Olga black rides on a fat cock

Olga black rides on a fat cock
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Bicycle Seat Adjustment I watched as the "Triple K" walked up the driveway pushing their bicycles into my garage. Kimberly, Karen, and Karolyn are the best of friends. When they were young they started to call themselves the "KKK" but I quickly put a stop to that so the "Triple K" was born.

Kimberly is my daughter and the other two live only a few houses away, one in each direction. Since we live in the middle they tend to hang out more here. I don't mind. That way I can keep an eye on them and of course I can "keep an eye" on them. They have grown into very desirable young ladies if I do say so myself.

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Well as they approached Kimberly held out a nice cold beer for me. I immediately knew something was up and smiled. Kimberly said, "Dad we need some adjustments made to our bicycles and you are the best dad for the job!" I laughed and said, "Hey wait a minute!

Best dad for the job? Does that translate as slang for an easy pushover?" Kimberly laughed and said, "Maybe! Is that all that bad dad?" So I asked, "What kind of adjustments? Karen started by saying, "We want the boys to see our panties when we lean over in our mini skirts!" Karolyn chimed in with, "And to see down our tops too!" Kimberly finished it off with, "And we want to masturbate on the front part of the seat when we peddle too!" I just smiled and said, "Is that all?" The girls giggled and Kimberly said, "For now unless you can think of anything pesta sex son and mom smiled again as I looked at how grown up these girls were getting and said, "Well I really can't think of anything at the moment!

Unless you want to glue a dildo to the front of your seat! Shall we get started then?" I popped the beer can, took a drink, and got the make shift bicycle stand out. As I loaded Kimberly's bike up on it she closed down the overhead door for privacy. If the girls wanted to lean way over I would need to turn their handlebars over so I detached the hand brakes and speed controls, turned the handlebars over, sunny leon song xxx sexually tits reattached everything.

Kimberly sat on her bike and leaned into position. The other girls got in front of her and looked. Karen said, "Your top doesn't pucker enough!" Karolyn said, "Maybe you should get one of your mothers, they are bigger!" Kimberly ran off and came back quickly with one of her mother's tops and another beer for me.

Blonde whore nina kayy gets impaled by hung boss said that she took it from the laundry. Then with out any warning or hesitation Kimberly removed her top and stood there smiling at me for a moment before putting on her mother's top. I was both amazed and impressed with the size of her tits.

Kimberly got back on the bicycle then had me raise the seat up until she had to shift her body to the sides and peddle with her toes. I could see how she could masturbate while riding now. Girls sure are lucky. A boy would rupture his nuts if he tried that. Finally all the girls were satisfied with Kimberly's bike.

I even got to stand in front of her and look down her top too. But when I got behind her I told them that I could just barely glimpse her panties. The girls agreed with me. Kimberly then went into the house again but took longer coming out. This time she had on her shortest micro mini skirt. Now I could see her panties clearly and almost all the way up to her waistband.

It passed all of the girl's tests too. Kimberly took off the top and skirt and handed them to Karen after I had put her bike in the stand. My daughter was standing there in just her white silky panties.

I could see her pubic hair slightly through them and I got very hard very quickly. Kimberly noticed first and giggled, "Did I do that!" as she pointed to the big bulge in my loose shorts.

I know that I turned red because my face was hot, and I do mean hot. It was too late to do anything so I made a slight adjustment and aimed the head of my cock up. However my shorts are low cut because I like them that way, so the head of my cock popped out into view above my waistband.

The girls giggled even more.

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Finally Karen just smiled at me and removed her top and skirt and stood there in her pink panties for me. That sure didn't help the swelling go down any. Karolyn also removed her top and skirt standing in her light blue panties. I knew right then that I was in serious trouble.

Kimberly asked, "Would you like me to fix that for you? I can boor chatne wala se story it for you just like mom does…" At that very moment I thought that she had seen her mother sucking my cock and I panicked.

Then she finished her statement with, "…Sammy's cock!" Sammy is my sixteen-year-old son. What is my wife doing sucking his cock? Then I felt my cock being pulled out and a nice warm mouth slipping over the head. As I looked down I saw Kimberly sucking on the head of my cock. Both of her hands were wrapped around the shaft. I could hardly believe my eyes but my cock sure loved it.

