Mom and son sex german

Mom and son sex german
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My friend's story Rick's WIFE 6 (6 of 6) "Ladies, bring Peter with you and come stand in front of me," William said. We rose from the couch and moved together toward William. I was stopped by the gentle, guiding hands. Silence for a moment or two. "Will you all kindly move so that Linda is in the center of the triad you form. Linda, take your panties off, and hand them to your husband.

Now, turn around, spread your legs a bit, bend at the waist and place your hands on your ankles. There, that's fine. Can you spread your feet apart a bit more? Good. And can you comfortably maintain that position for a little while?," "I think so," Linda replied.

"Peter, reach down boyfriend assists with hymen examination and riding of virgin teenie both your hands and spread your wife's buttocks, please. Yes, just so. I do enjoy contemplating and enjoying a woman in this position. It touches the sublimated animal nature in a man, and is more primitive than face to face coupling. The spiked heels, long sculpted legs rising to creamy tight buttocks, the pink rosebud asshole, nearly hairless, topping a small and luscious cunt.

Ah, yes. The cunt. That alter of adolescent dreams and adult passion. How much semen in our long history has been spilled as an offering to the cunt dreams and obsessions of young boys?

And even as grown men, having just received the satisfaction of its sacrament, how often does the lust, desire and even pain remind us that we LACK a cunt around our prick, or at the end of our fingers or tongue, and that, by god, it's time to worship again?" "Linda, you have a cunt of great beauty.

If it could speak, it would BEG to be penetrated.

It would speak of probing fingers, or of soft tongues. The small drop of honey just here." Linda's entire body shivered. "Oh, god." she moaned.

".entwined in the soft pubic hair rising above your clitoris, speaks plainly enough to anyone willing to listen. It tells me that you need, you want, you must have my cock, your husband's cock, any cock inside of you.

Would you like to milk my cock with your cunt, dear Linda?" "Yes, yes I'd like that." "I know you would. Peter, give me your hand." Holding Linda's left buttock apart with my left hand, I felt William grasp my right hand by the wrist.

He guided it down and placed it into the cleft of my wife's open buttocks. Releasing my wrist, he placed his hand on top of mine and moved both our hands downward together, almost as one. As my middle finger moved along the beginning of Linda's slit, his middle finger, resting atop mine, suddenly pressed downward and both of our fingers penetrated deep into Linda's vagina.

William spoke softly, close to my ear, but loud enough for all to hear. "To share your loving wife with another man, as you share Linda with me, is very beautiful, Peter. It bespeaks a profound understanding that the most wonderful, the most loving manifestation of possession is to share. And to share, unreservedly, what we love most teaches us the gracious lesson that we can never really "possess" another human being, that all we can ever do is to give, and give, and then give again.

It is not a trite lesson to learn that the more we cling to things, the more they jeni bends over the couch to intercept the away, while the more we give things up, the more they come to us." As he spoke, our fingers probed Linda. Together, they moved in and out, turned about, returned, then slowly left her lubricated cunt.

"I can see Linda is getting a bit uncomfortable. You can stand up, dear. Peter, sit here on the couch; let me help you. Now sit back and spread your legs. Linda, get down on your knees in front of your husband and rest your arms on his thighs." I felt Linda's cool hands slide along the tops of my thighs. There was a moment or two of silence. Suddenly, I felt her hands tighten and she dug her nails into my legs. There was a deep exhalation of breath from her lips.

"My cock is buried in your wife, Peter. Linda, you can use your hands on your husband, but not your mouth. Right now, I want to be the only one penetrating you in any way. Breigha, please kneel behind me and caress my buttocks." As Linda began to masturbate me, I felt the rhythmic rocking motion, from William's slow thrusting, being transmitted through her. Every once in a while, William's thrusts would be more violent, and Linda would jerk forward.

