Eality kings yoga fucked jenna sativa and kendra lust

Eality kings yoga fucked jenna sativa and kendra lust
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Its been a long time coming so here you go. do i need to state that if this kind of stuff is too hard core 4 u then don't read it .if u like then enjoy. leave me your thoughts. After interviewing the entire office staff of the prestigious all girls' high school, the two detectives left through the front door and headed to the unmarked white ford squad car parked in the street outside at the front gates. As they made their way they heard the voice of the vice principle who came trotting after them.

He had just recalled that a man had come to talk to Kelly the day of her disappearance. He was about 6 feet tall slender with a medium build and was well dressed.

He had told the vice principle that he was there on behalf of Kellys father, who was on a tour of duty somewhere in the world. The vice principle hoped that his information would help. The detectives took their notes and bid him fair well.

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The detectives looked at each other. Had one of them been here? He stood in front of his living room bay window with his hands on his hips. He was pretty happy with himself. Sandra was in the kitchen making them lunch. She was talking about this and that but he was only half listening. He was reflecting on his richard mann my mom fucking blackzilla week's accomplishments.

The weekend at the farm house had been quite a success. Kate and Lisa choose to go back home. There where shown the full extent of his organizations reach and power. They were paid and told to be hush-hush, which they had been to date. He males team fuck their cute lovely gfs to admit that Kate's absence had left its mark on Sandra.

It appeared the two were closer then he was aware of. He even missed her himself. Sandra called him to the kitchen saying that it was on the table.

He headed to the dinning room with any easy conscious. Kelly had spent what seemed like an eternity in her cage. Every now and then some woman would bring her something to eat. But other then that she sat here in the dark.

After that night with the cult or whatever they where she had awaken in this place and had seen nothing else. She was cold and naked and needed a bath. Sandra served them a dish of chicken soup and Shepard's pie. Her mind was not on cooking it was more on the young lady caged in the basement. He seemed to be taking his time with her she had been 6 days down there and he had not even gone downstairs to see her.

They ate and hotel cockafornia with april neilwatch made small talk during the meal. He seemed in a good mood. They finished up and he gave her a pat on the bottom and told her it was delicious. She smiled and cleaned of the table as he went upstairs. When she joined them upstairs in their bed room he had laid out an out fit for her to wear. He gave her instructions to change into what he choose for her and to clean off the servant in the basement and that he would join them soon enough.

Sandra was already wet. Kelly heard foot steps outside the room and then the door opened and the lights flew on. She flinched and clenched her eyes. The light was so bright it hurt like needles directly in her eyes. She heard someone approach and open the cage door.

Through her squinting eyes she saw a figure in black. The figure told her to get out of the cage. She did. The figure told her to use the bucket of water and the soap it had brought her to wash herself. She obeyed reluctantly for fear of retribution. The hot water felt great and she relished the soap's fragrance. She washed herself in silence, mildly humiliated to bath before a stranger who watched her intently, but after the events that had transpired at the farm house this was a cake walk.

By now Kelly's eyes had adapted to the light. She was transfixed by the figure before her. The figure was a woman, of that she was certain because of the delicious breasts, tight body and long hair that was done up in a ponytail. The dim light reflected off her fit latex covered physic. Kelly had the vanity to feel jealous. The figure was covered head to toe in a latex gimp suit. Big latex boots and steel zippers over every orifice of her body which were all zipped closed.

She had a long menacing horse whip in her hands and looked like she knew how to use it. The figure ordered her when she was done washing to kneel and cracked her hard on the thigh with the wipe. Kelly yelled out in pain and dropped to her knees. The figure took this opportunity to put a leash on her and to handcuff her. Kelly struggled and tried to fend off her attacker but was stilled by another crack of the wipe. When he entered the room Kelly froze. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew it was him that had been keeping her here in this hell hole but she still could not believe it.

He strode rather intently into the room and grabbed the latex clad figure that was back to him by the pony tail and forced her to her knees before him. He stood facing Kelly. In seconds he had pulled out his hard dick and in another second it disappeared into the figures mouth. The whole time he never took his eyes off Kelly.

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Kelly watch as the figure began to struggle and to try to push the rock hard prick from her throat but he would have none of it. "You will learn the rules, you belong to me now. You will obey my every command." He said to Kelly who was in total shock. He stood there with his hands on her head forcing her down on him and staring at Kelly. This sent shivers down her spin.

Suddenly the figure vomited from the gagging and still he held her. She fought violently to get away. She puked again. He released her and she coughed and gasped for her breath. Buenas tetas y culo pero no es caliente spit on her masked face and forced her back down on him roughly.

"Are you enjoying this" He asked Kelly "Fuck you …you sick fuck" Kelly replied The figure vomited again and he released her. "Are you enjoying this" he asked the figure. "More&hellip. Please" The figure gagged and choked. And more she got. "Soon this will be you" He said to Kelly "Never you prick" is all she said He shoved his mouth fucked whore aside and came to Kelly and pushed her down onto her back.

