Ebony interracial deep throat in fake taxi

Ebony interracial deep throat in fake taxi
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Jade is 39 a very attractive woman going through a nasty divorce. I'm handling her divorce as a favor to a friend. It is one o'clock in the afternoon in my law office, we had just finished with the final details for the divorce.

At that moment, Jade happened to be sitting in front of my desk. She had fun flirting with with me during our meeting, I made a comment that she could come over to my place for two hours and nobody would know. Her frustration with the situation at home was reaching the breaking point; she had enough and at that moment, something snapped deep inside.

I wouldn't have sexy blonde spreads her legs for the toy masturbate and homemade her first choice in a lover, I'm her lawyer, I'm divorced six times and I'm sixteen years older than her.

Plus the fact I had a condo a few blocks from my law firm and she could leave her car in the parking garage. We could take a cab and she could get in and out without arousing any suspicion. Pushing her misgivings aside, she took a deep breath; watching as my eyes dropped to her swelling chest.

" John, today is your lucky day. I will take a cab with you to your place." When we reached my condo, she followed me into the building.

Jade kicked off her shoes once we got inside, as I turned to lock the door, she turned around and debated on what to do one last time as her trembling fingers found the front of her jeans. 'This is my last chance to change my mind,' She thought to herself. 'If I do this, it will change everything. Do I really want to do this or not' Her head swirled with guilt and frustration, but something had to give. She made up her mind and quickly pull her jeans and her panties down around her ankles before she had a chance to talk herself out of it again.

She stripped off her pants and folded them up before putting them on the coffee table and turned around to find me standing there watching her. Jade froze like a deer transfixed in the headlights as the realization that it is really going to happen. She didn't know if I thought she was really serious about having sex with me, especially after joking around about it for so long; and she hadn't been too sure herself; but as she stood there, nude from the waist down, we both knew that now there is no going back.

Her offer to me was clear, now it is up to me whether or not it is really going to happen. Jade remained where she was standing, her mind a blur, I moved over to her taking her in my arms, I kissed her long and deep. Her body trembling with excitement as she feels my hands first caressing her bare ass, and then sliding up under her shirt to find her bra strap. Her breath caught in her throat as she feels me begin to unhook her bra.

" This wasn't part of the plan!" She moaned. But a calmer part of her decided it's gone this far, and I had been checking out her breasts since becoming her lawyer, so she let me have what I wanted. I pulled back away from her,I stood in front of her and looked into her eyes as if to say your mine, and there's nothing you can do. That's when Jade noticed my huge cock hanging down between my legs. Jade's husband's cock was small in comparison.

It must have been 9 to 10" long and it had not extended all the way out yet. Jade turned away and bent over to grab her panties and jeans. I suddenly came up behind her grabbing her waist, she stopped dead shivering in fear. I whispered in her ear " Get down on your hands and knees." Jade is white as a sheet, shaking and scared as she feels my tongue on her cunt from behind. I had won and now she is mine.

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My head begins to bump her legs as I growled and nudged them apart, moving my head from side to side. I kept nudging until I had her spread wide, then I raised up and laid across her back. My large body covered her body. My head extended a few inches in front of hers as she lay trapped below me.

Jade feels my warm moist pelvis slapping around her ass as I position myself for the mating of my new found bitch. The head of my cock touched the entrance of her ass and she jumps. Her mind going blank with fear, she has never allowed any man to touch her there.

Jade knew she could not let me in her virgin ass. The only thing she can do is raise her butt to keep me from entering. As she raised up she feels me stab at her pussy. Tears rolling down her face as my long thick cock found its mark and starts to enter her cunt. Jade screams as the first 6" went in. Her cunt is small and very tight and I'm having trouble penetrating her.

With 6" of my cock in her pussy she starts to wiggle around to stop my entrance, but this only helps me, as another two inches slips in. I start thrusting as she got a little wetter from my fluids and managed to bury all nine inches in her. The pain is excruciating as I continued to push. Jade didn't think she could stand it and tried to get her hand under her belly to push me out, but failed.

I'm still pushing and finally got my massive cock all the way in her. It had to have been 10" and as big around as her wrist. I'm slamming into her faster now and my lubricating fluids are flowing easing the pain a little but not much.

She looks up and sees my tongue hanging out of my mouth as I slam into her harder, my large balls slapping her clit. The lips of her cunt are stretched to their limit. I'm pulling her back and forth as I fuck her. Jade feels my pace quicken and all at once I push hard and stop, she feels my hairy balls pressing against her cunt.

That's when she feels my cock start to grow. She is terrified at the thought of being knotted with me. My shaft and base grew to the size of a softball, with her screaming in pain as it inflated and stretched her further. Finally the growing stopped and I raised up, she raised up crawled over to the edge of the couch with my cock still in her. After about ten minutes my cock popped out, and my cum gushed out of her cunt.

She lay there to sex games amaze adorable chick very much to move. With her ass high and her shoulders and head on the couch, she is still in the mating position. She feels me raise up on her back again and enter her now slippery pussy before she can move. I wrap my arms around her chest and pull her to me. For the next hour I fuck her, while she is again knotted with me.

Jade can take no more and passes out. When she woke I was gone. She eased her sore body up, went to the bathroom to shower. After the shower, Jade went to my bedroom and down on the bed. I returned my cock is now fully extended and I'm ready for more action. I crawled onto the bed, slowly spreading her legs open. Moving between her legs, my arms to the outside of Jade's arms and my legs inside her legs until my cock is above her slow stroking hand.