The only sound, besides Linda's occasional moans and deep breathing, was the "slap" each time his hips met my wife's buttocks. "Linda, let go of your husband's cock, lay your head on his lap, and arch your back downward and your hips up. Much better. Now take your right hand, place the middle finger in your husband's mouth, and fuck him with it, exactly like I'm horny babe dana vespoli and gia paige ass fucking you.

When I go deep, go deep in his mouth. When I slow down and move it around inside, I want you to mirror it with the same motion of your finger. I want you to fuck your husband exactly as you're being fucked." Linda's long finger entered my mouth, then slowly withdrew.

It's tip circled about my lips, teasingly, then suddenly penetrated as Linda jerked forward and breathed a low "Mmmmmmm." It went deep, to the back of my throat, sloooowwwwwly withdrew until just the tip clung at the edge of my lips, then penetrated again to the hilt. With her finger inserted to its full length, she began to move the base in a large circle where my lips engulfed it.

It moved out just a bit, then began to fuck inward with the rhythmic forward jerks of Linda's body. As Linda fucked my mouth and as William fucked Linda, she began to mouth the raunchy obscenities I knew foretold a coming orgasm. "Linda, as you cum with another man's cock buried in your cunt, and as you fuck your husband's mouth, I want you to tell him that you love him, that even though the little slit between your legs, all your lovely body, has been given up and offered to me, that your submission and gift is really to him." Trying to catch her breath, between the now savage shagging of her proffered bottom, Linda spoke to me.

"Peter.darling.I do love you. Oh, god. He's fucking me so hard.but. I'll always love you, Peter. I'll always be your wife. this has all been for you, for us. Oh, my god. Peter, I'm cuming." Linda's orgasm was long and hard. She dropped both hands to my waist and gripped me almost painfully. Her body shuddered and thrust back against William's pumping cock, clinging to it, trying to engulf it, to open herself totally and to give up every inch of the depth she had to offer, beg ass hot meutur mom sex beg dick pull his penis up into the core of her belly.

Breathing heavily, her body slick with sweat and jerking with post-orgasmic shivers, I held her head in my hands. My cock, engorged with blood and heavy, lay beneath her heaving chest.

I felt William lean forward and gently kiss the top of her head, then quietly disengage. There was silence for few moments. "Try to rise, Linda. We have the last chapter to write together, the one you specifically requested.

Breigha darling, bring the cream, please." I felt Linda rise unsteadily. There was movement to my left, then Breigha knelt on the couch beside me. After a brief pause, two cool hands, coated with soft cream, circled my cock. They worked up the base to the tip, smearing the cream around every inch of my hard-on. As the fingers worked, William talked. "As Breigha has her fun.

please, let's not get too carried away, dear; Peter doesn't look like he has a lot of self-control left. let me tell you what is happening, Peter. I'm standing behind your wife, my friend, my hands around her front and in her crotch, playing with that sweet cunt I just fucked, my cock rubbing up into the crack of her ass. Oooh, Linda, dear!

I guess you could say she's doing the rubbing, Peter! Anyway, her hands are reaching around behind us and she's massaging my ass cheeks. We're both watching Breigha's handiwork and your commendable efforts to keep from cumming. Tell me, Linda, how would you like to have a seat on Peter's creamy pole?" "I think I'd like that." "I think you'd both like that.

Let's accommodate your husband. Please spread your legs a bit, Peter." I felt Linda move between my legs as she placed both palms on my knees. "Scoot forward a bit, Peter. There, that's good. Lower yourself a little, Linda. Here, let me hold your ass cheeks impressive solo by sensualnbsprei furuse in heats toy insertion and pink pussy. Breigha, kindly guide Peter." As Breigha held my cock, Linda lowered her ass onto me.

Anal sex had been a turn on for me as long as I could remember, but Linda had been sensitive there and seemed to enjoy it only rarely. Accordingly, we indulged occasionally, but not as often as I would have liked. As the tip touched her, she stopped. Then, slowly, she let her weight press down.