He was on top of her in no time his puke dripping dick between her tits "Get off me …"Kelly protested but with little conviction, he would have his way with her and she knew it. He grabbed her hard by the nipples and folded her tits over his dick, tit fucking her, never letting go of her nipples. He twisted and pulled her sensitive nipples till she was sure they huge boobs blonde woman fucking by bbc in the bathroom going to tear off and then he pulled harder, all the while he fucked her tits.

Kelly screamed and cried and begged and pleaded but just spit in her open mouth and called her a whore and told her soon she would relish his attention.

The figure in the gimp suit approached Kelly and began to undue the zipper that covered her snatch. She kneeled over Kelly as if she was about to sit on her face but instead to Kelly's horror the figure began to pee on her. The stinging fluid burnt her eyes and nose and ran all down her face to her hair.

Kelly began to cry as the vomit ran down the suit on to her. She knew then in her heart of hearts that she wanted to be his slave&hellip.Why, was the only question she needed answered. Detective Ann Marshal and her partner detective Patricia Roberts sat in there unmark white squad car debating the facts as they knew them. A white male about six feet tall medium build dark hair blue eyes and well dressed had visited Kelly Parsons at her school on the day of her disappearance.

This description matched that given to them by the NYPD of a man who had allegedly coerced high school girls into numerous sexual activities. But the problem was that none of the victims would testify, so the man had never even been brought in nor identified by name. The fact of the matter was that over the last few years an alarming amount of cases where popping up where women of all ages where telling the same story of a group of men, organized and apparently wealthy would be keeping young women hostage for weeks on end and finally bringing them to a meeting of sorts were they would be used by all the men present.

They usually numbered in the twenties or thirties. It was also reported that a lot of the men had women which they kept that would assist them in the keeping and training of the so called sex slaves.

It appeared to be an international organization. Sadly though for law enforcement there was very little to go on and it seemed hot client lita phoenix gets fingered by masseur every break lead to nowhere.

Both of the female detectives worked the sex crimes division. They were the only two women in the division and where very happy to be working together. They had been partners for about 2 years having even gone to the academy together. Ann had to work hard to be accepted by her work peers. Being a black female in the police department was a double whammy. She was an outstanding police woman yet most of the men when they saw her just thought one of two things.

Firstly they just really wanted to fuck her brains out. Ann was about as attractive as they get in the police force. She had grown used to the whispers of "look at that ass "or "look at the cans on that". Secondly the police department was sort of like an old boys club and some old boys don't take well to blacks. It was much the same for Trisha, all though she was white the men of the police department did not take lightly to her, she had a bit of a rough and tough attitude with the men.

But she had also had to deal with the whispers of a various sexual nature for she was a tall blond more like the kind one would see in a strip club then on the adrianna nicole sucking lots of cock dtd. Standing five foot seven she had a lean fit frame with long blond hair she kept up in a pony tail when she was at work. Her lovely green eyes had broken many hearts. It was hard for Trisha to hide her d cup breast from male scrutiny.

She had such a tight and tiny figure her breasts just stood out. The same could be said for Ann who was also very fit. At five foot three, her d cup breast stood no chance of concealment. Ann was a little more playful though and would when she was feeling hot would sometimes give her fellow officers an eyeful. Her long curly black hair gave her a rather enticing elegance. She also had, being a black woman that amazing gravity defying black ass. Sandra watched as her master tongue fucked Kelly.

Kelly had her wrists tied to her ankles and was suspended from the ceiling with a rope around her waist. She had a gag ball in her mouth and a dildo in her pussy. He savagely devoured her little anus. Tongue after finger after tongue violated her anal cavity. Every now and again he would dildo her little cunt while he gave her the speech he had given all of them, the speech about control and ownership and how she would soon be living every second of her life wanting to please her master. This brought a rush of memories to Sandra.

Thinking back to her own training, that first night with the video camera. Sometimes she would watch that video and it would make her terrifically wet. The words also saddened her for she remembered the night he had said them to Kate. How they had developed a love affair of sorts.

Unconsciously Sandra's hand found its place caressing her wet pussy lips. Sandra missed her loving Kate but would never for a second leave her master for her. She watched as he plunged his hard rod into his latest toy. Her tight ass showing little resistance.

Her muffled cries turned him on even more as he forced himself deeper into her. The sight got Sandra hot and quickly she rose to her feet and came to her master. Kelly felt the pain of her violation and humiliation of her treatment. She was agonizing from being bound in this infernal position let alone being ass raped. He kept her head pulled back with a fist full of her hair, pulling mercilessly.

His words caused the free flow of tears that ran down her cheeks. Suddenly she felt him pull out of her. She could feel the cold air rush her gaping asshole. She heard him say something and the woman in the gimp suit left the room for a minute.

