up, and again she said. You came, and you didn't stop making me happy.

Then she winked at me. Yes I'll clean it up as it was my fault. What a pity boys can't keep most of it in like us girls, then she started laughing. Still giggling she said. That sounded quite bad, didn't it? I didn't mean it to sound like that. We both laughed and I took her into my arms. I didn't know how older girls behaved and talked.

But this girl was sounding much older than me. She was talking and acting as though she had been doing this for years. I was realising with a vengeance I didn't want this to end either.

But what was to be done?