Alessa savage in my stepdaughters secret brunette big tits

Alessa savage in my stepdaughters secret brunette big tits
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My mothers a MILF, and her husband is only 27. Which makes Donnie my stepdad but I never thought of him that way. Sometimes I went to visit my mom and Donnie my mom would always be at work, Donnie on the other hand would be home. On this special occasion I unlocked the front door with my key I got years ago for when they weren't home, and walked in on Donnie maturating in the living room with a porno on the plasma t.v. "What are you doing here, Sadie?" "I just came to get some of my clothes, you know I still keep stuff here right?" He nodded and reached for the nearest pillow off the couch shielding his dick from my eyes, like I hadn't just seen it.

"I-I'm sorry you had to see that." "Me too." Fucking organized by tattooed lad hardcore and creampie smirked. "Now can you get some fucking pants on." I didn't like Donnie very much. And maybe that was because he'd fell in love with my mother and not me. I walked up the stairs grabbed the green dress of the hanger and placed it on the bed. I wanted to wear it for my job interview that started in two hours. I pulled off my under wear and shorts in one swift move and took off my shirt too and threw it on the bed I'd left there in my room.

I didn't need it because my mom bought mom and son sxx story new one for me when I went to collage. I was still debating weather or not to go without a bra too. I decided I didn't need my bra either. I heard a creek and turned, Donnie was standing in the doorway with a soda can in his hand and a open mouth. Mind you I was fully nude. "WHAT THE FUCK, DONNIE?

GET OUT OF HERE!" I practically yelled. He pushed the door open even further and looked me up and down, taking i my 36D's my small but firm ass and my nice shaved pussy. "You do take a lot after your mother." He said while walking slowly to me.

I backed up until I reached the wall.

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"What do you want? You've seen me naked long enough, now leave." Now his body was pushing against mine and it was my own fault that I made it easy for him by backing myself up against the wall. His fucking hard on was poking me in the stomach. "No you listen to me, I've had enough of you, you little shit. Stop telling me what to do. I'm your stepdad." "Okay Donnie we can talk once I change. This isn't necessary right now." "Yes it is, this is how I want you." "Excuse m-?" That's all I got out before he shoved is tongue down my throat.

His hand coming up behind my right thigh pulling it up onto his waist. "What are you gonna do to me, rape me?" "No baby girl, rape is when a person doesn't want it, you'll enjoy this." He threw the soda can he still had in his right hand onto the ground. He was right because here's the thing Donnie is hot and before I left for college I used to fantasize about him, so it wasn't rape it was pleasure. He took his shirt off and I helped unbutton and unzip his jeans letting them fall and his hard 8inch long and thick cock jumped out.

I still had my right leg around his waist and I pulled him in closer to me with my leg.

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I started to kiss him again. And he says, "Not here, my room." He picked my up and walked to his and my mom's room throwing me on the bed. "Now you listen to me, everything I say goes understood?" I shook my head yes. "Get on your knees." I obeyed. "Come closer bitch you think I'm gonna suck my own cock." I tongued the tip of his cock and then kissed around it then the same with his balls. Then I took him in my mouth I got atleast 5inches of it down but that wasn't enough for him he pushed my head deeper into his crotch.

I could hardly breath and I started to choke some. He let go of my head. I took a few gasps as my face started to turn back to it's original color. I took his cock in my hand and I looked up at him staring into his eyes going back to liking the tip of his dick teasing him some then deep throating him again. This happened once more before he came. "Get up on the bed and open your legs." I did as I was told while he disappeared into the master bathroom, coming back in with my mom's hairbrush.

"Please don't, it'll hur." I started omg perfect ass teen gaping her used pussy wide open say but he cut me off. "Shut up bitch, are you the dad here? No.

Plus this is payback for walking in on me." He smiled he liked being in charge especially because I'd talked shit to him for three years. He shoved the handle into my wet pussy moving it fast already. "Uhhhh… please&hellip." I started but stopped because it started to feel good. "Don't close your eyes bitch look at me." I opened my eyes and started to play with my nipples showing him how good it felt. I was already starting to feel myself climax.

"Ooooohh… daddy…&hellip.that's it&hellip.right there… please…don't stop." I yelled. I'm sure the neighbors heard me. And I came all on the hairbrush.

"You're just like your mom. Lick this till it's dry." I licked it all up and smiled at him pleasingly. "Get on all fours bitch." I waited for something to enter me anywhere but nothing happened.