This is one of those occasions where a man has absolutely no control over his cock and he often gets himself in trouble. As Karen and Karolyn looked on Kimberly kept sucking me. It seemed like forever in my mind but I am sure it was more like one minute or less until I was squirting giant gobs of warm white cum into my daughter's mouth. Karen said, "You have to swallow! That's what my sister always says!" As I was cumming in her mouth all I could do was stare at the four tits on the other two girls that were watching.

They on the other hand couldn't take their eyes off from my twitching cock. Finally Kimberly sat back on her heels and smiled up at me. Cum was running down both sides of her mouth. I had given her much more than she could handle. Karen and Karolyn knelt right down and started licking her chin and face to capture every drop. Then they both latched onto one of Kimberly's breasts. I just assumed that a drop had landed there too. It was like watching those girls on Baywatch running in slow motion.

Suddenly I was drained and weak in the knees. I sat down and was handed my first beer to finish. I guzzled that one and was handed the old tharki baba rubbing his maid m behind n seduced n fuccked one. As I worked on Karen's bike and then on Karolyn's bike I was treated to all three of them topless with just panties on. The girls were happy with the adjustments that I had made to their bicycles. They only put my wife's top on and Kimberly's mini skirt to check out my adjustments.

Meanwhile Kimberly told me all about seeing her mother giving her brother blowjobs on three separate occasions. All three girls had over heard Sammy talking to his friends about it too. So I was the last one to find out. I asked the girls to get dressed and follow jungle ki full bf sexy sex stories gane into the house.

I found my wife doing the laundry and sent Kimberly up to get her brother. All six of us sat down in the living room. I turned to my wife and said, "I hear that you suck your son's cock a lot!" My wife's face went white as a ghost, then Sammy said, "Not a lot!

Honest dad! It's only once or twice a week!" I looked at Sammy and asked, "So how many of your friends have you told about it?" Again he said, "Not a lot! Honest dad! Maybe ten or twelve! That's all!" Finally my wife looked at me with tears in her eyes and spoke, "I'm so sorry! I never meant for it to happen!

I sure didn't know that he was bragging about me to his stupid friends either! No wonder they all look at me funny whenever they see me!" She turned to look at Sammy and said, "How could you?" Then she buried her head in her lap and just cried her eyes out. Sammy was silent. He knew that he had done wrong. Karen and Karolyn sat with Kimberly on the couch together and looked at me.

They wondered just what I was going to do about it.

I really didn't know, yet! I ordered everyone to stay where my hot mom xxx six 5hu were and ordered a couple of pizzas. I went to my den, put on my headphones, and listened to my classical music while I gave it some thought. After about a half an hour Kimberly tapped me on my shoulder and said that the pizza boy was here.

I went out and paid him. Then the six of us sat down at the dinning room table. I said, "Okay! Kimberly you saw your mother sucking Sammy's cock on three different occasions, Karen and Karolyn heard her telling me that, and they heard him bragging about it too! Obviously we are not the only six that know it!" I looked directly at Sammy and said, "Telling ten or twelve friends means that probably everyone in the whole fucking school knows that your mother sucks your cock!

The only saving grace is that you are sixteen years old! That way your mother won't go to jail for having sex with a minor! That doesn't mean that we can't get in trouble though!" I looked back at my wife and said, "I suggest that you be more discrete as to when and where you suck your son's cock!" I looked at Sammy and said, "You young man keep your fucking mouth shut, and I do mean shut! If anyone asks you about it tell them that you made it all up, that you were pissed about something, and that you are the biggest fucking liar in the whole fucking school!

Do you understand me?" Sammy nodded yes. I looked at the three girls and said, "Can I trust you girls to keep quiet about this?" All three girls nodded yes. I sent Sammy up to his room with my wife right behind him. I told her to suck his cock and come back down with a mouthful of cum to show me before swallowing it.

When the three girls were alone with me Kimberly asked about her sucking my cock. I asked the girls to please keep it a secret among themselves. Latex fetish anal blonde tiniest in the agency amateur agreed. I knew that I couldn't stop letting these girls suck my cock any more than my wife could stop sucking Sammy's cock!

However I could hold this over my wife's head for a very long time with the girls cooperation. I couldn't get enough of any of them and they were all minors unlike Sammy. Surprisingly Kimberly saw the advantages of having something like this over her mother's head too. I could see shorter skirts, more makeup, and dating in her immediate future. The End Bicycle Seat Adjustment 60

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