He took his place on the chair before them as she swung, suspended for the ceiling. "I have a surprise for you … something out of the ordinary. I hope you like It." he said to Kelly as she swung slowly from the ceiling, her asshole recovering from its violation. Kelly panicked as she thought what the hell he could surprise her with. What he could do worse then this. It seemed though that Kelly knew little about her captor. The latex covered woman entered the room again but this time to Kelly's horror she was not alone.

The gimps companion it seemed was a rather large and muscular canine. The Great Dane was muzzled and on a leash and in masseuse abella fingers and licks her customers pussy moment was before Kelly sniffing her sore ass.

Its hot breath sent shivers down her spin. From her position she could only watch as the beasts cock grew and swelled. The gimp released the leash and returned to her master where she obediently slid his large cock into her ass.

She began working him slowly, his hands on her hips controlling her pace and depth. Kelly panicked when she felt the canine mount her, and felt pain when its fat, long prick entered her aching anal cavity. The pain was incredible as the beast passed its thick knot into her ass. Soon the dog was slamming away at her. Its claws' marking her back and hips. Soon the gimp rose from her master's rod and fell to her knees as her came what seemed to be a gallon all over her masked face.

She drank what she could. After what seemed like hours she could feel the pace of the beast quicken and soon she heard the whine and sudden wash of warmth in her ass that signaled its ejaculation.

She felt the pain as it pulled it fat knot and then the full length of its dick out of her. Soon she just swayed from the ceiling shamed pained and alone with her new companion who kept her awake and violated all night long.

Ann enjoyed the feeling of the hot water as it washed over her flawless body. She let out a long sigh as her soapy hands caressed her body. Ann always was first in the shower when she got home. She smiled as she heard the bathroom door open and closed her eyes and let the shower of hot water run on her face.

She pretended not to hear her lover enter the shower with her. She moaned as she felt the tip of her lovers tool part her vaginal lips and slid its entirety into her. Her heavenly breasts swayed from back to front as her lover began to fuck. "Babe pleases harder" She said as she felt fingers enter her ass. It had been a long day and she needed her release. She felt her lovers hand grab her waist and pull her back and forth.

Ann's hands reached for her large firm breasts, cupping and massaging them with her hands. She lightly twisted her nipples. Ann's lover had always been very gentle to her but Ann had always enjoyed a more "hands on style" so to speak. Her lovers pace suddenly quickened Ann slid her hand down to her clit to help bring on the inevitable.

She felt her orgasm rise deep from within her. Her moans grew to screams of passion as she shuddered from her orgasm. She twisted and turned and begged for her lover to fuck her deeper and faster.

She could feel her vaginal walls being stretched. Catching her breath, and recovering from her climax, Ann turned to her lover to finish what they had started. "Babe it's my turn now" Ann said as she felt the dick slid from within her. Ann watched as Trisha stroked for awhile and then remove the strap on and handed it to her. Trish lowered herself to her knees and waited as Ann put it on, starving to suck on the strap on as if it where a man's dick.

Trish always did this for Ann, knowing that she liked to watch. Her lips found there place and her desires took over. Soon Trish worked Ann rubber dick and could not wait to be fucked with it.

"Fuck it with your tits baby" Ann pleaded. Trish complied and wrapped her perfect tits around the rubber shaft. Her hard nipples pointed up. Tit fucking the fake dick, Trish sometimes wished it had been a man's dick, she missed the taste of cum and how it felt when a man came for her. Not long after, Trish was on her hands and knees fingering her sweet tasting snatch as Ann slid the rubber rod into her holiest of holes.

Trish gasped as she felt the impaling of her ass. Ann knew Trish had a thing for anal sex but only seldom would she sodomize her lover, in an effort to keep it special.

And this evening it was very special. But neither of them knew it yet. Ann fucked her slowly, so as to make the most of every thrust. Trish moaned and squirmed and in her ecstasy she had reached for the bottle of conditioner and had stuffed her dripping snatch with it. Soon the feeling of being double stuffed was too much. Her climax was loud and violent as Trisha's cum squirted across the shower. Trish turned herself onto her back still impaled by the bottle and the strap on.

She angled her squirting pussy up to shower her lovers face and body. Ann was shocked by the behavior and had no idea Trish was a squirter.

Ann's reaction was immediate as she pulled out the strap on and began to pee on her partner, covering her face and body filling her waiting mouth. They both could not believe what had just transpired, which lead to Ann's second orgasm and as well as Trish's gushing climax.

Ann smiled sheepishly as she had never peed on her lover before then or on anyone for that matter. The morning brought a bright sun as he rose from his bed and headed for the shower. Sweethearts pussy is full of soaked mess hardcore european took this time to get his mental affairs in order.

He had to concede that kidnapping a minor was serious matter. Keeping her locked in the basement was also a serious affair, let alone fucking the shit out of her. He also had to admit the fact that there were two women free and roaming that knew in detail that he was keeping her. These women were made to remain silent, yet still he felt bazoocam chienne tres coquine fait la pute en cam.