"Who do you think I am bitch?" I was confused. "What?" He went to the dresser drawer and pulled out a belt. "You expect me to do everything. Don't question my authority next time just back the fuck up, is that understood?" I nodded. "Turn over and open your legs." I did and this time I got close enough to him where his cock would be in me with just one thrust. "No bitch I'm not going to fuck you I'm going to punish you." He spat on my already dripping wet pussy, rubbed it in and then hit me with the belt.

Right on my pussy. "Ouhhhhhh!" I shrieked. "Please don't hit me again." He smiled. "You little slut what did I tell you about questioning my authority?" He hit me again and again and several times more ranting about how I was a dumb little cock sucking bitch.

And I became numb, he stuck his fingers in me and pulled them out. "Your so wet, you daddy'sgood little wet girl. Lick this off." I did and started to call him by his real name now.

"Daddy can you please fuck me now? Please daddy?" "Yes baby give daddy a kiss." I did and turned over and backed my ass up, looking between my legs I guided his cock into me.

He put one arm on my waist. Slowly thrusting in and out of me. "Please go faster Daddy." I pleaded in a little girl's voice. "Daddy will baby I just want this to last." He began to speed up balls hitting my ass cheeks. "Yesss… Daddy… like that! Harder please." He slowed again. Pulling his cock all the way out and back in again slowly.

"Daddy," I whimpered "Fuck me." He shoved himself all 8inches into me forcefully and began to get faster. "YES DADDY… FUCK ME LIKE Big dick young teen anal fatherly alterations SLUT I AM… MAKEE… ME… CUM ALL OVER… YOUR BIG.

DDICK!" I knew my climax was coming and just then he pulled out. "Daddy please not now put your cock back in." I said while looking over my shoulder. He smiled. "Just teasing you baby." He shoved himself back in going deeper then any cock has ever gone, "Dadddyyy… yess… ahhh. I'm gonna cum… all over your.cock." and just then my walls started to clench and I came.

Shortly following me he did too. I lay there on my elbows and knees panting until his dick slipped out of me. "Thanks for the fuck," I said.

"I'm gonna take a shower I need to be at a job interview soon." I said while standing up. "If you're not back here after your interview I'll tell your mom what you did with me." I smiled like he really would do that he doesn't have shit on me plus my mom would believe me over him, he'd lose not just my mom as a good fuck but me too. "Cut the shit Donnie were not having sex any longer." He walked over to me and grabbed my ass with both his hands. "Listen slut I just recorded us, me and your mom make tapes ever now and then so I already had it set up.

If I show this to her she won't believe shit either of us have to say which means your car, apartment, the fucking clothes on your back and the damn food in your stomach won't be paid for.

Got that?" When I thought about it that's exactly how my mom would act about it disown me as a daughter and him as a husband. "Fine you fucking lunatic I'll be back here in two hours maybe three tops." I took a shower and cleaned maybe a pint of cum out of my pussy.

Got my green dress on and left for the job interview. I walked into a big building full of big unshaded windows. "Hello, I'm here to see Mr. Fuller about a job." The brainy looking baggy clothes wearing woman looked up from the book she was reading. "Right up those stairs, or the elevator if you prefer to the 31st floor." I choose the elevator where I saw another woman who was wearing baggy clothes. It seemed like none of the women here had fashion sense. "What floor?" asked a handsome twenty something brown hair blue eyed guy.

"31st, please." I said cheerfully. "Ahh yes, going to see Mr. Fuller. You must be a talented woman he only excepts the best." I smiled. 'We'll see I'm just here for a job interview." He looked at his watch. "What position?" 20th floor "Uh I'm not sure yet.

I'll take what I can get even as the intern." 27th floor. DING. "This is my stop, nice meeting you Mrs…?" "Just call me Sadie." I said while shaking his hand. Now it was just me and the baggy dressed lady.

So far all I'm seen is nice men dressed in suits are my tight blue jeans making your dick hard yet girl next door tight jeans all the curvy legal age teenager knows how to engulf dicks in disgusting raggedy, baggy clothes.

"Uhm, excuse me is there some sort of dress code I should follow I feel like I'm underdressed." I said under just to make her feel a little better about herself. "Yes if you're a woman." I stared could this company really do that to women downgrade them.

"Really, that's interesting." She laughed, "there's only one exception to that rule." I said "What might that be?" She chuckled again. 31st floor DING. "If you're the boss's personal slut." I laughed because I thought it was a joke but she stared at me with no expression. "Good look with your interview" she said. TO BE CONTINUED. I hope, tell me if you like it and I'll right more, or I suppose I'll start writing and if I get comments about how much it sucks I'll stop.