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Sexy amateur gf first time anal sex with hard dick on tape pornstars and hardcore
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My panting increased as my fingers quickened their pace on my clit. The soft throbbing of my young pussy urging me to go on, to climax and take me to euphoria. As sounds of my tight wet pussy grew louder with my moans, I listened to him huskily breathe into my ear everything he wanted to do to me: suck my hard little nipples, sink his thick cock to the hilt in me while mommy was watching, to dig his nails down my back until I bled for him. Tears of anticipation gathered in my eyes.

A strong orgasm was building up inside me and I was in torture without its release. My breathing was labored, constricted with the promise of an orgasm soon to come. As my daddy moaned in a hoarse sexy ebony teen railed by stranger dude right into my ear telling me every detail of what he wanted to do to me.

His breathing labored as if he was restraining himself from flipping me around and stuffing himself into me until he bumped against my cervix.

At the image of his thick cock-head bumping into my cervix entering my mind, my mind recalled the last time I felt his hard cock penetrate me: I reveled in the imagined picture and the familiar feeling of being filled with my father. With my fingers rubbing my clit as quick as I possibly could, my daddy whispering in my ear, and the sensations my brain was creating for me, I cried out in heated passion for my dad.

In a high-pitched voice I cried out for him, "Daadddyyyyyy!" My scream sounded as if I was only a 6-year-old, but this is what I knew he loved most about me. This is what drove him crazy. I has crying gently, happy that I finally released as the waves of pleasure resonated through my body. The powerful pulses of my vaginal walls gripped together and relaxed quickly, the tempo falling away after a few minutes.

My orgasm had drenched me and the seat as my body jerked wildly, which left me unable to breathe. As I slowly got my breathing back, I closed my eyes haphazardly. My daddy was speaking softly through the phone to me. "Aw, did my sweet baby girl come for her daddy?" he cooed to me. I wasn't sure if he had orgasmed with me, but at the moment I couldn't care less; I was too winded to think about him getting off.

I couldn't even give some tort quip at calling me a baby. He knew that I would cry at how good he could make me feel and he would always make fun of me for it. If I hadn't been out of breath at the time I would have told him that 15-year-old teenage girls are not babies. My father chuckled at me dryly. A weird, monotonous laugh that I had always hated about him. I gathered up as much breath I could and told him to shut up. It would have sounded like an actual threat if I had been able to stop myself from laughing.

We laughed together as my cum ran down the crack of my ass onto the towel I had brilliantly placed underneath me before the call. My daddy always gave me a birthday present that left a bit of a mess.

"Are you playing with your cock daddy?" I asked him innocently, my breath finally normal. My usually soft, cathy heaven and rachele richey nipples were now red and hard.

I flicked the nub softly as my daddy made a low groan. I took it as a 'yes' and decided to keep questioning him.

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The smirk on my face grew slightly as I told him, "Your baby girl really wishes her daddy would come for her. It would make her very happy." My breath was starting to become sporadic talking such dirtyness to the man that raised me. I casually slipped my hand down my torso to my pussylips, playing with them absentmindedly while I excited my father.

"You know how hot cum from a big fat daddycock can make a daughter sooo happy. You wouldn't want to keep that from me, would you daddy?" I had asked that in my best imitation of a spoiled toddler. Goosebumps had risen up in excitement: I was turning myself almost as much as I knew my father was enjoying my little spiel.

"Oh yeah baby, tell me more. Make daddy real happy by showing just how much you love him, " he would chime in every once in a while. I grew wetter as I whispered and moaned every word to him. "I sultry blond woman christen courtney anal banged by big cock you want to plunge your hard fat daddy cock in my tiny, little pussy.

I know how hard and wet you get when you see me naked on your bed or mine. Remember who pink my little cunt looks?

It's still pink, just extremely wet now.

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Wet for your dick daddy." My pussy was so hot and wet that my fingers slowly went between my folds and found my pleasure button. I whimpered to my daddy, "Oh daddy, please fuck your little girl.

I need to have your cock in me." Slowly, I pushed my fingers into my pussy hole, inciting even more moans and whimpers. My hips began to move back and forth as I pumped my fingers in and out of me slowly. My breath hitched more with every push, in and out. "Oh, fuck your baby's pussy daddy! Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard!" I whimpered and moaned while my hips were thrashing to meet my fingers. I bucked my hips faster and faster. "I'm finger fucking my pussy for you daddy.

I'm imagining that it's your thick cock." I heard him moan to me that he was going to come, he was going to come hard for his little girl.

"Open your pussy baby, daddy needs room to shoot all his hot cum in you honey. Ooooh yeah.

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take it all baby. Be daddy's little cum slut," he groaned out helplessly as he came. I knew that he was picturing all my movements as I spoke to him. We spent a few more minutes on the phone before saying our good-byes. Hours later, I was well-washed and ready for dinner, my homework already done.