I look down watching her eyes, knowing she may wake up any moment.

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I lower my ass positioning myself at the entrance of her pussy. It is wet and ready to receive me again.

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I lunged forward missing her slit. Jade stirred. I back up and lunged in again, sinking my cock in 3 inches. Jade's eyes shot open at the intense pain again in her pussy.

She peers up out of blurry sand-filled eyes at me staring back at her. I lunged in again 5 inches this time. She gasps and looks down as my cock pulls back and begins plunging in again. She braces for the impact. 6.5 inches. " OMG.John.Stop.No more," she screams. " No John, No." I didn't care.

All I wanted to do is bury my cock up to the hilt inside her again for the fourth time.

Another thrust 7.5 inches and my knot is brushing the entrance to her pussy. Jade begins to squirm and push up on my chest and abdomen.

Her arms are trapped and her legs are outside mine, useless. She tries to spread her arms, pushing mine apart. I lost my momentum and growl fiercely at this helpless tease beneath me. Jade didn't know what I was capable of so she lay still until I stopped growling. Another thrust, my knot still slapping against her pussy lips. She begins to cry, feeling desperate. She raised her legs and positioned them on my thighs in an effort to push me back and off of her.

Each one had to bend out and ans baise en cachette de son copain french amateur back in causing her pelvic region to spread further open. I thrust hard and my knot slips all the way in. All 9 inches is now buried to the hilt inside her for the fourth time, who teased me with her flirting. Jade froze, feeling so much pain and pleasure, fear and disgust all at once.

She wants it to end, but she didn't want it to end. I'm reaching further than any man ever had. I'm pushing some buttons that have never been pushed before. But I'm her lawyer and sixteen years older after all and this is plain gross. How would she ever be able to face her friends and soon to be ex-husband, that her lawyer raped her.

She turns her head sideways, not wanting to think about me on top of her. She tried not to think about me taking advantage of her fresh young body, until she begins to feel the new sensation.

My knot is growing. She feels it like a balloon swelling up inside her. She fears how big it may get this time.

She didn't know, this is all new to her. Thrust after thrust, faster and faster. She tries to pull away again. I didn't like that she is squirming, opening his mouth and biting her neck. Jade cries out in pain and fear. She realized she had better lay still. I continue thrusting over and over again, getting faster and larger with each thrust.

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The pressure in Jade's loins welled up. Her body is now enjoying every minute of the ride, but her mind is not. She feels her body tense up as her pussy folds contracted around my cock. She tosses her head back and cries out in orgasm. I feel the pressure mounting inside my loins and begin releasing my hot juices all over the inside of Jade's raw pussy walls.

String after string of cum sprayed out. Jade feels them within her. She didn't want them there. With all their warmth it is what they represented that she didn't want, my sperm filling her.

Oh teen wants to be banged from the back interracial missionary God she thought, could she possibly get pregnant? She tries to pull away from me figuring I'm done with her, but she is stuck. My knot had swelled up so big it is stuck inside her.

She squirms and I whimper at the pain. Every so often she would fear being stuck together forever and would try to pull away again. Little did she know that the more she moved, the longer I would be stuck inside her. After 2 hours she grew weak and just laid back to relax. After 3 hours she begins to fall asleep again. After 5 hours she awoke and found me lying on the bed beside her sleeping. She is free. She slowly got up not to disturb me.

She didn't want me to try anything again. She had after all underestimated me once before. She went to the bathroom and tried to clean out every bit of my cum.

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She found there is an unbelievable amount and had to clean up several times. Once she was done she went back to the living room to get her clothes.

I lay on the bed watching her prancing naked again, teasing.

Jade left the room and headed down the hall wanting to get dressed and leave. She had made it to the foyer and is moving towards the door when I leap onto Jade's back knocking her onto the floor face first. Jade is stunned and feeling angry. She pushes up with her hands and got her ass into the air. Just as she is about to get her legs under her to get up, I sprang up and mounted her from behind again.

Jade is forced forward with the thrust. I thrust my hard cock into her from behind again. I plunge into her dry sore empty hole that is still stretched from my previous entry. As I pull back I fell out and on ramming back in I rammed my cock into Jade's puckered asshole. Jade reared up and screaming.

I'm trying to violate her for the sixth time. She tried to stand but my weight and position would not allow it. She fears rolling over or changing position in any way so she lay there with her ass high in the air, staring out the window.

I begin thrusting all the way up to my knot. But her ass is too tight for me to enter fully. I didn't care and begin amateur teen paid to fuck chop shop owner gets shut down into her harder, my balls smacking Jade's swollen sore pussy lips with each stroke.

Jade wincing in pain and sadness with each stroke. I continue ramming at Jade's tender ass. Faster and faster, until my juices swell the head of my cock up once more and I begin to squirt my sperm into Jade.

Jade begins to cry and whine. " Why is this happening to me?" She is now stuck inside with me ramming all of his juices into her body with no where to run and no where to hide. She feels dirty, and slutty. She has inadvertently become my bitch. She is beginning to enjoy it. I pull out having spent my load again. I roll off of her and collapse on the floor. Jade slumps to the floor with a little smile on her face and crying.

Her life as she knew it will never be the same. She has never been with a man with so much stamina and prowess. She has never been fucked so many times in one day.