Just at the point where I thought Breigha must be mis-aiming, the head pushed through the tight ring of her anus and entered smoothly. Linda inhaled sharply then let out a throaty groan.

Slowly, ever so slowly, she settled down and down, down the length of my cock, taking every inch until I felt William's fingers, holding her buttocks, rest on my lap. As his fingers pulled out from between us, she finally let slim babe knows what a guy wants full weight rest on me, and was now impaled totally.

"A woman taking a large and erect cock fully in the ass is a marvelous sight, Linda. Breigha and I would enjoy the view better, though, if you would lean back against your husband's chest. That's better. Now put your feet up and on top of his knees. William, spread your legs wider." We did as asked. I could imagine the scene: my cock buried in my wife's ass, leaning back, her legs spread and her feet resting on my knees, her sex open and soaked above the stretched, full anus.

William's voice suddenly came from near my ear, just behind the couch. "Breigha, please kneel down in front of them and use your tongue to good advantage. Peter, I want you and Linda to relax, and enjoy my wife's attention.

In the meantime, I'm going to reach down here over your shoulder, take your wife's hips, and move her up and down your cock. Please let me do the work, Peter. I like to think that I will be fucking your wife in the ass with your cock. It's a good thing you're so petite, Linda. This might have been interesting, otherwise." As Breigha's tongue swirled around my balls, the place where Linda and I were joined, and my wife's cunt, I felt William's arms reach down over my shoulders from behind, and his hands grasp Linda's hips.

Slowly, the tight ring gripping my cock rose up to the tip, hesitated, then descended. Linda gasped as she was once again impaled on my probing penis. "It is the most incredible sensation to be fucked in the ass, is it not, Linda?

There is no other feeling of "fullness" and penetration that approaches it. To submit to an ass-fuck is to be truly opened, possessed and owned. Watching your husband's cock slide up between your cute, dimpled ass cheeks is a sublime picture, I can assure you. And to have others watch your submission and penetration, to have strangers witness this offering of the most intimate and private part of your body to a man and to the phallus, is truly sweet and decadent, yes?" "Yes," she whispered.

"Yes, it is." Breigha suddenly probed with her finger at my ass, then slowly insinuated it deep into my rectum, turned it around, then withdrew it. Returning again, she began to fuck my ass with the full length of her digit while continuing to tongue the underside of my testicles.

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Meanwhile, William had begun to raise and lower Linda, the ring of her stretched rectum sliding up to the tip and back to the base, the movement regular and smooth. I could tell being man- handled and lifted like a child erotic couple enjoys each other in their place William was turning Linda on even more.

She moaned each time, at the top, as the tip nearly pulled free, only to have her body lowered once again. I lowered my hand and felt my balls, pushed three fingers into Breigha's mouth, moved up and felt my creamy cock and the juncture where my wife and I were intimately joined, the almost obscenely stretched ring of her anus, full now and easily accepting the fuck, then moved up and plunged into her cunt, retreated and centered finally on the little nib of her clitoris.

As I masturbated my wife the way I know she loves, I had a sudden epiphany. I imagined that William was masturbating me, using my wife's ass and body to jack me off. The thought passed quickly and was obliterated by the pure pleasure of the many sensations: Breigha's slightly painful but very erotic probing of my ass, her tongue on my full testicles, my wife's tight ass-hole sliding almost magically up and down the full height of my rigid pole, her warm breath and animal moans low in my ear, her fingers in my hair.

Sensing we were close, William had begun to raise and lower Linda more quickly, nearly slamming her down on my lap, fucking her in the ass with my cock. As Linda's orgasm peaked, her body writhing in pleasure and pushing her pelvic bone and clitoris hard against my frigging fingers, her anus clenching and unclenching, I shot my semen into her ass.

I arched my back and rammed upwards as deeply as I could into her ruined bottom.

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She screamed once, loudly, as every muscle in her body tensed and shivered. As we both came, William reached around from behind and gently, lovingly, cupped both our foreheads in his warm hands. Breigha had knelt up and was stroking Linda's belly and breasts, occasionally planting light kisses on the insides of my thighs.

It was in this way that time stood still, or so it seemed. The last few waves of orgasm so slowly dissipated that I do not remember when I finally realized that it was over, what may have been many minutes or hours later, and came awake as if from a dream.

I do not remember the demarcation between "orgasm" and "no more orgasm." I only remember the four of us frozen like that for what seemed like hours, dreamily stroking and being stroked, neither Linda nor I attempting to remove my semi-erect cock from her rectum, and both of us running our hands up and down our sweaty bodies, kissing like teenagers, feeling the dreamy touch of strangers everywhere. Just barely, I remember William and Breigha dressing, hugging us, saying their final goodbyes, and the blindfold being removed.

I remember, in the hazy red glow of nearly dead embers, seeing my wife for the first time in hours, her hair akimbo, face flushed and anxious, full of life and love and wanting everything to be alright. We slept what was left of that night on the living-room floor, arms and legs entwined within a soft comforter, wrapped around us like a womb.

Saturday, I rose before Linda, showered and began to make her favorite breakfast of sourdough pancakes. I squeezed some fresh orange juice, and sliced a few avocados that we would dip in the cream cheese I was softening. I heard the shower begin running and knew Linda had risen. She soon shuffled bleary-eyed into the kitchen, staring at the little feast I had prepared, and sat her pretty little behind at the dinette.

Her hair was still wet from the shower and she wore my red bathrobe tucked around her like a large tent. "It rises, it moves, it appears hungry. Dare I feed it?" "It gets fed, or it inserts an avocado pit in your left nostril," she said grinning. "Oooooooh. Scary." I produced the sourdough flapjacks with a flourish, then grabbed the maple syrup I had warmed. I sat down and we enjoyed the breakfast for a few hot latina monica asis gets pussy rammed in silence.

"You know I've got a thousand questions I want to ask you," I started suddenly.

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"Like how you met this William and Breigha, what you told them, how you set this all up, etc. Oh, and by the way, is this the end of your fantasy? This multi-part fantasy stuff is okay, but it's a double-edge sword, you know. MY turn is coming up and you know how much I thrive on precedents. When are we getting the pictures?

How do we know they aren't keeping copies?

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What did they look like? How old were they? Jesus, did you believe the ego of that guy? God, you were sexy as hell. Babe, I REALLY had a good time, but I was wondering what." Linda had suddenly put her hand up in exasperation. "Look, sweetheart, we can talk about all this later. Right now, I can tell you that I've pretty much shot my fantasy wad, at least for a while. It's your turn, dear husband.

Now let me eat my pancakes in peace, okay?" she said with a smile. "Okay, okay. I just want you to know that you're not making it easy to top you!" Linda looked up and narrowed her eyes. "This is a COMPETITION? Fine. Just fine. Remember, though, that YOU brought it up. I can whip your ass at anything I set my mind to, including scrabble." "Hey, wait a minute, it's not my fault. It's all that goddamn testosterone sloshing around in my blood. You know how it goes." "Yeah, I know, you're nothing but a big, walking testes with a dick for a nose.

Well, I'm ready for whatever YOUR puny little "perverted" brain can come up with, husband of mine!" Linda said with an evil grin and a twinkle in her eye. She got up from the chair, kissed me on the forehead and sashayed out of the kitchen. I nibbled the corner of a half-eaten, soggy pancake full hot hip porn storys the 50 or 60 different ideas I'd been storing up for the last 30 years or so.

Yeah, I think I could top her. But not in the way she may THINK I would try to top her. As all the scenarios unfolded in my mind like a cheaply wrapped package, my dick stood to attention. I started to load the dishwasher (remembering to rinse them first). Life is so full of possibilities. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx End of WIFE